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Approved Starship "Hand of Ashla" Annointed Crusader Experimental Battlecruiser

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Hanaya Enzar








  • The Annointed Crusader Class comes fully equipped with the whole standard array of shields, systems and components that are normally associated with vessels of this size and class.


  • Immense Firepower - when on full offensive mode the firepower of this vessel is a sight to beholds energy beams flaring out and ripping apart other ships. Its heavy complement of Solar Ionization Cannon making a mockery of standard shields.
  • Extremely tough ship - even on offensive mode this ship is very tough and hard to damage, the only real weak points being the weapon arrays that are otherwise hidden behind the armour. Once the ship moves into defensive mode, even this is covered by layers of thick armour and increased shields making it all but impossible to do significant damage with anything but the heaviest weapons fire.
  • Stealth technology - several systems make the ship harder to detect on scanner even when not cloaked. And the cloaking device allows it to disappear.

  • Different modes - the ship cannot do both at the same time and has to choose between maximum defensive protections, or its firepower. This tradeoff is a tactical decision. It takes around 90 seconds to switch modes but that can be the difference in a fast paced combat.
  • Weak rear arc - Like all stat destroyer shaped vessels, there is very little firepower covering the rear arc and the engine housings.
  • Poor Maneuverability - It was not possible to install the amount of thrusters required to give this ship decent maneuverability due to the armour systems so although relatively quick in a straight line, it still turns like a Star Destroyer.

The Hand of Ashla is the most advanced warship ever build by Archangel Manufactorum and build on years of research in technology.

Isla Draellix had the ship commissioned and built in secret to prevent its capability being revealed to their potential enemies. To the forefront, as always with Ashlan designs is survivability, any commander put in charge of such a vessel can be certain that they will be amongst the last to fall in battle.

The dual modes turn the vessel from a mobile fortress into one of the galaxies premier gun platforms at the command of its captain.

Draellix has also ensured that the ship has been given large amounts of high quality rooms of state, allowing the ship to be secondarily used as a mobile palace, with state rooms, banquet halls, conference centres and all the other trappings of nobility.

The last edition was a great church to Ashla, all Ashlan ships carry a place of worship, but this particular vessel has a church hall suitable for hundreds of worshipers and with direct links to wider Ashlan communication, sermons can be broadcast far and wide.

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Hanaya Enzar Hanaya Enzar

Very nicely made ship! Love it! However I found some problems:
  • You can't use the KDY without Runi's permission, so please ask her permission or change the link to the original Wookieepedia's link.
  • Your ratings are overpowered (+1), please fix it.

Hanaya Enzar


Thank you for reviewing this

I have relinked the kuat wookiee instead of board version, not sure how I managed that.

Have dropped Hangar Space to Average. There is a glitch on my copy of the spreadsheet which shows both High and Average as balanced so will look into that.
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