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The Nutaaq Snowstorm has evolved into a blizzard with accompanying ice storms to follow. Needan's capital of Cape Velikaya is now completely cut off from the rest of the region. The route south toward the Kuunga River Valley has also been compromised and there are reports of evacuees who are now trapped in the valley. The blizzard has gotten worse and the structures within Cape Velikaya were never meant to stand up to a storm so severe. Our job is to help rescue people from the Cape and those who are trapped on the route going south.


Members of the Armed Forces will work together to help rescue the people of Needan. Many of them are former First Order personnel who were left stranded when the Ssi-Ruuvi invaded. Needan itself suffered much in the same way as Dosuun and Seoul. Structures have not only been destroyed but much of the terrain has been destroyed as well. The local population of 'Bearfolk' or Ursidaans have made contact with the First Order and are willing to help break through the ice and snow to help rescue our people.
  • Armed Forces, starting with the Stormtrooper Corps. Snowtroopers your job is to help punch through the ice, and clear the way for the Army. The Army will come in behind your unit and lay down stakes and chains to help pull up equipment to make the rescue efforts more efficient. Both Snowtroopers and Army personnel are to help rescuers from the Starfighter Corps find and secure trapped civilians and get them to safety. The Navy will be waiting and are standing by with medical teams to help receive these civilians.
  • Force users, if any of you so wish, please help us hold back the storms so we can get these people out of here. We're being told that ice and snow are coming down incredibly fast and we want to make sure that everyone from rescuers to trapped civilians make it out of this alive.

Naturally, storms like this can and do occur, however; the Ursidaans are not so certain. This storm rages too violently according to their Elders. This led to looking into whatever files we had on Needan. Turns out, the First Order may have had a hand in this storm. During the Great Galactic War, it seems we were pushing our industry hard and fast, part of that industry was on Needan. We need to confirm that the First Order did in fact play a role in accelerating the climate changes here on Needan. Then, we need to know how and what we can do to help stop it and keep Needan’s ecosystems alive and well.
  • Armed Forces, the Ursidaans are willing to sit down and help our scientists investigate. However, they're concerned over members of the Cetaciians' interrupting these investigations. Namely their Delphinae cousins, the Orcinos, an aggressive, apex-predator race of bipedal Whalefolk. Be mindful and keep alert, the storm is already causing enough havoc and we don't need an incident to happen on our watch. Starfighter Corps will scout ahead and provide flyovers where they can but both regions' weather might be too severe. Stormtrooper Corps will send out their own scouts, while the Army escorts the team.
  • Scientists are welcomed here and more specifically meteorologists, and climatologists are needed. We understand these are specific, but we need everyone and anyone who can confirm for us that we are in fact responsible for the climate change happening on Needan. Force users, we could use your hand here too while the Ursidaans are positive this isn't the hand of some renegade Ren or elusive Sith. We want to be sure.

Not everyone was trapped in the valley, and those who made it out needed help finding Anishina in the former Huron province. Lake-effect snowstorms, severe winds, and numerous other factors are disorienting many who arrived at the other side of the river valley.
  • Armed Forces, your tasks are as followed. Snowtroopers will work to establish a forward operating post to receive these civilians. Army personnel are to create a visible route and escort these people to this post. From here the Ursidaans will help get the civilians to Anishina. Naval medical teams will pair up and be part of the Ursidaan’s Sled Runs. Sled Runs consist of an Ursidaan driver (musher) and their dogs known to us as the Dire Canis due to their sheer size. Starfighter crews are to keep watch and monitor the weather and climate as these runs are being conducted. The valley is sensitive and an avalanche could happen at any moment, and you must be ready to get into your craft and help push teams to Anishina.
  • Force users, once again your help would be much appreciated to help keep the elements at bay. Keeping the dogs calm, healthy and helping the Ursidaan drivers so they can keep a clear view on the path ahead of them.
  • Medical personnel and humanitarian aid workers our starfighter pilots can get you to Anishina from naval ships stationed over Needan and around the storm, the flight path is longer but safer and will get you to the city and help the civilians, faster.


Nylea Apollodor

Lotus' Legacy
: Objective III :
: Elisea Korrado Elisea Korrado :
: One Step Forward :

Nylea was the odd one out for this operation, and she knew it. The prospect of being surrounded by imperials left her a little nervous, to say the least, but her oath came before everything else. The people of Needan were in dire need of aid and when Elisea asked for her help the echani could not turn a blind eye. She'd put her reservations aside, even if she didn't feel particularly comfortable. At least the Avalonian was going to be there with her- she didn't have to feel like she was entirely on her own.

