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Gherron Dragonsflame

[General Info]
Given name: Gherron Dragonsflame
(Formerly Gherron Vael)
Birth name: James Dragonsflame
Known aliases: Rylan Thatcher
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
[Additional Info]
Faction: Silver Jedi Order
Sub factions: Silver Shields, Pathfinders
Force user rank: Master
Known languages: Basic, Theowei
Alignment: Neutral good
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
Marital status: Complicated
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 173 pounds
Eyes: Steel grey
Hair: Chestnut
Skin: Caucasisn
+ And stay out: Years of being broken and built back up mentally has helped him form an extraordinarily strong will; only the strongest of trials can break it.
+ Silver tongue: Time in diplomacy as well as nobility has granted him with a deep understanding of people, and a large vocabulary. He can use this to inspire, teach, or even get into an enemy’s head.
+ Master strategist: He knows his way around a battlefield and can read one well, enabling him to come up with a sound plan more often than not.
~ Immovable object: His body is built for physical combat. His attacks hit like a train, and his enemies can be hard-pressed to force him backward. However, he has very little agility.
~ Stubborn: He has a dangerous habit of being stuck with his ways once he’s made a decision, sometimes even more so when others try to dissuade him.
- Fatal flaw: No matter what, if there are innocents in danger, he will put his life on the line to see them safe.
- Crutch: He has grown accustomed to the kasha crystal in his lightsaber keeping him calm during a fight. If separated from it, it is more likely that he will lose his cool.
~ Head in the clouds: He is sometimes prone to getting lost in thought when bored.
~ Old wounds: When nervous or in deep thought, he self-consciously scratches the scar on his chest.
~ Free the people: In all the galaxy, nothing comes as close to making his blood boil as slavers do.
~ Never alone: Above all, he is a hugs socialite, even if he seems awkward about it.
~ Where’s the rum gone?: While far from being an alcoholic, he does enjoy a drink every now and then, particularly among friends.

Gherron Vael was born like any other on Coruscant. The main similarity? It sucked. Being the child of a drunkard and an abuser isn't exactly the best childhood, but it's what he had to deal with. Every day, the little boy would be beaten by his dad, or told how worthless he was by his mom, and that's how it stayed. Until he ran away. Once he had realized that he wouldn't get anywhere in life by staying under a roof in which he wasn't loved, the boy of eleven snuck out one day, never to return. During his time out alone, he would discover a little hole in the side of a building, where he'd make his home. Thievery and trickery became his life then. Pickpocketing was a natural habit, and though it was fun, he was only doing what he had to in order to survive.

Going forward three years, Gherron was soon a skilled con-artist. He could charm the socks off of just about anybody, and steal their wallet while doing so. This went on for another two years. He was constantly getting caught, especially by the authorities, but one officer in particular would watch over him, trying his best to guide him in the right direction. Perhaps the man had some influence, because when the next big event crashed into Gherron's life, he would make the best decision of his own. When he was seventeen, an older thug thought it necessary to pull a knife on the boy. Afraid, he out his hands up. The next thing he knew, the man was picked up by some unseen force and thrown across the alley. He landed ten feet away, dead. Mortified, the teenager took off. He ran through the alleyways, dodging left and right, and by the time he stopped, he was sitting in a large temple. A man's hand rested on his shoulder. The first time he'd met a Jedi.

Gherron Dragonsflame, eighteen years old

Soon following his first meeting with the Jedi order, they'd discovered he was force sensitive, and offered to train him. He accepted, of course. However, it would be long before he would receive actual training, due to his own impatience. When he arrived to Tython, he was chosen by a man who called himself Joshua Dragonsflame. Maybe he was overly excited, but Gherron wanted to learn everything. Now that he knew he could use the force, why couldn't he? But his impatience drove him astray. He wound up growing tired of waiting, and petitioned for a new master, a tiny ewok with a stick he always used to hit the young man in the head. Gherron immediately regretted his decision, especially when he was told by Dragonsflame himself that the ewok had been killed in battle. Taking on a more somber tone, he would continue to be tutored under Dragonsflame, learning everything he could, but mostly patience. The elder Jedi seemed proud to see his pupil progressing as far as he did. But times of war were upon them. After first hearing of how the Republic planned to attack the Sith on their own planet of Korriban, he signed up as quickly as he could. He wanted to prove what he'd learned. To Josh. To the order. To himself. The boy got his wish, as he and another Jedi, Vulpesen, took on two other Sith. Though he barely survived, he was all the more stronger for it. His master must have seen this, for he was soon promoted to knight status.

