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Expect the Unexpected | The Rebellion's Rebellion of TSE Held Rimcee Hex


I'm just F'n with you!
“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
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A Few Weeks After the Events of Staring at the Void (TSE Dominion of Rimcee)
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In the aftermath of their previous endeavor Atlas had returned to duty with the Mara-Perlemian Trade Council, the fledgling government as of yet unaware of his own and others extracurricular activities. A few cuts and bruises elicited a few strange looks from some of the command staff but it was little enough that by and large their curiosity was sated by their understanding that sometimes their pilots liked to get a bit riotous on their time off. To date there had been no reports of misconduct from the local enforcement agencies and so as far as they were concerned their pilots took care of their own business.

Atlas wasn't so sure this time though. It had taken a significant amount of arm twisting for him to get his leave approved by the command staff, he'd even volunteered to take additional duty shifts. Begrudgingly, they'd agreed to give him a week of 'personal time' as they called it to sort out his affairs. The pilot hadn't exactly been forthcoming with the details and should command find out what he was really up to, the would be hell to pay - but it was worth it. At least that's what he'd convinced himself.

Second thoughts weren't something Atlas was familiar with but given the circumstances he'd begun to have a few. Their failure at Jaminere had underscored his experience working with other rebel cells, their efforts unorganized and sloppy. They'd proven a point at the very least, that the Sith Empire wasn't quite as secure as might be otherwise thought but ultimately the Empire trudged onward, able to recoup the lost time and production by their efforts. To the casual eye, it even looked as if their expansion had grown exponentially since. It had been discouraging, not only to the pilot turned rebel but also to the shadowy and mysterious figures of the Rebellion as they knew it.

It had been weeks since the failed operation, Atlas had begun to fear the worst - that somehow in their efforts on Jaminere their leadership had been discovered and dispatched. It was with a sigh of relief he'd received a new communique requesting his presence towards another operation. It was that which had caused Atlas to find himself wedged inside the large metal container strapped to the deck of the Cormorant. A generic YT model freighter that had been converted into a medical supply hauler. It had suited their needs, the pilot flew legal cargo regularly and thus almost always had the proper paperwork filed, flight plans published. That and his area of operation had been ideal for the Rebellion - his price had been a bit steep but the reward, if things went well, would more than compensate for the up front.

Intelligence had been disseminated through the ranks that the Sith had claimed control of Rimcee Station. Some pirate had claimed domain over it but had been ousted by the Empire - with ease, by all appearances. The station itself wasn't one of great importance but by all observations it commanded a fair amount of civilian traffic, cargo and transport shuttles would likely be the largest presence. As far as the rebel's objective? That one got a little tricky.

As they'd experienced on Jaminere, the lines got blurred somewhere between 'The greater good' and 'Terrible acts'. Atlas himself had very little weighing on his own conscience but the holonet was filled with news of the event - news that likely made some of them question if this would all be worth it. Some would say the greater good demanded sacrifice towards its end - but if the ends justified the means, what made them any better than the Sith? Was it simply an argument of how to get from point A to point B, or something deeper, more sinister than that? It was a struggle that was constant in the pilot's mind - even now as they traveled closer and closer to their objective. It was too late to turn back now.

"Well lads and lasses, we're approaching Rimcee. Please turn off all electronic devices and ensure your seats are in an upright po--"
His eyes searched the dimly lit container, the light of a single torch illuminating a collection of faces occupying the container around him. From the unamused expressions around him, Atlas grimaced. It was one of his character flaws he supposed, humor at the most inappropriate times - it was one way in which the inner pilot shone through his veneer or professionalism. When death was an eventuality, not a possibility, you had to figure out a way to deal. For him? It was humor. Either way, as Atlas could see the joke failing to land he pulled up hard, clearing his throat before continuing to talk.

"As I was saying then, we're almost to our destination. Sensors show a lot of traffic, more than the initial report."
Atlas held up a datapad, detailed readouts splayed across its screen.
"There's an anomolous presence here, looks like enough gravity signature to be a Star Destroyer. We won't know until we get there but our priority is the station. Everyone knows their part?"
One by one Atlas went down the list, every rebel gathered had their part. Unlike their foiled plot against the Sith at Jaminere, this time there were no rebel fleets, no major space force entering the sector - no, this time they were merely meant to operate under the radar. Unfortunately, this also meant limited reinforcement. They all knew the risks of taking on such a behemoth but they had all come to the same silent conclusion - that this was not only necessary, but right.

The container around them would scramble their lifesigns enough to prevent too close an inspection but allowed them the flexibility to communicate with their pilot over internal comms - which Atlas did.

