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Knights Obsidian Outpost

Somewhere within the Jungles of Vylmira

Calm. Peaceful. Serene. Such was typical of the early mornings upon Vylmira. Quiet, save for the gentle roar of a waterfall in the distance, accented by the call of birds piercing the gentle ambience. It was here that Voph had seen fit to assemble his students for a class. In the wake of the terrorist assaults on peaceful lands, Voph had begun to reemphasize combat training. And today, they would be learning the basics. "Greetings, students. You are gathered here today to learn anew, or refresh existing knowledge of, the skill of fighting with naught but your fist."

Voph wore a simple tunic that hugged his form, allowing the students to better see the exact movements that this new skill would undertake. Voph paced in front of the young squires that were assembled in the courtyard as he continued. "A time will come when your Lightsaber will fail you. And it is best that you prepare for that time. Even so, what you will begin learning today will shape your skills with a blade for years to come. To understand how to control one's body is to understand how best to utilize it against those that would seek to harm you, or those you protect."

Voph held out his hand, fingers splayed apart, palm towards the ground. "To the uninitiated, they look upon my hand and see just that. A hand. Bound by human limitation, and crippled by physical ability. But, as many of you students should already be aware, there is far more to our kind than meets the eye. Your task for this morning is simple: Find a partner, and we will practice a simple drill to combine both fist and force, from which you may build to greater things. Please, if you do not already have a partner, find one now."

Aadya Volke Aadya Volke
Arro Peradun Arro Peradun
Asaraa Vaashe Asaraa Vaashe
Beric Layne Beric Layne
Danielle Mueller Danielle Mueller
Eline Djo Eline Djo
Jalan Riyadosh Jalan Riyadosh
Luca Ioneşti Luca Ioneşti
Lucianus Adair Lucianus Adair
Lunara Azure Lunara Azure
Millu Lee Millu Lee
Redd Redd
Shalita Verd Shalita Verd
Shiraine Bennet Shiraine Bennet
Taiia Mataan Taiia Mataan
Taramaz Arcturus Taramaz Arcturus
Valeria Sempronia Valeria Sempronia

Vanir Eris Vanir Eris
Vytal Noctura Vytal Noctura
Zlova Rue Zlova Rue
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Voph had certainly picked a good location, away from distractions peaceful and even a nice body of water to throw people into..Okay maybe not that last part but she wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the day someone ended up in the drink. Such tended to happen when people were throwing their fists around and performing body throws.

Kurenai stood off to the side a little behind Voph as he addressed the students, donned in a simple white and blue Hakama. It was an outfit that she often wore then participating in sparing and hand to hand combat training, though unlike the squires present she was not hear to learn.

When it came to martial arts Kurenai was a master of several practiced forms taught throughout the galaxy while also being an expert in disarming opponents and use of the force in such circumstances. As such, the marshals presence here was very much that of an instructor being arguably one of the best fighters in the CIS when it came to unarmed combat.

It would be interesting to see how the varying people present would fare without any weapons, she was also quite eager to face off against a few of them herself. It would be nice to stretch out once in a while, giving out pointers and advice while sparing with someone was always an interesting and fulfilling interaction.
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Knights Obsidian Outpost, The Jungles of Vylmira.
Danielle's Casual Attire.

Danielle had seen her fair share of fights; Not those the likes of war, but the likes of scraps between fighting teenagers growing up within a military institute. Life today was much different, yet at fifteen years of age she was still very much a blank canvass. When enlisting within the Knights Obsidian however, she had made it known that she held military background and wished to continue to serve now for the Confederacy while also coming into her own as a Force User.

Having also recently been reassigned under the authority of Adron Malvern Adron Malvern as Exarch, he had instructed her to continue to pursue her duties and training with the Knights Obsidian in order to become more familiar with the Force and what capabilities it could offer one who held the dedication and the willingness to learn.

Dee stood among the others, listening to that of the Lord Commander. She had only met him once, briefly having acknowledged her back during the social gathering on Naboo. He spoke about mixing the, Hand-To-Hand Combat and the Force to empower the combatant. So far Dee had found little progress in her ability to use or practice the Force, yet she was being exposed to more and more through Adron's encouragement.

When asked to find themselves a partner, Dee turned to look about the group, hoping for a familiar face among the crowd, if not a friendly one.

Voph Voph | Kurenai Yumi Kurenai Yumi
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Knights Obsidian Outpost
In the Jungle

Returning to the Confederacy, however briefly he had interacted with it previously, had gone far better than expected. Knowing that the woman he had elected to follow, initially, ultimately had a hand in the suffering and loss of those that protected his own people got him incensed. Swearing to do what he must to prevent such atrocities, as he laid the memories of old squadmates to rest on Fennesa, his enlistment with the Knight Obsidian became a done thing in mind before he had presented himself in body in the days thereafter. A body that stood over two metres, and weighed in at over half a ton, Arristorr Peradun was a musclebound, perhaps intimidating specimen of the denizens of Felacat, and if that didn't make obvious what he was, keen citrine eyes focused on the Lord Commander, and a long, fully prehensile tail slowly swishing to and fro behind the Felacatian, confirmed it.

