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For Their Own Good (Galactic Empire Invasion of Fondor)


Lord of the Chiss
For weeks the Imperial Navy had been performing war games across their territory. Ship had been moving from system to system to participate, and eventually a final war game had been commenced in the Atrisian system utilizing units from across the Empire. Then when the war games had finished, the ships had left to return to their own systems.

Except they never arrived.

Instead the ships had made their way to an empty system, and once the last of the ships arrived their officers were briefed on the real reason for the war games. Under the leadership of Lord Nedo the gathered fleet jumped as one, and arriving (mostly) as one in the Fondor system. The greatest prize in the area, sitting so close to the Imperial capital. In this time of aggressive politics, that prize needed to be captured.

Aboard the Atsushi, having finally been released from the dry docks after a major overhaul, the chiss noble commanded the Imperial forces. However he had been given the Emperor's flagship for a reason, he was not hear to lead the battle. That was a task for the Navy's Grand Admiral. Nedo had other duties that needed to be performed.

"This is Lekin'ed'omelan, Lord of the Chiss Ascendancy," he transmitted to the system. "Lord Protector, people of Fondor, His Majesty Emperor Akio Kahoshi, first Emperor of the Kahoshi dynasty, has sent me as his representative. Recent events have shown that the Protectorate is not as strong as it used to be. The security of the Protectorate region of space is of vital importance to every neighboring state. That is why the Emperor has become concerned. As such, from this moment on this sector is a designated territory of the Galactic Empire, under its protection and administration. We request that the local military forces stand down and that the Lord Protector meet with me so that we can discuss the terms of the transfer of power."

No one really expected the Protectorate to surrender, but when history was written it would be written based on what he had said not what the obvious intentions were. The Imperial fleet was ready for combat, should the Protector refuse to surrender.

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Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
Fondor City
Office of the Lord Protector


There was an air of disquiet and quiet sorrow within the capital city on Fondor. It had only been a few weeks past that they had sought to disrupt an assembled Fringe fleet at Kayri and apprehend the recently-revealed former Sith Empress, Ashin Varanin. The battle had been fierce and each side had taken grievous wounds and fought with great fervor. At the end of the day however, the experience within the Fringe had won out and the Protectorate had been forced into a retreat.

Though bitterly disappointing, it wasn't a tremendous shock to the Corellian. The Protectorate had long been without a major threat and many of its soldiers had gone a bit soft in the peaceful times. The Fringe, on the otherhand, were still warmed-up from their conflict on Atrisia. They had morale and experience on their side, and that had carried the day. As well, Ayden had been deeply unsettled in his duel with the former Sith Empress. He had been prepared for a vicious fight with a Dark Lady of the Sith. He had not been prepared for the haunting words that had torn at the edges of his mind. Repairs were still underway. Most ships had received relatively minor repairs and were nearly completely repaired. A number of ships had been more extensively damaged and were still in dock.

Before he could move on to a new pad, an alarm went off. Briefly, his heart seized in his chest as he stared at the incessantly blinking blue light on his desk. 'Could it be them? Could they already be moving for blood?' Ayden quickly regained control of his senses and punched in the access code for the security console. The center room was bathed in blue light from a projected map of Protectorate space. At first, he was looking for the source of the alarm from Fringe space. He was expecting to see a fleeting crossing over into Protectorate space, possibly near Eriadu given their recent activity. However, he found no disturbance to the hyperspace monitoring buoys there. Instead, the disturbance was much closer to Fondor.

It was coreward. It was from the Atrisians.

Unlike the last time the system had been tripped though, this was not a single large mass. Readings were off the charts, consistent with an entire invasion force. They were headed for Fondor, and they'd be there within a few hours. Without hesitation, Ayden flipped a protective cover off the button that connected his desk to every military outpost and major civilian center on the planet and pressed it. "At 1440, in-system time, an unknown mass shadow was detected on approach to Fondor. It's size and speed is consistent with the profile of an invasion force. We have received no communications announcing the approach of any faction. Preliminary data suggests the fleet originated from Atrisian space. At this time, we are to assume the approaching force is hostile." He paused for a brief second before continuing. "At this time, I am declaring a state of emergency, effective immediately, over Fondor. All non-authorized personnel are required to vacate the premises of all military installations and civilians are to report to their designated emergency stations. Message repeats."