"Hey cowboy, we're coming up on it. You seeing these sensor readings? Looks like the Sith might have a Destroyer in system. Play it safe yeah?"
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It's Real to Pretend
In orbit around Rimcee Station were several Imperial starships - the largest and most powerful of them being the Angral-class Star Destroyer Thanatos. The Thanatos had been responsible for scanning incoming and outgoing civilian traffic since the system had been occupied, having been temporarily reassigned from the 19th Fleet for defensive duty of Rimcee Station prior to the development of an official garrison fleet for the system. The starship detected the Cormorant and sent out a transmission.

"This is the Imperial Star Destroyer Thanatos. Cormorant, we have records of your trip to Rimcee Station. Please close to within three kilometers of this vessel so we may scan you for contraband."

The bridge officers responsible for scanning the ships that had passed through here were having a pretty boring day. Much of the ship's crew was on leave, including most of the marines on board - the Thanatos was currently operating with a near-skeleton crew. They didn't really want anything too adventurous happening.

Not today.

[member="Atlas Viridian"]

Irajah Ven

Doctor Doctor, Gimme the News
Rimcee Science Station
Bio-Lab Wing
Allies: Caf, TSE [member="Jairus Starvald"] [member="Joycelyn Zambrano"] [member="Djorn Bline"] [member="Leliana"]
Enemies: None yet

"That. Is a terrible idea."

The tone was flat and unimpressed. The beaked face looked up at the lab assistant. While he couldn't see it, somehow he could tell that the figure beneath must be squinting at him.

"Do that and the proteins will fold prematurely before all of the amino acids have lined up and your entire creation will melt into a pile of half liquid meat. I don't know who hired such a massive moron," the buzzing voice, distorted by the vocoder in the mask, dripped with disdain. "Get out of my lab before I make you a permanent resident."

This happened at least once a day. Sometimes more. The turn over rate for assistants for Doctor Vain Jar'he, personal physician for [member="Darth Carnifex"] was high. Fortunately, most of them took the out, rather than her second offer. Well, fortunately depending how you looked at it. Vain didn't much care.

Diminutive, masked, and swathed in heavy robes, the doctor ruled the bio labs, along with their counterpart, [member="Dr. Jain Ve'Rah"]. Outwardly identical, speaking to one or the other for more than several seconds was usually enough to figure out which you were talking to, assuming you knew there were indeed two of them at all. One was sweet and polite. The other?

Was Doctor Vain.

The figure bustled over to the caf machine, grumbling through the garble of the vocoder.

Zek Koth

Zek, for his part, had muted his entire presence in the Force. Utilizing his role in the Republic, he had also brought the group a small gift that they might find useful. While Atlas talked about everyones roles, he pulled a small container from his pocket and opened it. Inside were enough M.I.T.E.'s for the entirety of the group, so he stood and moved around to each in turn, offering one of them to be taken. Of course he told each the three command phrases they would need to know as well.

"A gift from the Republic. Well, technically I confiscated them, but I don't think they will mind," he said, smirking as he settled back into his position.

He was fully geared, of course. Armor, lightsaber, explosives. Lots of the latter. Never know when they might come in handy. The little droids most assuredly would. After the events of Jaminere, where their comms had been scrambled as soon as the Sith were onto them, he'd done some digging and discovered the little communications droids. They were geared specifically for dealing in situations like these. True, he had the Force, but not all of them did.

He checked to make sure everything was tight and resdy and then leaned his head back. This tine they were going to make a difference. This time they were going to strike a blow to the Empire. Literally strike a blow if he had anything to say about it. Of course he would protect the civilians since he was with Atlas' crew and not thr horde, but that wouldn't always be the case. Coeardly civilians that did nothing.

He would respect Atlas's wishes though.

[member="Atlas Viridian"] [member="Kira Vaal"] [member="Kirie Ito"] [member="Cale Gunderson"]

Jairus Starvald

Rimcee Science Station
Bio-Lab Wing
Allies: TSE [member="Dr. Vain Jar'He"] [member="Joycelyn Zambrano"] [member="Djorn Bline"] [member="Leliana"]
Enemies: None yet

He already had two connects for a consistent supply of narcotics and chemicals, but there was nothing wrong with a third supply, no?

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

The ancient old logic as far as Jairus was concerned. His people were growing, the more they had, the faster they broke the newcomers. It was an exponential type of deal and that made it... easier than some of his other projects he had tried in the past. Zambrano had suggested he'd talk to his personal physician once Jairus confided some of his plans in him.

Apparently Vain was quite the scientist.

