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Hey guys! Pleasure to meet you all, greetings from the UK and super stoked to be here!

I've been on and off text based roleplaying for about 8 to 9 years now, but due to my job I've recently been out of the RP scene. Please be gentle as this is my first time on a Star Wars based RP board so you might have to bare with me a bit as I'm still a bit new to this series in the roleplay context. I apologize if I am a bit wordy or rather lengthy in posts, I'll try to keep them short, concise and to the point.

While I am a star wars fan, I'm an even bigger fan of the Empire and subsequently the First Order as a whole (they did nothing wrong) and am super excited to make a character with this faction.

Anyways, again thanks for the accept and I can't wait to get to RPing with you guys!
Hey [member="TN-7210"], welcome to Chaos! We're a cool and awesome bunch of banthamunchers and glad to have you here. The First Order greeters will be in shortly to bring you into their folds (or you can just click "join" in their faction, that works too).

Looking forward to sparring with you after you're settled in :)
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Ave Amicus!

Welcome to the struggle for the Galaxy!

I will note, that posts needn't be concise. In fact, in the First Order's mind, the longer the better in regards to posts. So don't feel the need to cut down on your muse. Let it be your vent. Your way to escape modernities monotony!

Hope to see you out in the field of battle, or knocking about! Please, do enjoy your stay.

Zenva Vrotoa

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Welcome to Chaos, darlin'. If you need anything, have questions, need something explained, etc etc etc, don't hesitate to reach out. Most of us freaks and weirdos are actually very nice.


be be de beep be de be beep doodoo be be de beep be de be beep do de dade beep do deda

(welcome to chaos, [member="TN-7210"] . Hope you enjoy writing here and make lots of friends)
Hi! I presently have about 12 years of roleplaying experience myself. If you're looking for someone to thread with, I'm always game. As it happens, if you're looking to thread with the Sith, I have a Sith character who I'm looking to get back off the ground who could use a mission partner of sorts.

Feel free to throw me a PM if you're interested :)