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Fel Empire [Interest Check]

The Black Flame
[From the Writers Behind Genesis Rotsu and Krag]

The Fel Empire

Seal of the Age of the Phoenix​


Flag of the Fel Empire​


The Fel Empire is a lightside oriented Hereditary Monarchy ruled by the Fel Dynasty. The Empire’s existence is based off the viewpoint that the Republic’s government has become stalled in its duties and purpose thanks to the corruption and inaction of the elected officials. The founder of the Empire, Ronin Fel, also believes that the Jedi have become more obsessed with political position than fulfilling their oath to rid the galaxy of darkness. Thus, the Fel Empire has dedicated itself to pursuing and destroying the Darkside of the Force by ensuring that political bickering does not interfere, through the use of an Imperator (Emperor). The Imperator rules with extensive power but is still advised and slightly limited by a council of Moffs who rule over the sectors within the Empire.​
With the help of the Imperial Knights, who swear loyalty only to the Lightside and the Imperator, the Fel Empire dedicates itself to unity, strength and victory over the Darkside.​

The Fel Empire is a canon faction once ruled by the Fel Empire who took over what was left of the Galactic Empire just before the rise of Darth Krayt. Unlike Darth Sidious’s Galactic Empire, the Fel’s dedicated their society to the destruction of the darkside and adopted a strict “Victory Without War” policy. The Empire was also famous for using Vong technology to help restore planets torn apart by the war with the foreign species. After three generations of the Fel Dynasty, ending with Roan Fel, the Empire fell after Darth Krayt overthrew Roan. The Empire would eventually rise again but quickly be absorbed into the Galactic Alliance.​
During the darkness, the Fel family returned to Corellia where they continued to be looked upon as nobles. The family would rise to no great feats the entire length of the darkness until a son of the family, Ronin Fel, became Supreme Commander of the Corellian Defense Force years prior to the Omega Protectorates rise. Ronin would eventually retire from Corellian military service and move to Coruscant after the Omega Protectorate took control of his home planet. While in the Republic, Ronin would try to join the Jedi order so that he could practice and attempt to grow his powers in the force. The Fel was rejected for his advanced age, but would remain on Corucant to observe the state of the government and the Jedi Order.​
After realizing that the Jedi were crippled and the Republic Government was failing in its duties, the angered noble returned to Corellia to collect his son and travel into the Outer Rim. It is here that Ronin began to spread the knowledge of Fel nobility and the history that his family had in attempt to unify a handful of planets and convince them to begin the 2nd Fel Empire.​

The Government
The Government of the Fel Empire is, as prior stated, a Hereditary Monarchy. The Head of State is the Imperator who is the Supreme Commander of military forces and head of government. The Imperator’s power is unlimited, but his main focus of attention is turned towards galactic affairs while the Moff Council deals with daily life and planetary issues. The Moff Council is made up of officials, who govern entire sectors within the Empire. Each Moff of the Empire is either elected by the planetary governors of the sectors planets or appointed by the Imperator. Moffs can be voted out of office by the planets within their sectors or removed by the Imperator; the Imperator can also overrule any vote by the planets if he wishes.​
Once assembled, the Moff Council works together to create nationwide legislation that affects how each sector runs and how each planet will conform to one another. The planets have no choice in what is passed by the Moff Council and if they are unhappy with their representative, they can hold a vote of no confidence against him. While anyone can be voted to be or appointed to be a Moff or Planetary Governor, most candidates tend to be from noble households. Also, planetary governors of planets annexed by the Empire are traditionally the planet’s original rulers before assimilation. However, if they are unfit to lead then the Imperator can remove them from office and either hold a vote for the next governor or appoint one himself.​
The Imperator, on the other hand, is picked by birth right and must be apart of the Fel Dynasty. Traditionally, the rule is passed down to the next youngest in the family after the Imperators death. However, if the Imperator chooses, any member in the family bloodline cane be chosen for succession.​
The Military
The military of the Fel Empire is based on the Galactic Empire’s structure. There are 3 branches of the Fel military the Naval Legion of the Empire, the Royal Stormtrooper Corp and the Imperial Knights (the latter discussed in the next margin).​
The Royal Stormtrooper Corps is made up of women, men and members of all species and races. To be accepted into the RSC you must be of 18 years of age (17 with parental permission) or equivalent as recognized by your species. The ranking structure is heavily based off of the ancient Fel Empire system which barrowed heavily from the Galactic Empire. Each service member is required to serve a minimum of 4 years with at least 2 years being active service. There is no discrimination and any soldier, regardless of species or gender, can serve in any position they wish. Upon entrance into the Corp, individuals swear allegiance to the Imperator, the Empire and the Lightside of the Force overall.​
The Naval Legion of the Empire is a collection of armadas with a very similar ranking system to that of the Galactic Empire. Prerequisites of the RSC also apply to the Navy, meaning the same service times and ages. The Naval Legion is famous for its extremely difficult academy and acceptance programs. Just as with the RSC, the naval crewmen swear an oath to the Imperator, Empire and Lightside of the Force.​
Order of the Imperial Knights
The Imperial Knights serve as the order of force-users within the Fel Empire. Unlike the Jedi, the Imperial Knights are officially a branch of the Fel Imperial Military and take an active role in maintaining the Church of the Morning Star (a religious organization that teaches the Imperial Knight beliefs in a way that is adaptable to non-forceuser life). The Order does not discriminate based on age and the main focus of lower level training is dedicated almost entirely to resistance of the darkside. As a result, those trained as Imperial Knights from day one are more resistant to darkside corruption and temptation, even showing more power to defend against darkside mind techniques meant to break their will. However, also unlike other branches of Force-Users, the Imperial Knights are sworn to first try and persuade Darksiders to turn from their evil ways before engaging them. If attempt fails, the Knights are then mandated to execute the Darksider as a combatant or as a captured prisoner.​
The Imperial Knights are also the only branch of military authorized to both defend the Imperator and also kill him. It is a government mandated oath that the Imperial Knights kill or rescue the Imperator if he ever submits to the darkside of the force. If the Order believes that the Imperator has been compromised by the Darkside the Archmaster meets with the masters of the order to vote on likeability of the corruption. If the majority votes that corruption is present, the Imperial Knights can take emergency control of the military and storm the Imperial Palace. If the Imperator is unable to be swayed back to the lightside he is to be terminated. If he is able to bring himself back to the light he continues his rule under a much more cautious eye.​
Finally, the Force is not seen as something to be meditated on or thought deeply about in the Imperial Knights. Instead, the Force is seen as a powerful tool that can either be used for evil (darksiders) or for good (lightsiders). There is no concept of balance between light and dark, only the difference between bad people doing bad things with the force and good people doing good things with it. While the Imperial Knights see themselves as Lightsiders, they are considered to be “Gray Jedi” by the Sith and Jedi Orders. While they don’t draw directly from the darkside of the force, they also don’t strictly follow the guidelines of the Jedi either.​
The Ranking Structure of the Knights is as follows​
  • Imperial Cadet (apprentice)
  • Imperial Knight
  • Imperial Master
  • Archmaster (Grandmaster)

