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  1. ZOCOM

    Character Roster: Shadow Empire

    Links: The Shadow Empire Shadow Empire members - Members: Ty Sibo 001-A-986 "Nix" Sophia Bergen Kessia Miran (undercover agent) To join the Black Sun, post a request here, to be included in the roster.
  2. Zaesthaoh Vizsla

    LFG New Character, interesting concept, need ideas and threads

    So Zaesthaoh here, or Zae as some call her, is a Ghostling. Not only that, but she is also a Mandalorian. She was recently adopted into Clan Vizsla, and although she is at the age where most undergo their Verd'gotten, she is still in bajuur. I need ideas for what to do.
  3. Darth Maliphant

    Sith Eternal │ Character Creation Guide

    Sith Eternal Overview │ A religiously orientated splinter group of the mainline Sith Empire, the Sith Eternal is hyper-focused on the realization of lost Sith idealism and goals. Weak, in comparison to the galaxy at large, but with cults that span the entire galaxy - the Sith Eternal follow...
  4. Vito Blanka

    Character Vito Blanka

    “You lied to me! You all lied to me! I'm done with all this crap. I'll find the truth myself! I'll find out for myself what the force really means." - Vito Blanka Vito Blanka Theme: The Immortalist Aliases: Raven Birthplace: Galactic City, Coruscant Age: 28 Rank(s): Force Master...
  5. L'yoom Ka

    Character L'yoom Ka, Padawan

    NAME: L’yoom Ka FACTION: New Jedi Order RANK: Padawan SPECIES: Togruta AGE: 18 SEX: F HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 150 lbs EYES: Grey HAIR: Montrals Grey/Black SKIN: Soft Red Hue FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes FORCE ALIGNMENT: Light Character BiographyL’yoom Ka was raised to fight on her tribe's homeworld...
  6. Darsch Vizsla

    Character The Blue Demon of Krieg

    Darsch Vizla, The Blue Demon of Krieg FACTION: Neutral, Formerly Krieg Military RANK: Former Krieg Military Commander, Former Mandalorian Deathwatch SPECIES: Human AGE: 29 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 6'1 WEIGHT: 180.5 Lbs EYES: Emerald Green. HAIR: Reddish Brown. SKIN: White and a bit freckled...
  7. Tyaxiv

    Character Peaceful Chaos (Tyaxiv)

    NAME: Peaceful Chaos, pronounced verbally as Tyaxiv (tie-ax-iv[as in “live”]) FACTION: the Wyrru People | RANK: explorer-diplomat | SPECIES: wyrru AGE: young, 648 | SEX: gender neutral | HEIGHT: 0.73 m while moving. When leveraging zirselves up, 1.22 m | LENGTH: 3.65 m | WEIGHT: 48.98 kg...
  8. Darth Velox

    Character Darth Velox

    Seph Laccrivo - Darth Velox NAME: Seph Laccrivo, AKA: Darth Velox, Sith Warrior FACTION: The Sith Empire as a secret Apprentice and Assassin like Warrior for a strange Lord of the Sith from many years ago. RANK: Apprentice Sith Warrior SPECIES: Lethan Twi'Lek from Naos III AGE: 20 years...
  9. Sylok'Vanari

    Character Sylok'Vanari | The Mender

    Alias: The Mender Species: Draelvasier, Aeravalin Age: Approximately 5 Galactic Years Old. Draelvasier height: 8'1 Draelvasier weight: 350lbs Hair color: Sinew Disfigurement Eye color: Grey & White Complexion: Ashy White | Mutagenic Blue (Some Areas) Force sensitive: Exceptionally, Yes...
  10. The Galactic Storyteller

    Question Is this Character Concept too radical?

    There are spoilers for Star Wars Tales 19 ahead!!!!! (which came out years ago so if you care shame on you lol) Firstly, I was reading one of my old Star Wars comic books and it featured a story known as "Into the Great Unknown" and the gist of it is that Han Solo and Chewbacca were being...
  11. Darth Makike

    Character Geoffrey Gustav

  12. Hexus Dominus

    Character Hexus Dominus

    HEXUS DOMINUS NAME: Hexus Dominus FACTION: Hexus Contingent RANK: Warmind Dominus SPECIES: AI - Factory Link AGE: [404 Error] SEX: Male programming COLOUR DESIGNATION: Orange FORCE SENSITIVE: No, AI STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: + Puppet Master: Hexus Dominus can control droids either...
  13. OOC of Kavessk

    Question Revival/Sequel of characters long gone?

    I was looking at threads and saw a old character that looked very interesting. The writer disappeared in 2014 however. (Hope they are doing well.) But that got me thinking. Has anyone ever revived one from a long lost writer? Or used a character that made a connection with a long lost writer's...
  14. Val Ticon

    Character Val "Desric" Ticon

    Abilities ~Adept~ ~Padawan~ ~Knight~ ~Master~ ~Specialist~ Martial Forms Niman: »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» Juyo: »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» Broken Gate: »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» Force Abilities Telekinesis: »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» Force Valor: »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»» »»»»»...
  15. Fewa Sai

    Character Fewa Sai

    NAME: Fewa Sai FACTION: N/A RANK: Cloner SPECIES: Kaminoan AGE: 25 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 7.2 Feet WEIGHT: 143 Lbs EYES: Gray HAIR: N/A SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : Master of Genetics - Born to create clones. Neutral -...
  16. Salamander

    Who is your character's avatar?

    One of the things that attracted me to this site was the freedom regarding character images, and while I recognize the sources for a lot of them, there are plenty others where I have no clue where they came from or who they are. So to quench my curiosity, I'm asking y'all where your avatars came...
  17. P

    Feedback: Cedric Grayson

    Never done one of these before. I've been writing Cedric for almost four years now. In that time he's gone from a ten year old child to a thirty-one year old Jedi Master, and a lot's changed. I've been trying to really capture the feeling of a Jedi from the days of the Old Republic in him, as...
  18. Bokan


    NAME: Bokan FACTION: N/A RANK: Drifter SPECIES: Zabrak , Dathomirian AGE: 16 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5.3ft WEIGHT: 60kg EYES: yellow with a red/orangey out lining HAIR: Horns SKIN: Red , also Tattooed FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  19. Ghrom the Molten


    NAME: STYR ARMOD FACTION: NA RANK: Evaar'la verd SPECIES: Mixed Human AGE: 16 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 2.3 meters WEIGHT: 24 stones EYES: Ice Blue HAIR: Blond SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS: Craftsman: Raised as an engineers son he learns to repair both ship and droid alike at he knew of...
  20. Aovinr


    Aovinr NAME: Aovinr FACTION: The Bryn'adul (x) RANK: Elite Caste Warrior SPECIES: Draelvasier (x) AGE: 3 years (Matured Adult) SEX: Male HEIGHT: 8" 1' (ft.) WEIGHT: 386 lbs. EYES: White HAIR: N/A SKIN: Rusty Red/White FORCE SENSITIVE: Positive...