The doors slid open for him just as some smol assistant hurried out of the bio labs. Too fast and the momentum carried him straight into Jairus' chest. The Sith Lord looked down, confused a bit. The aide looked up, eyes wide and bright. "Oh... oh, oh Lord no, I am so, so so sorry." He bumbled and humbled, stepping a foot back and then shot a quick glance into the lab.

Then back to Jairus.

...the assistant took a step forward.

As if whatever was in there was scarier than the Sith Lord in front of him. Perhaps he was wise in that regard.

"Sure. Go grab me some tea, will you? I have a meeting here." Without waiting for confirmation Jairus pushed him aside (gently, but that still caused him to almost fly to the side) and the Sith stepped into the labs. "I am here to meet one Doctor Vain. Anyone?"
Location: Rimcee Science Station - Bio-Lab Wing
Allies: [member="Dr. Vain Jar'He"] | [member="Jairus Starvald"] | [member="Joycelyn Zambrano"] | [member="Djorn Bline"] | TSE
Enemies: None yet

After having helped clear the station of pirates, Leliana had decided to stick around. She had taken on the initial mission to have a breather after Jaminere. Taking out a bunch of pirates was a lot more calmer than hunting down rebels in a bunch of sewers. Leliana had made the decision to remain and assist in the Empire's endeavours in repurposing the reclaimed station.

She just didn't realize how terribly dull guarding a bunch of scientists would be.

It had been a few weeks, and the only bit of entertainment she got was watching the lab assistants flee. How many had Doctor Vain gone through at this point? At the moment, she could count them on one hand.

The assassin was seated on a counter, located along the right side of the room. She was propped up, back against the wall, but most importantly she was facing the main entrance into the lab. It wasn't the optimal place to be as a guard, but she had been repeatedly told to move when she 'kept getting in the way'.

You only really needed one guess to know which of the two had told her that.

Leliana looked on amused, watching as the latest assistant scrambled out of the lab and into someone outside. They had a visitor it seemed, and the assassin had a suspicion on who it was. Her mission was to specifically guard the doctors, and as such was fed information on any goings on that were planned.

So as Jairus Starvald walked into the lab, she didn't look surprised.

"She's over there." She pointed her thumb over to the masked doctor currently brooding at the caf machine.

Cale Gunderson

Phantom Pains
The Cormorant
Allies: [member="Zek Koth"], [member="Atlas Viridian"], [member="Kira Vaal"], [member="Kirie Ito"]
Enemies: [member="Vanessa Vantai"] technically, [member="Koda Fett"] eventually
Objective: Play it Cool

A destroyer? Perfect.

Lit stimstick trapped between his lips, Gunderson's eyes scanned for any Imperial vessels matching such a description. There was the Thanatos, yes, but even more peculiar was the fact there were two stations. There were not supposed to be two fething stations. He'd have to inform the merry band of insurgents if for no other reason than to update their intel. Before that though, he'd likely need to deal with the the Star Destroyer hailing him.

"Copy that Thanatos, be seeing you shortly." He beamed back, puffing smoke into the cockpit before adjusting his course. There was no need to get jumpy now, he was confident this lot had accounted for scans. Not to mention he'd shot apart haulers for being so much as hesitant under the Dark Lord, Cale knew good and well not to fall victim to deliberation.

Freeing up his hand for a moment he tugged at the red sash hanging over his right side, concealing his amputee status from those only giving a passing glance. He needed to hide his shame, he didn't want anyone's sympathy out here. As the old YT came into the three kilometer distance he wondered for a moment if he wouldn't have been better off staying on Kashyyyk. A gilded cage was still a cage, but she was there, his brother too. Was 'fighting them any way he could' worth leaving all that behind?

He supposed he'd find out.

"Just a heads up, there's a second station in orbit. Not mentioned in the briefing anywhere, gotta assume its new." Cale ran a hand through his increasingly messy hair and sighed, waiting for a response from the rebel over the ships internal comms. He wanted to be down there in the container, sabers clipped to his belt, trading smart remarks with like minded idealists, about to take the fight to the enemy.

But alas, he was missing an arm, and the will that had kept him fighting so hard for so long. Taking another drag from the stimstick, the former Jedi just prayed that they weren't going to get themselves atomized because they used the wrong container.
Darth Vornskr the Second
[member="Dr. Vain Jar'He"] [member="Leliana"] [member="Jairus Starvald"]​
Rimcee Science Station - Creature Observation Deck
Joycelyn Zambrano, Knight of the Sith, Sword of Vahl, daughter to the Emperor and heiress to the name of Vornskr, this was the persona she held as she stood in full armour despite not being in any kind of apparent danger. The black plate was a statement as much as it was practical: She was there to defend the assets of the Sith Empire.

