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  1. Kal-K

    Character updated Lissa app

    NAME: Lissa Javik FACTION: none yet RANK: none yet SPECIES: Human AGE: 22 SEX: Trans Male to female HEIGHT: 5"9 WEIGHT: 140 lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Grey SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: Whether or not your character is sensitive to the Force is important. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES...
  2. Kal-K

    New Character

    Hey yall, Finally got my character made and ready to go. Lissa wields the force but still is a novice at most but after the death of her friend she feels nothing but anger and hatred, (you can read more in my character app to get a better idea) anyway I'd love to rp with a sith or any force...
  3. Akalx

    Character Bounty Hunter Yax

    NAME: Akalx Pseudonym: Yax FACTION: The Bounty Hunter's Guild RANK: Citizen SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1,7 meters WEIGHT: 70kg EYES: Green HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS: When the night comes, she's calmer and can fight better WEAKNESSES...
  4. theunyieldingman

    LFG Looking for sith for character backstory

    Hello I'm looking for someone who has a sith that might have been on mandalore to serve as the nemesis for my character Shakka Bralor. They will be the one responsible for her parents death and the reason behind her hatred of the sith.
  5. Isla Draellix

    Approved Species Lurrite Reindeer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a reindeer to add the planet of Lur Image Credit: The economist Canon: n/a Permissions: n/a Links: n/a GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Lurrite Reindeer Designation: Non-sentient Origins: Planer of Lur Average Lifespan: around 20-30 years in the wild...
  6. Scorp

    Request Unknown Scorpion Species. Character

    So I need some help/advice on how to proceed. Just came back and apparently, I have this character linked to my account with no real information. I am thinking that I must have been wanting to create a character based on this avatar but can't quite remember. So starting fresh instead. With the...
  7. Dacaran Sileos

    LFG Looking a for CorpSec friendly character.

    Looking for a CorpSec friendly character to accompany this guy to a hostage exchange in the Suicide Slums, a CorpSec agent's been kidnapped by a criminal gang comprised mostly of aliens and they want 12 million credits for him or he dies. A third party will get involved, a human supremacist...
  8. WolfMortum

    Question Deleted Character Content.

    I wasn't certain whether to tag this as a question or a suggestion, but seeing as I'm not sure it's possible to achieve with the change of site format since the upgrade back in 21' I figured I'd post as-is: Is it possible for deleted Character Content (posts/submissions etc) to be reverted back...
  9. Easy-G97

    Question Hologramm as character sheet

    Has anyone already tried making a character sheet that looks like a hologram? Something that looks kinda like this ? I'm thinking about doing something like that, but I'm not good at bbcode or photoshop xD so yea. Maybe in the future, I can manage to do to that. Kinda curious to see your sheets...
  10. Hannibal Adoniah Lutherhelm

    Public CHARACTER INTRODUCTION|-| "Just Some Good Ol' Talking"

    [ROLEPLAY]: "Just Some Good Ol' Talking" [IMPORTANT LINKS]: [LFG THREAD] [TAGS]: Cord [OBJECTIVE]: [Conversate with each other, make new contacts, and potentially commit to business transaction while enjoying some beverages.] [ROLEPLA REQUIREMENTS]: [NONE, OPEN TO ANYONE. HOP IN IF YOU WANT]...
  11. Frozenbeard

     Character Feedback

    As I consider myself a relatively new person on chaos and not that well known within the community. Being a new writer on forum rps compared to discord rp servers where pagaraphs and interactions are not necessary needed to make a good story but the people within it that make the story so...
  12. R

    I want to create a character specialized in mineralogy and armory, Any takers?

    I want to create a character who's specialty is some sort of armorer cum prospector of sorts. Preferably a force user of some sort. Any takers?
  13. Samnai Rouber

    Character Samnai Rouber

    Samnai Rouber (The avatar is made in, credits for the picrew to Kris (instagram : @kmerolzzzz)) NAME: Samnai Rouber FACTION: DARKWIRE RANK: Non-force user, Contractor SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: 110...
  14. Karthus

    Question Comic Character

    What is the name of the old 80s Star Wars comic book character that was wearing knight armor, and had like a galaxy effect on his cape? It might have just been stars and less galaxy.
  15. Darth Marras

    Question Post Character Creation Customization?

    So I noticed that in the character template (where "Bounties" is listed) that we must list the threads where our characters hunted/killed someone, as well as how much they were payed. And that made me curious as to how much we're allowed to tweak our characters over time as part of their growth...
  16. Chemgota

    Question How do I be considered a 'Character'

    So last year I submitted my B1 OC and left Star Wars for sometime as I was occupied with stuff, but I realised that when I created a character I am marked as a 'Writer' rather than a 'Character' like others despite submitting my Character, why is that? What have I missed?
  17. WannabeBadBoy

    New Assassin Droid CIS Character; Anyone Wish To Help Plan His First Mission/Interaction?

    Pretty much all in the title. Being very new here, my character is likely to start with a simple interaction, perhaps a training simulation, before he actually goes on any real missions. He is a sergeant of a Commando Droid fireteam, so CIS characters will be the most likely ones to interact...
  18. Heinrich Faust

    Character Creation Guide

    Character Creation Guide Just joined the Crusade, but unsure of where your character will fit? This guide should help get you started! Below is a list of potential angles for you to approach your character's story within the Crusade. Keep in mind, these are only guidelines and ideas. There's a...
  19. itsjasperbutimajedithistime


    ATTAR-UZZIN NAME: Attar-Uzzin FACTION: None RANK: As a member of society, your character might have a rank that exemplifies his or her importance. SPECIES: Codru-ji AGE: 24 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'3" WEIGHT: 80 kg EYES: Milky white (the iris and pupil blend in with the sclera.) HAIR: Black...
  20. GidenGiden

    Character Michael Giden

    MICHAEL GIDEN (Currently WIP) NAME: Michael Giden FACTION: Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: Captain in the CIS Armed Forces SPECIES: Human AGE: Th30 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6 feet 2 inches. WEIGHT: 175lbs EYES: Hazel HAIR: Brown SKIN: White FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND...