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An Exile, An Apostate, and an Uncertain Future

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Exile, she thought. The word just sat in her mind. It droned on over and over again. The strangeness of it really made her think about the concept. What did it really mean for her? Yes, she had been removed from the Jedi Order, which was odd. After all, she had served on its council. Uncovered the plot of Darth Moridin's when he had infiltrated the senate. Fought for the freedom of the people across the galaxy. She lead Jedi Shadows after all sorts of artifacts for the Council, and put them in a vault so that they would not be a threat to the galaxy. Now many of those were in the galaxy. She could not think of that for long though, it was a useless track at this point in time. She was now without resources to do much about it at the time. As an exile she just did not have what she needed. Part of her debated going to the hanger and taking a StealthX to find the artifacts herself, but that felt too much like running. No, her pace was quick out of the temple but that was out of respect for the verdict given to her, even if it was completely unjust.

Then another word clung to her mind. Criminal. The Knight Representative had called her that, yet it held no validity to her. A criminal for what? She replayed the scenario in her head over and over again. Those within the auction house were supposed to stand down. She told them to resist would result in the use of force. A threat she did not like making but was what this kind of situation called for. After all, a police operation sometimes got ugly. A group of heavily armed participants in the auction was leaving, in defiance to the command. Repeatedly she told them to stand down and they had not. Was she supposed to just let them leave? They could have purchased artifacts that were a great threat against the galaxy? A question that was truly unanswered. Worse yet the Republic bent to these people who turned out to be members of the well reported Black Sun crime syndicate. No matter how she looked at it... she could not see where the error was at.

As she stepped out of the temple a reality set in. If the Jedi were labeling her a criminal, even if it was unjust, then it was likely that some actions would be taken against her. As she looked over the horizon at the city, all she could do was nod. It was all a sham, but if a warrant went out for her she would turn herself in. Until then she had to do something. Nothing was confirmed her. The Jedi Master, a title she would continue to own, realized that she was holding onto the lightsabers of the young Jedi Knight that had decided to leave the order.

Quickly she looked around the area. It was likely that the girl should be around here. She had not left long before her, and like Selena it did not seem like Diana would want to spend much time around the temple. Honestly, Selena expected to hear about a warrant within the hour. That would give her a decent amount of time to talk to the Knight, return her sabers, and try and figure out a plan.
The Admiralty
Codex Judge
It was going to be a long day. Missing his coffee break, Michael had been ordered to arrest the rogue Master @[member="Selena Halcyon"]. He was assigned a squad of Republican troopers. Furthermore three padawans were to accompany him during the arrest. Seemingly the Jedi Council wanted their younglings to witness Republican Justice at its core.

Michael did not mind that, what he did mind was the groggy feeling in his head. It was never okay to wake a man before his prime. And certainly not to capture a former Jedi Master. He hoped she would not offer any resistance. Surely she still had some shred of decency left in her, to at least respect the Republic.

Gesturing towards his troops and the padawans, they left the Jedi Temple in search of the criminal at large.

@[member="Selena Halcyon"] @[member="Fyor Nayus"] @[member="Natol'ine"] @[member="Kei Amadis"]
Nuts and Bolts (Dead, PM Writers Account)
Healers stabalizing the crystals inside them for a time, meant Fyor wasn't sweating quite so badly in contact with the others of his old crew. It was an efficient and well engineered test of what was possible, of how far their healing had come. Working closely with order's best minds on the problem, at the neglect of his training. It was fascinating however to him, this link the former crew had, all consuming in some respects, a trait of the caverns which their implanted crystals had come from.

Plain Light Grey attire on. Very simple, practical, there were no weapons on the man. Not visibly showing any kind of notion he was armed anyway, loath to unless specifically requested. Instead he had a visor on as usual, gadgets on the wrist and belt, you might be forgiven for wondering if there was any skin beneath the amount of metal he utilized in his daily life. The Lorrdian scanned the surroundings in careful methodical time, wrist device giving him a readout from his portable computer deck and visor.