Though she was a Jedi, Nylea knew not to use that title here. She was simply gifted with Force sensitivity if anyone asked and no more. Her lightsaber was hidden away inside her winter coat and wouldn't be taken out unless there was no other way, though the woman prayed to the Force it wouldn't come to that. She wanted to stay as low-key as possible- as low-key as a non-imperial surrounded by First Order forces could be, anyway- and pulling out a weapon of the Jedi wasn't going to help, even if the blade wasn't the blue or green often associated with them.

Exiting her shuttle and walking into the operating post, which was still in the process of being set up, Nylea began looking around for Elisea. It had been a little while since their first date on Makeb and things continued to grow and flourish between the two. The echani's personal growth over the years had given her the courage to take the leap of faith and it was paying off. Elisea's ties to the First Order were certainly something that occupied Nylea's mind, though in the end she cared more for the woman herself than the allegiances she kept.

Then, in the corner of her eye, she spotted a familiar face. She waved as she began making her way towards the woman, trying to catch her attention.

"Hey Eli!"
There is Always Hope
Reports from CBC's Weather Center had been troubling at best, Elisea was then told that they would be going to Needan to help them. It like so many others surrounding Dosuun had once been part of the First Order. It felt only right to help them when they needed it most. When she told Nylea what would be happening, Nylea seemingly volunteered to help. While the Avalonian informed the Echani that she didn't have to go, the Echani insisted. There were people who needed help and after all, it was her duty as a member of the Sacred Lotus to do so. It was then that Elisea could see that there would be no convincing Nylea otherwise.
Arriving on Needan seemed to take the breath out of Elisea. The planet, a cold and unforgiving jungle in some parts but a frozen tundra in others, greeted them with sparse populations and a huge scar of desolation where the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium had left their legacy. Star Destroyers, cruisers and other ships laid scattered, snow-covered where they perished. A stark reminder of what had happened not so long ago.
Nylea had boarded a separate shuttle as Elisea had gone with the military. Reintegration back into the First Order wasn't exactly what Elisea would call warm but a necessary step she supposed. The center was cold and distant, not so unlike the unforgiving landscape of Needan's Northern Hemisphere. She disembarked near the staging grounds in Anishina, a long way from where those who had survived the Kuunga River Valley's deception ended up. She was covered in head to toe with First Order Naval Weather Gear. Medium armor with emphasis on insolation and staying warm. Even then, she could still feel the bitter winds cut through the material like a knife.
She heard Nylea's voice and spun around, she caught sight of the Echani just as Lt. Braña called out for her as well. "Nylea!" Elisea waved the Echani over, her voice distorted by the rebreather in her armor. "Come on, Braña's calling us for the briefing." Braña was a little taller than the both of them and from what either could see he had broad shoulders, but like the rest of them, he was covered in armor.
Men and women with the First Order's armed forces gathered to hear him speak. Stormtroopers were already on the ground, and were scouting ahead not too far behind them were the men and women of the Army. Starfighters were doing what they could by flying overhead in Tundra-friendly fighters and skimmers. The Ursidaans could be seen approaching them from several meters away, they were at least three point six meters tall. Gargantuan didn't quite begin to describe them. There were a few of them and not too far behind these so-called 'Bearfolk.' Their dogs, dogs that looked like they were made to be the companions of these Bearfolk.
Braña emphasized safety and staying with their designated group. The new First Order didn't know much about Needan and what records they did have didn't cover the old provinces this far north. He then introduced Makittuq the Ursidaan Elder for this task. Makittuq's felt smooth much like the way a river might smooth the stones it crosses over, and deep. Deep enough that when he spoke you felt the reverence in his voice. "Welcome First Imperials. We are glad to see you, to see that you have come for your kin after all this time. Look upon one another, for our trip might be easy for us, but it will not be for you."
Massive paws curled as one digit stuck out as he pointed to the lot. "Our dogs are fast, so you must secure yourselves, make sure you are secure first before ensuring that the person beside you is too. Breathe with calm, for if you panic, if you breathe too fast - your lungs will not be able to keep up and you may not leave this world alive."
He continued on for a few moments longer and then gestured toward the sleds and suddenly, Elisea felt tiny. She reached out for Nylea's hand, as their team was lead to one of the sleds. Beyond the safety of Anishina, the cruelty of Needan's weather would make itself known.
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Renata stood in the rear of the command cockpit of the shuttle as it streaked across the sky above Needan. The route gave the occupants of the shuttle -- those with forward-facing viewports anyway -- a compelling look at the storm wreaking havoc on the planet below. The circling clouds were serene from up here, above the fray, but Renata knew from the briefings that she had listened to and read that on the surface it was anything but. Cripplingly cold temperatures and snowfall that the region was not prepared for. The death toll might be catastrophic if they didn't act quickly and correctly.