Rimcee station was not chosen without reason either. Much of its technical crew was Vahla, using their space-faring expertise to man and repair the research station, keeping it at maximum capacity so that scientists like Dr. Vain could work undisturbed. But the Vahla were everywhere, loyal to this Empire that had promised to end the lies of the Jedi once and for all and help them re-discover their home world. The Vahla had simply been part of Joycelyn's means to come her, there was another reason why she was there now.


The Rimcee laboratories specialised in biochemistry, and while it may not be the original home of the Marauder and the Menacer, there sure were a lot of them kept there. Where better to study and improve upon void-capable Sithspawn than Rimcee? It was a secluded space station geared for biochemistry after all.

Now, Joycelyn did not have much experience in alchemy, nor sithspawning. She had read about its theories, but not yet fully grasped or started to practice it. What she had done on more than one occasion was to use Sithspawn in her attacks. In fact, she was beginning to develop a certain notoriety for it. Many of her ships were painted with a beastly grin on its side to warn Sith-Imperial troops that inside there be monsters. She had unleashed deadly, giant wasps Alderaan to great effect. On Coruscant she had commanded troops of twisted Eldorai, fronted by Behemoths and Ravagers that tore the populace to pieces.

Even now, a Sithspawn stood by her side, tall and gaunt figure in armour, face obscured behind jagged metal. The lieutenant was an interesting being she had yet to truly become accustomed to, but she was thus far impressed with his ability to learn and adapt.

"So, doctor, you are telling me these creatures can survive in the void?" She rested one hand on the hilt of her sword, another on the railing between herself and the glasteel sheet separating them from the pound. "Even travel through hyperspace?" "It sounds too good to be true"

"I assure you Lord Zambrano: They can do this and more." The scientist sighed and cocked his head to the side. "The ways she twists flesh it is... Inspired." "A true artist."

Joycelyn could smell the emotion wafting off him, some envy, some admiration. Behind them, through an open door portal leading into the real laboratories, she heard words spoken harshly. Joycelyn had spent some time around Dr. Vain now and had come to realise how abrasive the doctor was, but also what genius there was.

"Is this Vain's work?" "Dr. Vain? Nono. These come from someone else entirely." A moment of silence "Vain's creatures are... Something else" Was that fear she tasted?
It's Real to Pretend
[member="Cale Gunderson"]

The scanners of the Thanatos began to scan through the Cormorant, correlating the cargo on board the ship with the listed manifest for the ship's journey to Rimcee Station. When the scanner scanned the cargo container the rebels were hiding in, it gave off irregular readings. Not a sign of life, but certainly something rather odd. The Thanatos contacted Cale. "Cormorant, we're detecting unusual signals from Container 7. What are you carrying in there?" The bridge officer had no intention of doing anything - likely would just send a small team to meet the ship in the hangar bay and check the container to verify the cargo.

Just a routine irregularity to note, that he was sure of. It would be cleared up within five minutes of landing and the Cormorant could go along on its merry way.

Dante Sotari

Rook to Knight Four
Old Imperial Station
Gamma Sector
Allies: TSE, [member="Morgan Vance"] [member="Khonsu Amon"] [member="Alvarex Zambrano"] [member="Kir Barbazu"]
Enemies: Clean up Detail

With the faceplate of her helmet down, she only imagined the smell. But that was all she needed.

Ancient, rickety, the Imperial Station from a by-gone era floated near the center of the system, while the shiny new Sith-Imperial Science station occupied a farther orbit. From here, if one were to look out one of the cloudy transparisteel windows into the dark of space, that shining jewel of modern technology would sparkle like a very large star.

Dante didn't know how long the pirates had been using the old Rimcee station as a base. Long enough to end up with a layered detritus that would thrill an archaeologist she suspected.

"Why don't they just scrap this whole place?" She muttered grumpily to Morgan as they over saw this particular area. The bodies of the pirates themselves had been long since removed, but piles and piles of reminders littered the place.

"Recycle it and make it into something useful," she grumbled. "Empire needs more toasters."
Location: Old Imperial Station
Allies: [member="Dante Sotari"] [member="Morgan Vance"] [member="Alvarex Zambrano"] [member="Khonsu Amon"] TSE
Enemies: Dirt

"Oh by the-" -emperor's nipples.

His arm caught his mouth before he uttered the full sentence. He couldn't actually smell anything thanks to the seal of his helmet, but he could still smell the surroundings. The sight of it was noxious. He wanted to vomit What kind of monster could have done this? It was barbaric.

There were faeces everywhere, smeared on the floor, on the walls, urine pooling in the pits it had corroded. Hygiene products of the long, thin and flimsy nature had been thrown criss-cross across the room in some sort of frenzy.

