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Approved NPC Gideon C. Pellaeon

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Princess of House Solidor


Intent: Create one more member of my household for future rp.
Image Credit: Here.
Role: Admiral of the
Arrogante, Luna's flagship.
Permissions: for the
Lothalite, akk dog, his debut.


Age: 48.
Force Sensitivity: No.
Appearance: With 1,8 meters tall, with copper skin and dark hair, Gideon has blue dark eyes, they seem deeper than they are. He has a solemn face and his body is heavily muscled for a male his age, his head covered is shaved clean and his is a booming voice.


Name: Gideon Carneas Pellaeon.
Alias: Little Pellaeon.
Loyalties: Lunafreya Solidor.
Wealth: High.
Notable Possessions: 1x
KXR SFP-60x Particle Beam Pistol, 1x HH-78 "Huckleberry" Class Holster, 1x FF-Energy Shield, 1x Nastirci knife, 1x akk dog named Red.

Skills: He is a great pilot, he can maneuver any kind of ship in space. He has a strong presence and a imposing will.
Personality: A navy man to the heart with a iron will. Pellaeon is a cruel and harsh male, he spent all of his life aboard ships, having served the Fel Empire before it collided and than moving on to joining the First Order for quite a while, he enjoyed being a fist among the stars against the foes of his principles. He despites everything he considers as weak or feeble.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: When young, Gideon was a fair soldier and preferred a proper rifle, now, in his middle age, he enjoys carrying a pistol.
COMBAT FUNCTION: He doesn't fight, but hides behind his peers to do his bidding, he is a great commander but if found in a fair fight he can toss a punch or two.


COMMANDER: One of the best commander in all the galaxy, Gideon knows how to command the assets under his command to achieve his goals.
IRON WILL: He will yield, be mind tricked or commanded by no one else but his master.


LIMITED: He has physical limitations and cannot fight.
ARROGANT: He trusts too much on himself and believes he is the best navy officer in the galaxy, when in fact he is not.
CRAVEN: He will always run if he finds himself in a battle he cannot win. He will starts to loose his confidence and will reveal a more fragile version of himself, afraid of dying.


Born in a branch of the Pellaeon family. Gideon believes he is kin to the famous admiral from the old days, but as a matter of fact he is not. The name Pellaeon is very famous on the galaxy and Gideon only dreamed with the lies told by him by his parents. Maybe moved by those stories, Gideon joined the Fel Academy and graduated top of his class, soon being assigned as officer in a Star Destroyer.

His career, however, soon died out as the Fel Empire crumbled. He found himself in a galaxy filled with alien species trying to best him in his area of profession, forcing him to join many warlords before finding his way to the First Order. Working for them, Gideon did unspeakable acts in a chance to gain more glory and achieve his goals of power, but soon, the First Order was also destroyed by the Imperium, forcing, once again, Gideon to flee with his superiors back to the shadows.

He was one of the firsts to join the New Imperial Order. Being assigned to work under Captain Lothor until his death aboard the Engaged. Upon request, Gideon decided to continue his work under Lunafreya Solidor, who soon became Warlord of JanFathal, and made sure to grant him a title under her fleet as Admiral.
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Lunafreya Solidor Lunafreya Solidor Another great household member :) Just two technical things;
  • In Physical Information, for Species, please link there to the Lothalite page.
  • In Social Information, in Notable Possessions, KXR SFP-60x Particle Beam Pistol is closed market and requires permission. Alternatively, you can swap it for something else, or remove it.
Please tag me back once you've made the edits and I will be happy to approve this submission :)
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Lunafreya Solidor Lunafreya Solidor In that case I need two things from you, (1) post Gat Tambor's permission in the permissions. There's a screenshot going around where he said anyone in NIO can use his stuff but it still needs to be in this submission, in the proper place, and (2) add NIO with a link to the faction page to this NPC's loyalties.
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