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Has anybody noticed?

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The Traveling Wanderer

I posted my request for titles underneath my writer title, but it has been more than twenty four hours since I posted, can anybody tell me why this is happening? Have I missed an important staff announcement? Or something like that?
There's been a few glitches with the site that the staff are probably busy working on. I'm sure they'll get to your tags stat! They're a pretty prompt bunch.
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Hey there; I'm just going to point out that this is not an automated service, and Admins have to do each tag individually. The likelihood is that they've been busy, but worry not it will be updated. Just have a little patience :)
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Just saw these, oh lord >___<;' *giggling irl*

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Thank you; you're welcome to have a signature and I can help you sort one out, it's just there's a restriction on the sizes ^-^