"Harmonious tidings to you all. With the greatest respects, I trust that all we can plan for, has been planned for." Fyor offered, "Do we have an alternative course of action should the unthinkable happen?" He was detached from all this emotionally speaking, considering it within a calculating mind. Having heard of the reports of course, and why they were doing this, it seemed prudent to remained prepared.
Starleaves n Stimcafs
Sauntering over to the group, a slight sway to the walk as always. Forced to wear green, green robes here, who wears forest green pants anyway, but it was better than cream or grey, they just looked so big on her! "Stubborn big guy said to say it was too risky, didn't want to get us all ill again," Nato said at a grumble, feeling a bit warm from the crystal 'things' they still hadn't got out of them yet, but if anyone could do it that, intellectual, bearded, stuckup but loveable guy in front of her could. She gave Fyor a passing press on the arm, not having seen him in weeks. Moving past him, she went to stand near the front of the group, hands on her hips, waiting.

Right to the front of course, almost looking like she might be about to walk past @[member="Michael Sardun"], till she had thought the better of it and pulled up to his side. "Heya," giving him a tilt of the head, black hair falling free to her face, and sliding down soft cheek bones, covering her non-tattooed face, something she still didn't like to show. You could usually never tell if Nato was carrying weapons, almost always there was going to be a weapon somewhere hidden. Today the saber was on her hip, yellow one, looked snazzy she'd picked it out for the way it made her feel, it wouldn't be the only thing she had on her though. The Kiffar had watched people, spent some time holding it and going through the motions, but not used it before, her Master was working on it, she kinda wished he was here now. @[member="Kahne Porte"]

"Hope we don't get no trouble, don't think I can move fast enough in this robe." She scrunched up her nose.

Just going to bring two if that is alright, three might push their IC crystals to its limit.

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
The Jedi Master was actually quite surprised to see what was evidently the group tasked to arrest her come out as quickly as it did. She looked at the two lightsabers of Diana that were in her hands. The Master really had wanted to return them to the Knight, but it seemed that was highly unlikely now. She actually felt somewhat dismayed about the fact, and was saddened that it seemed unlikely the young Knight would ever see them again. As much as Selena had hoped for more time, she also was not sure what she would have achieved with it anyways. Perhaps, she had just hoped that talking to Diana could give her some hope of good coming from the now "lost" Jedi, as Jedi who left the order were called.

Regardless, now that that was no longer an option she actually just wanted time to move faster. If they were going to arrest her then there would be a trial of some kind. A trial was somewhat good in her opinion at this point in time. After all, she was a woman whose sole drive really was seeing justice brought to those who needed it. At this moment she needed that. She also had faith that the arrest was coming from an impulsive place. People were acting rashly. As such, she had real faith that a trial would lead to her being found completely without guilt.

A slight part of her was shocked by the party that was going to arrest her. A knight and a few padawans from the looks of it judging by garb and general force perception. Did they think so low of her? She could have overcome this easily had she wanted to. Then again, had she wanted to she could already be gone. However, she had no intention of resisting. Criminal, that was the perception of her for the time being. She sighed softly and started walking to the group.

"I submit to my arrest." She said as she put the two lightsabers of Diana on the ground. "Those are the lightsabers of Jedi Knight Diana Moridena. I would appreciate it if you would see to it that she have them returned." She then unclipped the long hilted one from her waste and dropped it to the ground. "That one is mine, surely you'll want it confiscated." Putting them on the ground would not mean much given most force user's telekinetic abilities. However, if they were briefed or knew anything about her at all, which was likely given that she had once served on the council, then they would know she had zero aptitude for that.
Nuts and Bolts (Dead, PM Writers Account)
Fyor might not look like much, that was sort of the point, he preferred it that way. Scanning the area for any kind of inherent threat, any kind of trap or device. "I am picking up nothing in the integrity field of the surroundings. The schematics of the grid don't show any hidden surprises," speaking over to the group, and getting a couple of puzzled stares from a trooper. "That means you're clear," he rolled his eyes behind the visor to the men.

