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Looking For Someone To Free Me


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In my backstory, which is not complete for my character since I need to have an NPC application accepted, my character is trapped in a Rakata Box in the Tomb of Tulak Hord. I was looking for someone(s) to help get him out and go through a small roleplay in the tombs. I was hoping for it to be 25+ pages so I could have the roleplay be a development thread for the master level NPC I was going to create. Anyone is welcome to help out. Thank you!
Rhaxid said:
I was hoping for it to be 25+ pages


Code-Name: Creator
Mahet said:
You are only required to do 25 posts, but I admire your gusto to get to 25 pages. ;)

Joshua DragonsFlame said:
Scared the shiz out of me when you said 25 pages but I was going to offer anyway lmao.

I'm open to help if you can help find proper IC justification for it. Even if I am a Jedi :p

Pykares said:
Why not shoot higher and make it an even 25 books.

Satia said:

If you need help. I'll offer my assistance. 25 pages or 25 books, I'm game.

Marcus Itera said:
Don't worry. I meant 25 pages.


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I'm going to be busy soon so I'll see if I can create it tomorrow.

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