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Brandyn Sal-Soren

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After writing a fair amount of back story for this character, he is going to be entering the stage as his own Subaccount and PC persona.

He has a long history as a character, but I am starting him from scratch. Would love to have some interactions with you!

If you have read the overall arc plan for his family, please do not be put off by thinking that any interaction or involvement in the story means that you need to be willing to have your character die. That is not the case. There are a few crazy people that have entered that arrangement, everyone else is safe from everything except fun!
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Brandyn Sal-Soren Brandyn Sal-Soren

I previously mentioned to you that I was interested in this family saga story you've got going, but wasn't really sure how any of my characters would fit in. Having given it some thought since then, I'm gonna go ahead and offer up this new character of mine with some ideas/facts about her that might offer a starting point:
  • Ishani was raised in an anti-Force cult. She left it when she ran away from home at the age of eighteen, but her family are still part of it. Her homeworld is currently under the control of said cult. It's all very complicated and messy for her feelings-wise; while she hasn't seen her family in over a year now, she has gone back to visit her homeworld more than once for various reasons. It's pretty obvious that she hasn't completely let go of it yet, and part of her is afraid the cult is right about the Force being something that is dangerous and better left alone. Sounds a bit like The New Way to me.
  • Her connection to the Force is extremely mercurial and strongly tied to her emotional state. Stress and mood swings can result in violent outbursts. She deeply fears losing control and as a result approaches the Force as something that must be tamed and/or mastered. But while writing her I've often been presented with situations where I thought "y'know honey, this would probably work out a lot better for you if you'd simply trust in the Force like a Jedi", so... there's that, lol.
  • She wound up joining the Sith because she was attracted to their philosophy of "freedom" and individualism. On the other hand, she doesn't necessarily care about power, tries to avoid violence (she's more of an intellectual than a fighter), frequently clashes with her fellow Sith, and has yet to acquire a Dark Side aura. So it's possible your characters wouldn't even necessarily know that she was a Sith (at least, at this current juncture - the plan is for it to become more obvious as she progresses with her training... assuming she doesn't change her mind and decide to go a completely different route).
  • Case in point: a recent plot arc I wrote for her had her on the verge of leaving the Sith. Long story short, her friend/love interest went missing, leaving her feeling very alone and unmoored, then she encountered a Jedi who made her want to go home and rethink her life, but then her love interest came back suitably chastened, and she wound up staying because, y'know, young love is a powerful thing. Unf, I love that YA novel chit.
  • Unfortunately that also means I can't offer her up as a potential love interest (I'd rather not get into cheatin' territory, that sort of thing tends to get a little too soap opera-y for me, plus she has a Loyalty perk, so I'd consider it out of character for her). But friendships, rivalries, bizarre complicated frienemy things, etc, are all open.
  • I've been writing her as perpetually short on funds, leading to her taking weird side jobs in order to make a few bucks. Taking a job of some sort from a wealthy family like the Sal-Sorens would be something she'd be open to.
  • She currently has no official master. At this point I don't care who teaches her, Jedi, Sith, or something else entirely, so long as there is good chemistry between them and the story works out well.
  • Uhhh... she owns a suit that turns her into a mermaid when she wears it? :p
Idk, I am looking for stories with this character and I'm pretty much open to anything. If any of what I listed strikes your fancy, or if you have a much better idea, you know how to reach me.