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Approved Tech Jumpmaster 0.33 Deluxe Hyperdrive

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  • Manufacturer: Vanguard Hypernautics
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
    • Effectively Open-Market for Unique and Semi-Unique submissions.
  • Model: Jumpmaster 0.33 Deluxe Hyperdrive, aka the J33
  • Modularity: Very Limited; frequently paired with a Class 6 Backup Hyperdrive.
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Laminanium-Chromium Compound; Borium, Guerrerite, & Durelium Components.
  • The J33 includes all the features one would expect from a comparable Hyperdrive in an unusually aesthetic package.
  • Greased Lightning: As far as Hyperdrives go, the J33 is really bloody fast.
  • Compact Design: Jumpmasters are cleverly designed to minimise space consumption.
  • Arcane Design: Carefully designed in accordance with proprietary Vanguard techniques, Jumpmasters are notoriously difficult to customise.
  • Hungry Beast: As is the norm for exceptionally fast Hyperdrives, the inclusion of a J11 comes at the expense of other systems*.
To the layman, a hyperdrive was merely the means of getting from one point to another, its once-wondrous nature transformed into merely another facet of galactic life, but to Vanguard it was an instrument to be tuned to perfection, its melody one of speed and grace.

Assembled within state-of-the-art Serennian autofabricators according to the strictest of engineering standards and thoroughly tested before ever leaving the factory floor, Vanguard's Jumpmasters are meant to represent the pinnacle of
hypernautics - as the first of its series, it falls upon the J33 to live up to these lofty expectations; it should come as no surprise, then, that no part of its design was left to chance...

... or, as a Corellian mechanic once put it, "why the Hell is this hyperdrive motivator so pretty."

*Please note that the J33 is a "Very Fast" Hyperdrive for the purposes of balancing a starship.
Not open for further replies.