The soldiers shrugged and got on with their orders. No sense in the force of it being clear, purely reliant on the visor he looked through, though the grid itself was how he saw the force, and it was the force that had made building his visor possible in the first place. The Lorrdian stroked his beard as he watched the Master put down her sabers, a curious turn of events. The war criminal he'd been led to believe was highly dangerous, one of several of the separatists from the temple to be detained, along with his old captain.

"We should proceed with caution, her capabilities likely vastly exceed our own." Like all his species he was watching her facial expressions very closely however and it didn't seem like she harboured any ill will. The ability to read that fine detail in people's words and expression. Fyor would make a heck of a diplomat, if he didn't spend every waking moment with his head in droids.

"I do not read any deception, but forgive me Master Halcyon, given your natural abilities, I cannot be sure in this case." A frank admittance, wandering around to the Master's side. "For whatever small part I play, I will ensure you are treated with the respect all Jedi command." Having no real authority, and not much emotion on the matter, his response was mostly just textbook, not some grand act of kindness.

@Fyor Nayus | @[member="Selena Halcyon"] | @[member="Natol'ine"] | @[member="Michael Sardun"]
Josh couldn't sit around anymore. He didn't want to participate in the arrest of a fellow Jedi, even if exiled, but concern grew rapidly as time went by over the Padawans and Knights that had been sent to arrest @[member="Selena Halcyon"]. Even without help from any other Jedi, Selena was still a massive threat. To him, letting those Knights and Padawans go after her was foolish.

Josh himself was still a Knight. For how long, nobody knew. But he was still the Weaponmaster of the Jedi Council, along with the Knight Representative, and rightly so. And for that, he had decided to take it upon himself to go after Selena, and try and peacefully arrest her. He knew it wasn't likely, considering the words she had given at the hearing in the Council chambers, but he would rather put himself in harms way then risk harm to the younger ones.

But to his surprise, as he exited the temple, he was greeted with @[member="Selena Halcyon"] turning herself into the group. Quickly taking charge, DragonsFlame walked over and gave a nod of approval to the Padawans and Knights that had been brave enough to do the deed. He stared into the eyes of @[member="Selena Halcyon"] for a moment as she spoke, giving her a look that almost could be read as "Thank you". Regardless of her words in the chambers, he was glad at least Selena had a bit of honor as a Jedi left. The last thing he wished was for harm to come to her.

As for the Knights and Padawans, to Josh, they were heroes in his mind for even going after her despite risks to their own safety. Josh promised himself he would stay in case Selena attacked, but to him the group would receive the credit, that he would make sure of.

He didn't have to read the arrest out to her. The Padawan had done so already, something that Josh was impressed with. The Council would know, for sure. As they walked with the soldiers, Josh stayed with them, always keeping his senses up, always wary.... The turning herself in could be a ploy after all, and the last thing Josh was going to do was risk the safety of the younger Jedi during this arrest.

@[member="Fyor Nayus"] | @Selena Halcyon | @Natol'ine | @Michael Sardun

Marek S'hadar

"You seem a little paranoid Joshie." Said a voice from behind @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]. Standing beside the man who taught him the ways of the light Marek crossed his arms and watched the events below unfold. He, like Josh was here simply in case something went terribly wrong, which he didn't see as likely, @[member="Selena Halcyon"] didn't seem to be planing to cause any trouble. A Jedi even when faced with such trying events Marek thought to himself. He'd be a liar if he said he wasn't a bit sympathetic to Selena, he found what she did to be completely called for, but he was probably alone on that issue.

@[member="Natol'ine"], @[member="Fyor Nayus"] and @[member="Michael Sardun"] seemed to be a capable group, but they wouldn't have been enough if Hayclon went off the deep end, not in his mind anyway, he'd seen what a master could do to a padawan level force user first hand. It wasn't pleasant experience to say the least, but he had survived, just like he had every other trial the universe threw his way. Remaining silent, he awaited Josh's response.

