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[ENDGAME] Divided We Fall - GA Territory PvE

Moonage Daydream

He shook his head. Reports were coming in from all over the Alliance. Things were bad. They were getting worse. Reports from deep in the Alliance, calls for help. Calls to the New Jedi Order, to any allies in the vicinity. And the GADF already stretched. There was a coup occurring. Members of Coren Starchaser’s home were turning on their own. He looked over the screens in front of him, the ones that Porter, his ever trusty astromech had hijacked from Jyoti Nooran’s ship. With a hand, Coren reached up for his forehead and ran a hand down his face, stubble from the past few days of sleeplessness.

He looked around the room, Alliance soldiers and Jedi sentinels with him. He nodded to each of them. They were ones he could trust, this ship were people he could trust. And he thought more of the Alliance was full of beings he could. But he was wrong. The Sith, or some entity, had infiltrated deep into the Alliance military and political structure. He wasn’t sure who, but his mind, and the Force, was telling him it was the Sith. That was not something he was willing to believe, but, apparently stranger things had happened. He was looking at reports, trusted intelligence operatives, pilots, ships crews, even ranks in the New Jedi Order were calling that their own friends, men and women they called family, were turning on them.

How did he miss this?

What was he paying attention to? Fighting the darkness? And it was here, within the Alliance the whole time? Is this what happened to the Republic? No, that was infighting of its own design. This… This was something intelligently orchestrated. This was slow, methodological. The Sentinels and Inquisitors were built to stop this, but… had they all been duped?

“Nooran, continue on. I need to get to the Temple.” Grand Marshal Taeli Raaf was there. He needed to see what he could do to help. But first he needed to secure her. He was the Sentinel. And he always felt off trusting her, even since the disappearance of Corvis, but he needed to be there. To see what he could. He turned back to his droid.

“Broadcast this…

“Attention Galactic Alliance citizens. This is Coren Starchaser. Some of you know me as a Commander, others as a Marshal. But like many of you, I am a patriot. The Galactic Alliance is a beacon of hope in this galaxy. I am hearing reports of what is going on. But the Alliance is all of you. You are responsible for these ideals, for yourself, and for your neighbor. We need you to defend the Alliance. Protect those that you can, fight for those that you can’t. Our way of life is under assault. Only united can we persevere.” He gave a nod to his droid.

Without a word, he began collecting his gear, he could feel the Capitol closing in.

OOC: This is it, ladies and gentlemen. The End Game of the Galactic Alliance. This thread is happening while Coren Starchaser in on his way to Coruscant. It is used to set the stage for YOUR adventure. The Galactic Alliance hosts dozens of worlds and sectors of the galaxy, and as everyone will see, they are all under assault. A message has been sent out by Taeli Raaf to agents working within the Galactic Alliance borders to strike, and strike hard.

Start your own threads around the GA space, helping to protect the planets, VIPs, and knowledge of the faction, or you’re part of the dark side, and you’re out for blood, taking the fight to the Alliance in a PvE or PvP manner. These can be on some of the major selected worlds (Coruscant, Fondor, Lothal), but can occur anywhere you want to tell a story, be it PvP or PvE. Lets have fun with these threads!

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote

The message had bounced its way along private hypercomm relays, just lonely rusty beacons all up and down the Nagai Trade Spine. By the time Jorus got it, Coren's voice was half static. So were the attached reports, but the gist carried through. A state of unexpected and profound crisis permeated the Galactic Alliance from Lothal to Coruscant. And way out here, committed to this expedition, there wasn't much Captain J.Q. Merrill could do about it. To his mild surprise, he found he wanted to. Much as the Alliance's stricter and more authoritarian elements had always rubbed him the wrong way, they'd been good neighbours and their people didn't deserve this kind of chaos.

