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Approved NPC Highlord Osbasid, Tyrant of the Blackblade Guard

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  • Intent: Sub the leader of the Blackblade Guard
  • Image Credit: Click - Will Nunes
  • Role: Leader of the Blackblade Guard
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Age: 62
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Cybernetically Augmented Human
  • Appearance: Once Osbasid might have been considered fair to look upon, but decades of war and cybernetic augmentation has driven all beauty from his flesh. Hairless and scarred, what remains of the Highlord's living flesh is encased in a protective suit of cybernetic armor; rendering the bold warrior more machine than man. For every injury the Highlord had sustained during his service to the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Dark Lord had grafted more and more machinery onto his most capable servant. Without the armor, Osbasid cannot survive. With it, he lives only a half-life; sustained by cables worming through the pulsating meat of his brain, his internal organs encased in cages of iron while an artificial pump keeps blood circulating through his body where his heart once rested. His brilliant armor is often covered with a shroud of metallic gold, signifying his supremacy as the Highlord of the Blackblade Guard.
  • Name: Highlord Osbasid, Tyrant of the Blackblade Guard
  • Loyalties: Emperor Carnifex, Shadow Hand Prazutis, the Blackblade Guard
  • Wealth: None
    • Osbasid has taken a vow of poverty to fully dedicate himself to serving his masters
  • Notable Possessions:
  • Skills:
    • Cybernetic Strength
    • Strategic Mind
    • Skilled Marksman
    • Trained in Jedi art of lightsaber combat by Darth Carnifex
  • Personality: What was once considered the man who called himself Osbasid has been stripped away and replaced with cold heartless machine-logic, the weakness of kindness, mercy, and empathy surgically removed under the Dark Lord's knife. Stripped of his 'humanity', Osbasid can no longer laugh, cry, act out in rage, or love another being. He is dedicated to those who have twisted his spirit and mangled his body, his entire purpose of being bent to the dark insidious will of his masters. He cares not for the fleeting existences of others, nor does he empathize with those who might cry out against the injustice of the Sith inflicted on the lesser creatures of the galaxy. All he cares about is obedience and loyalty, both of his most admirable qualities towards the Dark Lord and his Shadow Hand. Ruthless and cruel, Osbasid rules the Blackblade Guard with a carbon-jacketed fist and ensures that none within the Guard are corrupted by weakness. Those who succumb to such things are destroyed without reservation.
  • Weapon of Choice:
  • Combat Function: Though his primary function is to serve as chief strategist and overseer of Blackblade forces, Osbasid cannot help but involve himself in engaging with those under his command in fighting the enemy. A warrior of his people before being transformed into the Dark Lord's lieutenant, Osbasid is a bold and ruthless fighter who uses a combination of ranged weaponry and powerful hand-to-hand techniques to dispatch the foes of his masters. When confronted with a Jedi or similar lightsaber-wielding entity, Osbasid will typically attempt to disrupt their concentration and scramble their senses through a myriad of means (long-range bombardment, gaseous grenades, etc) before moving in to deliver the killing blow and take their lightsaber as a prize.
  • Marksman: Osbasid is an exceptional rifleman trained in the vast majority of blasters and slugthrowers, and can hit long-range distant targets even without the aid of his cybernetic optical implants. With the aid of his implants, he can achieve frightening accuracy even at ranges over a kilometer away.
  • Trained in the Jedi Arts: Though not a Force user, Osbasid was nonetheless tutored in how to wield and fight effectively with a lightsaber by the Dark Lord of the Sith. His fighting style with a Jedi weapon is simplistic yet brutal, raw power augmented by his strength-enhancing cybernetics making him a worthy adversary for any Jedi. He wears the lightsabers of the Jedi he has slain upon his belt.
  • EMP: Being more than half-machine, Osbasid is vulnerable to sustained electromagnetic bombardment which could debilitate or even critically damage his external and internal cybernetic systems. A single EMP grenade wouldn't be able to disable his armor or cybernetics, but multiple EMP grenades or an EMP device of a larger caliber would be able to disable them.
  • Non-Force User: Though not dead to the Force, Osbasid is nonetheless numb to its presence. Most of his organic cellular tissue is replaced with cold heartless machinery, the living Force weak within his mangled and mutilated body.

The warrior known as Osbasid was born on the planet Osseriton in the year 800 ABY. Hailing from the Unknown Regions, Osbasid knew very little of life beyond that of his homeworld. Having just emerged from the Four-Hundred-Year-Darkness that had consumed the majority of the galaxy, Osseriton was wracked with civil strife amidst a crumbling infrastructure and sky-diving economy from fiscal mismanagement and protracted isolation from the wealthier sectors of the galaxy. In such a turbulent environment, gangs of warriors arose as the predominant authority on Osseriton. Osbasid belonged to one such tribe, known by many as the Nitro.
The Nitro were well-known across Osseriton for their obsession with adrenaline enhancing narcotics, which they often ingested before engaging in battle with the dozens of other tribes that vyed for power and territory. Death was an omnipresent factor, and the thugs of Nitro fought without fear or reservation. Death was seen as a glorious fate for those who fought under the powerful effects of narcotics. Osbasid himself ingested copious amounts of these drugs during his youth, growing hopelessly addicted to them as his abuse only worsened as he aged.
In time, Osbasid would come to constitute the leadership of the Nitro, though his reign as a warlord was short-lived as his enemies formed a coalition to take down the Nitro. Barely surviving, Osbasid clung to life even as his mangled body began to fail him. In his hour of greatest desperation, he offered himself up into the service of whoever, or whatever, could abate his suffering.
His prayers were answered.
As he lay dying, a man known to him only as Vornskr emerged from the gloom of his fading periphery and preserved his life upon the precipice of death. Taken from squalor, Osbasid was interned within a medical facility owned by his mysterious savior. Under Vornskr's vigilance, Osbasid was torn apart and stitched back together by the cold manipulators of the medical droids that attended him. They replaced the most damaged parts of his body with cybernetics and synthetic artifices, refusing anesthetic despite the tortuous agony such surgery inflicted upon Osbasid.
When the machines had finished their grisly task, Osbasid was reborn.
Indebted to the dark shadow which had saved him, Osbasid pledged himself to the service of Vornskr who placed him in the Blackblade Guard, his elite army of loyal warriors. Osbasid rose quickly through the ranks, conducting many military campaigns across the galaxy on behalf of his master. Though he suffered injury and near-death on countless occasions, his broken body was quickly mended by the heartless machines of his master. He eventually became more machine than man, all remnants of his humanity stripped away and only cruelty and loyalty remaining in its stead.
When the previous Highlord of the Blackblades, Anthmar, was slain in battle, Osbasid became the next Highlord after a trial by combat against those who would also seek elevation. His ascendancy secure, Osbasid continued to serve dutifully for the next several decades as the brutal dictator of the Blackblade Guard, forever subservience to his dark and nefarious masters of the Sith.
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