"Sir I am not cleaning this." "I am a Legionarie, I am here to protect you from pirates and barbaric rebels, not germs." "There aren't any rebels out here, not no more. Only muck" "Get droids to do it."

SL-2222 put the vibromop aside and crossed his arms in front of his chest in his most determined manner. The Ithorian non-com looked at him, then at the crap-tainted bathroom, then back at Kir.

"I concur. Droids will do the rough cleaning." It spoke through the cybernetic voice modulators combined with hygiene respirator as it clicked a couple of buttons on a datapad. A cadre of droids came marching down, and even they stopped and stared in wonder at the mess they were about to embark upon.

Thorac Katon

Darth Virelor
Two Weeks Prior to Rebellion
Thorac had left the wilderness of Dantooine and embarked towards the edge of the galaxy. Thorac had been living in seclusion for approximately 5 years, and the ship he was in showed it. The small transport ship he had commandeered before his self-imposed exile was barely able to leave the atmosphere, much less engage the hyperdrive. For some reason, however, Thorac felt something pull him towards the outer edges of known space.

Thorac's ship's engines come sputtering to a halt as it emerges from hyperspace. As Thorac's ship slowly floats forward, Thorac views a large space station through the front viewport. The space station appeared to have recently endured some sort of conflict, with damage to the outside hull. Thorac also observed what appeared to be Imperial ships surrounding the station.

Appears I am in the right place, Thorac thinks to himself. As his ship slowly floats towards the station, a voice comes over the comm system, "You have entered Sith airspace. Identify yourself and what business you have or be shot down." Though a quick and violent death may take him out of his constant misery, Thorac knew that he had been brought to this station for a reason. With his deep, almost robotic voice, Thorac answers the comms, Darth Virelor. Thorac had not heard that name in several years, and figured it was all but dead to the galaxy. After a short pause, the comms system awakens again, "Proceed to Docking Bay 4 and await further instructions".

Thorac navigates the disabled ship towards the docking bay and lands. Thorac then views several Imperial soldiers enter the docking bay heavily armed. The head of the group announces toward the ship "Exit the ship slowly, no funny business". Thorac chuckles to himself, Quite a crew they have here Thorac exits the ship and is met with barrels of blaster rifles trained towards him. Do you really think that would stop me? Thorac thinks to himself as the commander and his group of subordinates surround him. Thorac sees the stares as the soldiers catch a glimpse of his mask. "We have been ordered to escort you to a secure quarters to await the arrival of one of the Lords. Allow us to relieve you of any weapons and contraband". Thorac knows that he could dispatch all of these goons with ease, but what purpose would that serve? Thorac was not sure why he ended up at the station, but knew that this could be his chance to reunite himself with the Sith. Very well , Thorac states as he removes his hooded robe, exposing his muscular frame, as well as two lightsabers, one on each hip. Two soldiers move up and remove the weapons from his belt. "This way, sir" the commander states as Thorac follows the group out of the docking bay and into the station.

While walking through the station, Thorac sees the carnage of the battle that occurred prior to his arrival. What happened here? Thorac asks the commander. "Pirates, those dirty scum" the commander says with disgusted tone, "They were holed up in the station, we dispatched of them quickly." I hate pirates, Thorac thinks, wishing he had been a part of what appeared to have been a great time. Thorac and the group of soldiers finally arrive at their destination, with the commander typing in a code to open the locked door. "This will be your quarters. You are to stay in these quarters until summoned. Can I provide you with anything or drink?" the commander states as he looks at Thorac's mask. That won't be necessary Thorac states as he walks past the soldiers and towards the bed in the quarters. Thorac had not slept in an appropriate bed in years. Thorac turns and faces the soldiers, all of whom were appeared relieved that no conflict had come from the Sith Lord. "We will notify you when..." the commander begins to explain as Thorac raises his hand slightly, closing the door before he can finish his statement. Thorac hears the door lock and he sits down on the bed, closing his eyes, feeling the ever present pain in his body surging through his bones, trying to kill him, but making him stronger all the while...

Present Day
Thorac sits in the quarters, still waiting on who he may be encountering during his stay on the station...
Rimcee Science Station - Arriving on the observation deck
Allies: [member="Joycelyn Zambrano"] [member="Leliana"] [member="Jairus Starvald"] [member="Dr. Vain Jar'He"]
Enemies: No one yet

Equipment: Lightsaber Glasses

The turbolift to the observation deck came to halt, the doors opening to reveal the Lady of Secrets. For once, she was not garbed into robes or a dress, but a white jacket over a black shirt and pants. This was a science station after all, and it was not like this station and its sister were going to be attacked. She did, however, wear her lightsaber on her belt and her glasses were perched on her face, running feeds to the datapad in her hand. She had arrived at just the right theatrical moment as well.

