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"Forgotten Blades" - A Lussk Campaign

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
"Forgotten Blades"
A Lussk Campaign
Campaign Launch: November 23rd
So the time has come for my master plot. As of this moment, all of my efforts will be falling into the planning, creation, and operation of this campaign and other paths branching off from it.

The Plot:
This will be taking place on Tantorus, an undiscovered world near Fringe space. Unknowingly, Dranok and his small task force will be heading to Csilla for foreign affairs talks with the Atrisian officials and their Chiss counterparts. However, this seemingly easy trip was not meant to be once the voyage began. Malfunctions will halt the vessel's journey midway, resulting in the need of a crash landing on the world. This world, an ancient one at that, is teeming of life not seen in centuries. The Sith, the true Sith inhabit the planet. A prophecy awaits, a civilization discovered, and all of this rests in the hands of the few surviving crew from the crash.

The Characters:
This will be kept at a maximum of 3-4 players besides myself. I really wanted to open it up to a lot more people, but doing that will cause confusion and result in the thread slowing down considerably when myself and the others are working hard. The selection process will also depend on Dranok's IC relations with applying characters and other traits that involve mastery of the Force. Saying that, NFUs are still permitted to join, they just have to be really good at what I'm looking for.

The Result:
It can be anything. The main thing I was leaning for was a Sith King emerging (possibly me) and a new faction starting up. But I really enjoy dynamic and fluid roleplays, so throw whatever you want into play. I'll be operating the NPCs for this and making good use of them. Just expect to be PMed by me if it's something major and we can clear it.

The main thing I want from this is essentially the revival of the true Sith race and then Dranok's death. Yeah, that's right, Dranok will be dying in this campaign. But wait! He won't stay dead for long, thanks to the (hopefully) caring followers that have tagged along can manage to use their powers and the Siths' to help reincarnate me using a Sith or something. But I'm leaving this all up to those who are selected to join in the campaign, your decisions will affect the entire Sith civilization and the life of Dranok Lussk.

So, if you're interested in joining this 3-part saga, post below.

Paige Argous

@[member="Dranok Lussk"]

This plot looks really really interesting. If you could give me the chance, I'd love to join in on this RP plot. :)

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Thanks for the interest! I will take a few days for the word to get around before making my selections :) I will also be possibly adding an extra spot to bring along a new member of the forums, want their first major campaign to be friggin epic.