In the time prior to setting foot on Vylmira, Arro had adhered to his default routines of self-maintenance when not gleaning more of the basics in use of the Force that had not come from Scherezade, and even those that had come from her, he did his utmost to not bring them forth from a place of much anger as she had attempted to instruct. He was disappointed in how things had turned out, self-critical at his own initial willingness in it, but anger was misplaced in any avenue but were it was deserved. He knew where it belonged, where it should be directed. Anger without awareness could make a soldier blind, a fact his superiors impressed upon him as a young teen, early in his initial training. Those years would serve him well, in this place.

At the directive for them to find a sparring partner, Arro looked with a discerning gaze at the others, their posture, expressions, manner of dress, lingering a shade longer on the blonde girl, something about her seemed familiar... not in face, not in frame, but in the way she held herself. A commonality between them, though she appeared barely much older than he had been on conscription. He shifted his gaze away, giving thinking it over.


The thinking lasted maybe a scant few moments, before he turned not too sharply, but with more grace, and approached Dani, hands behind him, wrist grasped.

"Do you need a partnerrr?" He queried, trying not too loom over her, trying his best to put a cap on his feline inflection, then: "I'm Arristorr... I mean, Arro Peradun."

Nightmother Vytal Noctura led the Witches of the Confederacy -- those inclined toward spiritual conjuring and use of energy in Creation -- and as such was an Obsidian Lord within the Knights Obsidian. Still, some might not have expected someone of such a background to bother in attending a session like this one; much as she rarely bothered with assemblies of the Viceroyalty unless it involved matters of utmost importance. Understandable since their Art relied on mystical power and not physical combat. Did that not make it all the more reason to attend? Or for other witches to do so?

Of course, there was also the Nightsister heritage that emphasized magick was not the sole source of power in a Sister (or Brother). Neglecting the physical for the spiritual was as foolhardy as neglecting the spiritual for the physical. True power did not come from being the greatest at any one facet of existence, but by being competent in all of them yet possessing outstanding talent in one or more. What you lacked in raw power could easily be made up for in the application -- or skill -- with the power one possessed. How else did valiant heroes defeat the villains of the galaxy despite overwhelming odds?

Vytal stood off to the side allowing the Knight Commander to bid the students pair up for instruction. It was his world, and he was the ranking officer present. Not that the Nightmother put any stock in rank -- only in respecting Voph as a person. At least, she would do so for a time. If those assembled took too long to make a decision the Nightmother might play the Evil Witch and start commanding people to get into some semblance of order.

Hopefully there'd be an opportunity for her to participate as well, but Vytal could always arrange something outside of class as well. Today was for those within the Knights to become more familiar with themselves, and to meet new people in the Order.

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle...
Knights Obsidian Outpost

...Luca was down to his undershirt and trousers. Jungles were notoriously humid, and the jungles of Vylmira were no exception at least where he was concerned, but being here was beneficial not only to him, but to his apprentice. As much as he could scrap, as much as he could brawl, as he'd learned to do in scrambling to fend off his peer assailants as a boy, by trial and error, his methods in that vein were brute, strong expressions of telekinetic power. His erstwhile master had taught him control, not only of when his abilities came into play, but in putting a dial on his output... but still, he wasn't taught specific unarmed combat by the man, as Urley didn't have the know-how either. And Teyla was a former handmaiden. Apparently they were already good at this hand-to-hand stuff, to some extent, which was what Voph spoke of, and what this class was all about.

Which is why he was sweating his ass off in the jungle, the wishful mental image of a quick, nude snowbath doing little to cool him... but apparently the sweat was good for him, too. He'd never learned to do the opposite of Tapas - whatever that was - and to top it off, there would be no smoking. Wouldn't want to burn down the jungle. Tempting as that might be, it'd only make things hotter.

What I wouldn't give for even one ice cube down my shirt....

He slipped a surreptitious sidelong glance at his aforementioned padawan, hazarding a guess that she wasn't keen on the climate, either. The Lord Commander had instructed them to find partners, if they didn't have 'em already, so he took a moment to check on her.

"Bet you're thinking what I'm thinking too, huh?"

Probably not. She'd probably be just as miserable where he'd feel right at home. This 'padawan' thing was still all so new.

"A nice recline in a snowbank, feastin' on snowcones, a couple cold ones..."

His eyebrows rose, with his shit-eating grin, beads of sweat on his forehead.



Teyla Ee'everwest

Tears of Shiraya

The thousands of noises crashed over her senses as serene as the waterfall that fell in the background, and while the virescent views of Vlymira were indeed beautiful, the sweet jungle fragrance was almost cloying, and the air was so hot that sweating seemed obsolete.

It was difficult, also, moving through the dense vegetation to get here. This was nothing like the worlds she’d seen traveling with Damon, and it was nothing like her homeworld on Naboo. Although she’d been trained as a Handmaiden, and worked as a CSF officer afterward, none of her previous experience prepared her for this sort of environment.