Though he cut off, his message was repeated on broadcasting frequencies. The quiet malaise that had hung heavy over the capital was shattered as alarms rang throughout the city. The alarm triggered all those months ago had put people on edge as it had been the first time it was used outside of a drill. Now, people responded immediately. They understood the danger that was coming. Starports were locked down, their blast doors pulled over exposed space. Every military base underwent similar lockdown procedures while marines were posted to major infrastructure junctions like intraplanetary communications and power plants.

Ayden boarded his secure shuttle and flew up to the Starfall in orbit. As he went, he sent a number of encrypted data bursts to certain people. Unlike the last time this had happened, Ayden had no doubts that this was going to end in a bloody fight. The fleet mobilized, taking formation over the capital city. Every ship and station was on full military alert as wings of fighters were scrambled. The sky over Fondor City were filled with the tiny dots of fighters and interceptors. There was not a man, woman, or child on the planet who wasn't tense and awaiting the coming storm.

When the first enemy ship dropped out into Protectorate space, Ayden stood on the bridge of the Starfall with the entire Fondor Defense Fleet mobilized and in position alongside the battle-worthy ships of the Invasion Fleet. Thousands of small craft patrolled the capital city and the space above it. Dozens of stations, trade hubs normally, now served as a last line of defense against any attempts to reach the planet, sheltered by Shield ships. They had been waiting for this.

As the Chiss gave his dramatic speech, Ayden simply stood there with a stoic face. By the end of it however, the Corellian was doing little to hide his laughter. "I'm sure you'll forgive me, my Lord, for not rolling out the red carpet, fireworks, and tea at this grand display of humility and mercy from the Atrisians. Truthfully, I did not know you were coming, so obscured by the smoke from Atrisia were your men. I'll certainly notify the thousands of star systems that we've looked over for these many months that a more perfect and rightful ruler has come in to save us from our beastly selves." There was no hiding or mistaking the disdain that dropped with every word Ayden spoke. Every member on the bridge of his ship looked on in combinations of confusion, bemusement, and indignant anger.

Pulling a cigar from the inside pocket of his jacket, Ayden lit it and slowly placed it at one corner of his mouth and chuckled. "Surrender? Let me show you how the Lord Protector and all of the Protectorate surrenders to the mighty Atrisian Empire." He pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. At once, every ship and station opened fire on the assembled enemy force as Ayden brandished the viridian blade at the hologram. "We surrender!"


Bleeding Edge

Now this, this was irony. A clone of Cody Jorin was deploying, albeit covertly, as an aid to the Protectorate. The Galactic Empire, had stepped on to many toes, to think the Republic would not get involved when their closest ally was attacked was idiocy, but he'd have put several thousand credits on the fact they knew the 'Pub was coming.

He'd chosen to utilize a set of GUNGNIR, Mark III, it was Class 8 stuff. The only way he got this was from a friend in a high place, that friend being Cody Jorin, who he didn't actually know, but when the man had caught word of a clone of himself leading the charge, he shipped his old armor out to the man. Now sitting silently in the hull of a Watts Class vessel, surrounded by his brothers. Wandering eyes caught sight of a commando team, Alpha Squad, the first of the new blood to ever see action, looking bastards.

