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Approved Vehicle Karkinos Class Artillery Droid Walker

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Enyo Typhos


: Sub a vehicle.
Image Source: Here. One must imagine the walker without an organic crew.
Canon Link: N/A.
Permissions: Permission for all ArmaTech gear and all other subs made by Laira Darkhold's writer here and here.
Primary Source: N/A.

: Archangel Research and Design.
Affiliation: Archangel Research and Design.
Market Status: Closed-Market
Model: AA-ADW 1
Modularity: Ordnance fired by main gun is highly variable. The artillery walker has a stationary variant that can be built into fortifications. This version cannot move at all, but has more ammunition.
Production: Limited
Material: Trimantium, Duranium, Reinforced Duraplast, electronics, vehicle components.

: Droid Artillery
Role: Artillery
Size: Large
Weight: Heavy
Armaments: Extreme
  • 250mm Gauss Cannon
  • 1x E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster or equivalent secondary weapon such as a Rotary Cannon.
  • 1x carapace mounted anti-air guided concussion missile launcher
Defenses: Average
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: High
Propulsion: Hexapedal
Minimum Crew: Droid Brain
Optimal Crew: Droid Brain
Passenger Capacity: Has room for up to twelve HRDs or similarly sized combat droids or organic personnel to protect it against ambushers etc. Droidekas and droid models with an equivalent design can roll themselves up to require less space.
Cargo Capacity: Small. Munitions, maintenance equipment, personal weapons and gear etc. Probe droid dispenser.

  • The Gauss Cannon fires 250mm shells. Essentially, any shell of this calibre can be loaded into the weapon and fired. Examples are standard high-explosive shells, proton shells, high-explosive airburst shells, armour-piercing, shrapnel, smoke, white phosphorus or incendiary shells. Others are ion, cluster munitions, EMP, cryoban warheads, Cacophaziner shells and gas. Capable of being loaded with chemical warfare agents such as coma gas, FEX-M3 nerve gas or the gasuous variant of the Hurlothombric Compound.
  • ACS-405 Long Range Sensor Suite
  • Class-4T3 Power Generator (Featuring Gk7 Cryocooler)
  • Target Acquisition And Tracking System
  • Unity Processing Matrix. Powered by the digitalised essence of the condemned. Essentially acts as an intelligent droid brain for the Karkinos. The machine is able to handle exponentially more calculations, predictions and tactical situations, leading to an increased efficiency. Among other things, this results in increased tactical awareness and predictive powers. The entire vehicle is automated.
  • Magno-grip all-terrain legs
  • Anti-Slicing Countermeasures
  • Main cannon can be synced to laser designators used by spotters, drones etc. Droid brain can receive data from allied units to overcome any gaps. For example, if a droid infantry unit is pinned down within firing range but outside of optimal sensor range, the droids' own data can provide a better firing solution. Targeting can be supported by data from spotters, orbiting ships, satellites or drones if available.
  • Boom. The crab walker's cannon has an impressive range. It is a very potent weapon that is perfect against heavy fortifications, enemy columns, buildings etc. With the right ordnance, it can potentially damage capital ships, though this is rather situational and not standard use.
  • It is a walker, so it can go places wheeled or tracked vehicles cannot. Having six legs gives it stability. It can theoretically keep moving as long as half of its legs are still operational, though obviously with reduced mobility and agility.
  • Controlled by intelligent droid brain. Combined with advanced fire control and guidance systems, this enhances the artillery walker's accuracy even without the use of spotters, though these obviously augment it even further. The entire walker is automated.
  • Fast for a vehicle of its size and type.
  • Not that manoeuvrable and a bit sluggish. It can accelerate just fine, but if it has to quickly turn and reposition it should best do so under cover from allied units.
  • Like all artillery, it is supposed to carry out bombardment and provide fire support from afar. Up close it only has an e-web or rotary cannon for close protection.
  • Big and heavy, it is an obvious target.
  • As with any walker, the leg are obvious places to target. Hexapedal propulsion means it can lose a couple and still carry on, but if it loses too many it is crippled.
  • Ion weapons are, of course, the best way to combat droids, and this walker is no different. It has protection, but big ion cannons, artillery grade EMP and ion bombs etc. are a problem.

Enyo: Karkinos?
Thuella: A giant crab from ancient mythology that comes to the aid of the hydra when a warrior king tries to slay it.
Enyo: What does that have to with the walker? This is a machine, not a creature from myth.
Thuella: It's a metaphor, sister. The walker does resemble a crab.
Enyo: Artillery Droid Walker 1 is a perfectly fine name. It encapsulates the machine's purpose. Why does everyone insist on coming up with nonsensical flowery names?
Thuella: Because...that's what people do.
Enyo: Typical organics.
Thuella: Besides, Thalia wanted to call it the Lobster.
Enyo: Why? A lobster is not a crab. She needs more biology lessons.

Much to Enyo's annoyance, everyone in her posse who is not a droid or a Givin seems to find the official names boring and insist on flowery ones. The Karkinos is an automated droid walker designed to function as mobile, self-propelled artillery. It can be utilised for both offensive and defensive purposes, unleashing powerful barrages on cities, enemy fortifications, troop colums and so on.

In contrast to some models it does not utilise turbolasers, but shell munitions. These are easy to make and maintain and useful for area bombardment. Moreover, unlike say the standard SPHA-T, it is not a line-of sight emplacement and can arc shots. Its weapons also generate a splash effect. Explosive ordnance can be employed to fire over cover such as hills and trenches. Moreover, many tanks and walkers have armour focused on the front. Of course, use of physical shells means that ammunition will be depleted at some point, necessitating resupply.

One of the walker's main advantages lies in its versatility and firepower. The Gauss cannon is able to fire a variety of ordnance, allowing the Karkinos to be adapted to a variety of battlefield situations, from having to shell an advancing tank column to blowing holes into a fortress or conducting a terror bombardment. As it is a walker, it is able to move across a variety of terrain.

In keeping with Enyo's design philosophy, the walker is automated. The Unity Processing Matrix acts as a powerful droid brain, resulting in numerous improvement compared to a standard droid that does not use the digitalised minds of organic beings. It also has the beneficial side-effect that if it is used in conjunction with organic troops and they go rogue or run away, the walker will remain under its handler's control.
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