Not long after getting his promotion, he met his first actual nemesis on Coruscant. A rugged Sith by the name of Nickolas Imura. The two fought, and Gherron almost gave into the dark side. He sought help, but he knew he'd need enlightenment on his own terms. So he began to travel. Taking on learners every now and then, he spent less and less time in Republic space. Soon enough, he was gone. For a year, the Knight had explored the galaxy, seeing what it could offer him. When he came back, to say he was surprised would be an understatement. The first thing he'd found out was that the Sith had taken Coruscant. When he went to go ask Josh about it, the man was nowhere to be found. Apparently, he'd left the order in Gherron's absence, shortly after being appointed grandmaster. He was crushed, but he would find ways to cope. Going back to the temple on Ossus, he met an ambitious young kaleesh padawan, Rael sul B'an, and took him in as his own for training. The kaleesh reminded Gherron of himself in a lot of ways when he was younger-impatient, quick to anger. But he was quick to dispel that spirit, teaching him the ways of meditation and peace. It felt good, the way he seemed almost idolized by the padawan. Gherron had taught his student mostly everything he could, when yet again, war had reared its ugly head. Along with others, the two were quickly thrust into Kashyyk, and shortly after that, Prakith, where they fought the armies of the Sith. It was after this, that Gherron thought his pupil ready, and before the council petitioned for his knighthood. They accepted, and now Gherron had a good friend to train with; equals in the Jedi.

Gherron fights Nick Imura for the first time
Some time after Rael's promotion, he informed Gherron that he would be returning to his people for a time, as they needed him sorely and he was the next in line to become Chieftain of his tribe. Sadly, Gherron let his friend go, and they parted ways. The strong knight would soon have bigger problems to face however, as a second duel with his long-time nemesis Nickolas had left him with a large, claw-shaped wound on his chest. This wound was directly connected to the Sith, and unknowing to Gherron, had begun to siphon his strength, and deliver a painful and fatal darkside poison into his system. Gherron would lose control of himself often, becoming ill-tempered and irrational at times, until he eventually snapped and the poison had taken its toll on him. As he raged through Coruscant, he was quickly dispatched by a chance meeting of several of his friends. After some time and another battle on a nearby space station, the wound finally subsided, though at a great cost to Gherron's well-being. Knowing he could not trust himself to stay with those he cared about most, he left for parts unknown, only to return when he was sure he could be counted on again.

After months of spacefaring, Gherron picked up a bad habit of drinking whenever he had the chance. There were more than a few times where he found himself too drunk to stand or even speak, and one night caught himself in the middle of a ship full of transdoshan slavers. With some help from a woman who was imprisoned with him, he escaped, though he realized with despair that he had lost the ability to use the force. He'd tried several times after that to bring it back, but to no avail, and not long after returned to drinking. When he found himself in a part of the galaxy he didn't recognize, an unknown planet appeared on his map, and he went to check it out. However, running out of fuel, he crashed onto the planet, stranded with nowhere to go.

Gherron spent several months on Refuge; pretty close to a year. In time, he began to call it his home, as he hunted for survival, made his own tools and clothes, and relied on his instincts and the forest around him. While there, he learned several things about himself, when he wasn't being visited by visions of his friends. While they kept him company, Gherron had never felt more truly alone in his life, even with the sheer amount of life energy coming from the planet around him. When he encountered a strange creature that had the ability to instill great fear to those that looked at it, he'd discovered just what he was truly afraid of. He ran, and promptly jumped off a cliff, whether to escape the creature or to escape life, he didn't know. When he woke up, however, he was staring up at a teenage boy who had apparently saved his life by pulling him from the river. This led to Gherron finding two whole civilizations, friendly to each other but afraid due to the events of the netherworld crisis. Gherron hoped to act as a median, bridging both sides back together, and in doing so, soon regained his knowledge of the force. Not long after, the sky parted to bring yet another ship, though this one wasn't crashing for some reason. Going to investigate, he discovered with surprise that it was his oldest friend and master, Joshua Dragonsflame. They exchanged words, and at the insistence of the man, Gherron left the planet with him, hopefully to start a new story for himself.