He sent some messages of his own back down the relay line, alerting Underground assets who probably knew more than he did anyway. Then he turned off his cabin console and started sorting through hard-copy star charts bartered from a Maccabree merchant. There was nothing else to be done.
The First Daughter
While the world had received [member="Coren Starchaser"]'s message, Chandrila was in no state to assist. The Order of Shadows operatives had damaged the primary communications and Holonet hub to the world, but grainy images and cries for help would reach the Jedi Master as the planet was gripped by chaos... and then worse.

The images would reveal a horrifying and familiar sight to the Jedi Master and those loyal to him. Sithspawn, entire hordes of the beasts were pouring onto the world from Sith ships that arrived in system. Menacers and Marauders prowled space above the planet, attacking any ship that was not exuding the dark side, including any ships trying to evacuate refugees. If it was not fast enough to jump to hyperspace, the spawn and Order of Shadows controlled ships would deal with them.

Wyverns and Cobras shrieked in the skies, engaging hastily scrambled loyalist fighters and people on the streets or rooftops. On the ground, Ravagers, Festerers, Behemoths, Blighters, Rupturers, and Horde Mothers attacked. It was a slaughter, pure and simple, and the Order of Shadows was commanding the symphony of destruction. A Jedi stationed in the world was repeatedly trying to raise the lead Sentinel, the sounds of monsters and his comms.

"We are under attack! Requesting... AHHHH!"

Fiolette Fortan

En Route to Skor II

Task Force 223; the Red Maws
Commodore A. Walzer
"Inform Yvarro that we're on approach to Skor II."

Commodore Walzer recalled the battle clearly in his mind, it was, quite frankly an embarrassment to the entire Navy. The Silver Jedi had been repaid for this already, now as the Galactic Alliance sat burning from within. Now was the opportunity to choke the life from this pathetic planet, "for the Order, for Primo Victoria. Today, they will feel the wrath of the Imperials." He was sure now more than ever he had made the right decision to join his former commander. His battleship along with a select number of artillery vessels, torpedo frigates and mandalorian crusiers from the old Mando'ade stock now raced for Skor II. The hum of the engines brought him comfort.

"Message sent, for the Order."

Today a wrong would be righted, the precious Alliance would be gone - he remembered their vile acts on Kaeshana, he remembered their march through the Ison corridor. Skor II would burn, set aflame from all the might that they could muster.

Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
The Corellian System

"...Our way of life is under assault. Only united can we persevere."

"Join the Metal Lords! No, the Free Worlds Coalition! No, the Alliance!"

Seriously, how many intergalactic governments could a single star system go through in a fething year? Had it even been a year? "The last galactic government you'll ever need, they said," the young Jedi blurted aloud, unusually disturbed by the sequence of events.

He'd spent years developing contacts and contracts with the worlds and governance of the Galactic Alliance. Feth, he'd even represented the worlds of the Alliance to planets at one point or another. And, now, he was watching all that come apart at the seams. The HoloNet was a flurry of activity. Conflicting reports from Sullust, from Coruscant. Lothal had gone dark. It wasn't even pinging as connected to the grid.

In the meantime, there was indications of movement from the Mandalorian Empire, from the First Order, and from the Sith Empire.

And all of those things were uncomfortably close to Corellia.

"Somebody find what fething dive [member="Julius Sedaire"]'s passed out in and then throw some fething water on him. And then hand him a fething lightsaber," the child-knight barked bitterly.

No, masters of the Holy Order of Jedi Knights did not swear.

Yes, Sor-Jan was making an exception on this day.

The young Anzat was standing in the center of Corellia Digital's galactic operations center on Drall, a vantage point connected to almost every point in the galaxy through the myriad of telecommunications satellites and subspace radio relays that Corellia Digital had seeded across the cosmos. And the ambiguity of information now presented him, combined with the message from [member="Coren Starchaser"] didn't inspire confidence in Corellia's newest landlord. "A big lightsaber," the boy amended a moment later.

Were those Sith Empire star destroyers orbiting Coruscant? "A really big lightsaber."

Gorram damn it all. Sor-Jan had a hard enough time defending his commercial shipping operations. He couldn't run a business and defend all of Corellia.