"They're mine, in fact," she said, stepping up towards Joycelyn and the attending scientist. Beyond, she could make out the shapes of her first forays into creating void-capable Sithspawn. "They were an interesting project to be sure. Although, further research and improvements are always appreciated, Knight Zambrano."

It would be the second time they would be meeting, although the first had been when she was still forced to disguise herself when among her fellow Sith. Now, she could walk as freely as she desired among her peers. Oh there might be the occasional suspicious look, considering until just recently she was the public face of the New Jedi Order, but she paid them no heed.
tinker tailor soldier spy
Old Imperial Station
Gamma Sector
Allies: TSE, [member="Dante Sotari"] [member="Khonsu Amon"] [member="Alvarex Zambrano"] [member="Kir Barbazu"]
Enemies: Clean up Detail

Morgan squinted at the garbage waste.

Where they on Raxus Prime? It sure seemed that way right now. "Waste not want not? Feth if I know." Vance finally said, before sighing and rechecking the perimeter for the umpteenth time. Not like it was actually necessary in the moment. "I am more concerned with why we were put on this mission. Didn't realize garbage is in need of some clandestine... downsizing." They had been inserted here a week ago and Morgan still didn't understand what they were doing here.

Usually their assignments were more explosive.

They weren't always together through it, but it was a rare thing where their job didn't include some version of wanton destruction and-or killing.

"Hey look, cargo ship." He drew her attention towards the sensor panel at the wall. It gave them some idea of what was happening outside. The Sith Empire... always ready for the worst. "Hope they got us something edible to eat, I am tired scrounging those dry biscuit of theirs."

The last supply run had been a while ago- week or two if the schedule was correct. That meant the station was running out of the basic supplies at this point, but that didn't surprise anyone. Rencee was out here in the middle of nowhere. Very close to Bastion? Sure, but it was still on the edge of the Empire, while most of their attention was at the front around Voss. They wouldn't be starving and Morgan doubted they'd forget to send in the toilet paper.

But this rickety tick durasteel can wasn't going to get gilded toilets anytime soon.

Thank the Force for [member="Cale Gunderson"]'s supply run then.

"Maybe have some corellian whiskey smuggled in too, these cargo liners always have something stashed for us, eh?"

Kira Vaal

Jaminere had been to the Rebellion more of a success then even many within this container could have believed. Yes the Sith had managed to force control back over the system, imposing their cruel rule upon the apparent Imperial heart of the planet while crushing what rebellious fringe groups had arisen thanks to the Rebellion’s intervention on the planet. They had been lucky to have escaped with their lives, but had even if separately managed to get off the planet before the Sith pressed down too hard against them.

The past few weeks had involved dodging and weaving the suspicions of the Sith territories, avoiding the continued action that would see them actively hunted down as the great enemy became more and more concerned with the Core War that had almost overnight seemed to hint at the collapse of the Galactic Alliance, the last great light.
Now as the Sith seemed to once again fully envelop the galaxy the Rebellion was reminded that no matter how secure their enemy small activities such as Jaminere could indeed hurt them.

Unfortunately activity wasn’t glamorous and Kira, like last time had found herself under the guidance of a pilot who wasn’t herself. The Falcon once more left behind as the young Jedi had slid into a storage container with the others who had received the call dispatched by Rebel Command. At least with others present see had people to talk to during the journey, which had allowed the time to pass easier as she had gotten to know several who she had served with before yet not really met since taking her ‘station’ within the Trade Council’s Jedi Order. It had been these conversations that had caused Kira to grunt in a hidden laugh as Atlas made his quip, she would have personally loved this to be one of the civilian transports rather then a hidden crate.

The mood had as always began to darken as the ship was hailed, the security for the Sith as ever over compensating towards the ever present flow of traffic.
“Why is it that every time that we try to sneak into a heavy traffic lane we get pulled out and inspected?” Kira muttered. “I told you to fly casual…”
A military presence was to be expected, the Sith had after all just eradicated a pirate presence from the system. It had been these pirates that had allowed the Rebellion to learn that the Sith had reached out to these parts, which had green lighted the mission to investigate exactly why the Empire would be establishing a hold on such a backwater.
Someone mumbled nearby, saying something about using her ability in the force to trick the star destroyer into letting them fly onwards.
She chuckled.
“What you think I can simply reach out and pull the star destroyer around with my mind?” How stupid that would be. “Unlike popular belief, not how the Force works.”

