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It's That Time!

So it isn't exact, since this is a new profile and not my old one so I can't confirm, but I know that I started here around this time. So yea, ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

I know I'm not the most liked member. It doesn't take much to know, you all hate me. But I can't hate any of you. This place is like a second home. I couldn't ever really leave, so don't hate me because I left several times only to come crawling back begging to be apart of the community again. Even when I was gone, I wasn't really gone. I'd always check in every now and then to see how everyone was doing. So don't get angry because I'm that guy.

This site helped me develop my character in ways I never even thought possible. When I created Onyx I never imagined he'd travel down the path he had. He was just a kid trying to learn how to control his anger and rage. And, because of this site, he went on to discover his relations with Revan and become a Rogue Master. It truly is amazing to see my character grow like that and I have everyone who ever RP'd with me to thank.

I want to thank @Darren Shaw. Both owners of him, I know the original Darren left and now we have a new writer. I thank both of them. Why? Well because they were always my friend even when everyone else hated me. So I can say thank you.

I want to thank @[member="Tefka"] and all the staff members. You guys are amazing and you are never wrong... most of the time. But really, you guys do such a great job making sure everything stays in order and everything is right on the site. The crash really brought us all together and showed how great and dedicated our staff, and our normal community members, are to the site.

Thank you @[member="Ashin Varanin"] and @[member="Spencer Jacobs"]. Never would have reached Master rank without you two. And Ashin and I were pretty tight during my time with the Fringe and so was Spencer and me. So I thank both of you for the help and for our friendship.

And I thank everyone on the site. You all are amazing writers and are all great at doing what you do. I thank all my friends on the site for always helping me when I couldn't really think straight. I thank my enemies for always challenging me and pushing me to do better. I thank all the staff for helping me whenever I had a really stupid question. And I thank Star Wars, if not for you then none of us would know each other or be here RPing. So yea.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
The Burned Man said:
Thanks! I would've mentioned you in there but I was drawing blanks. But don't worry, you are one of my favorites!