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Fyor Nayus

Nuts and Bolts (Dead, PM Writers Account)


NAME: Fyor Nayus
FACTION: Silver Jedi
RANK: Padawan
SPECIES: Lorrdian
AGE: 28 (Started 22)
HEIGHT: 5ft 9
WEIGHT: 142 Pounds
EYES: Light Blue/Grey (Artificial Now)
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


  • Fyor has trouble with natural remedies and answers. He likes technologically based solutions. He struggles especially with any natural explanation of the force, and this will be a constant back and forth for the character.
  • He feels uncomfortable in forests or other wilderness areas, having the opposite reaction in cities or urban areas.
  • Cannot shoot a gun period. He just can't do it, very disturbing memories prevent him even holding a gun.
  • Is a Vegan, making finding food in cold climates very difficult.
  • Struggles with numerous vices like gambling, spice use and drinking.
  • Relies on gadgets a lot, making letting go to the force a challenge. As a result he often struggles initiating force actions in the split second when it counts. Training may ease this a bit.
  • Hates slavers with a deep passion, very predictably so and is easy to manipulate on this issue.
  • Fyor is mechanically minded to a fault. He will learn a machine inside out, take it to pieces and put it back better than it was. Though to others he will seem insane in how methodical he is, often being covered in hydro fluid or grease of some kind or another.
  • Has an eye for detail like you wouldn't believe, and enhanced vision due to various ocular implants.
  • Always has a gadget engineered for the situation at hand. Love's his droids and can speak binary, fluently understanding droids and other mechanical devices.
  • Due to his race's natural advantages in communicating through expression, he can communicate a lot by his different expressions, much more than you'd get from the average human. Reading the nuances of his own expression is equally difficult for exactly the same reason.
  • He's a performer at heart, an artist with a hydrospanner. His art tends to be the mechanical kind but can be singing or playing instruments, which are his forte.
A shared HWK-290 light freighter called the Ambiguous Statement. It has four crew members all calling it home. It's a very old ship, but has seen several patchwork upgrades to put it more in line with modern day ships in terms of performance. However she's falling to bits, there is no two ways about it, put one bulkhead right and the next seems to buckle. The statement has been his home for about 6 months now since they've been on the run, and he's often consumed with repairing it and upgrading the already overly customised vessel.

BIOGRAPHY before RP Started
Surrounded by droids, spare parts, speeders and strewn wreckage. Everything in his life has its own exact order, in his mind exactly where it needs to be when he needs it. This has always been how Fyor has lived, ever since he was a small child. There had been an accident with a firearm, which led to an unfortunate death, and had him withdrawing from society. Instead doing his best for the communities around him when he was home, building what the children needed when they needed it, big grand gestures like performing or fixing things, just not opening himself up to regular life. He had a big family, and liked big family gatherings on the surface, but didn't see much of them, often spending his days travelling with whatever performing act needed a dedicated engineer. Fyor liked the road, the cities lights, he craved the bustle of a concrete jungle where anything could happen, and often did. These places he could lose himself.

Due to his talent he made a lot of credits, but due to his vices he spent them just as quickly, running up large debts. To pay for it, he's now an indentured servant, or more precisely a slave to these debts until they are paid. Only now on the run for his life since, the accident, which he barely remembers anything of. He's got no income, and can barely feed himself, so the people who own the debts are pressing all the harder.

The accident, if we can call it that, all started in a nebular, when the transport he was on went adrift. It was as if the machinery became the opposite of mechanical order. He'd been the first one to notice it and the first one to start doing something to correct it. In the computer core he found he was fighting what seemed to be a biological virus inside an artificial circuit, something he was highly unprepared for. In the course of the struggle against this contagion, he contracted part of this virus, and then blacked out not long after.

When he came to, he was left with three other force adepts on an unknown ship. Since that day, the crew of the Ambiguous Statement have been hounded relentlessly by bounty hunters for something they carry, implanted into their own chest. Fyor didn't mind at first, considering the crystal inside of him a curiosity, he even believes the point of it would be to imprint the life experiences of the host for some beneficial purpose, in this case a force adept, creating a unique brand of crystal with the imprinting. However removing it so far has proven impossible despite his constant attention to it.

Biography Now
Fyor has been imprisoned since [member="Niaana Ren"] captured him, in [member="Raien Keth"]'s labs on Kashyyyk, being operated on and twisted for the Sith's own experimentations. He has lost the sight of his natural vision, and now uses artificial eyes, the same color as before, they do however make viewing anything in extreme weather difficult.



Nuts and Bolts (Dead, PM Writers Account)

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