What the feth were they going to do if the First Order or Sith Empire arrived amid the Five Brothers? "Then find out who the feth is running CorSec," the boy shouted, before he turned to look over at the logistics and transportation section. "I want all commercial traffic in Alliance space routed to either Commenori space or the Coalition."

No, he didn't really trust those Commenori karkers. He'd heard all kinds of mixed up reports about Queer-Air or whatever the king's name was. But he had business contact and contracts with some of those worlds, so it was at least neutral harbor if not safe harbor.

Right now, until he had a better picture of what was happening, that would do.

"Send the Intervention to Kashyyyk. All other self-defense forces are recalled to Corellia." The Intervention was designed for the Kathol Outback. Yeah, it was a star destroyer, which kept pirates away. But it wasn't built for peer-to-peer combat. No, if he was going to duking it out old skool with [member="Kyrel Ren"] or some other Sithed up motherfether, it would have to be one the Invicta-class star destroyers. Or one of the Mon Calamari cruisers. Something that could go toe-to-toe with the First Order, at least long enough to evacuate people from the Five Brothers.

Evacuate Corellia. Now there was a depressing thought.

Let's hope it didn't come to that.

"Merry fething Life Day, motherfethers."

Who was he talking to? The Sith. The First Order. The Alliance. All of them.
The Reaper of Won Shasot
Location: Leaving Dxun's atmosphere

The Azalea got the call, same as everyone else. With Dax away on some sort of expedition to Firefist, Halzyn and the rest of the crew were on their own. The Soldier had immediately hopped into the captain's chair and began barking orders, the bridge already a frantic mess in an effort to assist in evacuating as many civilians as they could fit, and then squeeze in a few more.

"Sir, we're already prepped and ready to go, co-ordinates are set for Alderaan."

"Punch it, full speed, we need to get there, and fast."
"Copy." The Azalea gave the smallest, almost undetectable shudder that signaled the success.
"I want all hands on deck, we don't know what we're diving into here. Medical personnel on standby, and get the boys kitted up, chances are we're heading into a live fire zone. Fit everyone you can. We'll jump to ORC space, refuel and head right back. Get it done." Without another word, the orders went over intercom, the crew through the whole ship becoming a flurry of activity, each preparing to do their duty, "We hear anything else from the Alliance?"
"No sir," reported one of the comms technicians, "Nothing we didn't know already at least. Alderaan is confirmed a hot zone, we're gonna need to clear some space to start pulling people in."
"Feth...Tell security to prep in case we're met with boarders. I want the rest of the ground pounders to be ready for whatever hell's waiting down there for us. I'm gonna go grab the rest of my gear, and head to the hangar, Viari, bridge is yours. Green light us when we can drop. We got lives to save people, no mistakes here."

Ciir turned around and headed towards the lift, the crew around him frantically trying to make sense of what was going on, what had happened to the illustrious Alliance. "And may the Force be with us...may the Force be with us all..."

OOC Note: Open to PvP or collaboration for PvE, just shoot me a DM! I'll be using my NPC since Dax is currently occupied.

Brad Solo

Not Your Typical Jedi
System: Corellia
Location: CorSec HQ /// Captain Solo’s Office

Well someone had to do the paper work. Brad was just filling pout the latest mission report. It was an interesting one at that. He and Lieutenant [member="Sasha Starkos"] had to pick up a really dirt bag, the filth that had killed his father Nathen Solo.

Brad paid no mind to the Holo News report playing in his office. So the Galactic Alliance was falling. Last week it was the Free Worlds Coalition. Brad just did not sweat these things. Now if the Sith were attacking again he would just smirk. He honestly would not mind if he got to shot some Sith today.

Roth Tillian



Roth rubbed his temple, studying the readouts as they came in. It was bad. It was very bad. Everyone had decided to coordinate together for one last throwdown against the Alliance, including Sith ships buried deep beneath Coruscant. He knew they should have left the world alone. Let some other poor karker keep it. Now, it looked like the time for that had arrived.

