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Approved Vehicle KMA - 223 "Mauler" Class Mobile Command and Defense Platform

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  • Multi-Purpose- The main purpose of the Mauler is that it is a Mobile Command Center. A Regimen, Operation, Battalion, Legion, Combined Forces Commander, they all can sit in here and command their forces through the advanced communication systems.
  • Firepower- The Mauler carries a devastating array of various types of weaponry, from anti-personnel, to heavy, to Anti-Air.
  • Defensive Capabilities-The different types of armor, and defensive systems make this a formidable, and safe vehicle to be in.
  • Modular- Not every weapon you see in pictures will be on it on every mission.
  • Not Impenetrable- Keep shooting at it, you'll break through the armor.
  • Heavy as a Hutt after a buffet- The Mauler cannot be transported down by anything less (currently) than a Capital Ship with environmental capabilities.
  • Slower than a constipated Hutt- Heavy armor, heavy strength comes at a heavy price. This will not break any speed records.
  • Tripping over each other- The Mauler can indeed hold 50 passengers with up to 20 crew, but there can be a tight fit with all of the cargo, ordinance and weaponry.
The Mauler was designed to be a rolling command center, it was not designed for commanders who lead from behind though. With all-terrain capabilities, environmental seals and strong engines this can get anywhere on a planet. The sheer size, weight and center of gravity make it almost impossible to blockade once it gets going with the added firepower it has an even greater chance to break through lines. Once positioned and linked with the capital ship overhead, the Mauler is also more than capable of defending itself from airstrikes with a concussion missile launcher and various turrets.
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Nice vehicle, however I found some problems:
  • The first picture's link is not good. You have to link the site where you found the picture, not the picture itself, please fix it.
  • The classification is wrong, these are the proper values here, please fix it:
    • Classification: (What is the classification of vehicle? e.g. Airspeeder, Landspeeder, Swoop Bike, Speederbike, Personal Walker, Heavy Walker, Tank, Submersible)
  • I found some broken links:
    • Angon-class Hypervelocity Cannon
    • Reaper Mag Cannons
    • Aegis II Anti-Concussion Field Generator
    • MAST Turret
  • The submission can't be Mass-production, only limited. Because it can only have a rating like the submission you use for it and the production-rate there. In your case, your new material is Limited only, so this vehicle can only be limited as well. Please edit this.
That's all, please let me know if you edited these.
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Liram Angellus Liram Angellus

Maybe you press cancel instead of the Save. Thank you!
  • The first picture's link still not good, please link the proper link.
  • And I need a clarification about the Phantom Short Range Sensor Jammer. How do you want to use this, quite accurately? Because it is a very powerful blocking/stealthing technology according to the description, i.e. it is considered a camouflage device, and then the submission can only be Semi-unique if it is just as strong as in the Wookieepedia article. So please clarify this.
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