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
The precaution being taken was almost painful to watch. It was hard to believe that really any of this was going down the way it. The assumptions about her being made by those involved were evident in all their actions. The great question for her was why they were even being made? She had never done anything unnecessarily violent to anyone. She was a peaceful person and emotion did not fuel her. No, this was strange. It made her all the more curious as to what she was even being arrested for in the first place. What crimes was she being accused of that lead to this kind of treatment? Firing upon criminals fleeing a scene was hardly a crime in any jurisdiction. It was all odd to her.

The words of the padawan spoken to her were kind. They were hollow to her though. If she was going to be treated with the respect that all Jedi command, a fact that she thought was laughable as Jedi did not inherently deserve any respect, then this would have all been handled differently. Where was Master Watts? He was someone who clearly knew her. He would not have let this situation go down like this. She saw the face of the Knight Representative, his expression was somewhat comical to her. She needed no thanks. This was the right thing to do, and she always did the right thing. The just thing.

All around she just waited to be cuffed. Crowds were starting to gather. Pictures were likely beginning to be taken. This looks incredibly terrible for the eyes of the Jedi Order she imagined.
Starleaves n Stimcafs
Nato walked over and scooped up the lightsabers, shaking her head at Fyor. "Promise these will go where they need to go." The Kiffar girl tried to smile feeling bad for the lady, for what she was going through. Giving her a genuinely sympathetic glance, and holding the precious bits of metal in her arms. All the pieces of metal bleeding so many memories into her mind, she had to blink her eyes to focus again.

"It's okay. It'll work out." She whispered to the Master, "Promise," it made her feel pangs of sympathy, and there was a small wink from the padawan, probably not much comfort but she wasn't cold like Fyor, she couldn't not show she cared, because she did.

The Padawan looked at the people taking pictures and shook her head, some people had no class, if she was in charge she'd probably want to poke the cameraman in the eye, but she just grumbled. "Hey!" staring at the nearest one, this petite girl, a wisp of thing, glaring him down until the large man put down the camera and trudged off.

@Fyor Nayus | @Selena Halcyon | @Natol'ine | @Michael Sardun | @[member="Marek S'hadar"]

Arumi Zy

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] @[member="Selena Halcyon"]

Lord Fidelis strode through the Temple grounds, always giving an amused smile towards the jedi onlookers who doubted the decision to allow a sith master and former dark councilor such lee way. In truth Fidelis enjoyed the stares more then he would admit, they validated him in ways that none of the jedi save perhaps Darron Wraith understood. He was a rebel without a cause in many aspects living now only to bring Order to the galaxy, well atleast what Order could be brought on the heels of the Jedi Order. The sith lord patted his trench coat down before producing a pack of smokes, he drew one to his lips and lit it taking a deep drag. Sure he wasn't allowed or supposed to smoke in the Council Chambers but that rarely stopped him.

The sith stopped dead in his tracks as he spotted a group of Jedi surrounding a woman who has bound and cuffed. He took a quick measure of the scene and scoffed at himself as he started moving towards the group. The cuffed female was well beyond the powers of those surrounding her, but she seemed to submit. He couldn't say much he had surrendered himself not to long ago.

" Well, Well, Well isn't this cute. Jedi turning on one another like common... sith" he said with a slight chuckle and casting a wink at @[member="Selena Halcyon"] " This one could easily thrash you all, but she chooses to submit. Interesting, very interesting indeed. Oh look even @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] has come out to find her, you must be important. I wonder how long until Syn and Wraith make a show." he chuckled a little bit to himself.

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Selena appreciated the actions of the padawan. She was kind, had an empath's heart, and as such it made Selena feel less uneasy about the situation. At least some were aware of the fact that she was not some monster. Selena wanted to thank her out of courteousy's sake but she felt as if she could not talk in this moment. So much going on, so much to think about. Still, some of her was more at peace knowing that someone would make it a priority to return the lightsabers. Diana's impulsive abandonment of them would be fixed.