SIS officers were bustling about, running data and doing the rest of their spook jobs. Roth and the Wild Knights just had to wait. Something would survive this assault and they would regroup from there. Find a new location or something.

The Force rippled down his spine and Roth sat up suddenly. One of the agents cast a side-ways look at him.

"Got a problem, flyboy?" The voice was casual, but it was hard, and carried a hint of a threat in it. Roth's hand drifted to his blaster. Nobody here knew the true nature of the Wild Knights. They were just test-pilots to them. In an instant, the agent's hand went for his gun.

Before he could reach it though, Roth dove backwards behind a console. Blaster fire ripped into it, sending sparks shattering across the floor. Alarms blared at the sound of gunfire that echoed through the rest of the facility.

Knights, he broadcast, secure the hangar. Get every weapon, piece of ammunition, and supply you can grab. We're blasting out. Taking the prototypes with us.

Responses flickered through his mind and as the control room exploded into a battle, Roth ran for the door. It slid open just enough for him to slide through. Then he was off, running again.

Ishana Pavanos

A Reason to Live
Kro Var

[member="Kaalia Pavanos"]
On Balmorra they evacuated her family.

Today, they would find Kaalia's.

"Last time I was this far out, I was losing my drink rations to Pierce Fortan," she commented as the shuttle maneuvered through atmosphere. Kro Var was rapidly approaching. Ishana and her wife arrived ahead of the Sith-Imperial forces. "Have you been able to make contact with them?" The Balmorran asked, and looked out over the viewport, Sith-Imperial forces might be the least of their worries. First Order forces were a looming shadow overhead. "Taking us down."

The sound of the shuttle cut through the all-too-quiet air.

Ishana rose from the pilot's seat, "you alright?" No, no of course Kaalia wasn't alright but the question was asked anyway, as well as the added realization. "I just realized, I've never met your parents before." While she hoped they approved, the Balmorran wasn't exactly banking all her hopes and dreams on it.

Dirks Hutchinson

OCC Account - Currently on LOA
Corellia - Coronet City
CorSec HQ
w/[member="Brad Solo"]

Sasha pulled into her parking spot in OneCorSec Plaza's garage, then just sat there for a moment as she listened to the news reports that Sith forces were attacking Galactic Alliance worlds and assets across the galaxy. It sent a chill down the redhead's spine. The Governor of Corellia had called for calm, but put the Corellian Defense Forces on alert and for all to prepare for the worst just in case.

Really, ya think?!

The Major Crimes lieutenant detective got out of her speeder, then went to the trunk and grabbed a tactical bag out of it before heading to the turbo lift. This time she wouldn't be fighting dark siders without having proper gear as when the One Sith remnants attacked her homeworld a few months back.

As floor numbers ticked off, the spirited Corellisi thought about a certain JAG officer and decided to get off early on his level. A quick walk down the corridor and she was at the captain's door.

"Knock, knock," Sash smiled, taking a few steps inside Solo's office as jade green eyes spotted the dark haired CorSec legal beagle doing paperwork steadfastly at his desk as the holonews was muted on the wall screen.

"Did you hear about the attacks across the galaxy by the Sith? Gods not again... I knew we should have taken those vacation days when we had the chance," the copper red-haired woman quipped, dropping her bag on the floor near the entrance before strolling over to the window to look out at Coronet's cityscape. All was quiet at the moment... How long would it last? Turning around, she moved over to the edge of the desk.

"Is that the case against your father's killer? How's it shaping up? I hope you get your day in court with him. He's a... well there's not a good enough name to use."

Garith Organa

Man of Steel
The Alderaan Jedi Temple / The Forge
Just before the attack

The red hues flickered through the darkened shadows of the forge. The fire of the forge kept the room muggy as one man hovered over an anvil. The hammer came down striking the elongated piece of red hot metal. The prince did not flinch as spark flew. Despite the environment the he looked at peace. Each movement seemed in rhythm and at balance with the energies around him.

