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Kneel, it's only proper

Satine D'nara

Queen of Zygerria
I am her royal majesty, Satine D'nara of Zygerria. Being that many generations of my family have kept peace with the Sith Empire I see no reason why I should break that tradition, especially when I have discovered I can use the force myself. And what better way to strengthen my already great power than by bending the minds and dominating others? But then I do have that power already, being that our people are slavers, but I prefer to have as much as I can.

Unless you're a royal or political official, I expect you to kneel in the presence of a queen. Otherwise I will accept a simple bow. Any other gesture is too kind.
I’m sorry lady, I’m (or was) one tier above you, so you should bow to me.

Still, I’m sure you’re welcome, though I hope whatever you’re planning fails horribly. :p
I guess I qualify as royalty... Though I'm sort of a Jedi, so I don't know if we'll get along very well.

Regardless, pleased to meet you, even if, as Tegs said, whatever you're planning will probably fail horribly :p

Adenn Gra'tua

Well-Known Member
I have more "fur" on my face then you have everywhere.

Satine D'nara

Queen of Zygerria
@[member="Karin Dorn"] Ah, but you are a Sith master, or maybe former being dead. Regardless there's no need for kneeling from you.

@Joshua DragonsFlame true but no reason we can't be civil....aside form obvious reasons lol.

@[member="Krag"] Lol I like you already