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Laid to Rest - SJO Kashyyyk Hex Dominion



  • [SIZE=11pt]Kachirho: Laid to Rest - The bloody battle fought between the old Galactic Republic and the Mandalorians here left a permanent stain upon the ancient settlement. A Dark Side nexus was created by a single powerful explosion of Dark Side energies that instantly killed thousands and destroyed a good part of Kachirho. Since then, remaining inhabitants have reported troubling paranormal activity, and many have gone missing. During the night, Kachirho often becomes a site of [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]attack[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] by Terentatek and other dangerous creatures attracted to the dark energies of the nexus. The locals are looking to build a new fencing scheme to ward away beasts, while also seeking aid in attending to the nexus and finally laying entrapped vengeful spirits to rest.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=11pt]Orbital Defense Grid - Kashyyyk sits at a crossroads of several intersecting hyperplanes, making it a prime target for conquest in the past. To defend themselves against further attacks, the local government has teamed up with the Antarian Rangers to establish a robust defense grid, to include a network of surface emplacements, planetary shielding, and orbital installations. The centerpiece of this defense grid will be an upgraded skyhook that will also serve as customs house to facilitate trade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Trandosha: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Several [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]pirate[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] and slaver groups have been using this planet as a staging area for launching their raids on Kashyyyk. Local authorities have been turning a blind eye toward these activities, and in some cases promoting them from the shadows, and then ignoring claims of Wookie slaves being held on the surface. Jedi and agents are given the tasking of infiltrating Trandosha to uncover these hidden slave camps and collect irrefutable evidence of their existence.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Togoria[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]This world has been the site of several brutal battles and a [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]xenocidal[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] campaign that has left the planet scarred at its people devastated. Humanitarian aid has been offered by the SJO and some affiliated planets to help in rebuilding infrastructure (primarily in Caross[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]) and reforestation efforts. (Lightside and Neutral companies may obtain a contract from the SJO for five [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]posts,[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] or a Major Faction sponsorship for twelve posts.) [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Charros IV: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Since the fall of the Old Republic, civil war has broken out between the [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]current[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] ruling moderate regime, and the ultra-nationalists of the of a revived United Systems Society (USS)[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt], despots who once ruled the Charros IV with an iron fist. After five years of incessant fighting, the war-weary moderates and ultranationalists have called for an armistice [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]while trying to work out a compromise. However, extremists within the USS don’t want to see this happen, and will go at[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] any lengths to derail peace talks. Unbeknownst to all, Sith assassins have been hired by the USS extremists to eliminate the moderate delegation, breaking the armistice in the process. The Silver Jedi were initially called to act as mediators, but they may soon find their roles transitioning to protectors. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Bimmisaari: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Without the protection of the Republic Navy, the pacifist race of [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Bimms[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] have been subject to countless raids by pirate groups and other criminal organizations, which [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]has has[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] hurt their reputation as a major trading center. One particular troublesome group, known as the Black Hammers, is suspected to be operating out of a large asteroid field within the Halla sector[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]. The Silver navy [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]have[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] deployed a flotilla to eliminate the Black Hammers base of operations within the asteroid field.

BYOO:[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt] [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Not feeling any of the above objectives? No problem! Do your own thing and have fun![/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt][member="Thurion Heavenshield"] [member="Coci Heavenshield"] [member="Audren Sykes"] [member="Aster Rose Baelor"] [member="Tempest Yore"] [member="Catherine Soja"] [member="Kurayami Bloodborn"] [member="Jairdain"] [member="Jakkor Kess"] [member="Kaden"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Vitha Sat-thuron"] [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] [member="Viathae Qarsmat"][member="Jakkor Kess"][member="Kaden"][member="Ford Darkling"] [member="Yuroic Xeraic"] [member="Josh DragonsFlame"] [member="Samara Galloway"] [member="Joza Perl"][/SIZE]
Post: 1/37
Objective: Major faction contract with the Silver Jedi
Location: Togoria

"How does my hair look?" Alize pulled her long locks into a high ponytail as she asked Elle, her secretary. "Are the extensions blending in well?"

