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Fel Empire Major Faction Application

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Name: The Fel Empire

OOC Hierarchy: Faction Holder/Head Admin @Toran Fel, Faction Leader [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"], Admin [member="Tevro"], Head Moderator [member="Isabella LaFleur"]


IC Hierarchy: The Fel Empire is divided broadly into two categories of leadership, that of Military and Civilian.

Military-The head of the Imperial Military is Supreme Commander, with the Moff Council directly under him acting as a check and balance of each other keeping any possible agendas of the other in check to ensure the military is run smoothly. The Moff Council is made up of all the Moffs of the Empire, each one in charge of administrating and commanding as a whole the local military and naval detachments within their assigned sector of the Empire. Assigned to each Moff are a number of Generals and Admirals, the number dependent on how large the sector, who are directly in charge of the military units themselves.

Serving in an affiliated yet independent branch of the Military are the Imperial Knights. They are the main force user force within the Fel Empire, serving the Emperor directly, and under him the Grand Master of their Order. Imperial Knight detachments can be sent to assist a Moff in their sector or in the Imperial Expansion Division, though they will follow their own officers rather then the standard military command.

Civilian: The head of the Civilian government is the Grand Moff, who sits at the head of the Moff Council. The Moff Council are in charge of the constitute regions of the Empire, ensuring everything runs smoothly in their domains. Beneath them, and acting as the Legislative Branch in a sense of the Empire is the Noblius Court. Each world within the Empire selects a single individual to join the Court, with all the Noblius in a particular Moffs sector serving in his personal Council. Twice a year, the entire Court is gathered on Osseriton where they can pass news laws and legislature as a whole for the Empire, with the Moff Council then making sure the laws are just and properly set forward.

Head of State: The Emperor serves as the Head of State of the Fel Empire, with influence in every field within the Empire yet no direct supreme control. The Emperor has the power to overrule any law passed by the Moff Council or Noblius Court if he believes it to be harmful to the Empire as a whole, requiring a majority vote in both the Council and Court to then in turn overrule his objection.


Requested Hexes: L19 and possibly L20, Capital set as Osseriton


Interested Members:
[member="Akar Merikh"]
[member="Dan Tray"]
[member="Isabella LaFleur"]
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]
[member="Kyle O'Conner"]
[member="Noatyr Moldmerr"]
[member="Oscar Saint-Just"]
[member="Supreme Commander Harris"]
[member="Sai Fel"]
[member="Lasky Rynn"]


​Description: The Fel Empire is an Imperial Faction formed by Toran Fel to bring the ideals and goals of the original Fel Empire back into the galaxy. The Empire hopes to expand their influence across the Unknown Regions, and into the heart of the Galaxy, bringing with it a new age of Order and Prosperity to all member worlds. With a focus on the policy of Victory Without War, the Fel Empire will strive to bring every world under their banner, with peaceful methods as much as possible, with force only ever being used as a last resort.


The Pitch: Hey, so the general idea I had for this faction when I created it was to provide a fun and entertaining environment for writers who wanted that Imperial feel, but not so much the endless warmongering and conquests that usually go along with the label. I have made that ideal the center point of posts I make, and intend to keep that feel as we move forward. I feel like the Fel Empire as a major faction will provide a specialized niche for those writers who don't quite know where they could fit in, and a source of good stories and adventures based in the Unknown Regions for those interested. It will also be a good counter point to the more standard Imperial feel other factions give, allowing for writers to have more room to choose the way they want to interact.

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