It was something of a surprise to her compatriots that Renata had insisted that she be part of the operation. She was on the Moff Council, true, but she was an urban development scholar at heart. She needed to see with her own eyes the problems with the city's construction. She needed to see what was going wrong so that when the time came to rebuild, they could do it the right way. A city that survived a hundred years was better than a city that survived twenty, but in the grand scheme of things, a hundred years wasn't very long. Cities should be built to stand for a thousand years or more, Renata thought.

It would be dangerous, but Renata was a strong believer that leaders had to lead from the front. Taking the shuttle had been her one concession to her safety, otherwise, she would have joined the ground teams. There was a danger that the shuttles wouldn't respond in the cold, that they wouldn't be able to start up again upon loading up with refugees, but it was a risk they had to take to get people out of danger as soon as possible. The Moff was in snow garb, a white snowsuit with a vivid orange safety vest. Her aide, Freda, was dressed identically. Both had a warm head-wrap helmet and goggles to wear once they landed on the surface.

"How much longer?" Renata asked the pilot. "And can we get a status update from the surface?"

Tycho Desyk


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Craft: ISF-35A Thunderbolt | TIE Superiority Fighter
Location: Needan | In Orbit
A rush of TIE Engines screamed in the confines of the FIV Redoubtable's hangars. One by one the TIE's of the newly formed Black Squadron shot out into the void. Tycho had followed close behind their flight lead - 0-2, Dae-Hyun. A native Seoulian. "Black Two, on your wing." he announced over the in-flight comms. The two had run several training missions together so far but this would be their first real mission. If you could call it that. It wasn't a combat mission, more of an S & R but according to Commander Masayu Kimura Masayu Kimura , it was a vital one. :: Assume holding patter Viceroy. Standby for tasking. :: a uniform voice cut across their all comms channel. "Looks like command is still trying to cut through the intereference to get us a flight path eh?" Tycho remarked to Black Leader.

Reaching down to his console Tycho switched to his own scanners, attempting to get a read on what the planet's conditions were. He was met by a lot of sensor static, a few blurred readings, and a lot of white noise. The scanners on the TIE were alright but they were far from powerful enough to discern accurate planetary atmospheric conditions. At least from this altitude. He shook his head, helmet swaying slightly from side to side. "No luck here." he added. Tipping back on the controls and increasing the throttle, he followed the tight arc their flight lead had taken as they entered a circular holding pattern around the FIV Redoubtable. For now it was a waiting game until Flight Control and Command could plot them a course to avoid the most violent of weather storms on the surface. An easy mission maybe in concept but the atmospheric conditions would challenge that notion. Even once they got within the planet's atmosphere, Tycho wondered if they'd be able to get good enough sensor readings to direct the ground forces into the areas that needed evacuation the most. They'd find out soon.

The wise move, she pondered, would have been to remain aboard the comfort of her ship and remain detached from those acquaintances she had so recently made.

Perhaps not wise, but it certainly would have been forgivable. Expected, even, considering her predilection for suffusing herself in the dark arts and those abilities most would consider unnatural.

But Kassandra refused to ever be predictable, so she had read over the data on the Nutaaq blizzard and ice storms with a critical eye to the impact on those sentients not suited to such a violent climate. It stood to be one of those perfect storms that happened once every age or so, that would devastate the First Order civilians that were sheltering on the surface. She winced as she dropped her datapad in the insulated pouch at her belt, before carefully checking the rest of her gear.

It hadn’t taken her long to get surface-side, but it wouldn’t do to rush out unprepared. Her abilities would see her through the worst of the storm, but nearly a millennium of experience taught her that being prepared for the unexpected would also be prudent. So the lady was clad in fitted cold weather gear in a shade of red so dark it was nearly black. The trim and fastenings were a highly reflective silver alloy, while each pocket and pouch attached was thermally lined to protect its contents.

With her tresses bound back in a neat bun, she deemed herself ready. Fingers coursed over her lightsaber hilts, newly retrofitted to withstand the unforgiving environment, and fastened them in place. Each resided securely in a sheath on either thigh, which was more comfortable and accessible than the contraption that normally held them at her lower back.

Kassandra tugged on her gloves as she strode over to join the briefing, in time to hear Braña introduce Makittuq the Ursidaan Elder. Most of what was being said was sensible to such a harsh environment, and should frankly have been common sense. But it was worth going over for those from the First Order who were unfamiliar with such things. She absently wondered how many troopers would perish out of sheer stupidity, and which of them would show exemplary sense and dedication to evacuating those they had been sent to save.

She remained silent as she went to join her appointed group on its sled. Striding around to the front while the others settled themselves, she ‘introduced’ herself to the team of dogs who were shifting in place and eager to run. A smile lit her features and she took her gloves off to pet each one of them, removing herself only when urged to as the teams looked ready to depart.

