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Had some members call Staff lazy today




Eater of the Dead
Yes staff are super lazy look at all those issues your promptly working on or talking about.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
As someone who served on Staff for the better part of a year, I'll back Ayden on that. Goodness knows there are times when I disagree with Staff decisions, and sometimes vigorously, but I've never, ever seen a Staff decision that wasn't debated at length. So when something happens that you don't like - a decision two hours after the event, and it seems off-the-cuff and lazy -- rest assured that at least four or five staffers spent those two hours debating every side of that decision and trying to find a good solution.

Delila Castillon

Circe Savan said:
Someone called staff lazy?

I'll bring the whips. @[member="Tefka"], you bring the tar and feathers, and if we don't have tar, bring butterscotch.
Most of the perverts around here would welcome such treatment.


Oh, derp, I was looking for the comment about them being lazy....... xD Thank you. .-.
Well-Known Member

That's unspeakably low.

Also, just saying... just seeing the amount of effort you guys put into this site though that little glimpse of your world... makes want to join it. I can't of course, I haven't the time and I'm too bendable trying to be the "nice guy", but jesus.

I can't even imagine what people are thinking when they say these things.


Eater of the Dead
*see's master vote*

I loves the staff here.

Anara Valnor

The Crimson Siren
Tefka said:
I feel your pain, as the only person here on the board who will never be able to experience SWRP as a member.
That makes me want to throw you a party of some kind. Something to show you how much we (those of us that get it) care. Plus super sad panda face at that statement. David Tennant in the rain can't even compare!


Eater of the Dead
Ayden Cater said:
This is why we must tithe to Tef great amounts of cocaine and alcohol.
He isn't Snowflame but yes we must send the hookers and booze.