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I Like My Sith Master Well Done

Kiyala Demont`

Dathomir:Nightsister’s Enclave

It was a dark and early morning on their side of the planet. Lightning regularly arced and one who spent time here simply learned to ignore it after a while. The clan had been seeing steady growth under the leadership and sponsored by their new Night Mother Kiyala. Their mistress who sat in deep meditation as she sought the force for answers.

To the left of her lain many herbs her adoptive family Petra and Kytarra taught her about. It enhanced prophetic sight profoundly for a small amount of time. With trained muscle memory she did not interrupt her trance as she mixed the herbs into a coarse powder. With a small prompting through the force the powder burst into the air around her. As she inhaled deeply and cast her nimble fingers forward the powder formed a mirror like figure in front of her.

As the force manifestation quivered it revealed an image of Kiyala’s master Kiara. Kiyala didn’t hesitate on its meaning as she stood up while beginning to walk into her personal chambers. Her personal aides were immediately at her side the second she came from her meditation chambers which was regarded as holy grounds. Storming into her room, she called up her automated closet calling forth her Rancor Mark 2 and stocking it as well.

Sliding into the familiar feeling bodysuit felt like temporary Nirvana as the systems already began its temperature routine. As she began to walk out of her room, she told her aides to stand back and tell her people to get in their homes quickly. Kiyala then made her way out of the castle that used to be her adoptive mothers home.

As she walked out of the building, she could see her people already beginning to funnel into their homes. They knew if Kiyala wanted them in their houses that something terrible must be about to come. And with a trained eyes in the force, Kiyala ignited her right saber extending horizontally forward to block an incoming strike. Coming from the shadows was none other than her master, it had seemed that her master thought that she had outlived her usefulness.

Kiyala chanted below her breath before releasing her saber to grab Kiara’s arm implanting the blood ritual on her. Kiara thought familiar with some of the customs did not know of such a technique thus having the advantage of moving through it sending Kiyala flying with a breath of telekinetic rage. As Kiyala she reminded herself to keep her head in the game, before utilizing a back tuck land back on her sliding feet.
Master, it’s been too long since we’ve fought. I think your blades getting kind of dull.

With the force fueling both of their muscles they clashed together, trading blow for blow and feint for feint. Moving from the street ways, Kiyala moved the fight to the roof-tops knowing that despite force empowerment age was still a factor. Kiyala had also move exclusive training in Ataru, Kiyala slashed for Kiara’s torso with a backhanded grip. Kiara’s sprang forward with a sudden rush of speed and all Kiyala could feel as she felt her body leave the ground was the cartilage in her nose shattering and blood spraying freely from it. With them both wearing the same armor a simple technique like that was quite useful.

As Kiyala’s body hit the ground, Kiara began to laugh sardonically before speaking “ Are you going down so soon, you’d think I’d trained you better than this. You know I. . . ” Her words were cut off but laughter that she couldn’t believe she was hearing from Kiyala. Slowly but ever so cockily did Kiyala stand to her feet blood still reddening her face but it was unseen because of her helmet. “You always did talk too much” As she said that her nose was for the most part reformed however the pain of it still remained and was not forgotten.

Kiara form grew serious and as Kiyala felt a cold chill she knew Sith Magic was at works. Kiyala began chanting herself knowing her own Sith Magic could not yet stand against Kiara’s however her Dathormiran magic would always save her. However, Kiara faked her as she rocketed forward slashing and arcing her blades with deadly precision. Kiyala barely had enough time to backpedal, deflect her strikes and form her force shield over her body.

As Kiyala bounded back she was reminded of Kiara’s skillset and how each technique was meant to be mastered and attached to another. Giving Kiyala an idea about how to keep up with Kiara’s seemingly godly speed. Utilizing her Inertia technique behind her movements she found herself now matching Kiara’s speed being able to launch her own attacks. Her naivety to control showed when a sharp heated pain soared through Kiyala’s shoulder. She received a glancing blow from one of Kiara’s sabers that she narrowly missed. It wasn’t enough to pierce her armor but the heat from the blood somewhat burned her shoulder.

Kiyala batted away both of Kiara’s sabers before kicking her square into the chest sending her stumbling back. Taking this chance she super charged her inertia from the built momentum sending her rocketing forward channeling her magics to bring the winds and the force to utilizing her telekinesis to send Kiara’s body rocketing into the stone gates of the city. The rocks fell upon her body, and for a moment Kiyala was sure she ended her master.

Kiyala smiled drawing in the dark side with glee at her master’s death. Until she felt a dark sickening tremor through the force that caused her eyes to skip back to the rubble. A dark fully corporeal snakes seemed to form and devour the rocks upon their master. And from removal of the boulders two more snakes sprang from Kiara who now looked more serious than Kiyala has ever seen. It reminded her of an emotion that she had once felt; she thought it was called embarrassed rage.
It's Real to Pretend
"Well, this is getting most interesting."

A voice both women would recognize would break through the forest. To one, it was the woman who had fashioned the necklace she now wore to keep the wound in the Corce she had touched from overwhelming her mind with energy. To the other, vengeance would softly be summoned, vengeance for her betrayal of Alli Wren - and yet a degree of compassion for Circe having helped save her life during her time being more actively involved with the Fringe.

"I didn't know you two knew each other. But then again, I don't suppose it truly matters, does it?" While she was searching for spellbooks, she could take a moment to stop and eye this confrontation.

@[member="Kiyala Demont"]

Kiyala Demont`

The three snakes quickly slithered towards Kiyala, Kiyala simply smiled before dashing towards the snakes and then in a force fueled inertia jump she leaped over them. As she cleared the snakes she began to spin around rapidly before launching both of her sabers at Kiara.