As they dropped out of hyperspace, to @[member="Ayden Cater"]'s aid, they brought with them nine other Watts class ships, bringing it up to a grand total of ten hulking Republic warships coming to the Protectorate's aid. Despite the massive amount of firepower packed by the Republic and Protectorate, there was tension in the air, not just the normal kind before battle, but something else. Rumors of other, more heavily augmented soldiers than themselves, though there were few, they still would be an issue. The RC teams had been tasked with eliminating them while ARCs lead the charge into hell. For the glory of the Republic, and stuff.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Je'gan sat in one of the command ship's immense cargo holds. Forty thousand tons, this thing could carry. The faint smell of tea cleared his mind as, surrounded by inert cargo, this particular 'intelligence analyst' began his work.

He had sacrificed most aspects of the Force for his art, his specialty - mentalism. In the entire galaxy, there was one who could match him for battle meditation, so far as he knew, and she was uncomfortably close to this territory. There was no reason to suspect she would show up, granted. For now, he stretched out to the Force and the minds of the command ship's crew.

True battle meditation didn't merely hinge on strengthening resolve and clipping emotional peaks. In the grand old style of Palpatine and Joruus C'Baoth, Je'gan began to subtly and harmlessly link the minds of the Atsushi's crew. Their efficiency increased by a significant fraction, gradually, anticipating and clearly understanding orders and communiques. From there he expanded his influence ship by ship and squadron by squadron.

And then he stretched out to the Protectorate fleet and began to sow confusion in subtle ways, sapping their resolve. He was, at this point, not conscious of his body. His entire focus remained on stabilizing or jumbling the networks of sentient interaction that made up two functioning warfleets.

Rexus Drath

Well-Known Member

Today was not a day for baggy jeans, baseball caps, oversized shirts and a bad boy attitude. This was war and Rex was about to bring his A game. Standing in the hanger of the flag ship Rexus wore something that made him proud, that made him long for the days of old. He wore his Imperial Knights red armor, still prystine and beautiful he wore a full body zodiac dura armor helmet to cover his face and identity. He was an inquisitor now, there was no changing that. But this situation called for the armor, speaking into his comm unit he called his back up. A student would learn the ways of boarding and combat in these tight quarters " @[member="James Mathison "]@[member="Talos Riga"] @[member="Break"] @[member="stardust"] do you read me, we have a job to do." After speaking into his comm unit Rexus walked down to a nearby transport and awaited his student to show up. Together with a few members of the emperors own legion. And by that Rex meant a lot, they could take what they needed to. A certain ship that would be a great advantage to the galactic empire. So there Rexus sat and awaited for what would no doubt be a fun battle.
The Believable Lie
Codex Judge
Peregrine/Space/Protectorate Ally

A small blip of a ship appeared dropping out of hyperspace. It remained cloaked unseeable for the time being, though with the warships about that cloak wouldn’t give her too much hope. Spencer had dues to pay to the Protectorate, mostly to their leader. Shifting slightly in her seat she ran her fingers over the command panel and quickly set up a direct and secure line to Ayden Cater and his lovely ship the Starfall.

The Master waited, how was she going to plead her case – she wanted to help the Protectorate, though after seeing their power when they invaded the Fringe she knew they didn’t need much help – if any. The group despite being somewhat quiet, they were still lions. Before she pressed the red button that would have cut the lines, she sensed something in the Force. The waves and the ripples – she recognized them quickly and shut her mind for the time being, locking it like a steel trap. Those ripples were coming from something and someone. Quickly, she attached to the line a signal for urgency.

“Lord Protector, this is Spencer Jacobs of the Fringe Confederacy. I offer my support and skill to help defend your worlds, I’m one of the top battle meditators in this galaxy – the other…well you’re facing him right now.”

Spencer bit her thumb, hoping that it would catch his attention.

@[member="Ayden Cater"]

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Protectorate Ally
Orbit of Fondor
@[member="Ayden Cater"]

Sarge's Eta-6 dropped from hyperspace, docking ring disengaging the moment he cleared hyperspace. He hadn't expected to drop into a fleet engagement this large, but he shouldn't be surprised. Well, he wasn't surprised by the Protectorate forces. The Atrisian Forces though... well, that was certainly a surprise.

Perhaps they weren't as frail as he'd liked to think they were.

