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Finding one's peace

A year. It had been an entire year since Gherron had heard from his master, or his newfound friend, Josh. At the present, he was busy meditating at his favorite place on Tython, a waterfall deep in the forests. He had learned early on that every vein gives off a distinct force signature, and that it can be recognized if looked for. However, he had not been able to locate his master anywhere. He had simply assumed that Azar was either too far away, or that the Ewok simply grew tired of him and somehow hid himself. Gherron sighed as he left his meditative state, and admired the lightsaber that hung at his belt. Though he was still a Padawan, the weapon he constructed last year had made him, in his mind, a knight. He smiled as the memory came to him.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
As Josh made a rare visit to the temple on Tython, he saw a sight he hadn't seen in awhile... Gherron Vael. Pity washed over his face as he remembered The Battle Of Metalorn... And the death of his Master, Azar.

Josh walked over to Gherron, giving a wave in greeting. "Well, long time no see" the Councilor said with a slight smirk.

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
The boy looked up from his thoughts to see a face he hadn't seen since late the earlier year. "Josh! How've you been?" He smirked and walked up to him. When they had first met, they had seriously gotten off on the wrong foot. But over time, they has learned to respect and admire each other. If anything, Gherron had idolized Josh when he first arrived at the temple. He had set an example. Now, here he stood.

@Joshua DargonsFlame
(Kark, forgot to follow)

He chuckled. "Well, looks like you've learned to respect your elders a bit more" he joked, smirking. "And how have you been?" the Councillor asked curiously. From his robes, Gherron was still a Padawan... And by his attitude, likely rightfully so. Of course, every dog usually had their day... One day.

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
"Yea, I had a run-in a while ago with master Syn. He taught me all about respect and patience." Getting up to face the man, he chuckled. "I've been pretty good, actually. I haven't seen Azar since even before you helped me with my lightsaber, but I've been learning bits and pieces from the other masters and knights. I can't help but think that the little guy is deliberately trying to ignore me", he joked.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
"Sure..." Gherron could see the concern in the knight's face, and wondered what was wrong. Had he missed something? Shrugging, he followed Josh to a secluded place so they could talk in private.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh sighed. He didn't want to be the one to tell Gherron this...

Josh took a breath as they found a secluded spot. He had requested it due to Gherron's likelihood to explode.

"Gherron..." He said quietly, biting his lip. "I don't know how to tell you this... But..."

He sighed.

"Azar's dead, Gherron." He said softly, closing his eyes. "The Sith killed him in the battle of Metalorn"

"I'm so sorry..."

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
Gherron's eyes widened in shock. It had to be some kind of practical joke. It had to be. He searched Josh's eyes, only to find seriousness and sincerity. "No... It can't be true. It can't be! Why would they let him die like that?" He shook his head. "It's not right..."

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He gritted his teeth.

"I'm sorry, Gherron... There were a lot of casualties at Metalorn. There are scars that will never heal in all of us. I didn't see him die, but I was there.. At Metalorn... Fighting..."

He sighed. "I wish this didn't happen. But... Well, the reason I'm here actually was to fulfill that promise I made"

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
Gherron's face changed a little as he remembered. "Oh yea, that's right." Looking directly at Josh, he made a promise himself. "I'll do all I can to be patient and respectful. I've learned a lot in the last year, and I believe I am finally ready to train."

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
He nods a bit. "I came to pick you up. You're being moved to the Coruscant Temple for further training, if you wish" he said. "Otherwise, I'll drop in sometimes, but I am never on Tython. I operate from Coruscant"

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
He smirked a bit. "I'd stay on Tython, but I've always operated from Coruscant from when I started till I came back till when I got moved again. Besides... My apartments there, my padawans are there, my girlfriend and son are there. Its just where I operate" he said, shrugging.

@[member="Gherron Vael"]
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