"Seamlessly," Elle nodded.

"Good," the Epicanthix-hybrid smiled. "And what about Quaint Gardens' personnel? Have they arrived?"

"They arrived yesterday, Lady-," Elle started.

"It's Miss, not Lady and I am pleased to hear that. Gather them," Alize corrected her secretary. She may have been a lady once but not anymore. Though she had held on to the title, her desire for growth had forced her to finally shed it and become her own woman.

"Understood Lady- er, Miss Rosenheim."

"You are dismissed," Alize nodded.
LOCATION: Kashyyyk, Kachirho Village
OBJECTIVE: Lay the Nexus to Rest
ALLIES: SJO in Vicinity
POST: 1/37

The life of a Jedi was one of altruism. Wherever folks needed help, the Jedi would be there.

It was only a matter of time before they came to Kachirho.

Reports of 'paranormal' activity and hulking creatures that devoured Wookies in the night slowly made their way into the laps of the Silver Jedi. After brief deliberation, they were here. Kaden was part of the expeditionary team and had been in Kachirho for a day now. He had felt the presence of the dark side here from low orbit; such was its power.

He was surprised that the Wookies had survived for so long.

Their tales of tragedy and strife, uttered in low growls and saddened barks, were difficult to follow for the pureblood - who only possessed a rudimentary understanding of Shyriiwook. Still, he'd managed to decipher that these attacks and mysterious happenings were slowly ramping up in intensity and the villagers were planning to build fences to keep the beasts out.

They'd need more than that.

Standing before the Chieftain's hut, Kaden informed the two honour guards that he was requested by Charkwaak, leader of Kachirho. They barked an affirmation and stood aside. The great wooden door seemed to swing open by its own accord, affording the pureblood access to the great hall.

He entered.
Post: 2/37
Objective: Major faction contract with the Silver Jedi
Location: Togoria

"Elle, have you separated the makeup artists from everyone else?" Alize inquired.

"I have Miss Rosenheim," Elle nodded.

"Good job, Elle. You are to take the no-makeup artists to assist the locals with the rebuild efforts and I will take the makeup artists to give the women of Togoria a well-deserved pampering session," Alize smiled. "With the stress these poor women have been under, they deserve a treat and be reminded that they're beautiful."

"Agreed, Miss," the secretary nodded her head again. "If that is all, I will be taking my leave," she said, waiting to be dismissed.

"Yes, that is all. Just don't forget to ensure everyone is in their uniforms whether it is practical attire or not. Might as well advertise Quaint Gardens while you are at it," Alize grinned cheekily.

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Objective: SJ major faction contract
Location: Togoria
Post: 1/37 (writer) 1/5 (Pizza Hutt)

After this trip to Seltos, where he witnessed the groundbreaking of one new temple, the Gungan wasted no time getting the paperwork done to travel to Togoria, where much was to be rebuilt in the wake of a massacre perpetrated by Darth Carnifex and Darth Hauntruss. An unexpected opportunity presented itself, and the Gungan was willing to capitalize on it. At the beginning he would get some cash for providing emergency relief to the remaining Togorian population, which wasn't that much, while the Pizza Hutt location was being built. Clearly enough, that was accepted, and not one moment too soon; making relief for yet another Sith-induced disaster was something he could get the GA probation officers to agree upon. Caross, the capital of the planet, is but a field of ruins by now: for far too long have the different factions sit on their toes regarding the topic. There was a mall under construction in Caross, and it was very much like Zonju V or even Terminus in this respect. Before he lands on Togoria:

"What do wesa have hair?"

