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Edmund Cullan

Edmund Cullan

I'll be fighting to and I'll be fighting twice as hard as you
Edmund Cullan
Name: Edmund Cullan
Eyes: Hazel
Age: 115 (looks 17)
Skin: Pale
Species: Human/Energy Vampire Hybrid
Faction: The Empire
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Force Sensitive: Yes
Strengths & Weaknesses:
+) Immortal (almost)
Edmund was born with the energy vampires long (sometimes immortal) life, but he is able to die in battle

+/-) Normal Teeth
Because Edmund is partly human, his teeth are relatively normal but he still has the retractable teeth of the energy vampires

-) Feeding
Although Edmund can still eat 'normal' food he still (sometimes) feeds on energy

+) Speed
Edmund was born with the speed of the energy vampires

-) Strength
Although he is 'strong' Edmund wasn't born with the complete strength of energy vampires
Edmund was born to a energy vampire and a human, both of his parents were force sensitive but at first it appeared that he was a runt. But his parents still loved him and he was getting used to having to Jedi parents, he was kept in hiding away in secret but never mistreated, Edmund grew until he was 17, he was very academic and read a lot of books. But little did he know that the Sith would soon come to his house, he saw his parents murdered and something just... clicked he released a attack of minor, but still lethal attacks using the force. The only Force Sensitive Sith among them saw his power and persuaded Edmund to join the Sith, he agreed when he realized how cruel his parents had been to keep him locked up for so long.
Kills: None

Bounties collected: None

Roleplays: None


Eater of the Dead
Welcome and have fun. We have seen the Bieber become someone everyone enjoyed so... Not going to judge plus we need all the fire for the plant people genocide

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
but nope
but it would be really, really funny if you end up hating this character as much as Robert hates the character he plays

Edmund Cullan

Don't worry this guy doesn't sparkle... well actually he is nothing special and I'm gonna train this char up to Master them get him killed.

Edmund Cullan

If you kill him before I'm finished with him then there is a possibility of him becoming a ghost