In short order, she was securely set and extended her senses to encompass the teams and the immediate area, her normally bright crimson gaze flooding a brilliant white. It reminded her of the time she’d spent stranded on Hoth some six hundred years prior, and the ferocity of the storms raging around them were a wonder to be both savored and cautious of.


The stormtroopers were little more than the suggestion of edges in the sharply angled gale winds that blew snow across their sensors. Despite the insulation they had inside, they were still quite cold, and even the thermal imagers were having trouble keeping up with the frigid temperatures outside. Snowtroopers appeared and disappeared seemingly at the whim of the winds, and he hoped none would get knocked over and crushed beneath the shifting snow.

Even his repulsor tank was weaving slightly as they moved, the winds sharp enough to buffet it off track before the driver wrenched them back. Based on the cursing from the front, his shoulders and arms were going to hurt for weeks after they left. "Don't worry about keeping perfect formation." He said calmly into their internal communications network. His helmet was the only one able to communicate outside their tank, but the internal commlink was important considering the whine of the engines and the howl of the wind.

"Just keep us steady."

More cursing.

Outside, snowtroopers were charting the evacuation route, and every hundred meters or so another tank would peel off and set up, searchlights blazing to make an armored path to safety for anyone they found. "It's going to be a long mission. Just make sure to stay focused."
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Caz Ozzel


Keep us steady, just keep us steady Ozzel. the young Private mocked silently. It would be just his luck to draw the short straw for this mission. Not only did he absolutely abhor the cold, but somehow being encased in a giant metal brick and sent out into the frigid wastes of Needan weren't his ideal posting. "Aye Aye Staff Sergeant. Keep her steady." he managed to eek out as he fought the controls. Another gust of wind sent them veering a bit left before Caz could correct their course. It wouldn't even be that bad if he could at least see where they were going but no, the snow and wind made sure of that. Instead, Private Ozzel had to pay attention to their sensors - which were near equally useless he figured. "I can't see kriffin' anything on these sensors, it's all static." he complained. Before he could lament further, a large crunching sound followed by a jarring jerk of the controls shifted the vehicle abruptly to the right, an alarm sounding in the driver's ears.

"Just some ice Sarge, damn sensors." With a closed fist, Caz slammed the side of the console in front of him. To his surprise, the readouts cleared up a bit, enough to actually allow him some visibility. Well what do you know. he griped internally. The chance of combat was extremely low, the only thing they really had to worry about out here were the elements - or chunks of ice and rock. He could already feel the burn in his arms and legs from fighting the controls to keep them on course. It was almost as if some of the control surfaces and mechanisms were locked up with ice. He hoped they could make their objective - or else he might have to hop out into the elements with a plasma torch to free up the moving parts. "I hate snow." he mused. "It's cold, it's wet, and it's forms everywhere." he complained further.


Nylea Apollodor

Lotus' Legacy
It seemed Nylea was right on time for the briefing and she quickly made it to Elisea's side, creating a small and subtle bubble around both herself and the Avalonian to create a small moment of respite from the weather. It also served as a warm-up for later when she'd have to cover an entire sled, an act that would take quite a bit more focus and energy. Meanwhile the echani listened to what the lieutenant had to say, though her attention was quickly drawn to another woman that had joined the group. Another soul brimming with the Force, though her Dark-sided aura left Nylea a little apprehensive. The Dark side always brought up bad memories. She looked to her side, towards Elisea, for a moment and a hint of a smile returned to her face.

The ursidaan elder then joined the group as well and with him were the dogs that would bring everyone to where they needed to go. His call to look after another did not go unheard with Nylea and she nodded at Makittuq's words, keeping them in the forefront of her mind. This trip was by no means going to be an easy one. After a final set of warnings the group were led towards the sleds and as they approached, the echani took a breath in and out before feeling Elisea's hand intertwining with her own. Nylea squeezed it gently as she gave her a calming and reassuring look. She'd do everything in her power to keep the people on the sled safe from the harsh weather.

Once on the sled the echani made sure she was properly secured, pulling at the straps to check if they were properly fastened. One by one she watched the people on the sled do the same. When both Elisea and herself were properly seated she once again reached out for the Avalonian's hand. "I am right here if you need me, okay?"

The woman then closed her eyes and connected with the blanket of the Force that was all around, letting it flow through her. She once again created a bubble, though this time using much more of her concentration and energy. It would be enough to keep the worst of the weather's violence from getting to those on the sled.