Scanning into the Omega frequencies, he sent a message to the ship he knew Cater would be on. "Lord Protector, this is Jedi Knight Preacher of the Republic; I'm here to assist. This cannot happen on our doorstep."

With that, he gunned his engines, heading in-system.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon/The Judge
stardust ran up and saluted @[member="Rexus Drath"] while her other arm held her helmet"im ready sir"stardust wore some armor she owned, tge armor could hold agausnt a few shots to the chest, the rest was padding and metal armor

Talia Al Ghul

Professor of Sentientology

Black boots lightly padded upon the durasteel deck as a small group of travelers from the depths of Wild Space exited the Aberrant, a deep space expedition recently returning from the Firefist galaxy. Dust and grime lightly dusted the plain clothes worn by the woman as she made her way down the ramp. She appeared to be a diminutive woman; with mousy brown hair and wallflower features. There was nothing about her that made her stand out from the rest of her space faring companions, and that was the way she wanted it to be. It made her ability to observe her surroundings unhindered, as the life of a scientist and xenologist required the ability to simply blend in. No Force, no curious signature would mark her as anything but human. There was a story to her face, but that was for another time. Another place. For now, the present was important. The now. It had been a long while since she'd set foot on the Protectorates' space, much less the Capitol. Too long.

Much too long.

Shoulders rose then fell as the brunette took a deep breath, shuffling the pack over her shoulder with a soft shrug. The strong hololamp's light glinted off her hair at the short tuffs of hair sticking out of the snug cap she wore, casting muted mahogany highlights with every step she took.

What would be different? Who remained? There were so many questions and, to a certain extent, she wasn't sure how she would approach it. It was with this thought that she cast umber ellipses to the cerulean grey sky. Alarms began blaring across the starport, and the subtlest of narrowing of her eyes came then.

To what have I come home to?

Cedric Dorn

The Lord Protectors Bedroom
Diana awoke with a surge of activity, her naked body shooting upright as a dozen or so alarms began to blare loudly, the most distinct one being air raid sirens. Her eyes shot open almost immediately, the silk threads that had covered her flew into the air and fell off the bed as she sat up within the Lord Protectors bed. Back and forth the orbs within her skull shot, looking for any sign of @[member="Ayden Cater"] or attackers.

Almost out of pure reaction she used the force to call a Lightsaber to her hand, the white bone hilt slapping into her palm just as she noticed a small note on the pillow of the Lord Protector.

Dear Diana,
I have gone to Prex Tower, I'm afraid a Lord Protectors work is never done.
All my love,

Diana gave a soft sigh, this note told her absolutely nothing about the current situation, and indeed it seemed things were quite bleak. That was until she finally called on the energy to stand up. With a stemless fluid motion Diana rose her naked body from the bed, strutting over to a large window with a balcony extending behind it.

The Jedi Master opened the sliding door, walking onto the balcony with only a slight shiver as the wind struck her.

With no hint of concern Diana looked upwards into the sky. At once she saw the thousands upon thousands of streaks of Turbo-laser fire coming from ships and planetary defenses. Her teeth came together in a slight clacking noise and a scowl formed on her lips.

Fondor was being invaded.

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
If the phenomenally wealthy, utterly intrepid, and seriously pissed Rebel Alliance General J.Q. Merrill had known that @[member="Talia Al Ghul"] was on Fondor, he'd have bought his favorite sentientologist a lum. He could have assumed, of course. She'd always worked for OP, near as he could tell. She'd been the one to prove to him that he could use the Force at all, after years of feeling like, well, a failure.

He owed her a metric fethton. Then again, that same debt went out to the Protectorate in general. They'd taken a washed-up freighter bum and part-time insurgent, trained him, equipped him, and given him the opportunities to become something he'd never thought possible. He now owned 55% of Silk Holdings, a galaxy-spanning corporation that matched Omega StarCorp for size and diversity of investments. He was leading the return of the deported Mon Cal diaspora to Dac. He had built the greatest new hyperlane in five thousand years. He'd married, found peace, developed incredible talents. He'd defied the Confederate Templars to their faces on the threshold of their own Citadel, then unloaded assault concussion missiles into their home and earned a million-credit bounty.