Koda Fett

Location: Old Imperial Station - 'Contractors' Hangar Bay
Allies: The Sith Empire
Adversaries: The Rebellion - [member="Cale Gunderson"]

Science was never a field that the Mandalorian was particularly well versed in, although, the science behind a wide array of explosive devices can be explained with excruciating depth- even to a point to drive any academic to boredom. It used to be his job, after all, and he had handled his fair share of the lethal equipment. From thermal detonators, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, and then entire nuclear bombs, all had been handled by the Mandalorian in a time that seemed all too long ago. Yet, as he previously strode by screens, scientists, and the lot, he was lost. None of this made sense, and it didn't need to. He was merely a Bounty Hunter at the end of the day. He was paid to capture things, and his most recent delivery is what brought him to Rimcee, but that was all over now.

​Fett's booted feet collided with the flooring of a more 'private' hangar, one provided especially for those that dipped their toes or entire body on the wrong side of the law, but were still hired by the Sith Empire to do the work they officially™ couldn't. His own Blaster Carbine remained slung over his left shoulder, the stock pointing towards the ground, allowing his right hand to snatch at the correct area in a moments notice, if the need arrived. It was strange to think that even when surrounded by those he could call allies, he was still on edge. It went to show how poor paranoia could affect a man who took 'never trust anyone' a little too far.

The fingers on his right hand fiddled with a credit-chip that held more money than he'd care to say. Koda Fett was many things, and one of them was expensive. The same boots that collided with the flooring soon began to ascend up the ramp of the Spear II, soon to be lost to the galaxy until another job presented itself, or he went looking for one. At least, that's what it seemed like. The truth was that this job was soon to take an unexpected detour.

Ria Misrani

It's a New Day

Beta Sector
Allies: [member="Dante Sotari"] | [member="Kir Barbazu"] | [member="Morgan Vance"] | [member="Khonsu Amon"]
Enemies: N/A
Current Objective: Detail, Clean-Up
In the sector over from Gamma, Alvarex and his squad of Blackblades swept through. "Tell me again why we're here?" One of them scoffed. The indignity of the actual sweep. Rex shifted his gun and held the handle of the broom. "It's called humility brother, after all was it I who lost that bet?" His voice was hidden beneath the vocal scrambler of the Blackblades. To most others it sounded like gibberish utterly indistinguishable. To he and his men, it was an everyday conversation. The eight foot tall, muscular build of the Epicanthix leader was hidden behind the armor of the Blackblade. Death trooper to most who knew it by sight.

"Twas not I who thought that my game of sabbac so clever."

"Easy, I get it, it's me. I lost the bet and now we're taking over for the regular patrol."

The five men let out a mix of either chuckles or groans, either way, none of them really wanted to be on the old imperial station. Having left the slaughters of Coruscant behind this was perhaps a nice break between campaigns. Rex watched as another of his brothers who towered over him at eight foot four pick up the smallest and most delicate piece of decor to clean underneath it. "Such a nice touch, brother. Any nicer and I think you and my sister should have words."

"Which sister?"

Now all the men started to laugh.

Jokes were made, most of the inappropriate form but when the laughter subsided they were back at their work. This area of the station was starting to come together quite nicely.


I'm just F'n with you!
Aboard the Cormorant, a YT model Freighter...
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A shuffle from the other side of the conex box drew Atlas' attention from the screen for a moment, eyes narrowing as he tried to make out who it was. *Zeke* At least that's what he thought he could remember. The Rebellion was fragmented, cells across the greater galaxy rarely interacting and even when they did - through intermediaries and messages. As the shuffling continued, Atlas saw the small case being passed around, the Zabrak's words illuminating the reason.

"Isn't that handy. Zeke, right?"
Before the Zabrak could respond a gentle chirp caught his attention. It seemed their course had changed, now heading towards a large mass disruption according to the scanner data. *The Star Destroyer?* A soft grunt of frustration escaped Atlas' lips as he took the M.I.T.E. from the Zabrak. The fact they'd managed to relay sensor data to the datapad he held was great but it was a far cry from being able to see what was going on from a cockpit. How Atlas wished he was in a cockpit now, free among the stars as opposed to this dingy container. It couldn't be helped. Their little Rebellion didn't have the resources of a full fledged navy or planetary military - they'd have been blown out of the sky as soon as they'd arrived in system.

About to ask about their course change, he was interrupted by their own pilot's voice.