"Ovens, freezers, kitchen equipment, but also a few thousand pizzas, coleslaw servings and all of the other stuff on the Pizza Hutt menu" the quartermaster

"Okieeday, wesa have a long day on Togoria, but wesa needen to eat beforehand" Ugohr told the crew of the AT-AT barge he rented from Sullust for the occasion.
Objective: SJO Major faction Contract
Location: Charros IV
Post: 1/37

Samara Galloway stood before a broad window over looking the vast arid landscape from high on top of Charros IV's largest plateau. The world's largest city Xi Char, named for the fanatical religious sect, was sprawled out below the citadel. Sentients of all species moved to and fro through out buildings that seemed to go on for miles before stopping at the plateaus edge. Beyond Sam could see the high snow-capped mountains and the shimmer of black-water lakes. Over all it was a world that on the surface looked far to rough to host life, yet even as the master opened herself to the force she could sense just how alive the world truly was. The life was damaged and scarred though. For to many years civil war had ravaged the planet, stripping it of its precious resources and turning them into war tools.

Blue eyes refocused on the reflection in the glass instead of what was beyond. Behind her was a richly decorated room with a three meter table in the center. On the side closest to her sat the delegates for the current government, while the delegates for the USS sat at the far end. The funny thing was the current government were supposed to be the good guys, the right side of this civil war. Yet from the moment she'd arrived the Jedi Master had been treated as an unwanted guest. At least the USS members had addressed her as Master Galloway, and Ducha Galloway when trying to invoke her noble upbringing. Regardless, Samara couldn't help but find both sides were tearing themselves apart over trifflings.

"We don't care if they are needed to rebuild. The factories rightfully belong to the USS." Representative Chur'um said in a raised voice. The broad man seemed to have raised slightly from his seat, prepared to launch himself across the table.

Samara turned back to the negotiations using the force to radiate clam as she spoke. "Representative Chur'um, no one is saying the United System Society has no claim on the factories. Even the Charros Republic can not deny your legal claim." As Sam was circling the table she looked up at the republic representative as she put emphasizes behind her words, leaving no room for arguments. Once she stood behind Chur'um the Jedi gently placed a hand on his shoulder and the man instantly relaxed back into his seat.

"The Charros government had no need to own the factories. That would in fact be counter productive to what you all are gathered here for. What would USS loyalist think if their leaders were to give up something so valuable. At the same time, what would republic citizens think if their own government can't even gain the resources to begin the rebuilding." All around her Sam heard the murmurings of the delegates. "Instead I suggest a contract. Treat this as a business deal. The USS will provide the resources, for a respectable fee, to allow the continued rebuilding effort. Both sides get what they want."
Objective: SJO Major faction Contract
Location: Charros IV
Post: 1/37

Jairdain had high hopes of being one of the diplomats within the Jedi ranks when she got older. For now, her career was just beginning and she stood at the side of room out of the way and allowed Master Galloway to do the speaking.

Delegate Chur'um laid claims to the factories on Charros saying they belonged to the United System Society. Master Galloway was doing her best to alleviate his concerns on that matter and suggested a working contract between the Charros government and the USS.

For the moment, she remained silent and looked with the Force between the people present. Sometimes being without sight had a benefit and it allowed her a deeper understanding of the participants than somebody with vision.

Each party felt they were in the "right" and while the words of the Jedi Master were soothing, there were some that did not fully agree with the proposal. It may not actually be the proposal itself, but the idea of working together would be a closer guess for the young knight.

The strife between the two parties had been going on for so long, it would be difficult for them to put their differences aside.

[member="Samara Galloway"] [member="Ugohr Poof"] [member="Alize Rosenheim"]
Mission: Trandosha - Free slaves
Allies: SJO in area
Posts: 1 of many?

Yuroic moved through the crowd of people in the main square of Trandosha. He had been informed that there were slaves, specifically Wookiee slaves, he had to save them. His hood hid his face, he wasn't wearing his Padawan gear, it would have made him stand out too much. Instead he was wearing a black hooded jacket, plain shirt with dark trousers. He moved through the busy streets, hearing sales and general goods being traded and so on. It was a bright day and nothing seemed illegal or dodgy at the moment.

He moved through the streets, searching for where the slaves could be kept. He had heard rumours that they were being sold but there wasn't any information on where. At least not at the moment. He moved down one alley and heard shouting. Slavers shouting and bidding. Yuroic moved towards where he could hear the shouting and cheers.