The last time Alderaan was attacked Gar’ith Oragan was down here as well. He had spent most of his time down here. Years had a toll on the Jedi master. War even took its toll on the stout of heart. He did feel edger now days. Behind every corner he looked as if there was some new Sith attack. Because of this it was exhausting to be in public. Here alone was about the only place he could find peace.

[member="Dax Fyre"] and anyone joining the Alderaan front…

Brad Solo

Not Your Typical Jedi
System: Corellia
Location: CorSec HQ /// Captain Solo’s Office

Hearing [member="Sasha Starkos"] ‘s voice Brad did not look up right away. He went to finish out his last thoughts typing them down. Nothing sucked more then not remembering the exact words you wished to type down.

“Yes, I heard”, Brad saved the document then looked up to the red headed CorSec officer.

“Question”, smirking who knew what could be on Brad’s mind at that moment. “I say if, if the Sith are going to attack would it be wrong, if I was looking forward to shooting them?”

“As for the case of the slave ring king pin? It is going well. Because of my connection with the case another Jag officer has been assigned to prosecute. I do not know at this time if I will be called as a witness.”

Brad’s eyes drifted over to the window for a moment. He did not see anything out of the ordinary out there. That did not mean nothing war was not brewing.
The Reaper of Won Shasot
Location: Above Alderaan

The Azalea dropped out of hyperspace into a hail of fire coming in from all sides. "Bank right, bank right!"

The metal hull of the frigate groaned as the pilot struggled to maneuver the vessel out of the way of an incoming barrage turbolaser fire. The screaming sound of metal sheering apart followed by the deep boom of an explosion reverberated through the halls as one of the rounds grazed hull of the ship. Several started screams, yells and curses were heard throughout as people were knocked off their feet or into walls or each other.

Halzyn scrambled onto his feet within the Dawn, one of two vessels making their way down to the planet's surface. From the bridge, the call to deploy was sounded, and the Soldier hoisted himself into the chair and rocketed away from the hangar bay, leaving the dark sillouhette of the frigate behind. The Soldier had to force the Dawn to weaving its way through some stray debris that had just been shot off of the hull from one of the hostile vessels. It was clear that making their way down to the planet would be just as hard as getting people off of it.

[member="Garith Organa"]

Dirks Hutchinson

OCC Account - Currently on LOA
Corellia - Coronet City
CorSec HQ
w/[member="Brad Solo"]
Ally in vicinity [member="Sor-Jan Xantha"]

Solo sure seemed cool, calm, and collected under all that Corellian charisma... Was that the truth though? Starkos couldn't read him that well yet.

"No, not wrong at all," Sash shook her copper red head. The lieutenant detective just had a bad feeling, worse than before. These attacks weren't isolated. Very widespread and organized... too organized. It was meant to block out the light completely and all that was good in this galaxy, well as they knew it to be.

"Just I'd rather have a Twistler in hand, toes in the sand, the sun warming my body, and the cool ocean breeze on my face.... Though I have to admit, shooting bad guys does get my blood boiling," the spirited Corellisi smirked with a twinkle in her dark green orbs.

Sasha followed Brad's gaze that wondered over to the window and beyond. The man's aloofness sometimes drove the redhead mad.

"So... What are your Jedi senses telling you, hmm? Anything tingling?"
Burn the Mantle
Location: Kro Var
Objective: Find parents, convince them to come
With: [member="Ishana Pavanos"]

Somehow, war had come to the doorstep of not only her wife's family, but now also Kaalia's own.

For many years she barely even understood the notion of family, let alone truly cared for it. It was a time when she knew literally nothing about her parents and Ishana was still a stranger, but meeting the woman who would later become her wife had drastically changed her perspective. She had come to realize how important family was and it had become the one thing that mattered to her the most, even if contact was almost impossible.