Callias Deastris, or simply Cee-Dee, or in the words of his Sergeant, the rat's nest PFC. Surprised by Caz Ozzel Caz Ozzel 's actions, well more than the fact that it worked Cee Dee rummaged through his jacket and managed to find a glove warmer. "Here," he handed it to the guy next to him as he looked over at the other sensors in the tank. Cee Dee was trained on the guns and was learning radio but it was a slow go for him, the slow guy on the team. Pretty, sure, charismatic? Sometimes, intelligence? Not really his forte but being out here in the wastes? The worst. He had another viewfinder on his end and rotated it with his hands to get a look. "It's on my scope too, stuff's pouring down fast."

When he signed up for the Army he thought he'd be sending the scales back to hell, but now here he was stuck out on Needan of all places. He had heard of it while growing up in one of the state-run schools but hadn't ever seen it. Kriff he couldn't even tell you where it was on a star chart all he knew now was that he wanted off this rock. "Hey, think they'll have the chow lines running when we're done?" There was no doubt in his mind that they'd end up having to stay behind while the bucketheads moved on to whatever their next job was.

Niance's brows raised in agreement, as she adjusted her scanners to try and get her own visual of the storms on the planet. "Same," she remarked on their channel. Black Squadron was filled with new kids, the formation of a new generation of pilots and as she looked out her canopy they weren't alone. Other TIE Squadrons were forming up, and they were all waiting, naval ships, the Bercey's were seen off in the distance. "Well, well, well looks like they brought out the lab coats." Teams of meteorologists, climatologists, and Force knew what other kinds of scientists were aboard those things. Smaller corvettes also arrived, if they were getting a flight path it may be behind one of the Guardian-class patrol boats.

Out of the members of the Black Squadron, Niance was the newest member-only having recently joined them. She hadn't much time to really get to know her squadmates before they were dispatched out to Needan. At the very least she was going to get time to get comfortable with her scanners, sensors and used to the red hue of the Thunderbolt's instruments. She looked once more at the weather patterns displayed for her on the readouts. She shook her head, it was going to be a battle of control the whole way through she imagined. Winds, snow, and ice?

She wondered if they would be going under some of the corvettes to help provide some manner of protection against the severe conditions around the city. Niance shifted her weight in her seat and got a lookout through her viewport to see the Bercey's and Guardians begin their descent into the atmosphere. It wouldn't be too long now before Flight Control and Command gave them a path.


Kim Dae-Hyun



"Black Squadron, this is Black Leader. Maintain the current course and Pattern Viceroy at heading three two seven. I will communicate flight plan changes when I receive them." He glanced at his readouts, then looked out into space, dark eyes squinting. From here, the planet looked almost calm, being swaddled in what looked like white fur. But he knew that under that white swaddling, the planet and its people were being ravaged by the cold weather and temperatures low enough to kill, temperatures that they hadn't built for.

Black Leader, came the communications from the Control and Command officer. Black Squadron is instructed to perform atmospheric readings at the following coordinates, and communicate relevant information to Control and Command, including temperature, barometric pressure, wind headings, humidity and precipitation, and life form readings. Secondary mission: provide readouts and data on the performance of the ISF-35A Thunderbolt reaction to conditions. Please confirm receipt.

"Confirmed," said Dae-Hyun, his voice clipped and professional. "Black Squadron will execute immediately."

"Good hunting, Black Leader."

DK didn't bother to respond; he switched his uptake to the squadron channel and relayed the orders as they were delivered to him, adding: "Be cognizant of the limitations of our hardware, Black Squadron. If your ship begins to lose functionality, your orders are to report it and return to the ship. I am not authorizing any crashes today." Dae-Hyun paused a moment, canting his head to one side as if listening for something. "That was a joke," he finally said. "But also, do not crash. Now, on my mark, switch course to point two seven and come about. We're going in."

He readied himself, settled his hands more comfortably on his control sticks, and said: "Three. Two. Mark!" His ship turned, hopefully in concert with his squadron.


Tycho Desyk


A quick pair of chirps on the return frequency indicated Black Leader's command had been received and understood. The comm chirps were an easy and quick way to cut down on the radio chatter - and it helped save time when transmitting in combat scenarios - not that it was required here per se but brevity was never under-appreciated in the world of a TIE pilot. With their flight caught in a temporary holding pattern, Tycho used the time to ensure all his gear was stowed - and that his flight suit's environmental controls were set high enough. It wouldn't due for his toes to get cold before they even began their mission. Satisfied that he would remain warm for the duration of their flight, O-1 Desyk glanced around the interior of his cockpit. "It's missing something." he mused quietly. Cold. Gray. Neutral. He'd have to come up with something to spruce up his cockpit, really make it his own.

A tone over the flight's internal comms indicated they were about to receive orders, followed by the additional instructions provided by Black Leader. Weather was always a concern, at least for in atmos flight. The cold weather conditions, the high winds, it wasn't going to be smooth flying by any means and so the warning regarding their equipment was well received. Desyk adjusted a few system settings in preparation for atmospheric entry as he gripped the controls and fell in on Black Leader's wing. Entry wasn't going to be that bad, the cold temperatures below ensured that in the highest parts of the atmosphere the temperature would likely be mild - but if sensor readings were anything to go by, the wind would be monstrous.