He entered a dingy looking building, there was the slaves, trapped in tiny cages and shackled. He could feel the anger and outrage build in his stomach, bile in his throat. He wanted to kill every slaver in the room but he needed to take this practically, assessing the situation and reacting sensibly. No use diving in head first and dying without saving anyone.

Here we have a Wookiee, taken from Kashyyyk. As you all know, Wookiees are fine workers and incredibly strong. The slaver was a Trandoshian, he cleared his throat before continuing. Shall we start the bidding? Say, 1,000 credits?

There was mumbles and mutterings to begin with before several people started bidding, raising the price of the Wookiee. Yuroic stood there, his anger flowing from him heavily as he watched the proceedings. However, he remained still, he knew it wasn't time to strike at them yet. He needed to wait till there was more help, other Jedi.
Location: Kashyyk; Kachirho Village
Objective: Lay the Nexus to Rest
Allies: SJO (For the time being)
Posts: 1/37

As the door opened Gabriel turned to give the sith pureblood an all to diplomatic smile. He closely examined the creature as he entered, noting the fact that he didn't see to many of his kind these days. Gabriel made a mental note that he should add some of the purebloods genetic material to his experiments. After all the Dark Jedi had had good reasons to adopt their kind in the beginning.

The dark master lifted the the tea cup once more to his lips, taking a small drink before speaking through his smile. "It appears our Jedi companions have arrived Charkwaak."

- [member="Kaden"] -​
Location: Togoria
Objective: Humanitarian Aid
Post #: 1

Joza Perl was inching off of the battlefield. She never shied away from a fight if it was the most viable option, but she lacked any sort of bloodlust and the adrenaline rush she got from combat tended to make her sick in the end. Maybe it was nice in the moment, but gradually she had to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Who suffered the most in war? Soldiers on both sides of whatever conflict would die, but when it came down to it, the civilian populace always had the greatest causalities. Not necessarily in body count (though that could certainly be true in many cases) but in resources. Access to food and fresh water could be cut off, homes could be destroyed, clothes and belongings lost.

Which was why Heartbeat House had branched out to aid more humanitarian causes. They’d come to Mustafar and Midvinter to help prevent civilian death and clean up the Sith’s mess respectively, and so they’d come to Togoria to do what needed to be done. And so they would head to Caross by way of freighter, stocked with clothing, food and medical personnel.
Location: En route to Kashyyyk
Objective: Laid to rest
Allies: Silver Jedi
Post: 2/37

By now, when she needed her affiliation to the Silver Jedi to go unseen, she would wear her laminanium armor, or also when fighting enemies susceptible of dealing kinetic damage, but here the need to repel dark-sided entities like terentateks made her wear the Silver Robes that she used to wear when she was a padawan on her journey to Elom. Given that the threats are terentateks, she assembled a security detail quadron of tanks, as well as 3 infantry companies, assigned to provide area cover for the municipal perimeter of the capital. However, she knew that the Wookiees still living in what used to be the planetary capital (when she last went to Kashyyyk, she fought on the capital's beach) were victim of paranormal problems, and would not appreciate that security would be too overbearing so she brought a battalion with her. Luckily there was enough room in two AT-AT barges (only one of which carried tanks) to carry the whole complement. She was at the helm of the lead barge as it makes its descent towards Kashyyyk's atmosphere:

"We are to reinforce the garrison in the capital; the city's outer perimeter is hexagonal in nature. The main enemies are terentateks, although other predators are sighted. On each side of the perimeter, I want 2 tanks, 2 heavy weapons squads, 1 ranger platoon, understood?"

Location: En route to Kashyyyk
Objective: Find Quinlan Vos's Lightsaber and Holocron
Posts 1/15

Kashyyyk.... Jakkor had not heard of this place in a very long time, in fact, the last time he had heard of it was when Master Yoda was leading a Clone Army to stop the Separatist attack on Kashyyyk. He had now been sent on a personal request by Grandmaster [member="Arisa Yune"]. He was sent to find Jedi General's Quinlan Vos's Holocron. The Holocron was said to hold secrets including possible techniques such as Psychometry and even the lightsaber form of Vaapad. He had found it interesting to go on such a mission as he had found very little about the late Jedi Master's fate after the Battle. Some say he was killed when Order 66 went down. Others say he went into hiding and lived in the dangerous forests of Kashyyyk. Weather Jakkor believed or not. He could not say but he would find out.

