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  1. Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir

    LFG Looking for NIO and GA members

    I think a lot of people know (at least those who were there at the Serenno invasion) that Ingrid was captured because she surrendered voluntarily. So she is now in the captivity of the NIO/GA. After the invasion, she was taken to Coruscant, so she is locally in the GA area. Since I like to...
  2. Caedyn Arenais

    LFG Looking for Rebels!

    So I've had this Faction sitting in the back of my mind for a while now and have finally started to get it established on Chaos! The Rebellion - Minor Faction. I've written up the pitch on the groups "About Page" but to cut a long story short, I wanted to give Lightside/"Good Guy" Characters a...
  3. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Will Like Posts For Threads

    Goooooooood morning Chaos! Tis I, Random Sith Acolyte #11 AKA Alisteri Haxim. So I realized today that I've hit and passed 500 posts, I feel so old, and I realized that there are people that have like half that and have actually done stuff. I however, have done nothing. Except invasion posts...
  4. Lirka Ka

    LFG Looking to do vile villainous things

    I've been a on a big drive to write this lovely murder-elf here again and now begin working on taking Lirka to my dream state of "general awful person and villain for anyone who needs it", so I'd love to do some villain stuff for anyone who wants it, basic antagonistic PvP, shooting for larger...
  5. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Looking for some Confed contacts

    Hello there people of Chaos! Tis I, Random Sith Acolyte #11. To cut to the chase and make a long story short, my boy here is in search of some information on old Confederacy ships. Such as where they're held, how much they could be purchased for, what kinds they have, that sort of thing. This...
  6. Vyr'athar

    LFG New Sith needs threads

    Have the current curse of any new character, having no clue how to write their "voice" quite yet. So, if anyone is willing to thread it would be greatly appreciated to get the ball rolling
  7. Tan'yill

    Making a restart!

    Hello, all! With the vacation over and back in the ordinary grind at work again, I'm trying to make a restart with some of my characters which stories have come to a halt. Pretty much anything would go as long as it, at least to some degree, runs with the characters bio and timeline. Depending...
  8. Freyu Molidias

    LFG Keeper in search of charge!

    Are you in need of a bodyguard specifically tailored to protect high profile individuals? Are you tired of being alone in a cold, unforgiving galaxy and instead like the company of a cold, unforgiving giant? Would it comfort you knowing the person at your side can change into a frightening...
  9. Talohn Atar

    Various possibilities here!

    Hello there! I'm still looking to do stuff with my character, Talohn. He's recently discovered he's got the force, and needs to learn more about it. He leans more towards the dark side, and would prefer to be taught about such. Thus he's seeking out a sith he can bear the presence of to learn...
  10. Venku Bralor

    Anyone need an investigator?

    Hey guys, any seedy organizations, or illicit activities for Venku to look into? He's new to the wider galaxy, and i'm open to plunging him into something above his head or taking it slow. I'm good with any sized group, though a bigger one would be preferable if he get's in over his head.
  11. Rann Thress

    LFG Looking to expand my circle

    I've been here for a couple years now and I've only ever been in a couple threads with a friend or two. Maybe one or two threads a YEAR. I've been wanting to be a bigger part of the community and actually meet people and make new friends beyond the couple I've made so far, so I'm hoping to just...
  12. Hexus Dominus

    LFG Beep boop - LFG/Faction creation(?)

    Taking a break from one of my other chars, so I thought I'd better put together a team. AIs, droids, and assorted biomechanical horrors and metal monsters welcome. I don't know exacly where to take this, so input would be appreciated even if you don't join. Remember, the flesh is weak.
  13. Vher Nall

    Welcome to the Colosseum!

    Hey everyone! So I'm pretty new to the site, and I'm sure this has been done at some point, but I was thinking of writing up a gladiatorial style coliseum RP. I don't have everything planned out just yet, but it could be a mixup of PvE against various Star Wars beasts and such as well as random...
  14. Trymar Caelnos

    Padawan LF Master

    Hello! I'm quite new to the community, and looking for a master to guide my character in the ways of the force. Take a look at my bio post to see what he's all about, but a master of Ataru would make the most sense for Trymar as that's what he's best at. Thanks!
  15. Detro

    LFG Anzati on the loose

    Looking for somewhere to put this guy. Detro has military experience (though it is all set up in biography, as I haven't been able to get rp's with the people he was supposed to be with originally. I ended up just adding onto his existing biography as a result to explain him leaving so I didn't...
  16. Primal Architect

    LFG Bryn'adûl Dominion Campaign 2020: Seeking smaller groups!

    Starting 2020 Dominions off the right way! The Bryn'adûl want to try something different this year, building a campaign around Dominions that utilises the Bryn'adûl as an unstoppable genocidal force. Attacking planets as the protagonist try to defend and evacuate as many civilians as they can...
  17. Haarvak

    Vader Cultists?

    Howdy y'all, What I'm basically looking for is any dark sider (or light sider if you're up for being converted) who wants to possibly join in on some culty, dark side hijinks. I recently made a dark sider Wookiee which can only really mean a few things. Because of that, I really want to make...
  18. Nashiro Tsuia

    Girl Rebel looking for rebel rp

    The title is self explanatory. I'm looking for an rp thread that has rebellion stuff involved.
  19. Kyrel Ren

    The Knights of Ren

    "Greetings my friend. You might ask yourself why you are listening to this? Who is this dark warrior that stands before you? Do not concern yourself with that for you may simply call me Ren. This is not my name of course, but it is something that I've dedicated my life to. The Ren is a something...
  20. K

    Looking For Posting Partners

    [member="Hex Girl"] this is the forum where you can find people to pair with. Anybody open to some threads? Me and Hexy were thinking It might be fun to do a pirate story but I could be persuaded to do something else.