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  1. Light Rises

    Campaign The Seven (or so) Jedi (Check LFG)

    The Outer Rim was a host to many worlds, some developed, others far flung and developing. Many with resources that all can use, and yet others with very rare properties. The world known only as Taida, was a mundane world, polar caps and a temperate, savannah set up. The world was more than met...
  2. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Sith Seeking Shenaniganery Again

    Hello there everyone and thank you for stopping by to read, or skim, my little post here. First of all I'd like to say that this post officially marks my 701st post on the site! Yay! Anyway, this milestone has gotten me thinking about how little I've actually done in terms of roleplay, so I'm...
  3. Aloy Vizsla

    LFG House Vizsla open threads: Season Finale

    Hello vode! House Vizsla is a minor faction that's been on the board under a few different names for over a year now, But there has always been one consistent theme: Personalized stories for the mandalorians of Clans Vizsla, Wren, Kryze and Saxon. Our story campaign has been ongoing since early...
  4. STaCLO

    LFG Lone Wolf Hermit Needs To Find Friends... Or Rivals

    The title is rather self explanatory. STaCLO has been living out in the many endless wilds of the galaxy. In his naturalist lifestyle secluded away from the conflicts that go on elsewhere. I'm you, dear reader, can understand that having a character like that all the time doesn't make for the...
  5. B

    Local newbie to the forum looking for RP, more at 7.

    Hello hello, fellow players of roles. I posted my OC's bio a good while ago, but have not exactly had much of a chance to RP using him yet. So, I've decided to throw up a forum post and go from there. For references sake, my timezone is GMT+10, so Europeans and American folk might have a bit of...
  6. Jin Kyrel

    LFG Sins of the Father

    Hello all, currently looking to dive into some new arcs, and for good old Jin I left him at a sort of cliffhanger following the New Imperial invasion of Vjun. Where the Imperial Knight comes face to face with his mirror, experiencing a vision of Kyrel Ren and Emperor Carnifex deep within Bast...
  7. Karasu

    LFG belonging to a cause

    https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/krake-sabus-origin-story.118446/ Alright, I've finally managed to get my free time back, and it will remain that for a long time, so I was itching to come back here first thing. I had some open ended stories that I hope I am able to continue/close out, and...
  8. Caedyn Arenais

    LFG Looking for that next big thing...

    Caedyn's story has taken him across a variety of Factions both major and minor, and I'm currently thinking ahead in terms of what his next big arc might be. Currently, he's situated on Svivren, overseeing the Jedi Enclave there, as well as coordinating The Rebellion to help assist the Rimward...
  9. Xaelis

    LFG Scavenger lfg

    Hello! So this is somewhat really two characters in one, I'd be writing both Xaelis and Ganii. This is because Xaelis is literally inside a stone...so writing him on his own does naturally pose problems lol. Anyway, Ganii would be the one most interacted with. At least directly. She's a zabrak...
  10. Aradia Pavanos

    LFG lfg next step- darkside focused/ possible master

    Heya fam, In a mutual arc with Zaavik Perl , Aradia's been awol from dat sith life and taking matters into her own hands. While the girl has never truly committed to the path or crossed lines into the dark, she will be soon. Neither Zaavik nor I are rushing the conclusion of our awol arc, but...
  11. NauOne

    LFG Possible Padawan LFG

    I'd like Mieczyk to become a Jedi Sentinel, and that's going to require a Jedi master as a padawan. He is presently waiting for his waiter at a local restaurant back home: Fancy Eats [A Spacestation Restaurant].
  12. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Sith Seeking Shenaniganery

    Hello hello Chaos! Tis I, back again to beg for threads!...again. Anyways I still haven't done much stuff outside of faction threads and I want to rectify that! My character is only an Acolyte so obviously interesting stories are a bit limited but I still think I'm capable enough to write...
  13. Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir

    LFG Looking for NIO and GA members

    I think a lot of people know (at least those who were there at the Serenno invasion) that Ingrid was captured because she surrendered voluntarily. So she is now in the captivity of the NIO/GA. After the invasion, she was taken to Coruscant, so she is locally in the GA area. Since I like to...
  14. Caedyn Arenais

    LFG Looking for Rebels!

    So I've had this Faction sitting in the back of my mind for a while now and have finally started to get it established on Chaos! The Rebellion - Minor Faction. I've written up the pitch on the groups "About Page" but to cut a long story short, I wanted to give Lightside/"Good Guy" Characters a...
  15. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Will Like Posts For Threads

    Goooooooood morning Chaos! Tis I, Random Sith Acolyte #11 AKA Alisteri Haxim. So I realized today that I've hit and passed 500 posts, I feel so old, and I realized that there are people that have like half that and have actually done stuff. I however, have done nothing. Except invasion posts...
  16. Lirka Ka

    LFG Looking to do vile villainous things

    I've been a on a big drive to write this lovely murder-elf here again and now begin working on taking Lirka to my dream state of "general awful person and villain for anyone who needs it", so I'd love to do some villain stuff for anyone who wants it, basic antagonistic PvP, shooting for larger...
  17. Alisteri Haxim

    LFG Looking for some Confed contacts

    Hello there people of Chaos! Tis I, Random Sith Acolyte #11. To cut to the chase and make a long story short, my boy here is in search of some information on old Confederacy ships. Such as where they're held, how much they could be purchased for, what kinds they have, that sort of thing. This...
  18. Vyr'athar

    LFG New Sith needs threads

    Have the current curse of any new character, having no clue how to write their "voice" quite yet. So, if anyone is willing to thread it would be greatly appreciated to get the ball rolling
  19. Tan'yill

    Making a restart!

    Hello, all! With the vacation over and back in the ordinary grind at work again, I'm trying to make a restart with some of my characters which stories have come to a halt. Pretty much anything would go as long as it, at least to some degree, runs with the characters bio and timeline. Depending...
  20. Freyu Molidias

    LFG Keeper in search of charge!

    Are you in need of a bodyguard specifically tailored to protect high profile individuals? Are you tired of being alone in a cold, unforgiving galaxy and instead like the company of a cold, unforgiving giant? Would it comfort you knowing the person at your side can change into a frightening...