In a very real sense, he owed most of it to the Omega Protectorate. Reservist though he was (Captain, ODF), Jorus Quentin Merrill remained an OP man in a good few ways.

The Gypsymoth, arguably the most infamous tramp freighter in the Outer Rim, sat on a landing pad not far from Omega Tower.

Jorus cleaned his shotgun.

Martin CZ Mk 2 007

@[member="JerrickShado"] @[member="Northstar"] ATSUSHI FLAG SHIP, GALACTIC EMPIRE

Czar Mark Two Serial Number Zero Zero Two, Martin, explosives expert, family man, father. Holding a picture of his son and wife in front of him as he sat on crate in the hanger he smiled at it and ran his finger across the picture. He was here with his brothers to fight this good fight and win the day for the empire. He wore his zodiac dura armor and sighed inside his helmet. He had a bad feeling about this op, but regardless they had a job to do. In his arms he had one thing, his IAS smart rifle with ten extra magazines strapped to the vest on his chest along with three thermal detonators on him as well. He was armed to the teeth, but all his weapons meant nothing compared to what lay at his feet. A large slender silver briefcase that weighed almost a hundred pounds. It was quite the package they would be delivering to the doorstep of the protectorate. The Rapture, it was beautiful. As an explosives expert it was his job to take care of this weapon, and when the time came blow it.

The Czars were the perfect ones for the job, they mostly all stood seven feet tall with everything about them augmented and enhanced to destroy everything in their path from force users to commandos. They had been proven in combat and they would prove themselves again today against not only the Protectorate but the republic as well. That they were one of the most elite fighting forces In the galaxy. All that was left was to wait for his teammates to show up.


Eater of the Dead

Shinju had come in the black Hex, a gift as it were from Ashin and was grinning. The bridge area converted slightly to have a throne for herself and she sat there looking on. It was no secret she liked to kill but when the Yun-Harla brought people to the party she had signed up. Ready to fight the Galactic empire like on Atrisia though hopefully with less teaming up and more maiming. She wanted to maim herself some things or better yet as she spoke. "This is Shinju of the Fringe, I follow the Yun-Harla and will bring the Dark Desire in to help. Lets have some Atrisian soup yes?" A cackle came to her as more and more Shinju was finding it amusing, last week she was fighting them it seemed and now helping them if only because Fondor was their world to burn not the empire's.


Jedi Janitor
Emerging from Hyperspace, Assisting the Protectorate, ETA-6A
Orbiting Fondor.

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]

Once his starship dropped out of hyperspace from it's docking ring, he waited for his Master to come out beside him before he sent the transmission to her. "Master Grayson. We have arrived." He said. It seemed he had taken it upon himself to start stating the obvious. But that didn't matter. His Master would have to get used to it!

He let the ship glide on the fringes of the system before he looked out of the cockpit to his Master's ship. "Ground side, or shipyards?" He inquired, while he took control of the yoke. He purposely left out the option to infiltrate an enemy's ship. There were only two of them, and he didn't want to be taken by invaders. Or killed.

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
@[member="Ventasia Terana"] @[member="Jonathan Walsh"] @[member="Lylin Osh"] @[member="Kathryn Langley"] @[member="Noah Corek"] @[member="Lilicky"] @[member="Talia Al Ghul"] @[member="Sarge Potteiger"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"] @[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="ARC-052 Dish"]

Basaba was on the ground in the barracks when the message came and standing there with her sisters she had a smirk on her face. The Major moved gathering the weapons while she slid into her beskar'gam and the knives went into place. Duel shoulder cannons and thanks to Jorus Merills work her ship's armory became a new playground. Grabbing several weapons and holstering them plus a speeder. The beskad came off the wall while a mandalorian rail gun went to her hand with the spears and sent a message. "This is Alor Basaba send a message to Mandalore. Tell them I want sent to Fondor the Mythasaur and a small fleet. I don't care, dope it out and get me a small army, the protectorate is our allies and we will not leave them without aid." A sneer was on her face as the mandalorian let the transmission end and secured her helment. Looking at the Pyre soldiers she had to admit to a smirk at fighting the enemy. "These are brave people coming at us... Lets kill them."



