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Approved Species Illyrian Shadow Wolves

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  • Intent: The Illyrian Shadow Wolves are strange and mystical warrior/companions in service to the Illyrian people.
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  • Canon: N/A
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  • Links: Illyria, Luscia
  • Name: Illyrian Shadow Wolf
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: All Illyrian Shadow Wolves are descended from the wolf packs on Lothal through their forebearer, Luscia. They were bred using Sith Alchemy, altering their genetic code and making them staunchly different from their cousins on Lothal.
  • Average Lifespan: Unknown {1,000 Galactic Standard Years}
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique - One Pack
  • Description: Standing over two meters in height, these massive wolves certainly leave an impression. With massive clawed paws and deep colorful eye colors they can be best described as bestial behemoths. Each wolf has a maw filled with razor sharp fangs and all of them also have a white stripe along their belly. The wolves have an uncanny appearance that causes them to appear to be near-translucent
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.5 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 5.5 Meters
  • Skin color: Dark Grey
  • Hair color: Ranges - Brown, Black, Red, White, Grey, & Blue.
  • Distinctions: Illyrian Shadow Wolves have a ranging of bright eye colors that often changes with their age and demeanor. They are also semi-translucent to where you can nearly see through their forms in broad daylight.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: All
  • Shadowskin: The fur on an Illyrian Shadow Wolf allows it to easily avoid detection from all kinds of sensors and scanners that are based on movement, temperature, & and mass. If an Illyrian Shadow Wolf successfully learns how to use Force Cloak it becomes a very easy ability for him to use and he is generally exceptional at it, becoming practically undetectable.
  • Incredibly Strong: The Shadow Wolves are massive beasts in their own right, however one of these creatures could easily rival the strength of a rancor when focusing and utilizing it's full reserve of strength. They are incredibly difficult to outmatch when it comes to strength.
  • Hypnotic Gesture: Due to their ability to speak through telepathy, the wolves are very adept at using this technique to force their will upon simple minded individuals. They can often trick a person into believing that the wolf's voice is their own subconscious.
  • Genetically Superior: These wolves have a bodily system that allows them to easily flush all toxins and poisons from their system. However, the same goes for any drugs or antibiotics that may be designed to help them as well.
  • Intelligent: These wolves are exceptionally intelligent. They are very good at working together or in teams and learn faster than any other of their kind.
  • Massive: The Shadow Wolves are truly huge creatures. This makes moving them problematic as many will not fit on some of the smaller fighters and shuttles. Moving them around a world or trying to get them off world could prove impossible without the proper equipment.
  • The Light Side of the Force: Like many things born with Sith Magic, the Shadow Wolves have a horrid weakness to the light side of the Force. Not only can it deactivate their natural ability to remain translucent, it will prove very useful when trying to stun them.
  • Genetically Complicated: Although the Wolves are capable of interbreeding they have one problem that makes their race at risk. No technology in the known galaxy is capable of healing them. If they suffer a wound that cannot be healed through simple means, then they will likely die as bacta, kolto, and most drugs are ineffective against their system. This includes stims as well.
  • Birth Complications: Due to the nature of the Shadow Wolf's genetic structure it is exceptionally difficult for a female to actually successfully birth pups. Litters of pups can be from 3-10 pups. Having even one pup only yields an 80% chance of success, over 5 is 60% and having more than five pups will almost always result in the death of the mother.
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Telepathy
  • Technology level: None
  • Religion/Beliefs: The Wolves believe themselves to be the "Guardians" of Illyria and will do all they can to keep the planet and her people safe. They are also staunch believers in the Dark Side of the Force and the power it holds.
  • General behavior: Although the Illyrian Shadow Wolves were engineered to act as guardians to Illyria they often remain in solitude in the planet's mountain ranges. When a female of the pack is ready to give birth she returns to the Illyrians, because their help in the birthing process is necessary for any chance of the pups survival. After the birth, the pups are returned to the pack, with or without the mother. The wolves hold a strict loyalty to the Malvern family line as it was the wolf packs creator and they were personally imprinted on by the family. Some wolves prefer to volunteer their services directly to the King, while others remain in the mountains waiting and watching for any sign of threat to Illyria. Those wild wolves who still roam the mountains often practice the force and use it in their every day life to hunt and survive.
The Illyrian Shadow Wolves are not technically the first of their kind, however they are still extremely unique. When Adron Malvern saw the benefit of the Loth Wolves he desired to expand upon their kind, so he did. During a trip to Lothal he took time to study the Loth Wolves in their natural habitat. It was by a stroke of luck that his own pet, Luscia returned from the world carrying a small clutch of pups in her belly.

When Adron found out, he went to work on his protector. He wished to make her pups larger, stronger, and even smarter than she was. Oddly enough, Luscia allowed this as she trusted the Sith Lord above all and knew he would allow no harm to come to her pups. Hours in ritual among a dark alter, channeling pure Dark Side energy into the wolf to effectively turn her pups into a mild Sithspawn. For months everything went well. The Dark Side practically seeped from Luscia, increasing her ferocity and anger in droves but also improving her sentience and causing her to nearly double in size. Still, it was not enough to save her. When it came time for Luscia to birth her pups, they were massive even for her. Being born nearly half the size of standard Loth wolves, she was unable to handle the birthing process which took nearly two days of labor. In the end, Luscia was taken by the birth and her life fled from this world. Adron was struck with grief, even three of Luscia's pups had died in birth. Nine pups survived and were taken into the care of House Malvern, these were the first of the Illyrian Shadow Wolves.

After two years of imprinting and studying, the wolves were released into the mountains of Illyria. All but one, the first pup to leave Luscia's belly, Lucian.
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Image Credit: Link
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