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If you're seeing this, the server move has completed.

For those who can't and still see the community as offline, that's because DNS has not yet propagated in your area. Tell your friends who are experiencing this to give it time. It will propagate, and it shouldn't take more than 48 hours.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
The Admiralty
Hell yeah, we are back baby.


Eater of the Dead
I can see it on a VPN, hopefully I won't be the last one again and spend a week eating up @[member="Tefka"]'s time


@[member="Tefka"] I believe it's causing issues with the Dark Harvest theme again. It's always the Dark Harvest theme, /sighs, lol.

The search bar is on the top center of the webpage and there is no logo. Pretty routine stuff.

Corey's OOC

And where were the spiders
So. I hate to ne a bother but I'm not able to get online. Last night (Est) I could see community offline. Now I'm Just getting the typical site can't be loaded Any clues? @[member="Tefka"]
@[member="Marek Starchaser"]

I'm sorry, propagation is out of my hands. I'm curious how you're posting, though.