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Down with the Bourgeois! (ME Dominion of Onderon, Hex AA28)

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!

The wild, untamed, and dangerous jungle world. The world was initially colonized thousands of years before. The brave settlers had to fight for their lives - and built mighty cities with mighty walls. The large, towering walls around their cities were the only saving grace from the abundant and dangerous wildlife on the planet.

Like most things in the galaxy, the planet went through different forms of occupation.

The most recent was the Free Worlds Coalition, which collapsed in on itself due to internal strife and other reasons. Onderon was a world with a heavy Mandalorian influence even before the collapse of the Free Worlds Coalition. With the fall of the Coalition, a rebellion sprung on the planet before it was defeated.

With a massive vacuum in power structure in the system, the planet had destabilized. Former corrupt FWC officials took power in gruesome, murderous ways. Several rebel groups organized, including the Mandalorians who called Onderon home in an attempt to defeat the brutal dictatorship that was forming on the planet.

All the while, everyday citizens continued to be ignored, further driven into poverty & despair. Wages plummeted, unemployment skyrocketed, and less than flavorful activities began to foster and grow.

Finally, the Mandalorian Empire decided it was time for action - a liberation of sorts from the brutal regime ruling Onderon and a way to save Onderon’s people. Negotiate with Onderon’s leaders in the last ditch effort to annex the planet under the Mandalorian flag, assist the rebels in overthrowing the corrupt regime and help provide foodstuff and medical supplies to the innocents who are being harmed.

Objective 1: Negotiate with the leaders of Onderon for annexation into the Mandalorian Empire. Will we do brute force? Will we allow them autonomy? Good cop, bad cop?

Objective 2: Assist rebel operations on the planet & with providing relief to the poverty-stricken individuals. Can we give the people the motivation to join our empire without the need for their leaders to decide?

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Artemis Lux"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Gray Raxis"] [member="Adora Namadi"] [member="Kervo Namadi"] [member="Karsan Calnov"] [member="Cassiopeia Australis"] [member="Parja-Kal"] [member="Quoron Mantis"] [member="Tal Vizsla"] [member="Lisset Australis"] [member="Avia Wren"] [member="Connory"] [member="Caz Australis"] [member="Dorn Skirata"] [member="Amanda Kryze"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Amaya Cardei"] [member="Skosk Australis"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Spencer Australis"] [member="Strider Garon"] [member="Keira Verd"] [member="Rhaegar Nemesis Dib"] [member="Ginnie Dib"] [member="Ra’amah"] [member="Nita Quez"] [member="Johanes Quez"] [member="Cynthia Solus"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Bha’lir Australis"] [member="Gerarich Thanor"] [member="Jor Kvall"] [member="Ambrose Mantis"] [member="Rory Baccus"] [member="Nibsani"] [member="A'den Kyr'am"] [member="Skorvek"] [member="Meerax Quez"] [member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Lily-Grace Australis"] [member="Tristan Wren"] [member="Arthur Raven"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Mykes Vatak"] [member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Garrus Garon"] [member="Petria Breguet"] [member="Mavarah"] [member="Jake Awaud"]
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Objective 2
Location: Masterra -> Onderon
Allies: ME
Enemies: Corrupt FWC remnant

On the ShadowNet it was just an ordinary day: calls for uprisings and whatnot abounded every day from a variety of worlds. For today, however, one of those calls came from Onderon, where the Mandos once failed to take it from the hands of the FWC when it collapsed onto itself. They say that there is another chance for the Mandos to wrest the world from the corrupt FWC remnant regime in place in Iziz. Probably time to jam the official media frequencies upon arrival, she thought, while she would be willing to attempt planting a ransomware posing as some other thing, a critical update to something equally critical to them perhaps, and ask for a ransom before removing the jamming on the official media frequencies. But while it would likely take a while for the corrupt officials running the state media to process the ransom request on the ransomware, during that lead time it would be another thing to be fiddling around the media content that could be postable on the HoloNet, and feed other media content. For now anyway, the pilot assigned to the Bes'solegot by her clan took it to Onderon, and she was furiously coding a new ransomware specifically for this operation.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
Location, on arrival bring 5 freighters of food and medical supplies
Objective 2

