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  1. Teckla Tane

    Approved Lore  Imperial Crusader Strike Fleet Aurek

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Offensive fleet to serve the Imperial Crusaders Image Credit: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Empire of the Lost, Imperial Crusaders, Teckla Tane GENERAL INFORMATION Fleet Name: Imperial Crusader Strike Force Aurek Classification: Offensive Fleet Affiliation...
  2. Karl Von Strauss

    Approved Starship  Spearhead-Class Heavy Assault Destroyer

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Artstation Permissions: First United Astral Engineering (Blanket Permission in Spoiler) Phase II "Divine Eyes" Sensor and Electronics System FAE/C-02 Tractor Guidance Network FAE/S-03 Inclusive Countermeasure Module FAE/S-06 Reactive Targeting...
  3. SIA


    We do a lil writing.
  4. Casteban Mecetti

    Approved Tech  ICA-1 Imperial Crusader Armor

    ICA-1 Imperial Crusader Armor Intent: To Create the Armor of the Imperial Crusaders in the Empire of the Lost Image Source: Midjourney, prompted by me Canon Link: Permissions: NA Primary Source: NA PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  5. V

    Character  Valthjof Bralor

    NAME: Valthjof Bralor ALIAS: The One-Eyed Shepard Shaggy Dog The Feral Ox The Pious Warrior LOYALTIES: The Enclave FACTION: The Mandalorian Enclave RANK: Chaaj HOLDINGS: None EDUCATION TRAITS: Astute Intellectual PERSONALITY TRAITS: Zealous, Vengeful, Gregarious CHARACTER ALIGNMENT: Chaotic...
  6. Lucaant Vaneric

    Character  A lost tale: The Return of a Crusader

    Eyes: Orange Hair: Brown Skin: White Height: 6'1" Weight: 165 Gender: Male(?) Name: Lucaant Last name: Vaneric Alias: Reedemer Species: Human Age: Young Adult Gender: Male Family: Lost young Faction: Unaligned Force Sensitive: Yes Master: None. Luccant Vaneric So, around 25 years ago...
  7. Zorana

    Character  Zorana

    Zorana The Crusader [ENCADRE title="Character Details" title_align="center"; block_align="fright" width="313px"] Theme Song Vode An Specilization Ground Pounder Affiliations Clan Kryze Species Human Birthworld Rishi Place of Residence Kestri Languages Galactic Basic Gender...
  8. Maverick Steele

    Crusader Industries

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: X Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Crusader Industries Headquarters: Karkaris Locations: Karkaris and its orbit. Operations: Starship Building Parent Corporation: N/A Subsidiaries: N/A DESCRIPTION The...
  9. Dyans Keto

    Approved Vehicle  Tetonic Crusader Hover Tank

    Intent: A tank for Brotherhood of the Maw to use in there crusade. Image Source: [x] Canon Link: Tank | Hover Tank Permissions: Ingrid L'lerim (Image Banners) Primary Source: NA Manufacturer: Titan Dynamics Affiliation: Titan Dynamics Brotherhood of the Maw Krath Market Status...
  10. Omni Lockdown

    Faction  Crusader training against the dark Eldrich arts. [Ashlan Crusade]

    Lockdown stood in a large auditorium within one of the many training areas for the Ashlan's. After securing the ability to host a training on how to best defend and beat eldrich creatures and beings he waited for the last few people who wished to participate to trickle in. "thank you all for...
  11. Hanaya Enzar

    Approved Starship  "Hand of Ashla" Annointed Crusader Experimental Battlecruiser

    Intent: To make a new and unique and highly advanced Battlecruiser - to be presented to Pietro Demici by Isla Draellix Image Source: Banners created by Ingrid L'lerim-Vandiir Canon Link: Battlecruiser Permissions: Permission for Archangel to use OS turbolasers Primary Source: n/a...
  12. Rynn Vizsla

    Crusader Mk IV - Class Corvette

    Image Placeholder. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create the next generation of Mandalorian warships. Image Source: Imperial Crusader Corvette | Steven Ta’s Artstation - Inspired by FractalSponge. Canon Link: Not Applicable. Permissions: Subaccount. Primary Source: Repurposed Canon...
  13. Isla Draellix-Kobitana

    Noble Crusader class battlecruisers

    Noble Crusader Class battlecruiser* *this ship is strictly limited in number, please see note in replies.
  14. Osam

    Approved Tech  The Bryn'adul | Crusader Breath Mask

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A simple and effective mask that converts hazardous Type III atmosphere into Type II for members of the Akhenaton, Vaydralen, and Ungulloi species on otherwise dangerous Bryn'adul worlds. Image Source...
  15. N

    Narset Wren

  16. Aay'han Ruyot

    Aay'han Ruyot

    NAME: Aay'han Ruyot (Bittersweet moment of History) FACTION: None RANK: None SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.787 Meters WEIGHT: 59 Kilos EYES: Blue HAIR: Black SKIN: Pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  17. Kyle Ajahn

    Kyle Ajahn

    KYLE AJAHN NAME: My name is Kyle Ajahn, the son of Jaren Ajahn and father of Ethan and Tanara Ajahn. FACTION: While I am a Grey Jedi Master I am not associated with the Jedi directly. Former Queen's Guard to Vyra Silara and potential rebel against the Eternal Empire. RANK: By purpose I am a...
  18. Jevar Xolius

    Jevar Xolius, The Devout

    Name: Jevar Xolius Faction: Mandalorian Empire Rank: Rogue Darksider Species: Ubese/Corellian Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 2m Weight: 73kg Eyes: Sulfuric yellow Hair: Light gray Skin: Gray Force Sensitive: Yes...
  19. Kyrana Gould

    Crusading Coalition

    Admiral Friedrich Stahlmann (ret), stepped aboard the small space station orbiting Voss. His new uniform was rather more shiny and silver than he had expected. Still, it was not garish, and he could grow into it. Though retired from active service, he has offered the new Coalition his services...
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