He arrived with his Jedi Starfighter to Kashyyyk he had landed in Kachiro. The best place for him to start looking, he had asked the local Wookies with the help of a translator for a transport and they had happily obliged. He took a speeder, and set off into the forests and into the unknown. Unaware of what would happen with only the Force to help and guide him.
Post: 3/37
Objective: Major faction contract with the Silver Jedi
Location: Togoria

Alize watched quietly as the makeup artists got to work on the furry locals, trimming their facial hair, cleansing their face, applying toner, moisturiser, and eyelash extensions then lipstick on the togorians.

"There, all done," one said as she finished the application. "Please take this gift from Quaint Gardens Beauty," she smiled handed an elegant gift bag to the woman.

"Thank you," the togorian smiled and left.

"How did it go?" Alize asked the makeup artist as she was sanitising her tools, preparing for the next client.

"I think she wanted conversation more than a makeup application," she replied.

"I see. How did the conversation go?" Alize nodded.

"She opened up to me, told me about her life. All the usual stuff - I feel more like a therapist than a makeup artist today," she joked.

"I'm pleased as long as they leave happier than they arrived."
Location: Trandosha
Objective: End slavers
Allies: [member="Yuroic Xeraic"]
Posts: 1/37

Trandoshans and Wookiees had been feuding for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. It seemed to be fairly one-sided; the Trandoshans had long ago worked to enslave the Wookiees, which had been vigorously objected to. No doubt the aggression had come from both sides, yet history indicated it had come primarily from the lizards. Given the beliefs and habits of the two species, the Sephi could readily believe that the Trandoshans were the instigators.

Slavery would not be tolerated in space allied with the Silver Jedi. It wasn't even a question. Which meant that Trandosha had to be dealt with. Unfortunately, there was more to it than just slavers, just 'personal businesses'. The operations were supported by the government, even if it was theoretically under the table. It couldn't be a hereditary hatred, merely cultural. The problem was that the culture was pervasive. It wasn't feasible to replace the government, not even to replace certain positions with friendlier beings. Culture was more than government...this sort of thing was deeply ingrained into the very history of the species.

Fortunately, gentling the culture wasn't Audren's job. Rather, he was one of several who would be eliminating the slavers' nests on the surface. There were a number of them; slaves were a major export of the planet. Something else that needed to be replaced. But for now, several Jedi were heading to each major clearinghouse, along with a number of support teams. Among those teams were computer technicians, data sifters. With those they hoped to trace back to bases of operation, and hopefully to forward camps on Kashyyyk itself. Everyone knew they existed, but getting accurate information on their locations was troublesome. Birds, stones.

Audren had decided to tag along with a team going to one of the largest markets. There were issues with the raid, namely that slavery wasn't yet illegal on Trandosha. Using that as a charge would be met with a laugh of derision and no way to enforce it. Not that the SJO had any enforcement rights here to begin with. However, the lawyers had adroitly sidestepped that issue...rather than charging those present the forces would simply be operating under the charge of a rescue operation. This was going to have to be handled delicately; unnecessary shows of force would not be looked upon kindly.

The Master - like everyone else on the team - was dressed in normal clothing. Blaster on his hip, lightsaber hidden under the jacket. Plus the Force. It was thick through the crowd. The anger and hopelessness of the slaves, the greed and cruelty of the slavers, calloused uncaring from the customers. There were three or four agents inside, and several transports full of soldiers were stationed nearby for when the go signal came through. The operations would be timed across the planet.
LOCATION: Kashyyyk, Kachirho Village
OBJECTIVE: Lay the Nexus to Rest
ALLIES: SJO in Vicinity
POST: 2/37

Gabriel's smile was met with a quizzical arch of a ridged eyebrow.