"Just a heads up, there's a second station in orbit. Not mentioned in the briefing anywhere, gotta assume its new."
*Two stations?! They hadn't planned for that.* Rapidly inputting a few commands on the touch screen of the datapad, Atlas honed in on the largest mass shadow. Manipulating the controls a few more times he was what he was afraid of begin to take form. The largest mass shadow wasn't merely a Star Destroyer. Two gravity signatures had nearly merged to form a single image, whether by distortion or proximity, a Star Destroyer and the second station their pilot had mentioned. *That changes things* he thought. A frown of concern stretched across his features, eyes scanning the container at the faces who had undoubtedly heard.

"Looks like we're working off old intel - nothing new though is it?"
A quick wink and a forced smile attempted to conceal the Pilot's anxiety.

"I can only assume we're closing on the Destroyer because they want to scan us. Must have tightened security around here too. We should be safe down here though."
Atlas gave the side of the container a gentle knock.

"If they board, I need everyone to be absolutely silent. They'll likely check most of the containers, even the one above us. If we can make it past that scan, we'll be home free."
Atlas knew they all recognized the importance of their mission, the importance of the Rebellion. Even so, it was reassuring to hear the words spoken aloud. Too often had the untrained commanders of the Trade Council let silence fall upon their pilots before an operation when there should have been words. No great speeches or rousing dialogues, but something. As the last of the comm M.I.T.E.'s were handed out, Atlas replied to the pilot. Their communications were running at such a low frequency that the signal barely penetrated the box, much less the hull of the ship.

"Let's play ball - I know this isn't your first rodeo, but let us know if you need anything from us. We're all in this together."
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Cale Gunderson

Phantom Pains
The Cormorant
Allies: [member="Zek Koth"], [member="Atlas Viridian"], [member="Kira Vaal"], [member="Kirie Ito"]
Enemies: [member="Vanessa Vantai"] technically, [member="Koda Fett"] eventually
Objective: Play it Cool

Cale knew well enough how to conceal things he didn't want found, after all he'd spend almost a decade running security on One Sith controlled worlds, he knew from personal experience how they operated. Codes and equipment changed, but the procedures and people stayed mostly the same. Storing the rebels beneath another container, one filled to the brim with a host of perishable medical supplies and some organic matter was more than enough to put off some strange readings, and to hopefully draw attention away from his real cargo.

"Thanatos I've got some supplies on board that required suspension stored in there, should be the source of your readings." He answered cooly, exhaling smoke as he rolled his eyes. Keeping the old YT on course, he did a quick check on his motion sensors and it appeared that a squadron of TIEs hadn't been scrambled yet, which meant so far they were doing alright.

The rebel's words were kind, he appreciated the camaraderie, though he was sure it would vanish the moment one of them figured out just who he was. He hadn't bothered giving them a false name, there was no point really, but the documents the Sith had for him identified him under a different moniker. Cale was just another lost soul trying to make up for the sins of his past. He doubted they or the Sith would remember, or bother to verify who he'd been, but one could never be too sure with the latter as they'd likely imprison him whereas the former would look on him with that mixture of pity and distrust he hated so much.

"Will do, just sit tight, doubt this'll be too much of an issue." Cale responded, attempting to reassure the rebels as much as himself. The scan wasn't a big deal, he was still more concerned they were going to confiscate his damn Corellian whiskey, some smug agent probably was aching for it somewhere. Greedy bastard.
Zahori Denko
Location: Mess Hall - Rimcee Science Station
Objective: Eat and talk business.
Allies: The Sith Empire
Enemies: Hunger

Zahori sat within the Admiral's mess of the cafeteria, eyeing the food that was laid out before her on her tray. One may think that as an admiral, Zahori would be able to procure only the finest of meals to sate her hunger. This was nowhere near the truth. While her food was leagues above what the rest of the naval personnel had for food, it wasn't any 5 star meal. After moments of picking at her food with her fork, Zahori eventually dug in and started eating the mixture of mystery meat and potatoes.

Then a knock at the door.


The door slid open, revealing Major Uvkithis on the outside of the admiral's mess. The Ssi-ruu stepped into the room and the door shut behind him. "Admiral. I have come at your request. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Zahori took hold of her glass and swirled it around, causing the water inside to swirl about in it's container. "I've called you here, Major, to discuss your new position. It's been some time since we dropped the Confederacy and joined the Sith Empire and I have yet to ask your opinion on where I have taken us. So, let's hear it. Are you content with your current arrangements?"

"Oh, yes. Very content, Admiral. I was growing rather sickened and annoyed by those weak-minded cowards in the Confederacy. I only wish we could have abandoned them sooner."

"Good. That's very good to hear. I hear you've been keeping quite busy. Doing excellent work for the Empire. That is most wonderful news. The next stages of our plan are slowly coming together. Soon, we'll be able to execute the final solution. And then, we'll have more power than any could possibly imagine."

"Eager does not begin to explain how I am feeling, Admiral."