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Hello fellow wayfarers!


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Another newbie here just wanting to check in, get my room, and settle in.

I am not new to roleplaying but this is my first time on a Star Wars board and I am still getting adjusted to it all. Before now I had a tendency to roleplay various other science fiction settings, some medieval fantasy, Marvel, etc. I tend to be more interested in the more fringe groups like small empires, smuggling / pirate crews, Mandalorians and their various clans (not really 'fringe' in this case but just throwing that in there anyways), etc. rather than Jedi or Sith, but right now I am open to anything as I figure out 'my place' in a Star Wars setting. I just prefer a more intimate story focused approach to my threads.

Beyond that I am an avid comic book reader, gamer, and lover of just about anything science fiction. I also enjoy long walks on the beach?

Right, anywho, hi people.

Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel

Welcome to Chaos and to SW roleplaying!

Fringe you say? Look no further. The Outer Rim Coalition is currently the resident fringe major faction. You can find more about it and join here -

Discord is massively used on Chaos and most, if not all, factions/groups on board have their own channels there. This is the Outer Rim Coalition's Discord Link -

This is the main Discord Link for SWRP: Chaos -

If you've got any questions, I will be happy to answer.

Zyrias Pax

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Welcome to Chaos! You'll be able to find lots of options here if you're not into the Jedi/Sith route. In fact, we could always use more Non-Force Users, pirates, pilots, etc. :)


Hello hello and welcome, fringer types are always welcome here! Ignore the stinky mandos (love you guys <3 ) and come hang in the Outer Rim instead. Like [member="Ember Farseer"] hinted at, it can be a bunch of fun.

Anyway, if you have any questions, need any help, yada yada, don't hesitate to ask!

Look forward to seeing you about the place :)
Success or Death.
I'll just leave these cookies here for you.

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Well, [member="Ember Farseer"] beat me to it, but yeah if you're into the fringe stuff, check out the Outer Rim Coalition!

Welcome to the board man, enjoy your time and welcome to the insanity!