The Imperial Knights hold a number of jobs within the Fel Empire, such as serving on the Imperator’s personal guard (The Praetorian), serving as diplomats or maintaining the Church of the Morning Star.

(For more information view the Wookipedia link of the canon organization)

The Culture
The culture that is bred within the Fel Empire is based largely around the concept of honor and “self-excellence”. It is the belief of the Fel Empire that every individual maintain a personal level of excellence that brings honor and praise upon their household. The better reputation you have, the more likely you are to get hired into a well paying job and the richer your family will become (essentially introducing a noble system into the Empire).​
Citizens are also encouraged to follow the same oaths, ideals and personal mandates set by the Order of the Imperial Knights. It is the general belief that if a non-force user learns to conduct him or herself as an Imperial Knight would, that he and all of society will benefit from it. As a response to this ideal, the Empire has instituted the Church of the Morning Star. The Church of the Morning Star is recognized as the official religion of the Empire but is not forced upon the citizens (who are still free to practice as they wish).​
The Church of the Morning Star teaches non-force users about the force and how it is a tool that can be utilized by force users and NFUs alike. Its ideals include the idea that a single individual deciding to do good things is promoting the good karma brought about by the lightside, not only for himself but for all of society. However, if one does bad things than it brings bad karma upon himself and society. While the Imperial Knights do not believe in philosophy surrounding the force, many Morning Star Churches still decide to explore the many different lightside ideologies with their followers. Even though no one is required to be a member of the Church of the Morning Star, its ideals are highly publicized in daily life.​
Lastly, the timeline of the Empire is broken into ages. Each age starts with a new Imperator and ends when their rule ends.​
OOC Questions
  • is this faction restricted to anybody?
As long as your character isn’t a practicing darksider, they are welcome to join! The NPC population of the Empire is a mix of many different species and races, so if the IC logic exists come on down!​
  • Does this faction plan on going major?
By all means we do! We plan on involving every member we possibly can while the process to going major gets rolling. Minor will be loads of fun so when we hit major, things will get fantastically fun!​
  • What can my character do?
Nearly anything under the sun! You can become a planetary governor and maybe even be appointed Moff of a sector one day. Or perhaps, you would rather join the Royal Stortrooper Corp and fight for the progression of light and unity throughout the galaxy. If ground pounders aren’t your style head for the Naval Legion or, if you’re a force sensitive, join the Imperial Knights and run a church, be a warrior or diplomat or even guard the Imperator himself!​
Let the other lines of questioning…commence!

Regor Laxvan

A light side empire, Thad is not oppressive and against corruption. I like this. here might be a possible alliance here, well if your interested in such things Thad is. @[member="Ronin Fel"]

Regor Laxvan

Thad is al I ask, if you ever happen to end up fighting slavers, or any other oppressors, the G.L.C would be glad to fight beside you. @[member="Ronin Fel"]