It was a chance opportunity during the time the two aboard the ship now had recently gotten engaged that had allowed her to, under an alias, come down to Kro Var for the first time since she was taken away as a child of three years old. There she finally met her parents for the first time after simply mentioning the name Voldaren quickly got her the information she needed to track them down. She thought back on it now, knowing that this time it was much more urgent. Although Sith-Imperial forces had not yet arrived, those who had been secretly collaborating on the plan to bring down the Galactic Alliance had already begun their system-wide attack. All Kaalia could do was hope she wasn't already too late.

"I don't even have a way of contacting them," the reply sounded, coated in a layer of anxiety. The earlier remark seemed to be an attempt to lighten the air somewhat, but it had little effect on her. "I didn't want to put them at risk, who knows what the Alliance would do if they found out they were keeping contact with people of the Sith Empire." She didn't even know if they still lived where they did when she had last been here, but since it was the only thing she had to go on it would be where the search would start.

The shuttle began to descent and Kaalia closed her eyes to focus on keeping her mind clear before cutting off the process when she was spoken to once again. "I'm worried. Really worried." The situation on Balmorra had already been stressful and now there was a chance she would lose her closest family without having been able to create memories with them. "I have only met them once, not long after you proposed. I told them about you and they really wanted to meet you," she said with a sigh following afterwards. "I hope that's still possible."

When they finally touched down, the redhead wasted no time disembarking and taking in her surroundings, trying to retrace her steps from the last time she was on the planet. "The town they lived in, and hopefully still do, is not far from here. It's a fairly remote place, maybe it has been left untouched so far." She did not want to think of the other scenario for as long as it was not necessary. "I'm doubtful they will come along easily, Kro Var has been their home their entire lives-" Suddenly Kaalia stopped talking and instead took a deep breath. "I'm thinking too far ahead again. Let's go find them first." With that she turned her head towards Ishana. "I'm glad you came with me for this, miala."
Viceroy of Siskeen
Location: In transit to Alderaan

Standing on the bridge of the star destroyer he watched the elogonated stars flit by through the viewport. The small fleet were off to answer a call to arms. Once they had failed Alderaan under the umbrella of the Free World Coalition, now the system was under the Galactic Alliance. Where the Confederacy had failed, where he had failed, their allies once ... It would not happen again.

The somber mood on the bridge was infectious. They knew they were going to war. And still they went. Their honor placed them on the voyage. Bit it was more then that. It was for the cause of Justice. Anarchy threatened democracy. And it was their duty as free men and women to stand in the gap for their allies. The blight of darkness threatened the light, and all it took for evil to triumph was for good men and women to do nothing.

And today the people of the United Siskeen Coalition would not remain dormant. They would act.

And so Derek Dib, Viceroy of Siskeen, led a portion of their system's naval forces to answer the call that had begun initially upon the capital of the Galactic Alliance, and slowly trickled out to all the systems of the government.

The grim set on his face spoke of the weighty decision to place his own people's lives on the line. Yet he would not shirk his responsibility, and neither would his people.

[member="Dax Fyre"] I [member="Garith Organa"]

Sor-Jan Xantha

Certified Worst Jedi
Location: Corellia Digital Headquarters
Objective: Secure the Corellian System
Allies Nearby: [member="Sasha Starkos"] | [member="Brad Solo"]


The shadow emerged.

The bow of the star destroyer appearing from out of a cloud of nebula gas, revealing itself to be a predator. A leviathan of the stars, spanning more than 1,600 meters in length. It's dagger-like form sleeker than the vessels fielded by the First Order.

This was the product of Firemane engineering. With a colossus reactor powering heavy turbolaser batteries, and a hull reinforced against enemy fire.

The ship was the Excelsior, one of three ships purchased by Corellia Digital during contract negiations between the technology giant's enigmatic executive and [member="Siobhan Kerrigan"].

Two of the three were in the Corellia System now, their size dominating an already congested star system.

Corellia. Drall. Selonia. Talus. Tralus. Corellia Digital had store fronts, holo-vid production stages, factories, and warehouses on all of the Five Brothers. Even during the reign of the One Sith, Sor-Jan had maintained that Corellia Digital would always be for Corellia.

