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Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
So, I’m interested in making my little corner of the galaxy, Kaeshana, something I can get others involved with.
So with this in mind I’m wondering which of two minor faction choices would get the most support. The idea being that the most popular one could incorporate the lesser idea as a subsection.

The Eldorai Matriarchy: Minor faction for Eldorai and those living on Kaeshana. The goal of the faction would be to expand this custom race’s history and culture, and also provide for an interesting series of RPs and some unique tech construction. The faction would be led by Anya Venari, who would be Queen by then.

Firemane Industries: Much like the company submission already made, this is a split off from OP in that it provides weapons and other tech as well as limited mercenary and security forces. This minor faction would be headed by Tegaea, with Siobhan as 2IC/battering ram. This would be a business and company faction.

If you have any questions let me know, and if you’re interested in either let me know.

I’m also looking for faction admins to handle the OOC parts of faction leadership as my staff role here keeps me fairly busy with that sort of thing.

Neither of these factions will ever go major.

Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] Good news!
@[member="Delila Castillon"] #RedheadsReign
@[member="Gilamar Skirata"] Indeed!
@[member=RC-722 "Mazarr"] Indeed!

I'm also pleased to announce that the Eldorai have decreed that males will be treated 'equally' with females. Some of the hard-line conservatives weren't happy about the civil rights amendment....

Anya Venari

Star Queen Tirathana VII
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
You can be Siobhan's XO if you like so you don't have to take orders from one of us. I'll make sure I keep the more troublesome nobles away from you.
Except the ones I feel deserve a punching.
...Which is all of them. Hmm.
@[member="Anya Venari"]

Well then, just point me in the right direction. I still have a lot of rage directed at both the elves and @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]