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Approved Tech Kai's lightsaber

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The Doppelganger

  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Claymore: The length of the blade can cover greater distances in combat (or ensure that an opponent keeps plenty of distance between them) than the average lightsaber. The pommel can also be used as a blunt weapon if necessary.
  • Stormbreaker: The Chaldean marble shard allows the lightsaber to more easily grind lightning/ION energy without the risk of shorting out the blade.
  • Heart of Kai: When used by Kai, the Chaldean marble shard installed within the lightsaber enables him to channel the Force slightly easier and with a little more intensity.
  • I Call Upon the Sword: The Netherworld crystal makes the blade deal more damage upon contact with Dark Side or Netherworld-originating entities, ranging from Sithspawn to Shadows, Shrouds, demons, and other immaterial beings, including those possessed by such spirits. It is less effective against corrupted individuals, and has virtually no effect on Light Side entities such as the Luminous and non-malevolent Force Ghosts.
  • Waterproof: Unlike most lightsabers, this one can function underwater.
  • Heavy: The lightsaber is heavier than usual, and can be unwieldy due to its size. It is not ideal in close quarters combat.
  • Projecting Your Weakness Onto Others: Kai is a Sithspawn. If someone were to get a hold of his lightsaber and turn it against him, it could very well do him serious harm. It would hurt a lot anyway, getting hit by a lightsaber, but because of the Netherworld crystal it would deal extra damage.
  • Blade's Bane: Cortosis, songsteel, and phrik are all lightsaber resistant materials than can block or short out the blade.
  • The Sword That Can Be Broken: Damaging the hilt (which is encased in cerakote, a non-lightsaber resistant metal) may cause the blade to short out or even render the weapon totally unusable until it is repaired.
  • Force Voids: The Force-related attributes of the lightsaber, particularly the benefits afforded it by the two crystals, will be nullified if the weapon is within range of a Force-cancelling field.
Starting with a training lightsaber he stole borrowed from a locker room in the Jedi Temple, Kai gradually altered and built up the weapon until it became fully his own. The design is somewhat reminiscent of a claymore, featuring a longer hilt than the average lightsaber, along with a crossguard and a pommel. The blade is longer than the average lightsaber blade, and looks as if it were made out of crystal - this is the result of the two gems used as focusing crystals.
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Kai Bamarri Kai Bamarri

Very nicely made submission, and I feel offended in the behalf of the Valkyrja!
However I can't accept this. You can't use the Shards of Mortis, you're not part of the GA. Please ask a permission from Rynn or join to the faction.
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