Preliat cocked the rifle back, leaning back against the shipyard walls. He was breathing deeply, listening to the sonic booms of the planetary defense guns. Point lasers raged in the sky, the stillness of space providing no basis for sound in space. He looked upward after a moment, grasping the helmet and placing it under his arm. They hadn't landed yet, and Preliat was frankly surprised that the Empire had decided to attack the Omegas after all. With such strong allies, he wondered how the Empire planned to come out on top.

He stood up from the bench, moving slowly amongst the hustling soldiers and militia members. When your planet was being invaded, it was common practice to get up and defend it. The people of Fondor, and especially people of the Protectorate, were tough as nails, and had the arms, training, and motivation to kick ass and chew space gum. And it seemed like the OP was all out of gum. They had been, relaxed, for a long while, but that didn't mean they were weak. The Empire would pay dearly for this, that much Preliat was sure of. Preliat walked forward, his rifle vertically over his shoulder, and his jetpack primed and ready to go.

He turned to a scientist looking woman, glancing around. She seemed out of place, and he sighed. Always to watch out for the little guy. The young Rally Master walked over to the scientist, tapping his armored helmet with his hands. He was patient, and smiled as he talked."I'm pretty sure you of all people should know that this isn't a good idea to be lurking around here right now, ma'am."Preliat's facial features pulled back into a smile. The former null-hockey clearly had some false teeth and insets, as evidenced by the fact that some were discolored. He had clearly been in more fights than most, and there were several highlights on the holo, particularly where he had beaten two opponents, and the floating blood and teeth had been seen from multiple angles. It was a nice play, and zero-gravity fights were brutal, but that wasn't really the point right now. He was just generally, a tough looking Mandalorian. Wear and tear had started to form on his armor, losing it's polish. Which wasn't particularly a bad thing, by most Mandalorian standards and beliefs.

@[member="Talia Al Ghul"]
Well-Known Member
Prex Tower,War Room
Status: Locked and Loaded!
Noah stood in the main War Room for Prex Tower,shouting orders for fighters to be launched,barricades to be erected and SAM Turrets to be placed on top of the tallest buildings that could be found,in general,Noah was in his element. As he stood there giving orders,he was grateful that Haven was safely on Coruscant visiting his parents and little sister for the week. Noah stood making sure that every last ODF and OP soldier was deployed,in total,it was the largest army the Protectorate had ever fielded,numbering over 3 billion souls of every race,religion and sex. All united in one common goal,to protect the planet that they called home. Hell,Fondor wasn't even Noah's home planet,he had been living there for little less than a year now,and it seemed more of a home than Coruscant had ever been to him. As he stood giving orders,everything made sense to him now,this was the battle he was meant to fight,the battle he was born to fight. He decided to make a mass announcement to all of the forces supporting the Protectorate. "Attention all,this is Colonel Noah Corbulo Corek V,and like all of you,the Protectorate and Fondor,are my home. I have not served with you brave men and women for long,but let me tell you something I have seen. Courage. The courage to stand up against the Bando Gora,the Sith,the Axis,the Fringe and now the Artisians. For this,I am humbled to stand among,a soldier among billions of others. I must say one thing before we embark on this rendezvous with destiny. Fight not for yourself,but for your home." Noah finished his rousing speech and hung the comm up and went over to the arms rack,it had been emptied of everything but a Corek Custom Revolver and a OPR-2 Blaster Rifle. He picked the Revolver up and holstered it on his thigh and made sure he had alot of ammo for it. He then slapped a power cell into his rifle,put all the rest of the spare power cells into the pouches of his Corek Custom Heavy Armor and strapped the rifle over his back. Once this was done,he gave tactical command to the officer below him and took a speeder to the Shipyards.

