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Kära Vi'dreya

the bedbound bard
Kära Vi'dreya
The Manipulator
Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you
Tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face
Tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you
Tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you.
Kära Vi'dreya
Lura Stjärna
Darth Kyros
The Shadow Queen
Captain of the Judgement
C.E.O of Rahvin Industries
Sith Master
Sith Lady
Successful Students
Thyrian Ashborn
Arthos Vynea
Darth Malificete
Hair Colour
Pure White
Eye Colour
Icy Blue (Natural)
Sulphuric Yellow (Corruption)
Skin Tone
Pale White
Scars And Markings
Burn Marks Across Her Left Cheek
Thick Scars Covering Her Torso
Eyesight; Kära's eyesight far surpasses that of most species' due to her Umbaran heritage, allowing her to see in vary degrees of light, darkness and UV, even penetrating visual hindrances such as fog and synthetic products
Mentalist; Kära is strong of mind, having built up a framework of solid defences to keep people from entering, and is well versed in using such traits against others to benefit herself, specifically to subjugate others to her will
Telepathy; Kära is naturally gifted with the art of Telepathy, having used it from a very young age and being more susceptible towards it due to her Umbaran heritage and upbringing
Force Manipulation; Kära is naturally gifted in the art of Manipulation through the Force due to her Umbaran heritage and upbringing, and is used in conjunction with the aforementioned Telepathy
Stealth; Kära is a firm user of stealth-based techniques, constantly remaining 'in the shadows' and manipulating situations rather than playing a visible role in their outcome
Agility; Kära is slender and light of frame, allowing her to be far more agile and swift of foot than others within her age-range, aiding in her affinity towards stealth-based techniques
Resistance; Kära has built up a natural resistance to all well known and commonly used poisons following the tutelage of Daxton Bane in her earlier years
Hyper-Sensitive Eyesight; Kära's heritage is both a blessing and a burden, her sensitive eyesight leading her to suffer should she be exposed to sudden blinding lights in an almost photosensitive epileptic manner
Thin Of Frame; Kära is a very small and fragile young woman who struggles where anything strength-based is concerned. This had led her to avoid most forms of combat, opting instead to work through others*
Poor Constitution; Kära has very poor health owing to the lack of light exposure in her earlier years and the gruelling challenges placed before her by Daxton Bane, specifically her frequent consumption of poison as a child
Paranoia; Kära is a very paranoid young woman due to a troubled youth, having faced a number of attempts on her life before she even left Umbara, torture at the hands of those she had deemed allies and numerous abandonments
Order; Kära feels that she must bring Order and Stability to the Galaxy, seeing it as flawed and unruly, meaning that at times she can be a little overzealous where her ideals are concerned
No Weakness; Kära cannot abide weakness in an individual, expecting them to find ways around their flaws or openly confront them as she herself must do. Substances such as alcohol she abhors, viewing them as an extension of man's weakness, and like Order a lack of weakness is something she strives to create within the Galaxy
*Please note, this is undergoing change due to strength training and frequent time spent at the Forge creating alchemical items.
Pre-Roleplay History
Kära was born the younger child of an Umbaran and a Human, upon the planet of Umbara, a world constantly cast in darkness. Before her birth, her parents were forced to part, and Demia, Kära's mother, immediately found a fellow Umbaran. While not her real Father, Kära was raised to view him as such. He already had a daughter, who Kära likewise was raised to believe was her sister. The family were moderately high up in the caste system, but nowhere near the level by which they would be eligible to leave their shadow-lands in search of somewhere brighter. When she was only three her older, and only, sibling "Zarathustra" disappeared from their home and Umbara in general.​
Distraught over the loss of their daughter, and harassed by members of their society over the absence of a child deemed "unsuitable to be allowed off the planet", or in simple terms "too low on the ladder to ever make it", the family fell into decline. Kära's Step-Father lost what little honour he still retained, spending prolonged lengths of time away from the family and, during the brief moments he was home, partaking in acts of violence against his wife. Kära, presumably too young to understand, watched from the sidelines each time this happened, and as her years increased so too did her understanding. They slipped further and further down the castes, losing all power and respect their family had earned over many generations.​

One evening, when Kära was only six, her mother came to her and took her into her arms. "Sweet child" the Umbaran said, completely out of her usual nature, "This world is cruel, the Galaxy crueler, and so few survive its horrors." As she spoke the woman took up a vial and held it in her free hand. "And I won't lose another child to the chaos." At this point her mother had leaned in and whispered "I will save you from all heartache, all pain, before it begins..." And slipped the top off the vial. A moment later the door was thrown open. Luckily for Kära her wayward step-Father put a sudden end to her mother's idea of 'redemption', earning her another beating, yet even so the words and actions of both parents began to play on her mind. Cruel... The little girl would think, often, as she watched the world around her, until she began to see it for herself. Suddenly only one thing was on the little girl's mind. Zara.
How she managed it Kära didn't know, but she realised how small a child of her age really was. Slipping onboard a freighter which transported goods between worlds the little girl escaped Umbara in search of her sister, all the while she became slightly more unpredictable in her nature while her mother's words continued to ring at the back of her mind. Not the beatings she had bore witness to, or the attempt on her life by her mother, but the words. Truth be told, she seemed utterly phased by the physical actions. She made it to Maramere where her connection with Zarathustra seemed stronger, yet she was at a loss. Such a small person could not survive long alone, in a place they were foreign to. She had no money, or worldly possessions, and her only companions were an insistent little hound and the presence of what she described to be a "flowing river"*; she couldn't see it, touch it, sense it in any way but through feeling it's ever-present force.