Kiara was forced to move thus breaking her dark sided tendrils. As Kiyala landed she immediately moved forward despite being currently unarmed. She weaved and bobbed before leaping into the air delivering a snap kick to Kiara’s face.

Kiara stumbled back a few steps before executing wide sweeping arcs to stop Kiyala from approaching while she gained her composure. She never expected Kiyala to grow this strong, she channeled her hatred and pain through her sith amulet before gripping Kiyala with her telekinesis. She sent Kiyala flying through several of the shacks along the edge of the village; before lifting her up into the air and slamming her body into the ground.

Do you really think your that strong?

Kiyala asked her as her image disappeared and reappeared above Kiara delivering a devastating kick to the head once more. Kiara’s face surely connected to the ground in disbelief she had fallen for one of Kiyala’s illusions. Though, her nose was broken and parts of her face now crushed, Kiara pulled on her rage to push past the pain enough place her hand on Kiyala’s leg.

Pain and sickness over took Kiyala’s body as she immediately crunched over vomiting profusely. Kiara took the time to place her hands in diamond position while kick upper cutting Kiyala into the air. Twisting immediately after towards the ground, she used momentum to amplify her Inertia talent to spring to her feet in very uncanny time.

She grabbed Kiyala leg and slammed her into the ground. Kiyala lashed out with her leg, catching Kiara right below her ribs to send her crumbling to the ground as well. Kiara however stood up as if possessed as her dark sided healing began to heal and mend her flesh and bones before Kiyala who still lain on the ground.

Kiyala cursed herself for thinking she could possibly beat Kiara with the skills she taught her. But what about the skills I taught you? Onyx’s voice rang through her head as it seemed to do at times but this time he seemed different. And for what seemed like a long time the world fell away from Kiyala.

A bright light flashed Kiyala into a new form of awareness. And before her was none other than Darth Onyx seemingly how she remembered him from her childhood. Kiyala didn’t know how to feel about this reunion however thinking of the implications.

No you’re not dead Kiyala. I’ve brought you here to give you a choice. ” He looked serious however with a weird sense of calm flowing off of him. It was almost as if he had found some sense of peace with his death.

@[member="Darren Shaw"] and I did not teach you how to be a Sith. That is what your mistress turned you into. But did you ever expect that maybe it wasn’t to help but to hinder?

Kiyala’s eyes lit up upon thinking of Onyx words; Kiyala had never wanted to be Sith until she was forced to embrace their way of thinking. Kiyala would no longer be burdened by a title, but that was only the right of the Gods & Goddesses.

Then I guess it’s time I truly become a Goddess . . .

The world dropped back into view as she felt her soul finally merging completely with Onyx’s soul. Fresh power burst through her like a dam as she found herself on her feet quicker than before. Her eyes held no sense of emotion and was quickly covered as her suit drew on her excess energy to repair itself.

Kiara looked at her in disbelief and could tell her former master must be viewing the new Kiyala through the force. Kiyala walked forward but the force propelled her faster and faster until her and Kiara clashed sending her backpedaling from the impact. Kiyala using her tutamis to draw the energy from Kiara’s blade, newfound power only strengthened her as she sent Kiara threw the stone walls of the village.

Not yet finished Kiyala rocketed forward scooping Kiara up and slamming her into the ground. Kiara’s blades were sent flying from the first impact so she didn’t need to worry about them. She began to straddle Kiara before delivering force enhanced blow after blow to Kiara’s shield. Blow after blow the shield visibly weakened until it completely shattered. This did not make Kiyala stop in the slightest continuing to pummel her former mistress.

She then stood over her near lifeless mistress who was promptly reduced into a bloody mess. She lifted her body with the strictest pull of telekinesis, Kiyala viewed her disheveled appearance for a moment taking in a breath as light purplish strands of energy arced out of Kiyala. And from Kiara she drank gorging herself on knowledge and energy, the hunger threatened to well up but now that she had Onyx in check she could commit fully to controlling herself.

She stopped herself on the very verge of not killing the woman. Kiyala looked at her with mild contempt as she tossed her aside with the force. The woman was of no use to Kiyala dead or alive so Kiyala would allow fate to decide what happened to her. The Goddess then turned her attention to the one called @[member="Circe Savan"] , she made her way over rather quickly as she was still hopped up on copies energy.

I expect your discretion on this battle amongst the Sith. . . She in time will survive and hopefully find the errors of her ways along the way.
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Alli wren had been searching for her old love but then she felt something very wrong. Suddenly a gunship, piloted by drones was there. She would of asked for the CIS but she wasn't so active there anymore. The next thing either of them would see was none other than Alli wren, who was more than a bit shocked to see @Circe Savan but paid her no mind, as she was in full battle armor. One didn't venture around like this without it. She glared at the two as she jumped out followed by two droids as she scooped up Kiara. She stared at them, getting ready to get back on her gunship. " bye bye girls." She said as she began to turn on them.
Alli couldn't believe the state of Kiara, she wondered if she was actually alive. She was here now, she was going to make sure that dispite it all that Kiara was healed. She owed her that much. She just couldn't believe she had found her.

@[member="Kiyala Demont"]
It's Real to Pretend
"Um... I just wanted to check and see if you needed replacement on the gems of that necklace I made for you. You know, the one that prevents you from going insane with Force power. You need to replace the gems every now and then." She opened her hand up a bit, exposing several small black gems that weren't at all gleaming like the ones on Kiyala's current necklace. "As for the Sith Lady, she'll be quite helpful as part of my..."

Then Alli showed up. "Well. This is ironic. At least you sobered up nicely and aren't ludicrously wasted. You do know I have this holoimage of you flashing the Governor of Bakura and those bounty hunters who attacked me, right?"