As the flight of TIE's punched through the atmosphere in unison, a soft shudder could be felt through the control sticks followed by a jarring shunt. There it is. Tycho mused as he strained to keep the controls steady. :: Everyone else getting this? :: he keyed in on their local flight comms. He couldn't have been the only one - hopefully the flight systems could help compensate for the crosswind once they got into a rhythm.


Kim Dae-Hyun


The heavy winds buffeted the TIE Fighter several meters off course, and DK resisted the urge to yank controls. His wingman's message displayed over his HUD, and the Seoularian prince opened a channel to respond. "Black Squadron, this is Black Leader. Switch to modified pattern Viceroy. Black Five, Black Four, adjust upwards three meters and out ten. Black Two and Black Three, adjust downwards three meters and out ten. We can utilize flight assist to determine its efficacy in this environment, but watch it, and don't rely on it. If it does not work well enough, we want to be able to take direct control." He paused and then added: "Keep an eye out for debris and each other."

In theory, because the TIEs were flying at the same speed, at the same angle to the wind, any buffeting by the wind should impact them more or less equally. By spacing out, he was hoping to avoid any collisions that might occur due to discrepancies in wind speed, direction, and minuscule differences in the angles at which their TIE fighters were flying. At least in this new formation, they would not be sitting ducks, all in a row. If one was blown particularly hard and -- heaven forbid -- crashed, there was a chance not all of them would suffer the same fate.

Black Leader tightened his grasp on his controls and maneuvered his fighter lower, so that the formation formed a kind of spaced-out W, with the mid-point lower than the outside points. "We are approaching data collection point one. Prepare to slow speeds and deploy sensor feeds."

Hoth was a forbidding planet, but was possessed of some starkly stunning terrain if one ignored the oceans of crashed ships and freighters from ancient battles. Kassandra had no doubt that Needan was equally possessed of such natural beauty, when it was not besieged by a storm of such epic proportions. She made an absent mental note to schedule a return trip under better circumstances.

But perhaps not better weather conditions...she was, after all, a master of the elements, and this was her bailiwick. She took a moment to gently ‘tap’ her mind against the young woman who created a bubble to preserve her sled and team from the worst of the conditions. It was a brief way of introducing herself and she immediately and politely withdrew, not wishing to disrupt the poor girl who was likely unsettled enough with Kassandra in the vicinity. It would have been prudent to make her acquaintance before they began, but the time had not been adequate.

Breathing deeply, she pulled her hood up over her head as she centered herself, the teams all beginning to move forward under the guidance of their erstwhile Ursidaan drivers. Kassandra reached out into the storm with a practiced gesture, following the strongest points of energy and getting the general layout of energy in their vicinity. She gave thought to simply delving in to dispel as much of it as she could, but had learned the hard way years ago that that would have made things far worse.

It would take energy to dispel it, and once dispelled, even more to guide the storm into a proper pattern of dispersion that did not affect the rest of the weather patterns and make the whole of the matter much worse. She’d tried it once, young to her Mastery, and steeped in the cockiness that the dark side so comfortably coexisted with. She’d nearly died from the backlash, and those ground troops and civilians dependent upon her abilities had perished almost instantly. The lesson had been harshly, but indelibly learned.

Instead, she extended her energy to encompass the rest of the teams, giving them a bubble of clearer visibility and easing the worst of the conditions. They were not entirely ameliorated, but given how well trained and supplied they were, it would make things just a little bit easier on everyone. Kassandra settled back in her seat, fingers tucked into warm gloves, her seemingly sightless gaze focused forward, though her mind was active and open.