* This is Kära's interpretation of the Force, similar to the Fallanaasai's "White Current"​
Artwork Gallery

the bedbound bard
A man who fights for gold cannot afford to lose to a girl
Combat Training

Primary Form
Form II: Makashi; The Way Of The Ysalamiri; The Contention Form
Skill Level
Lightsaber Type
Single Curved Duellist Hilt
Force Training
Unspecialised Techniques
Telekinesis; Self-taught, under the guidance of Vilox Pazela, this is one of Kära's few offensive abilities [Adept]
Force Detoxify; Taught through coercion and necessity by Daxton Bane to assist in her poison-resistance and conditioning [Adept]
Mentalist Techniques
Telepathy; Kära was taught this from a young age, with the technique being innate to her species. [Innate: Mastery]
Force Manipulation; Kära was taught this from a young age, as a valuable way to enhance her natural deceit. [Near-Mastery]
Mental Barrier; This is a self-taught technique used to defend Kära mentally, to make up for her physical weakness. [Constant]
Sith Alchemy Techniques
Metallurgy; The first step towards Kära's tuition in Alchemy, taught to her by Daxton Bane, Kaine Zambrano and Balaya Zambrano. [Adept]
White Current Techniques
Immersion; Kära's White Current abilities will likely never surpass Immersion, taught to her by Circe Savan in an attempt to keep her safe. [Adept]
Miscellaneous Training
Stealth; A skill picked up through necessity over the years, aided by mentalist and immersion techniques [Near-Mastery]
Piloting and Fleeting; Piloting was a skill taught by Vilox Pazela and later Fleeting taught by Dranok Lussk, the latter she is still presently learning [Adept/Novice]
Poisons; Taught to her by Daxton Bane, she has become quite knowledgeable where poisons, toxins and their antidotes are concerned [Adept]
Umbarese; Natural; this is her first language, her mother tongue, and she is more familiar with it than basic [Fluent]
Galactic Basic; This is her secondary language, yet one she has not quite perfected the usage of, taught to her by Circe Savan [Near-Fluent]
Forging; Kära is a budding Alchemist, and as such her knowledge of the Force is paramount and the result of various tutor's instruction. [Adept]
the bedbound bard
Player Character Relations
People learn to love their chains
[Family] Dranok Lussk
Dranok is Kära's Father whom she met for the first time at the age of 7 upon Ziost, where he saved her from the cold. Their relationship began well enough, but due to Dranok's friendship with Shinjū and Lucien it has all but disintegrated.

[Family] Nina Vi'dreya
The younger sister of Kära Vi'dreya, sharing only a blood mother and not the aforementioned Father, Nina is one of two twins, both of whom are presently unknown to Kära as far as their existence goes.

[Family] Xavier Vi'dreya
The younger brother of Kära Vi'dreya, sharing only a blood mother and not the aforementioned Father, Xavier is one of two twins, both of whom are presently unknown to Kära as far as their existence goes.

[Master] Vilox Pazela
Otherwise known as Darth Vazela, Vilox was Kära's first Master, who took her from Korriban to venture across the stars. He instigated her training regime, helped her forge her first lightsaber and began her instruction in Makashi. The Apprenticeship ended when Vilox was deemed a wanted man by the Sith Empire.

[Master] Daxton Bane
Kära met Daxton by chance, or the Will of the Force, when they collided on Dromund Kaas. He put her through some of the toughest trials she ever faced, subjecting her to several near-death experiences, poisons and intense missions. The Apprenticeship ended when Kära was taken by the Jedi, but she would seek him out again, at a later date, for Alchemical training.

[Master] Tyrin Ardik
Having first met Tyrin on Korriban the day she sought to join the Order he became an influential figure in Kära's early years. They would rarely meet again until Tyrin became the Emperor and took her for his Apprentice following her return from the grasp of the Jedi. He was her final Apprentice-level Master.

[Master] Valik
Ones training does not end when the rank of Knight has been acquired, and as such Valik became precisely that. Initially her primary teacher for Alchemy the pair eventually induced an official Master-Student relationship through which Kära continues to learn what it means to be a Sith.

[Mentor] Shaidin Kamari
Otherwise known as Lord Depravious, Shaidin was the very first individual Kära stumbled upon after leaving Umbara. While he was not around for long he played the crucial role of guiding Kära to the Sith, and set her on the long and gruelling Path to the Darkside.