"Who are you?" Kaden asked bluntly.

He didn't know any other outsiders were currently present in Kachirho. This turn of events surprised him - visibly so. Despite a sudden sense of apprehension, the pureblood marched forward; confidence and arrogance evident in his tall stride. His tendrils twitched in a wave as he approached the Chieftain and Gabriel, with his amber stare never breaking contact with the man's own. He stopped a few feet away and bowed his head respectfully before finally looking at the Chieftain.

"Graarrwaarrr waaarroooork braarrwaarr," barked Charkwaak.

Kaden roughly understood this as, "Greetings, Jedi. What can I do for you?"

But... It could also mean, "Bloody Jedi, what are you doing here?"

Shyriiwook was a nuanced language.

"I've been sent by the Silver Jedi to try and help with your crazed fauna problem."

[member="Gabriel Volturi"]

Ugohr Poof

The Traveling Gungan Salesman
Objective: SJ major faction contract
Location: Togoria
Post: 3/37 (writer) 2/5 (Pizza Hutt)

Also, while the crews, both construction and shipboard, ate their frozen stuffed-crust pizzas, the rented AT-AT barge was in position to make its landing in the mall's backyard. The Gungan, who these days, was just a traveling salesman, couldn't miss out on this operation. Clearly, with Cathul being busy campaigning in the Ison Corridor, he was limited in scope in what he could do on Togoria, and begrudged the Jedi Order that he couldn't do more with such restrictive travel restrictions. Once the barge landed in the backyard, some of the people onboard weren't even done eating, and as such, had to finish their meals before they could get the freezers and other kitchen equipment in. Oh and he goes out and negotiate the deal with the people responsible for the mall on Togoria, who approach him as soon as he makes landfall, and gets them inside the rental office, modeled after a trailer home. The Togorian landlord then asked him:

"Greetings, little Gungan. What brought you in today?"

"Mesa represent Pizza Hutt and wesa would like to open negotiations regarding a lease of space inside da mall"

"Remember, all leases here are for five years, renewable for that length of time. You will also be leasing 80 square meters of space"

"How much will disen space cost for monthly rent?"
Mission: Trandosha
Allies: [member="Audren Sykes"]
Post: 2/37
Objective: Find evidence

The bidding was surpassing four thousand credits for the Wookiee, it seemed like a lot for a slave in Yuroic's mind but then when a couple of credits was what fed you for a week anything like that is overpriced. Still, he knew that just saving these slaves was not going to help the Order in the end, if they wanted to end the slavery they need to cut off the head. He need hard evidence of where the corruption was and who was in charge but to do that he needed to leave the slaves here and search around.

It was something he found hard to do but he moved around and noticed that there was a guard blocking the stairs, large rifle in his hands. As much as Yuroic wanted to see if he could bluff his way past or use the Jedi Mind Trick, he knew there was a higher chance it would fail. So, stairs blocked but there should be a window up there he could climb through. Yuroic stepped outside and looked up the wall.

Windows, though they are tiny and I think barred on the inside... Now if I had a lightsaber this would be no issue, but then again by the time I have one I should be able to use the Jedi Mind Trick on the guard. So what to do... Yuroic thought to himself as he studied the building with a keen eye.

He had spent years as a smuggler and he wanted to smuggle himself upstairs so there had to be an easy way to do it. He heard the slam of a gavel, one slave sold. He growled, the longer he took with this, the more slaves would be sold and possibly lost from being saved. He decided to jump up and climb the pipe that was available. He reached the window and smashed the glass. He waited for a while but no one heard, at least no one cared if they did. The bars were thinner that he thought, he could pull them apart, or at least he thought he could. Try as he might the bars wouldn't budge, he was grunting with effort.

He gave up, the bars were too strong but he decided to climb up to the roof. Hopefully there would be a door on the top. As he moved up the pipe, he heard a guard patrolling the roof. He moved quietly, slowly taking care in his actions. By the time he reached the top he peeped over and noticed the guard looking in the opposite direction. Yuroic lifted himself up and raced to the open door, diving down the stairs.

