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Approved Tech Unity Processing Matrix

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Maelion Liates

Unity Processing Matrix

(The Matrix itself is just a large vaguely spherical box with wires this writer could not find a satisfying image for. So…abstract conceptualising image!)

Image Source: Here. Original artist unknown.
Intent: To expand upon the entechment from the Processing Machine to create a device able to make use of it. This writer struggled with whether this was a necessary submission, but decided it was wise to do so, considering many new submissions will make use of one of these.
Development Thread: Yes.
Manufacturer: Archangel Research & Design
Model: 1000010
Affiliation: Archangel
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
Material: Electronic components, durasteel, the souls of the damned.
Entechment, the process of taking an organic and rendering them down into machine form, was something Archangel have had long experience with. HRDs have long since been developed to absorb an organic’s memories, behaviours and appearance by means of entechment. However, the Unity takes it to the next level, combining several such spirits into a single processor for added power.
Originally, Archangel hoped to use organics in a semi-processed form which would allow them to use their organic skills to help assist them. The organics would be trapped in a dream-like state performing their roles as if they were still alive, but in reality powering a demonic engine. However, organics being what they are, this developed severe problems very quickly. For a start, the organics started to question their reality, and the first Unity implanted in a walker went rogue and started attacking anything in its path.
Archangel was therefore forced to sacrifice organic ingenuity for control. Now the organics would be killed, their essence rendered down and converted into a part of a more elaborate computer system. Whilst not an AI (because it lacks any form of independence) this allows multiple organics to be forged into a single powerful piece.

The Unity itself does nothing, it is a spherical or cylindrical box about 30cm across, the size increasing the more spirits are contained within. They do not do anything by themselves, but when plugged into a war machine or spaceship they act as an extremely powerful droid brain. With one of these installed the machine is able to handle exponentially more calculations, predictions and tactical situations, leading to an increased efficiency.
Just what the effects are varies depending on which machine it is connected to. For a walker this might mean increased tactical awareness and predictive powers, whilst for a warship it might allow for better predictive aiming and power distribution.

Primary Source: N/A though based on our work here.

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