There is Always Hope
Anishina had been like a shield for if they thought the winds were harsh there, they were sadly mistaken. Compounded by the sled teams, the bitterness of the wind ripped through any who were unprotected. Elisea was grateful for the bubble provided by Nylea of which shielded her and team from the severity of the winds. Bits of ice and snow flew past at breakneck speeds that for the Ursidaans seemed troublesome enough, their dogs were protected with gear to block out the cold but their fur would do the rest. Makittuq managed the sled with Nylea, a few other First Imperials and another woman, a stranger to Elisea completely but another Force User by her understanding as the storm's winds were blocked by a larger bubble of protection.
Makittuq's team was first out of Anishina, the path going north toward Cape Velikaya had been wiped out and the few signs that once marked this province had been torn away or buried. It seemed the dogs knew where to go, and unbeknownst to those here it was due to the fishing seasons as normally ice fishing would be taking place at the Cape. The Kuunga River Valley's treachery had turned on those who had grown complacent here, despite the warnings from the Urisdaans and the other natives of the area. "Do you know where your people are?" Makittuq inquired, once more his voice was smooth but held a soothing element to it. Warm even, or so Elisea felt.
"I'm told the Stormtroopers and Army are up ahead marking out a path, Starfighters will be moving in to guide us up the path."
The Ursidaan looked forward as he guided the dogs onward, "there are those your markers?"
Elisea secured to the backend of the sled slowly stood up to look over toward where the elder had pointed it out. "Yes, yes I believe so," she gave confirmation of the First Order markers, their sigil turned into lights, reflective green, and orange lights.
The valley had become something of a funnel for the snow and ice. The Elder looked upward and one could see the storm from where they were even as the dogs raced through the precipitation. Cape Velikaya laid beyond the valley shielded by mountains - now trapped, the Kuunga River frozen solid on their left and the Talkeetna Mountains on their right and it was the mountains that the elder worried about. It was the same range that wrapped around the cape on one end, mirrored by the Maars Mountains that now left the capital stranded.
Their job was to get the people who escaped the Cape down to Anishina, the problem now was, finding them before they froze to death and before the Talkeetna turned on rescuers. If the Stormtroopers nor the Army had found anyone by now, then Makittuq worried they had come too late. Lieutenant Braña stood beside Elisea, secured to the sled, and utilized cold-weather binocs to get a better read. "I'm not getting anything, let's get a contact up with the Army."
:: LT Braña to Mastmot Scout Besh-Senth-Two, any luck up there? :: [ Bellam Malhan Bellam Malhan | Caz Ozzel Caz Ozzel ]
You learned to tune out the grumbling. He held the belief that a soldier that wasn't griping wasn't happy. While it was a strange thought to have, it made the most sense. It was when bellyaching wasn't going on that things were the worst. That's when they were in their own heads. At least if Caz was whining about the ice and snow, he was focused on the task at hand.

Despite the hard correction, they'd not wound up in a poor situation save for an abrupt jerk to one side. Correcting himself in his seat in time to hear the comm unit buzzing at his ear, he pressed a palm to the side of the helmet to try and get it a little closer so he could hear.

"Baseplate - Besh-Senth-Two." He hated using people's ranks and names over comms. Call him paranoid but he refused. "Behind schedule. Safe route hard to come by. Sensor returns unreliable, relying on visual detection." Another tank peeled away, setting up with spotlights flaring forward and back to acts as guides.

Swapping back to the intratank circuit, he grunted. "Command's getting antsy. Keep an eye on those sensors. We should have found someone by now." He didn't sound nervous.

He was.

Caz Ozzel

"If supply wasn't so bad about getting us replacement parts, we might actually be able to see something in these scopes." Another closed fist found itself delivering a solid blow to the side of the console in front of the young tank driver. At least we've got the hatches buttoned. he mused. There were some tanker crews across the fleet that didn't have hatches - that's how thin the supply chain was. With a crack and a fizzle, the display winked out. When it came back, it came back clearer than it had before. Too clear in fact. Tightened fists pulling back on the controls the tank lurched violently to a halt, an expletive escaping the Private's lips spilling into the internal comm. "I think we found em!"

Directly ahead, perhaps centimeters, rest a large passenger craft. They had almost gone full speed directly into its left side save for the abrupt halt of the tank crew. They couldn't see it of course but Caz was sweating profusely into his helmet lining. That woulda been a paddlin' he cringed. His breath caught, Caz flipped his scopes to FLIR. If there was anyone there he'd see their heat signature like a shining beacon on his display - provided it could cut through the ice and snow. Unfortunately for the driver, his systems weren't calibrated for target acquisition, their tolerances not quite as dialed in. "Hey C D, can you see anything with your scanners? My scopes aren't calibrated well enough."


Cee Dee nearly flew forward, and Caz wasn't the only one who let an expletive fly. The young PFC focused on his scanners, his gloved hands fumbled with the dials he leaned in and tried to discern the information that came through. It was mostly fuzz he leaned back and again fumbled with the dials in what felt like a vain attempt to clear up the data. "Uh, yeah, yeah, one sec," it was obvious that he was nervous, anxious even because had found what was basically in front of them. "There's... a craft in front of us?" He questioned more than stated.

Bucketheads on either side of the tank must have figured it out, then again they basically hit the snow in an attempt to get out of the tanks way. The curses of the Stormtroopers were silenced by their helmets. Shovels into the snow, the troopers struck the craft and soon more Stormtroopers, and shovels were being used to dig out the craft, only by the time they had gotten to the people inside the craft. They were gone, frozen solid in an instant it seemed like. They planted a sigil, it was red and looked behind them it was a long line of tanks and then nothing. How far back were the sled teams?