Pinching her grey tank top between her fingers, Teyla puffed her shirt out a few times to try and stimulate some kind of airflow to cool down, to no avail.

She hadn’t voiced those complaints out loud, but it was telling by just looking at her that she was uncomfortable in her own skin, silently listening to the Lord Commander’s instructions.

"Bet you're thinking what I'm thinking too, huh?"

Teyla raised a brow and glanced at him from the corner of her eye.

"A nice recline in a snowbank, feastin' on snowcones, a couple cold ones… No?"

She kept her face expressionless.

There was something about Luca, she thought idly. Not in that romantic… 'I can’t get you out of my mind', endearing kind of something, but the kind of something that made her want to 'smack that stupid grin off his face'. He made her blood boil to temperatures she didn’t think possible!

This definitely wasn’t what she had in mind when they said they would set her up with a Master. They had to of run out of the sages, and this was what was left.

“Ya know... I think I’m gonna really enjoy this exercise today.”

Teyla grinned, cracking her knuckles. When it came to hand-to-hand combat, she was quite skilled.

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The air was heady with the scents of growing things. The patched colors of his coat gave him a surprising amount of camouflage despite the fact he was better suited to grasslands and sparse woodlands. Traveling on four feet made things far easier in dense foliage and with a keener nose paired with better hearing, it wasn’t hard to find where this teaching group was.

He arrived just as he heard the man talk about ‘pairing up’. Three hundred pounds of canine stalking from the bushes might lead some to worry, but when its shape shifted and became a man, hopefully they’d recognize friend over foe. At least Vytal Noctura Vytal Noctura knew him when he borrowed Eris’ furred form. He bowed respectfully. “I apologize for being late… Got a bit side tracked on a hunt and well… Almost lost track of time. May I join?

While physical combat wasn’t quite where his skills lay, he’d be a fool not to learn new tricks. Besides, what he learned here could be applied elsewhere. He was surprised to see the Nightmother here, but at least he had a friendly face. His clothing was light and loose, perfect for the humid weather and for this training exercise.
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Knights Obsidian Outpost, The Jungles of Vylmira
Wearing: Danielle's Casual Attire
Sparring Partner: Arro Peradun Arro Peradun

"Do you need a partnerrr?".

Danielle turned in the direction of the voice and meant to answer, when instead her voice got caught somewhere in the back of her throat and her mouth was left agape as she stared up at the guy in-front of her. Since becoming a Citizen of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, she had met a number of different species and types of people. The first of them that popped into mind when looking up at Arro Peradun Arro Peradun was none other than Miyako Saki Miyako Saki who like this man, shared a lot of...er, fur.

'Creature features!'.

The word just came to mind.

"Uhm, hey" she greeted him, her mind seemingly taking a moment to click and recall that he had asked her a question; "o-Oh! Right, yeah sure!" she grinned warily, "That sounds good, thanks" she added with genuine appreciation and perhaps a little sheepish embarrassment.

While they hadn't yet been given further instructions, Danielle motioned for Arro to feel free to stand on either side of her, plenty of room between herself and the others who would likely be finding partners of their own. Thank the God's that she hadn't had to approach anyone...-Being built stockier than most humans were, especially their women, Dani was often intimidated or fearful of their judgement and ostracism.

Although come to think of it, the fifteen year old's height wasn't going to see so out of place when sparring with this Felacatian guy. A thought suddenly crossing her mind that she had initially stood in shock of his height just like she feared others might possibly do to her.

"My name's Danielle, by the way" she offered her name as he had given his own, "Sorry about that, you surprised me a little. I didn't mean to be rude" she explained, apologizing for how she had reacted. He might not have thought anything of it, but as she certainly had, she hoped to account for any possible harm done.

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Attire: [X]
Objective: Learn and spar
Location: Vylmira
Tag: Taiia Mataan Taiia Mataan

So. Hand-to-hand fighting. Millu knew nothing about it, nor had ever done anything like it. Except maybe for that one time when she was fourteen when she got mad at her current employer for firing her and slapped him in the face. But that wasn't really a fight, though... She got scared that the man would call would make a scene and end her humble career and just ran away as soon as she realized what she had done.

This was different, and thankfully her life had changed a lot from that day to now, but that didn't change the fact that Millu was as comfortable packing a punch as a droid was dealing with feelings.

Still, that was a very good point the Lord Commander was making. She hadn't trained a lot with her lightsaber yet, and if her last few experiences were of anything to go by, Millu would like to know at least a bit of fighting so as to not be almost completely helpless in the middle of a battle.

Vylmira was a beautiful planet, with its lush forests and thick jungles, and that bit of water rushing through the ground in the background. She was glad to be here, and it truly seemed like a good enough place to be sliding around, sparring with fellow squires and maybe a knight or two.

But she had no idea who to pair up with when the Lord Commander's orders ressonated through the clearing.