And if he hadn't allowed the One Sith to burn his employees livelihood to the ground, he damn certain was not about to give the First Order or Sith Empire that satisfaction.

One of the Vindica-class destroyers was currently in dry dock, receiving a technology refresh. Several of the Recusant-class destroyers were deployed to the Kathol Outback, where it would be at least another month before any of them even received the Galactic Alliance's distress call.

There may be more ships coming, but they were days if not weeks in the distance. This was probably everything that he had to defend his corporate headquarters.

Not to mention his home.

"Send to Commander, CorSec," the young Jedi uttered aloud, with a nod toward one of the protocol droids. "Tell him, all Corellia Digital ships are standing by to assist you."


Fiolette Fortan


Task Force 223; the Red Maws
Commodore A. Walzer

The arrival of Task Force 223 in the system started with the surge of warnings that were silenced in moments. Commodore Walzer aboard one of Primo Victoria's new Star Destroyers that had yet to be unveiled watched with pleasure as the Galactic Alliance's naval forces crippled. "This is our moment and we shall seize it," his voice intense with pride-filled ambition. Drums of war sounded and the task force marched across the system, anti-starfighter and Mando'ade ships reached further and further. Pushing the Alliance back, he watched on the screen the Alliance would attempt to flank him. "Turn the artillery and torpedo frigates half, full volley, FIRE!"

Scores of torpedoes and long range weaponry scorched their way through the stars. Revenge of the First Order would be had, Walzer saw to it personally. Thousands of Imperial designed ships had reverted from hyperspace. Fiolette Yvarro spared little in the expeditionary force. It would not be the fault of the Squibs on Skor II, no, they were mere casualties in this war. Just as the galaxy too had become the casualty. Death had come to Skor II, dropships rushed with their escorts worked to outpace the massive force of starfighters launched by the Alliance.

Brad Solo

Not Your Typical Jedi
System: Corellia, Coronet City​
Location: CorSec HQ, Brad’s Office​
[member="Sasha Starkos"]​
Ally Nearby: [member="Sor-Jan Xantha"]​

While still listening to the saucy red head Brad had also turned his senses outward. Yes he may have been playing it cool so far. He did have his own concerns he just had not shared them yet. Turning away from the window Brad gave a look of uncertainty to Sasha.

“Tingling, no”, brad rubbed his chin thinking this over. “Some of us have poured assets in place. That is the obvious as we will always take a stand. However portends of the threads of the Force around Corellia have become shadowed. Is it a sign that Corellia will be attacked or is it just a ploy to keep us here and not helping the Galactic Alliance?”

While Brad was speaking to Sasha CorSec Command retuned an official message back to Corellia Digital.

“Loyal Citizen. CorSec Command thanks Corellia Digital for its patriotism. Your ships are most welcome to join those gathered within the system to protect our own. If you have any questions or concerns Please feel free to contact Captain Solo. Within this message will be encoded transmission frequency to the Captain.”
~Quick Transmission Ended~
The Commander sent a quick transmission to Corellia Digital. He was being currently swarmed with information and people asking him questions. The protocol in this situation was to delegate duties to his senior officers.

Theo Vereen

Location: Alderaan, Theo's apartment on the Sanctuary Coast.
[member="Derek Dib"] | [member="Dax Fyre"]

Blips on a screen, four months on tour and his first time home. His parents off on official visits, his sister in the wind, her grandparents...unknown, aunts and uncles...except for one he had no idea. The blip moved.

The blip was his Uncle [member="Garith Organa"] he didn't really know his Uncle not because of anything nefarious only that he had been away. Life of a Ranger always on the run, always trying to catch em before they make trouble.

Trouble might be coming again though but this time he was home. His mother and father were informed of what was happening with the Alliance. He had noted the sad look in his mother's eye god how he hated that look. It made him feel like she had just watched someone kick a puppy and his stomach twisted.

They had just finished up rebuilding and recovering from a Sith onslaught and now once again there were rumors, concerns and the elements of the unknown.