"Hey, Caz, what's that?" He patted the man's shoulder and gestured to his screen, there was something in the river? What? He thought the river was frozen solid. Was something supposed to be moving? He was concerned and his voice showed it.

The Berceys and their escorts had all but faded from Niance's view when Dae's voice crackled across the squadron comms. She chuckled light when Dae instructed them to not crash, she adjusted her heading, and for her own personal records she jotted down the information regarding their primary and secondary objectives. Niance wondered then just where the weather corvettes had gone off to if they weren't going to be near the storm, at any rate, she took care to ensure the TIE's instruments were set to record the temperature, barometric pressure, wind headings, humidity, precipitation and life-form readings.

Black Squadron moved in unison on Dae's mark, she prepared herself mentally for what they would encounter and as strangely beautiful as the storm seemed from the stars above, in atmo it would be anything but. She got herself in line behind Desyk's TIE as they prepared for entry, which all in all shouldn't be too bad. Once they had punched through Niance knew they would be in the thick of the storm from here on out, and just where they had landed gave room for pause as she looked at her heading and compass readings. She heard Desyk and then Dae. Her TIE made the adjustments as requested.

:: Depends, Black Two, if by this you mean the headings sure, if you mean the other readings, probably ::
Niance felt uneasy about slowing her speed, and if her readings and headings were correct? They were over or just near Cape Velikaya with the storm just ahead of their fighters. At best it was her headings that were off and it was just the Thunderbolt having computer problems, at worse there was interference from the surface and those looming clouds could spell trouble for the lot.

Back in Anishina, Ilannaq Ostell waited for Moff Renata Westaway - the reporter had just made it out of Cape Velikaya before the storm hit. She had been hunkered down with another of the Ursidaan Elders this time getting people in from the former Algonquin province settled into the shelter. A large bunker left over from the Ssi-Ruuvi's invasion. There was a landing pad nearby and one that the field reporter had hoped the Moff had taken, otherwise it was going to be an adventure just reaching the woman under these conditions.


Nylea Apollodor

Lotus' Legacy
Nylea felt the touch, one dripped in Darkness, though it was eerily gentle. That didn't make things any less unsettling, but the echani was glad it went as quickly as it came. She did feel a little embarrassed at her own trepidation, knowing everybody here had the same goal. They were all here to help those in need yet Nylea worried about who she was working with. She was nervous about being on the same sled, but logically knew there was no reason to be. The least she could do, though, was return the Force-based greeting and so she did, sending her own small 'tap' to the raven-haired woman. Once they were less occupied by weathering the storm she'd look to introduce herself, even if only to face her own fears.

For now, though, Nylea's main focus remained on the task at hand. The storm outside of Anishina was much more intense but luckily she didn't have to protect the sled on her own. She did the best she could, even if it wasn't nearly as effective as what the raven-haired woman could do. Meanwhile Elisea communicated with Mattituq to navigate the sled to where they needed to go.

Eventually the sled came to a halt and Nylea simply watched as Lieutenant Braña stepped off and took out his binoculars. For the moment there wasn't too much for the echani to do, and so she turned her attention to the raven-haired woman. She took a deep breath, she was clearly a little nervous but pushed herself to do the polite thing nonetheless.

"We have not been able to get acquainted," Nylea remarked, giving her a muted smile. From the echani's outfit to her demeanor it was quite clear she was no imperial, though the other woman didn't seem to be all too similar to the others here either. "My name is Nylea. Please excuse my nervousness," she said with an introductory nod. It wasn't that she hadn't been face-to-face with those entrenched in the Dark side before, she'd treated the wounds of many in the past even, but actively working together with them was something she never did.

delicate, refined, and well-spiced
The shuttle was buffeted by the winds as it descended, the wing design more of a hindrance than a help in this instance. Renata tried to remain calm as the turbulence bounced them around, taking her seat and buckling in as directed by the pilot. Even with the crash webbing cinched around her slim frame, she was jostled around like dice in a cup, to the point that when the shuttle finally completed its skidding touchdown at the landing pad, she was quite pleased to be there. She unbuckled herself, stumbled down the ramp, and vomited off the side of the pad.

"Feel better, ma'am?" asked Freda, who looked fairly green, herself. She held out Renata's canteen.

Renata straightened and took the offered canteen, dripping some of the warm water into her mouth to rinse it, then spit it out and put a piece of gum to clear away any after-effects. As she handed the canteen back to Freda, she noticed another woman standing on the pad. She went over to the woman, pulling her hat on as she did. "It's dangerous to be out here in this weather," she said, shouting to have her voice make it through the muffle and carry over the howling wind. "Are you waiting for an evacuation shuttle?"