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Approved NPC General Drakash, Scourge of the Tingel Arm

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The Two Who Were One
  • Intent: To flesh out an NPC that was originally part of the Resurgent Empire, but has since aligned with the Sith Empire
  • Image Credit: Click - Akalanthis@DeviantArt
  • Role: Military Executor of the Thirteenth Expeditionary Legion
  • Links: N/A
  • Age: 54
  • Force Sensitivity: Yes; Sith Lord (Master)
  • Species: Pureblood Sith - Massassi Caste
  • Appearance: A pureblood Sith with crimson skin and facial tendrils, Drakash had bright red eyes and a thick-chested torso. His ruby skin bore the scars of many, many confrontations, and the entirety of his right arm was missing at the shoulder.
  • Name: General Drakash, Scourge of the Tingel Arm
    Formerly: Lord of War

[*]Loyalties: The Sith Empire

[*]Wealth: High
[*]Notable Possessions:

[*]Kolto Injectors
[*]Magno-grip Implants

[*]Skills: Lord Drakash is an incredibly ferocious frontline combatant, and was noticeably powerful in the Dark Side of the Force; especially in using the Force to augment his own physical strength and speed. As a Sith Warrior, Drakash was proficient in at least three forms of lightsaber combat: the defensive Soresu form, the overwhelmingly offensive Juyo form, and the acrobatic Ataru form. In battle, Drakash made use of both powerful, two-handed strikes and strong, sweeping blows with his lightsaber, and he also utilized unarmed combat in conjunction with his lightsaber.

Drakash's primary skill was his ability to draw strength from the emotions of his opponents, gorging himself on their fear and anger to bolster the strength of the Dark Side within him. This did, however, have its limits as it made Drakash especially vulnerable to droids or otherwise emotionless individuals, as he only weakened himself by attempting to draw on nonexistent emotions.

Through the Dark Side of the Force, he could bolster his mental strength to dominate the minds of the weak-willed and undermine strong-willed individuals, though he was by no means superbly proficient at telepathic manipulation.

Besides his skills with a lightsaber and in the Force, Drakash gained many benefits from the various cybernetics installed inside his body. His most notable enhancement is his mechanical right arm which is, in reality, comprised of three separate limbs that can connect and disconnect at will. This affords Drakash a distinct advantage in combat as his two primary hands are freed up by the inclusion of two ancillary limbs that can hold weapons and items with ease. However, this advantage can be rendered moot by electromagnetic pulse weaponry, and to mitigate this flaw Drakash has trained himself in proficient use of his left hand; making him ambidextrous.

[*]Personality: Drakash considered himself part of the Old Guard, and could trace his lineage back to the ancient Empires of Vitiate and Naga Sadow. This fostered a sense of superiority by allowing him to view himself as more legitimate to the mantle of Sith, and he often boasted that his blood was the purest of all Red-Skinned Sith on Athiss (though the validity of these claims is dubious). Despite that, he still shared many qualities possessed by his contemporaries such as a grand sense of general Sith superiority, the inferiority of non-Purebloods, haughty aristocratic arrogance, and a hunger for power and prestige.

Unlike his brethren, Drakash was no mere traditionalist mired in the old ways. He believed in the benefits of progress and technological advancements and had gone to great lengths to outfit his body with cybernetics that, in his mind, made him a more powerful warrior. War and combat were concepts that Drakash strove to indulge in, his feverish hunger for both allowing him to rise high in the militaristic society of the Sith.

Though pride is perhaps one of his most defining features, and it has landed him in great peril more than once in his lifetime. He was unwilling to compromise his beliefs even in the face of death, and when confronted by Emperor Zambrano he stood strong and defiant despite the willing submission of two of his peers. Ultimately this boldness was rewarded by the Sith Emperor, and while Drakash does not necessarily agree with everything the Emperor stands for he nonetheless serves dutifully.


[*]Combat Function: Drakash primarily serves as a military coordinator, managing the various elements of his forces and spurring them on to victory in battle. He rarely acts as a front-line soldier, allowing the actual grunts to carry out the dirty work of engaging enemy forces. However, when the situation arises that forces Drakash to take action, he has proven to be a fierce combatant. Wherever he goes, his personal guard follows closely behind.

Though a powerful warrior, Drakash suffers from the debilitating weakness of pride and underestimation of his enemies. Even when faced with possible defeat, Drakash never alters his style of attack and would rather push his soldiers to death than admit error. While this stubbornness has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on several occasions, Drakash lacks the versatility of more intelligent and strategically attuned commanders.

Simultaneously, his cybernetic implants can serve as a weak focal point, with electromagnetic pulse weaponry proving significantly effective against him.


Lord Drakash was born amongst the hallowed nobility of Athiss, his destiny written in the bloodline that flowed through his veins. He had known nothing but highborn privilege, basking in his family's glories and imbuing himself with a sense of superiority. His charming, yet forthwith, personality gathered him many followers at an early age, and Drakash would grow to rely on these followers to carry out trivial labors for him as he settled in as the new lord of his house.

Yet he was not wholly content with his lot. Drakash desired something that the decrepit old nobility of Athiss swore off, contact with the outside galaxy. His young heart burned to traverse the stars, to see new worlds and new peoples, new cultures...

And bring them to heel before the feet of his mighty people.

This hunger drew him into Athiss' military caste, and over time he became a fierce warrior known for his uncompromising viciousness in battle. He trained as a warrior, honing his skills with blade and lightsaber, pushing his body to the very limits of endurance in pursuit of power. When Vrak Nashar and others combined their power to steer the Sith race beyond the borders of their isolated home, Drakash followed eagerly.

Through ambition, guile, and deception he rose to the position of Lord of War on the Resurgent Empire's ruling council and was given command of its vast military resources. However, his newfound power would wane as the Resurgent Empire faltered during the Dominion War, yet he held onto much of its remaining strength after the Empire had broken with the rise of the New Sith Empire at Bastion.

He held out for several months, but it wasn't long before he and the surviving members of the Resurgent council were brought before the new Emperor, a near-Human named Kaine Zambrano. Zambrano gave them a choice, kneel before him and have their fate secured, or stand defiant and suffer agonizing struggle before the end.

Lord Drakash and Niril remained defiant, taking no move to bend the knee to the Sith Emperor. Lords Aril and Sitas, however, submitted themselves to him. In a stunning turn of events, the Emperor executed Aril and Sitas while sparing Drakash and Niril, claiming that he had tested them to gauge their worth, and had found those who knelt so easily could not be trusted in maintaining their loyalty.

Honesty and pride like Drakash's were highly valued, and he put Drakash's talents as a military tactician to work in pacifying the remaining forces of the Resurgent Empire that had not been absorbed by the New Sith. Though Drakash disagreed with the Emperor's method of rule, he nonetheless took to his new task with great enthusiasm and uncompromising tenacity.

In time all traces of the Resurgent Empire's presence in the Sith Worlds would be consumed by the New Sith Empire.
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