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  • Unit Name: Legion of Kerstas / Kerstas Legion / Legionnaires
  • Affiliation: Order of Wonosa, Alisteri Haxim Alisteri Haxim , Sith Order
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: The Legionnaires of Kerstas are an unwavering and fiercely loyal unit of fanatical and zealous volunteers. United by the cult, led by their High Priest, and all clad in matching black armor and with their namesake Ur-Kittat word emblazoned on their left arms, the Legion may first appear as some sort of fairly militarized police force were it not for their brutal and decisive attitudes in combat. They follow orders without question and with great reverence, never aiming to maim or stun their opponents and instead always shooting to kill.
  • Unit Size: Large
  • Unit Availability: Common
  • Unit Experience: Trained
  • Equipment: All warriors are clad in the standard issued Kerstas Legionnaire Armor for defense with either Blaster Rifles or Blaster Carbines as their main armament. Blaster Pistols and Vibroswords serve as their sidearms and they also typically carry a couple of Frag Grenades. Some individual Legionnaires may also be outfitted with heavier equipment such as Grenade Launchers or Personal Repeating Blasters for additional firepower, as well as fairly simple armor modules for environmental protection or even additional armor plating. A Bacta-Pump is also a common loadout item but is usually limited to a couple per squad. Rather than relying on cybernetics the Legionnaires also use the Sithspawned Atsak Augment for replacing their limbs that are lost or significantly damaged in combat.
  • Combat Function: Typically the main tactics of the Legion consists primarily of two doctrines. Basic small unit tactics for defense and storm-troop/infiltration tactics for attack. Usually they act as the rank and file of an assault or defense but the strategy of the Legion is brutal and fast by sheer necessity. Attrition and large battles are simply too costly so quick and decisive actions that result in heavy enemy casualties are their only options. They have grown a bit more tactically varied as their role has shifted more towards typical infantry but overall they still maintain an aggressive and skirmishing posture when in engagements.
  • Force Abilities (Force User Units Only): N/A
  • Zealous: Almost each and every member of the Legion is a true believer of the cult's religion and doctrine, or is at least fanatical about the cult's people, and as such the tenacity of the soldiers within the Legion is by far their best and most abundant quality.
  • Trained: Although lacking in both sufficient facilities and equipment for training throughout most of the cult's existence, the Legionnaires have still been training since before the fall of the Sith Empire and continue to drill and train whenever not on a mission or recovering from training. Years of hard work and dedication from the veterans of the Sith-Imperial Legion has kept them ready to be called upon whenever they are needed to perform.
  • Motivated: As with many facets of the cult, the Legion understands well that it is one of the few things keeping the cult alive. Without their protection only the High Priest and the handful of other Sith present would be able to defend the rest of the Order of Wonosa from their numerous enemies and threats. As such each member of the Legion is united in their purpose and intent that everything that they do is done to keep their family and friends safe.
  • Lightly Armed and Armored: The Legionnaires, true to their nature as simple rank and file infantry, are not exactly the most well equipped or protected force. Their armor and weaponry aren't useless of course but most direct fire can puncture through the former and the latter is mainly intended to be used against other infantry. This forces them to use more squad-centric tactics and act in more supporting roles during assaults rather than as the main spearhead.
  • Common Rabble: Despite the rigorous training and the experience of many skirmishes in their time as the main military force of the Order of Wonosa, the Legionnaires are simply not all that notable for anything other than their zealous nature. The most talented among them are usually sent to more advanced and specialized units and their composition is hardly that of enhanced soldiers in any meaning of the word. Overall the Legionnaires are formidable and aggressive yet rather plain soldiers in comparison to other similar forces across the galaxy.
Beginning from some of the earliest and first members of the Dark Wonosa Cult, the roots of the Kerstas Legion had always been present as a large number of Alisteri Haxim's first cultist recruits outside of the initial refugees were Sith-Imperial Legionnaires that he had fought with in the Third Imperial Civil War. The true beginning of the Legion however can be traced to when he first instilled the tenant of Kerstas, revenge, in his cult's doctrine and subsequently began training the Warriors of Kerstas as a militia group for his cult.

When the Sith Empire fell and the cult fled to the stars aboard the Altorius the militia had yet to see any real battle still, but more and more remnants of the Sith-Imperial Legion that had fled alongside the rest of the cultists joined in and helped to establish proper training regiments and drills for the militia. The recovery and salvaging of various Sith-Imperial supply storages, caches, and even criminal equipment provided the first real weapons for the Warriors of Kerstas to train with as well.

Although reluctant to send the militia into any combat, mostly using his veteran Sith Legionnaires whenever he needed support, Alisteri would allow the militia to undertake some limited operations and mission over the course of the cult's Dark Pilgrimage. Mostly what they did was cleaning up pockets of resistance left behind by their High Priest and their veteran counterparts but even the small victories that they achieved emboldened them and gave them valuable experience under fire.

The transition from militia to proper military unit was a very gradual, and still somewhat ongoing, process as equipment and training became as standardized as the cult could manage. Sometime before the cult's acquisition of a scrapyard on Formos the militia would finally be rebranded from the Warriors of Kerstas into the Legion of Kerstas to better reflect their new status as a dedicated military unit. Wearing this new name and their new uniforms with pride, not to mention having a new home on top of it all, was by far the largest boost to moral that the new Legion had received in their existence thus far.

Declared by their High Priest to be the continuation of the Sith-Imperial Legion and the first line of defense for the cult, the Legion of Kerstas stands as a fierce and resolute band of soldiers. Far from mighty and unconquerable but with passions that burn as hot as any star, the Legionnaires will see the will of their High Priest and their cult made manifest at any cost.

The Legion of Kerstas would serve the cult and their High Priest faithfully over the next few years, acting as a reliable yet admittedly rather weak force that aided in decimating the local smuggler and pirate populations in and around the Formos system. They served as the Durasteel fist of Alisteri Haxim in many different conflicts and even participated in the reclamation of the ancient Sith worlds Korriban and Dromund Kaas alongside the forces of the Kainate, albeit begrudgingly.

As the Order of Wonosa and their High Priest found themselves in a position of relative stability and security though the time would come to inspect and rework their forces. The Legion of Kerstas would still be the dominant main body of the military but their role as rank and file would necessitate additional supportive forces in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and capability in future operations. The Kerstas Auxiliary Legion and the Kerstas Trooper Legion would be evident of this acknowledgement, both far more specialized and dedicated to specific tasks whereas the Legion itself would be used in a far more generalized role going forward.
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