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  1. Kyric

    Discussion  Character of the Month Vote, June 2024

    Mandatory Quote: Warning: I realized far too late this was in alphabetical order last time. Forgive me. Darth Empyrean [ X ] Beautifully written. Has gravitas and weight Refreshing take on a Sith. Believes they are doing right. The above four were copy and pasted. Sue me. This character has...
  2. The Nobody

    Character  The Nobody - Hiding in God's Blind Spot

    Now Playing - Notation [Image Credit: waooeo] The Nobody Age 34 Species Human Gender Male Height 155 cm Weight 60 kg Force Sensitive False - Force Dead PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION The Nobody is a short, blonde male with a thin figure. He wears loose garbs familiar to a green...
  3. Connel Vanagor

    LFG  Character development

    This guy has a new attitude and outlook, but to keep him from being a carbon copy of "father", it needs development. So if anyone is looking for a Jedi Knight that is an embodiment of the "Guardian" archetype but with a shield, hit me up.
  4. K

    Resolved  Accidentally posted an empty character thread

    I'm stupid, what can I say? All jokes aside, how do I delete it? Also, is it a big problem?
  5. Kyric

    Discussion  Character of the Month Nominations, June 2024

    It's a dark day, friends. Trusted Community Member Brandyn Sal-Soren has disappeared when we needed him most, but fear not. For this is a torch that we can take up in his absence. Mandatory Quote of his earlier rules: I think it would be dope to also see some links to a post that really sold...
  6. Demon

      Could Someone Give me Advice on Crafting a Compelling Jedi Character for Roleplay?

    Hello there, I have recently joined this community and to be honest I am loving this so far. I am particularly; interested in creating a Jedi character;, but I want to ensure that my character is well rounded and compelling, with a rich backstory and engaging personality traits. I have read...
  7. Brandyn Sal-Soren

    Discussion  Voting - Character of the Month - April 2024

    Rules of Voting: *One vote per writer. *Please leave a question to be asked of the winning character, or their writer (aka IC or OOC), only the winner will have the privilege to answer these hard hitting and thoughtful questions. *Breaking the first rule is just annoying, don't be that person...
  8. Brandyn Sal-Soren

    Character of the Month, Nomination thread.

    Nominate a character that is not of your writing that has impressed you in the last month. Give the reasons why. You may nominate someone that has already been nominated, they will be listed once in the voting stage and the reasons combined into one. This is for In Character stuff. During voting...
  9. Zefgahld Qojex

    Discussion  Character Ideas

    Not ideas FOR characters, mind you… Rather, what ideas/archetypes INSPIRED the creation of some of your characters, and why? I might go into some details about a few of my own OCs when I’m not typing into a phone keypad later. Also, let’s focus on you guys, primarily.
  10. Zefgahld Qojex

    Question  Of Character Deaths and Revival

    Hello everyone! Just like it says in the title: I'm curious: is there a general "set of rules" we follow on this forum regarding our characters getting killed in any way? (and I somehow just missed it...) Or do we simply write out the death in a good, descriptive and maybe even...
  11. Rens Ahim

      What to do with a character?

    To be honest everyone I'm losing my motivation to roleplay my senator though I like his character. When having him make a vote to move the capital he wasn't trying to save his own hide but make sure the government will function but instead he helped hurt the Alliance's image and broke trust...
  12. Valery Noble

    Discussion  Character goals/ambitions

    I've done these types of discussion threads before and figured I'd do another! What are your character's goals/ambitions? Whether it's something small and simple or something significant, leave them down below in the replies!
  13. Braze

    LFG  Plot Driven + Character Dev

    Hello hello! I am presently gearing up to transition Braze into a more respectable and nuanced role. I have several plots in mind that I'd like to explore and bring to fruition before advancing his character. This transition period will focus on developing him into a more serious and responsible...
  14. Scoria Harik

    Work In Progress  Test Character DIV

    CHARACTER NAME Theme Song name Aliases TBD TBA Species TBD Age TBD Gender TBD Height TBD Weight TBD Eyes TBD Hair TBD Skin TBD Language(s) TBD Ranks TBD Character Alignment TBD Force Sensitive TBD Adapted from Template created by Ingrid L'lerim Random Quote...
  15. Kaiah Nihl

    Character  WANTED - Kaiah Nihl

  16. Tefka

    Question  Can you help us fill out the Chaos LOTR/Hobbit Characters?

    We're coming up with a list in MFO/Staff chat instead of being productive Tefka - Frodo, also Eowyn Valiens Nantaris - Samwise, also Saruman, also Nimloth, also Simaril #1, Oromë Srina Talon - Bree Innkeeper John Locke - Merry Judah Lesan - Pippin Collector - Gimli, Skinbark Allyson Locke...
  17. Jack Sandrow

    Your Character in 3 Tarot Cards or Less

    Alright, for the uninitiated, you can look at the absolute basic tarot card meanings under the spoiler. These refer to the 22 Major Arcana cards. If you could choose 3 tarot cards to describe your character, whether it be backstory, abilities, motives, or goals, what might they be? This...
  18. Kivah

    Character  Kivah K’rumiasu

    Kivah K’rumiasu Age 22 Species Denik-Cathar Gender Female Height 1.96 M Weight 120 KG Force Sensitive Yes PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Tall and muscular, Kivah is downright amazonian with a wild mane of hair that never seems to behave. She dresses and carries herself like someone who...
  19. ryumex

    Character  Character creation

    Biografía de Ryumex NOMBRE: Ryumex FACCIÓN: Ninguna por el momento RANGO: Aún no definido ESPECIES: Casi humana EDAD: 19 años SEXO: femenino ALTURA: 1,76 PESO: 67 kilogramos OJOS: Dorados PELO: Teñido color lavanda, cabello castaño natural Piel blanca SENSIBLE A LA...
  20. Ignacious Korvan

    Character Templates

    Posting the code only, as the character templates can display oddly here in the faction forum depending on your browser settings. Example of the template structure can be found here Credits to Ibaris Varanin NSO TEMPLATE CHARACTER NAME Theme your musical theme here Full Name TBD...
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