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  1. Djikra Elnev

    Approved Lore  Dathomir Force Fracture

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: "2024 Force Rupture Contest" Tefka Image Credit: EA, Jedi: Survivor, Lucas Arts Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Event Name: Dathomir Force Fracture Event Specific Links: N/A Location: Nightsister Temple, built on the ruins of the...
  2. Adalee Thorne

    Private  The Witching Hour

    Outer Rim, Quelli Sector - Dathomir: The Surface. 4 months... It took four whole excruciating months to get away from her own family and responsibilities as a Thorne. The constant pestering to try once more at becoming a Jedi and bolstering their ranks with her talents was all her father...
  3. Mother Midina

    Character  Mother Midina

    Mother Midina Age 25 Species Chiss and Nightsister Gender Female Height 6’3” (with Headress), 6’1” without Headress Weight 125lbs Force Sensitive I Night Sister Magicks PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Grey-Blue Skin, Red Eyes, Long Ginger Orange Hair, Plumb Lips, long fingers, Buxom, Hour...
  4. Eido Wreyth

    Private  From Blood Cometh Iron

    fa-play fa-pause Shadows danced about the old tomb, casting the grisly image of fallen Dathomirians amidst the flickering light of ritual candles, the flames tinged with green as Eido lit them one by one until a jagged star formed around her. Beneath them, grooves had been cut in the stone...
  5. D

    Public  Shadows Unleashed: Dathomir

    In the tranquil embrace of the mountainous valley, a serene calm settled over the landscape, shrouding it in an aura of quietude and peace. The fields of verdant green grass swayed gracefully with each gentle breeze, their whispered rustle adding a soothing melody to the air. Amidst this idyllic...
  6. S

    Seasonal  The Night Solstice

    TAG: Zaylin Asaaj En Kelsani Lun Nerare Grim Zuvot Astrid pentoghast Melinda Dealla On Dathomir there is an ancient tradition, The Night Solstice. It is said during this time the Spirit Ichor rises and turns the Four Moons, including Korates, green with light. When all four illuminate in...
  7. Zaylin

    Character  Zaylin

    Zaylin Age 45 Species Falleen Gender Female Height 1.85m Weight 75kg Force Sensitive Yes PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Green eyes, green skin, tall for a Falleen. While at formal occasions she will wear her Night Sister robes and pointy hat, usually she prefers casual hunting gear. She...
  8. S

    Private  The Defense of Dathomir

    TAG: Nerare Grim Zuvot Serrin never would have thought that when she left Dathomir she would return and become Night Bearer, charged with training and leading The Night Brothers into battle. In her youth she had looked to the stars dreaming of what worlds and exotic cultures awaited. Now as an...
  9. The Night Sisters

    The Night Sisters

    The Night Sisters of Dathomir is a unique Force tradition that wields The Spirit Ichor and Magick. We have rebuilt after The Great Purges, and gather to defend our culture and ways. Night Sisters are women witches, it is exeedingly rare for men to have a role save as Night Brothers who act as...
  10. Xie Jiang

    LFG  Business & Alliances; Dathomir

    Hey Friends, Calling all nightsisters and nightbrothers! Jiang is seeking Dathomirian natives to become allies & friends. Also wouldn't mind potential business partners to utilize Dathomir's surface for shipyards and a new arms industry. Reach out by either forums or discord if interested.
  11. Detritus Ren

    Public  Whispers in the Mist

    Jin had wandered the galaxy for years, yet he didn’t know how long. Every once in a while he would get flashes and images that would spread across his own fractured mind. Still all roads had led him home. He was the son of a dark sider, and his mother perhaps a prominent witch that he despised...
  12. Detritus Ren

    LFG  Magicks & Shadows

    Greetings exalted ones! Here and there I try to post up an LFG. Most I’ve done before hasn’t been very specific but lately been feeling a scratch to continue a character I’ve haven’t done in a while, and lately I’ve been very inspired to do just that. Enter Jin Kyrel! Son of Kyrel Ren. A man...
  13. S

    Public  Night Jinks

    Serrin snuck out of the Coven housing. There was cots in her room, sisters fast asleep or in a magick meditative state. Grabbing an onyx colored bag, and laying a scroll on the scarlet red sheets of her bed, she headed into the hall. A Night Mother was patrolling, levitating a emerald green...
  14. Zhudain Axol

    LFG  Sith Warrior

    Hello! Zhudain is a mountain of a sith lord who is part Dathomirian, Part Human. His past is clouded in Shadow, and his future is uncertain. Some things I'd like to do with him. 1)Have a Dathomir Sorceror or Witch assist him on his journey of truly understand his Dathomir roots and his...
  15. Avra Elru

    LFG  From Dathomir With Love

    Avra is, a Nightmother. Her clan, or what was her clan, is now controlled by a usurper that used outside help to take her leadership role from her. In the span of time since she lost her position from outside interference the rate at which Dathomirian rancor eggs are poached and smuggled off...
  16. Tegan Starfall

    Evil Is Born from Love Part 2

    Evil Is Born from Love Part 1 The circumstances of one's birth in their exact genetic composition has near impossible odds. I have tried to calculate it time and time again but it the one equation that has always eluded me. Yet here I am and here you are. There are quadrillions of people of...
  17. Samara

    LFG  Looking to explore Dathomir

    The Nightsisters of Dathomir heavily interest me, and so does the planet. I would assume that places of high dark side energy would interest a power-hungry apprentice looking to learn more knowledge or even abilities! Sooo any witches looking to get witchy with Sam? We can talk about things in...
  18. Onith

    Private  Dathomir Nights

    ~Sir, are they still following us,~ The robotic voice whispered. The response came a moment later, as the pureblooded Sith felt out through the Force, ~No, they've stopped behind those statues we passed. I think they are waiting for something.~ ~Should we be worried? I think this is a matter...
  19. Naivia Neryn

    Private  Lost within Dathomir

    Dathomir, one of those places that was not originally in Neryn's plans, but after learning more about the geography and topography of the planet and moreover its history, her interest increased several times over. If she couldn't meet the Night Sisters in person, which she really wanted to, at...
  20. Darth Solipsis

    Private  Tell Me Again, How You Killed Them

    DARK LORD OF THE SITH | VOICE OF THE MAW Thalia Senn Dathomir “You’re afraid.” The voice echoed softly from the shrouded figure standing tall against the arid backdrop of the harsh Dathomiri crags. Wrapped in tattered robes and dark garments, the Dark Lord of the Sith looked on with his...
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