The arrival of Arumi, the Sith Master, made her slightly uncomfortable. His keen awareness of the situation was almost ironic. The Jedi were treating her as if she was a massive threat and hostile, and the Sith had the clarity of mind to see that she was acting in no such way. It was almost painful to watch. After all, she knew the basics of Arumi's situation, why he was permitted the kinds of freedoms he was. She did not like it. She thought that he should be treated as he was, which was a Sith, but she had little say in the matter really. Still his arrival and quick ability to diagnose the situation was just difficult to swallow. The Jedi Master just hoped he would not cause any problems.
He didn't like this one bit. Sure, Selena was basically a criminal for her actions, and he had no doubt in his mind that she would do it again had she the chance. But he still disliked every bit of this entire situation. Here standing in front of him was a Jedi Master.... Or former Jedi Master anyway, being led to the Republic, with Jedi and Republic soldiers alike in tow... To face trial. To face the Republic's mercy.

It urked him. He didn't like it one bit. And even Josh felt a pang of sympathy for Selena, for a second she would be able to see it in his face as he watched her, but it disappeared as he took a breath and resolved in his mind that duty had to come over his personal feelings. The Jedi and the people they protected.... Above all else.

And then he heard a familiar voice. His former Padawan, @[member="Marek S'hadar"]. A man he knew incredibly well, who Josh had helped find his way to the light. It was because of Josh that Marek stood here today.

He smirked a bit at the Jedi Knight. "You can never be too careful" Josh finally said, chuckling a bit. And it was true. Regardless of her currently docile behavior, if Selena went off the deep end... For ANY reason... It'd be a danger to not only the Padawans and younger ones around him, but for innocent lives all around Coruscant as well.

His eyes darted to Arumi. Oh boy, another one he had dealt with in a council trial. Josh despised giving out any kind of sentence to ANYONE, and standing around were two of those people, cruel reminders to the job he had to do. He gave a slight nod to the former Sith Master, acknowledging his presence. He hoped the Sith Master's only reason for being here was to spectate...

Josh gave a nod of approval as the Padawan acknowledged Selena's wishes to return the lightsabers. Though ex Jedi shouldn't be allowed to keep their lightsabers, as was usually accepted by the Jedi Order... Josh was happy to see the sense of honor that both parties held, at least for now.

Looking back at Selena... The Weaponmaster wanted to apologize for everything, for some reason. It was just his nature around people. But when he was in a situation like this, things like that weren't things he could afford to show. Perhaps one day, he would be able to speak to her, and try to see things from her point of view... But with the Republic, and their values... Who knows...

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Nuts and Bolts (Dead, PM Writers Account)
Merely a Padawan here he took his time responding. Fyor's right eyebrow raised at, @[member="Arumi Zy"], considering the anology, his own tone and posture didn't give much away, a reserved poker face as it were. "Doubtful we'd see Sith taking such care to put things into working order." He stated somewhat blandly, still not much moved either way, but this seemed the right course of action all variables considered.

Falling behind the others, the code, a set of working rules important to him, unlike his old friend Nato, the letter of the law was structure and order, because without them the universe was undone, you couldn't manage anything or run anything properly. Peace needed to be guarded, placing these pieces which had come out of place, back into their proper working order, was prudent of any logical man.

This was quietly contemplated by a calm engineering mind, and why he usually sat out of place in most social engagements, or more importantly times like this. He loved events and gatherings all the same, spending many, many nights in bars, gambling the odds, or watching the chaos form some kind of innate order. A bar was supposed to be like that, to have that chaos to it, he was merely returning the elements here of the Jedi, to their places. Though as he watched the crowd and the troopers, he realised as a Jedi, Fyor was finding some solace working in the archives, because the books had less variables to balance.

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