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  1. Kinhaes Maluibon

    LFG Anyone want to do some Character greet and meets or training?

    If anyone of the Jedi or GA wants to meet Kinhaes or train with her at the Temple on Coruscant, let me know here!! If we have enough we might be able to do a massive private.
  2. Loup-Garou

    Request Recoloring of character pic

    Hi, I'm a new player in the process of designing my first character. Would someone be able to recolor this picture to make him a sinister-looking blue-grey instead of this reptilian brown? I'm not sure if he'd look better darker or more pale; might you be able to provide several options? I'd...
  3. Zori Kapshan

    Discussion My character is open to being bounty hunted and caught. Are you?

    I don’t actually care if my character gets caught or not, but he’s a massive walking tax fraud. If any bounty hunter is willing to pursue, we can roll by the seat of our pants. I don’t prefer scripted roleplay, though, so if all these bounty hunter writers complaining there’s no game in town -...
  4. Jaya Serrala

    LFG Beginning a character

    Hello hello! Just wanted to put my foot in the door. I've recently just joined this forum and I want to begin writing some stories and find some partners for this character as I try to develop the path in which I want to take her story. Moreover, for a brief description, she is a mercenary...
  5. Daedros

    Character Starting of a new-Character templet for Daedros

    NAME: Daedros RANK: Scoundrel SPECIES:Human AGE: 17-20 depending on the rp. SEX: Male HEIGHT: Age 17-18(5"9) Age 19-20(6"0) WEIGHT: 145 pounds EYES: A handsome, and threading sunny blue eyes. HAIR: A darker blond, bronze/blond or dirty blond. In certain conditions or lighting, his hair...
  6. Darth Vird

    Approved Lore The Sith Imperium

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a new Sith Faction Image Credit: Here Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Darth Vitiate, The Sith Empire [SWTOR], The Galactic Empire, The Sith Imperium, Utapau, The Sith Empire [Chaos] GENERAL INFORMATION Organization Name: The Sith Imperium...
  7. Kiara Ayres

    SJC Character Creation Guide

    The Silver Jedi Concord is home to many different types of writers who are united under a single faction. The most notable being, of course, Jedi but they are by no means the only type of character welcome in the Concord and not all are Force sensitive. The Concord is home to the Silver Jedi...
  8. Virtue of Loyalty

    Imperial Directory | Character Archives

  9. Ajzoo04e

    Character Nate and the Fireball, a Derriphan class ship

    TITLE/CHARACTER NAME GOES HERE NAME: Nathe'dok'diasa “Nate” FACTION: RANK: Smuggler SPECIES: Chiss AGE: 36 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'5 WEIGHT: 160 LBS EYES: Red, as normal HAIR: Black SKIN: Blue. FORCE SENSITIVE: No STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : While...
  10. A

    LFG An exciting start with a new character

    Hiya! (Yes I had no idea how to name this thread but idc), I've created this character a few days ago and am willing to start my first thread with her. She's a Silver Jedi Knight and pretty timid/pacifist. So I'm not really looking for any combat at first, but I'd honestly wouldn't mind if it...
  11. A

    Faction Cannon Character Roles

    Below you will find a list of “cannon” characters for this faction. Now this does NOT mean these are cannon characters from Star Wars because that is not allowed here. Rather what these characters will do is act as plot devices to move our narrative forward. Rules: To request a cannon please...
  12. Kitter Bitters

    Game How Has Your Character Changed?

    Be sure to tell us how or why!
  13. Pietro Demici

    Character Pietro Demici: Ashlan Cardinal

    NAME: Pietro Demici FACTION: Ashlan Crusade RANK: Cardinal HOMEWORLD: Serenno SPECIES: Human AGE: 47 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5’9” BUILD: Slim EYES: Brown HAIR: Dark Brown SKIN: Light FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes LANGUAGES: Galactic Basic, Serennoan, Essonian STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Not...
  14. Kitter Bitters

    Does your character have a clone?

    Has your character ever been cloned?
  15. Saohain

    First character creation post...EVER

    Hi I am new my boyfriend turned me on to this I LOVE his stories and interactions with the community and I had this idea stewing for a bit. I always loved the Dathomir witch culture and I really wanted to create a character completely dedicated to it and all the lore. Here is my character...
  16. Okkeus Dainlei

    Discussion What kills your interest in a character?

    Hey y'all, I had this thought pop in my head recently while I was looking through your character list. I had lots of good ideas for characters, made only a handful of posts for them, and haven't posted with them since. I'm not sure if I just lost interest, the character's story/idea sucked, or...
  17. Iella Sunscream

    Request Bio Template for a Bounty Hunter / Mercenary / Cyborg Character?

    Any help would be appreciated, It doesn't have to be too advanced. A template I can use that displays the details necessary for roleplay, but also has space I can cascade pictures with. No doubt the artsy minds of Chaos can come up with something interesting.
  18. Zaesthaoh Vizsla

    LFG New Character, interesting concept, need ideas and threads

    So Zaesthaoh here, or Zae as some call her, is a Ghostling. Not only that, but she is also a Mandalorian. She was recently adopted into Clan Vizsla, and although she is at the age where most undergo their Verd'gotten, she is still in bajuur. I need ideas for what to do.
  19. Vito Blanka

    Character Vito Blanka

    “You lied to me! You all lied to me! I'm done with all this crap. I'll find the truth myself! I'll find out for myself what the force really means." - Vito Blanka Vito Blanka Theme: The Immortalist Aliases: Raven Birthplace: Galactic City, Coruscant Age: 28 Rank(s): Force Master...
  20. L'yoom Ka

    Character L'yoom Ka, Padawan

    NAME: L’yoom Ka FACTION: New Jedi Order RANK: Padawan SPECIES: Togruta AGE: 18 SEX: F HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 150 lbs EYES: Grey HAIR: Montrals Grey/Black SKIN: Soft Red Hue FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes FORCE ALIGNMENT: Light Character BiographyL’yoom Ka was raised to fight on her tribe's homeworld...