Time to find that evidence.
Location: Kashyyyk
Objective: Laid to rest
Allies: Silver Jedi [member="Kaden"] [member="Gabriel Volturi"]
Post: 4/37

Because Jessica was there when the battle occurred, she knew where the nexus was centered at with a rather high level of precision. Where one Draco Vereen was when she shot at him using a big particle rifle better suited for an anti-tank role. Although at the time she was but a saber-less, unaware Force-sensitive, she became the Republican mascot in the wake of the battle. Ouch... along with Dromund Kaas, Kashyyyk is a painful reminder to me as to why I shouldn't be the sort of commander that Sith - molten glop, so much death, so many dead Mandos, so many dead Republicans, Wookiee zombies! The sort of zombies that couldn't reproduce on their own, the sort of zombies that are eaten alive by terentateks, she thought, while security was deployed all around the capital; even though the capital's layout is roughly hexagonal, one of the sides is adjacent to a cliff, and so two of the tanks were posted on each beach, with the remaining tanks posted where they are initially supposed to. What she has to do is simple: get to the location where the alignment operator's expectation value is lowest, that is, where it is closest to -1. Which means that she has to return to West Beach, but the beach trenches were dismantled after that many years.

"You always seem to be talking about dispelling a dark side nexus, but I never told me why you so eagerly took this mission" a machinegun squad leader commented, while taking his machinegun out for positioning.

"I fought on Kashyyyk when that nexus was formed, and I saw the creation of the nexus myself. I was there where zombies charged on the West Beach. I failed the Wookiees back then, but now I intend to set things right"

Location: Kashyyk; Kachirho Village
Objective: Lay the Nexus to Rest
Allies: [member="Kaden"] | [member="Jessica Med-Beq"] & SJO (For the time being)
Posts: 2/37

Gabriel's smiled broaden as he listened to the wookie. He could have told the Jedi exactly what the chieftain had said. But it imagined that to leave things as they were may very well led to him interesting moments later down the road. For now Gabriel would just have to play his cards close and allow the Jedi and the Wookies only to see what he wanted them too. After all, it wasn't everyday that a darkside nexus formed. This would be his only chance in a while to study it, to learn its secrets.

When the Jedi introduced himself Gabriel let a small laugh escape his lips. The dark force user help up a hand in apology when attention was drawn to him and set his cup down on a table. "My apologies, I just never understood why you call yourselves 'Silver' Jedi. But where are my manners. I am Gabriel Volturi, of House Volturi." Gabriel waited a moment to allow any recognition to register. "I represent a party whom has had similar issues as the wookies in the past. They've sent me here with some 'protective' measures to provide assistance all in good will."
Location: Togoria
Objective: Humanitarian Aid
Post #: 2
Allies: [member="Alize Rosenheim"]

Healing took time, this was a fact. No amount of bandages or fancy infrastructure could rebuild a broken psyche in an instant. Patience was a skill that Joza had to learn while trying to help rehabilitate both battle torn worlds and their people—it was not uncommon for them to refuse help out of pride or suspicion. So far the Togorians were a bit wary of the Silvers but hadn’t demanded the flow of relief efforts to stop. For all the criticism they took, the Silver Jedi tended to support the worlds under their influence rather than have them submit to their rule.

Parking their cargo speeders outside of what appeared to be the designated relief station, a handful of Zeltrons clad in protective clothing entered the building. They weren’t girded for war, but were never sure of exactly what they would find on alien words.

It was at that point where she noticed what appeared to be a series of makeup artists grooming the Togorian women as if they were going to a fancy event. And then…a familiar face.

“Alize?” Joza called out, approaching the woman with long strides and a bewildered, yet friendly look on her face. “What are you doing out here? Is the prom tonight?” She tilted her chin a little, peering over the other woman’s shoulder as one of the Togorian women couldn’t stop beaming at her reflection in the mirror her makeup artist held up.

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