Gilamar Skirata

Skirataridge Farms Remembers
The Mand'alor had been meaning to show his face on Fondor. The Protectorate had been the closest thing to a friend the Mandalorians had had since well before his time as Mand'alor. What he didn't expect during his visit to meet the Lord Protector was an attack by the Artisians. He had always expected them to be docile, sharp-witted, secretive bunch. But then again...Gilamar didn't get out much. Jumping out of bed dressed in nothing but his under garments to the sound of blaring alarms and air sirens Gilamar placed his face in his hands. He never understood the need for these loud alarms. He was actually pretty sure that Kyrimorut didn't have nearly as loud alarms as this. Looking to the closet that held his armor he sighed. He was glad he had brought it. He nearly didn't but was convinced other wise by his Field Marshals. Maybe make him seem less vulnerable, more strong.

It wasn't ten minutes that he had his armor on, and he was out the door. Well...Elevators took a long while, and so he was stuck waiting as calming music played the entire thirty story drop down to the garage where he pulled the first speeder he could find and flew off to the barracks. They could use his help.

"I'm too old for this..."


Kneel Before Zod
"Make the jump." a dark brooding evil voice rang out to a fleet commander, it was now time to start the party. The republic was there, and so were the men and women of the protectorate. Feeble humans cowering on their world just waiting to be burnt in holy fire, their fleet would burn. They would all burn in the end, every man woman and child who had wronged them would burn. Entering hyper speed the fleet of mysterious ships jumped into the stars to be seen again soon, very soon. "When we arrive I want our fleet commander to take charge." Standing from a throne a figure walked from it to a nearby balcony. Looking down there were hundreds of Yuuzhan Vong cheering, roaring and chanting one name "Dredge" It repeated over and over again as the figure came to light. It was the supreme overlord himself, and with him he clutched the scepter of power raising it in the air. The crowd of warriors roared and cheered for their leader. For it was he who brought them out of the darkness and into the light to snuff it out. Reaching his arm out dredge cut the air and the cheering died into a silence. "My Brothers, today we will show them the error of their ways. We come to assist our ally but for one crucial reason. To kill man and consume their flesh!"

Walking over to the other side of the balcony Dredge looked down at his people and smiled. "TONIGHT!! WE TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS!! TONIGHT WE BURN THE HIDES OF THEIR SHIPS!! TONIGHT WE KILL THE PROTECTORATE KILL THE REPUBLIC!!!" Screaming his speech his men began to slowly build up and cheer as the religious fanatic cried out to them "TONIGHT WE FEAST ON THE FLESH OF MAN!! MY BROTHERS TONIGHT WE HAVE A TASTE OF OUR VENGEANCE!! TONIGHT WE SHOW NO MERCY!! NO QUARTER FOR THE ENEMY!!" the crowd was at up uproar at this point over the roars of their leader. But he was about to take it home, he was about to finish it before the fleet got where they needed to be "NO PRISONERS!! NO SURVIVORS!!" Dredge let out a bone chilling roar with his men, they were fired up now and ready to bring it. They were coming out of hyperspace right about now.

Coming out of hyper speed the single ship was here to play with the republic, and they brought someone they know would piss them off. Smiling dredge looked to a hologram of a woman on his screen "Commander, do your stuff" he said to her giving her control of most of the ship. This would be an easy fight, the protectorate were all but being babied by the republic, once they were taken care of they would fall. The Commander could pilot this ship however she wanted, Dredge was taking his warriors to meet the republic. They were here for one purpose, to destroy what came across from them. The republic had not seen the Yuuzhan Vong yet in battle, now they would. And they would be tested

1 Miid Ro'ik The Reaper
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