[Mentor] Syn
After finding her on Togoria Syn took Kära back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a prisoner of the Order, seeking to redeem her to the Light. While he ultimately failed in this Syn still left a lasting impression on Kära and taught her how to be a child again, something she had never experienced.

[Mentor] Kaine Zambrano
Kaine is someone that Kära has met with and learnt from several times, resulting in various ventures to his world of Thule. He is one of the three figureheads of her Alchemical tutoring, specifically where Metallurgy is concerned, teaching her through his Apprentice, Balaya Zambrano.

[Apprentice] Thyrian Ashborn
The Bodyguard: While only a child Kära had promised Thyrian to help him escape Circe's clutches. Four years later she fulfilled the promise by taking him from Dromund Kaas and subjugating him to her will, making him her Apprentice - unbeknown to the Sith at large until she reached the rank of Knight. Promoted To Knight.

[Apprentice] Arthos Vynea
The Politician: To most of the Galaxy this particular Ithorian is merely a representative of his planet within the Republic Senate, and later the CIS, and yet Kära knows otherwise. A Force-Sensitive she had trained to obscure his true self, Arthos is really her eyes and ears within the Senate, relaying information while serving as her Apprentice. Promoted To Knight.

[Apprentice] Sin Lykos
The Prodigé: Once a lowly street urchin, Kära raised him up to the mantle of Sith Apprentice upon seeing the unharnessed potential the boy held. Training him to be something great, a future leader within the Sith, Sin is her hopeful Prodigé, and in many ways regarded like a son to her... At least in his eyes.

[Friend] Thurion Heavenshield
Thurion is perhaps the only friend Kära has ever made, and despite his affinity to the Light he will always retain a special place within her heart. Having met during her time with the Jedi, the pair soon became close friends which led to Kära both opening up to him and teaching him a thing or two about the Force.

[Victim] Azar the Mystic
During the Battle of Metalorn Kära was pitted against an Ewok Jedi Knight, Azar, and ended his life swiftly following him being fatally wounded by her own blade. Despite this, however, the Ewok has never truly disappeared, having instead become a stalker Force Ghost intent on bringing her to the Light.

[Enemy] Shinjū Aÿasha
Having started out as a not-so-positive role-model for Kära their relationship swiftly soured when she was drafted in to torture the then-seven-year-old in order to extract information for Lucien, leading to a long lasting, underlying hatred for both of them, and in turn her Father.

[Enemy] Lucien Cordel
After Kära crashlanded on Elom she was taken to Lucien to be restored back to health. Upon finding out who she was, however, he soon had her placed under arrest and had her tortured in order to extract information about Darth Vazela, who had staged an attack and kidnapping on Korriban.

Player Character Kills

the bedbound bard
It's not your screams I want, only your life
Starships And Vessels
Vhailor; Veratus Class Imperial Shuttle ; Personal Ship gifted following the attempted Invasion of Metalorn, given to her by Kaine Zambrano
Judgement; Tulak Hord-class Star Destroyer ; Capital Ship; Gifted during the Invasion of Yaga Minor by Emperor Dranok Lussk for her to command and use as a personal vessel
R1-C0; Altered R1-Series Astromech Droid ;"R1C0 began life as a simple astromech, but I made some personal modifications to it which few are aware of. It has built in life signs monitoring software, as well as an emergency trauma kit, a secret cache that is shielded from scans to allow you smuggle in a single light saber hilt without detection." - Daxton Bane

Skydd; SI/BTI-X041 Bodyguard Droid ; Current Armament: 2x BTI-WB 1x BTI-CES 1x BTI-CC13 ; Acquired through BlasTech Industries, Skydd is one of her constant companions, a shadow who remains alongside her and Thyrian Ashborn



Curved Duellist's Hilt; containing a Red Adegan Colour Crystal and a Stygium Focusing Crystal


Double-Bladed Green Saberstaff; Trophy taken from Azar the Mystic following his death on Metalorn

Persons And Pets

I am but a young girl and know little of the ways of war

The Shadow Guard; A host of three score Imperial Guards gifted to Kära upon her ascension to the position of Governor of Bastion, courtesy of Kaine Zambrano

The Noctus Legion; Former pirates acquired by Kära during the Dominion of Helska, subjugated and trained by her own hand into loyal men at her disposal

The Bladeborn; Young boys raised as slaves and made into eunuchs, trained to fight as fearless warriors who flinch at neither command nor pain, Kära's personal army

Rylúth; Tejdóru ; A small black-scaled and red-skinned Tejdóru, acquired after visiting an unmarked planet in the Wild Regions

Miscellaneous Possessions


Lurendrejare; Kära's Alchemically forged mask, symbolic of the Shadow Order
Factory Creations
Planet: Aurum
Semi-Sentient Species: Tejdóru
Sentient Species: Exonad
Company: Rahvin Industries
Technology: RI-EP1: Escape Pod
Technology: Shadow Armour
Technology: Noctus Armour
Technology: Bladeborn Armour
Technology: Catharsis Lightsaber
the bedbound bard
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Is it so far from Madness to Wisdom?

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