The forests of Refuge

Over time, Gherron would learn to trust himself again in some cases, though he would still have issues working with others. At the behest of Dragonsflame, he would assist in the training of several new padawans the man had taken under his wing. Though he tried not to be a huge part of their training, he did oversee it a few times, especially when it came to sparring, which he took great interest in. This contact between the old student and master soon had the elder calling upon Gherron for assistance in a liberation mission, to free innocents from a militaristic campaign. Some time later, he finally brought himself out of hiding when a massive dreadnought of a ship appeared seemingly from nowhere, threatening to upset the balance of the galaxy. Not being able to just sit by as an event like this unfolded, he raced over to help others in the destruction of the ship. He did not expect to see his fiance there however, and boy, did they exchange words. Once the ordeal was over, Nefertari made Gherron promise to go back home with her, and not too soon after, they finally exchanged vows, after which his new bride had something quite important to tell him… He had a son.

It took time and a considerable amount of effort, but Gherron began re-learning how to trust others and let them in when he needed help, which came as a huge boon when taking care of his son, Articus. With all he had been through, all he had done, nothing came quite as close as being a dad, which he loved wholeheartedly. Nef was very patient with him as he transitioned into having a regular life, even if most of his attention went to his son. However, it didn’t take long for Josh to come to his doorstep, with two big pieces of news. The first was that he wanted Gherron to join him in the Silver Jedi, which he accepted, but hesitantly. The second piece was larger than life. Josh had potential evidence that they were brothers in more than just bond.

Josh and Gherron began spending more time together; catching up on their lives, introducing their kids to each other, and furthering the investigation that could lead to them possibly being blood related. All of it seemed to be tiny pieces of a much larger puzzle, when finally they were able to piece it together with three crucial documents: An article about the Dragonsflame family in a horrible crash, in which Josh and his brother Nick had survived, but a third brother had gone missing. A poster for James Dragonsflame, hoping to find his whereabouts. Lastly, adoption papers for the same child, though under a different name… Gherron Vael. This changed everything. Gherron had what he had wanted so badly his entire life… an actual brother.
Azar (Former master; deceased)
Syn (Trainer, acquaintance)
Joshua Dragonsflame (Former master, mentor, brother)
Matsu Ike (Friend)
Sam Jhovna (Friend)
Rylie Horne (Former padawan, friend)
Lok Jorunn (Former padawan, friend)
Nickolas Imura (Adversary)
Alexandra Lianne Feanor (Friend)
Tom Kent (Friend)
Krest (Acquaintance)
Astrian Callus (Adversary)
Hatake Mutashi (Friend)
Peritus Vis (Ally)
Vala Melina (Ally)
Talon Vosra (Ally)
Vulpesen (Friend)
Sanya Val Lerium (Acquaintance)
Rael sul B'an (Former padawan, friend)
R7-242 (Friend, companion)
Nefertari Sovint (Spouse)
Xander Carrick (Friend, mentor)
Articus Dragonsflame (Son)
Jason Dragonsflame (Nephew)
Ra’a’mah Numare (Friend)
[Force skills]
Force push [||||||||||||]​
Force shockwave [||||||||||||]​
Meditation [||||||||||||]​
Floating meditation [||||||||||||]​
Moving meditation [||||||||||||]​
Force speed [||||||||||||]​
Force jump [||||||||||||]​
Tapas [||||||||||||]​
Force awareness [||||||||||||]​
Force sight [||||||||||||]​
Force concealment [||||||||||||]​
Force enlightenment [||||||||||||]​
Force weapon [||||||||||||]​
Force light [||||||||||||]​
Force affinity [||||||||||||]​
Force generation [||||||||||||]​
Crucitorn [||||||||||||]​
Alkahest [||||||||||||]
Force barrier [||||||||||||]​
Tutaminis [||||||||||||]​
[Lightsaber forms]
Shii-cho [||||||||||||]​
Makashi [||||||||||||]​
Soresu [||||||||||||]​
Ataru [||||||||||||]​
Shien [||||||||||||]​
Niman [||||||||||||]​
Vapaad [||||||||||||]​
Jar-Kai [||||||||||||]​
[Weapon skills]
Sword [||||||||||||]​
Polearm [||||||||||||]​
Pistol [||||||||||||]​
Rifle [||||||||||||]​
[Technical skills]
Pilot [||||||||||||]​
Slicer [||||||||||||]​
Mechanic [||||||||||||]​
Smith [||||||||||||]​
[Gherron's Story]
Chapter I: The life of a Jedi
Chapter II: The man you were meant to be
Chapter III: The warrior's code
Chapter IV: Between destiny and fate
Chapter V: What lies ahead