Onderon, how ironic she was back here under a different flag this time to help the rebels out, but not just them the people she left behind as well. Five freighters began emerging from hyperspace and with them stardust sgood aboard the lead one looking out towards the planet before her. Standing tall within her armor she listened as each of her freighters checked in from exiting hyperspace till all five had arrived right behind her

prepare all drop ships to begin descent down into the planet, stay away from any hotzones in the area I dont want anyone getting shot down. Have my shuttle ready to lead

Shuttle began getting loaded as stardust stood and headed for the cargo hold, she knew her duties and was ready to get started. She hoped it wasnt as bad as she had been hearing...if so theyd push back and give the rebel forces the upper hand...or she hoped her presence would deter the enemy force...

It was a place she knew [member="Gray Raxis"] and [member="Kaden Mantis"] wanted. According to her history lessons, it had been, and should be, important to the Mandalorian Empire… yet standing on the palatial porch of the current beleaguered ruling class, Mand’alor the Infernal wanted to do only one thing.

Wreck it.

Tear it all down.

Draped in her colossal beskar’kandar beskar’gam, the Infernal towered over the others in the room. She spoke little, allowing her presence to suck the air out of the space for her, even as the breeze affected her not.

They’d offered drinks. She took none. She would take no succour the regular folk on Onderon were disallowed. Just as she had done on Contruum, on Hela, Yasha intended to tear down the preexisting and build upon it. Fresh. New. To give none a demographic advantage, and instead let personal merit reign.

Any who worked hard would be rewarded. Any who sloughed off would be left fallow. Those who were sick would be tended. Those who were capable (and all were capable of something) would be educated. There would be no opportunity, nor advantage given to one people group over another.

The universe laid in the palms of their hands.

She fought the urge to spit, awaiting those who would parlay with her.

“I have found you wanting, Prime Minister. Pray tell why I should entertain you at all.”

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Kaden Mantis"] [member="Artemis Lux"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Gray Raxis"] [member="Adora Namadi"] [member="Cassiopeia Australis"] [member="Parja-Kal"] [member="Quoron Mantis"] [member="Tal Vizsla"] [member="Lisset Australis"] [member="Avia Wren"] [member="Connory"] [member="Caz Australis"] [member="Dorn Skirata"] [member="Amanda Kryze"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Amaya Cardei"] [member="Skosk Australis"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Spencer Australis"] [member="Strider Garon"] [member="Keira Verd"] [member="Rhaegar Nemesis Dib"] [member="Ginnie Dib"] [member="Raíamah"] [member="Nita Quez"] [member="Johanes Quez"] [member="Cynthia Solus"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Aaleus Thorn"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Bhaílir Australis"] [member="Gerarich Thanor"] [member="Jor Kvall"] [member="Ambrose Mantis"] [member="Rory Baccus"] [member="Nibsani"] [member="A'den Kyr'am"] [member="Skorvek"] [member="Meerax Quez"] [member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Lily-Grace Australis"] [member="Tristan Wren"] [member="Arthur Raven"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Mykes Vatak"] [member="Stardust Bloodstone"] [member="Garrus Garon"] [member="Petria Breguet"] [member="Mavarah"] [member="Jake Awaud"]
The forest moon of Dxun was familiar to Kaden. He had escaped it as a child, and now he was laid near crippled on a cot in the home of a[member="Kad Tor"] and his lover Artemis Lux. Time had passed since the young boy had been on the Moon, Life had been lived, death had been the one thing which had escaped him. Kaden wished for it, he longed for it.

Yasha had been taken from him, and their daughter.

The pirates had managed to capture Kaden in the chaos of trying to rescue Yasha. It had been misunderstood that Kaden had been told by Yasha to cut the baby and escape if anything happened. It was not what he wanted to do, but Kaden would never dishonor his own riduur. Yet here he was, broken, barely walking, and unsure how he would make it back to Mandalore, that was until Kad had found him.

His armor was in the corner. The black pitch of the Netherworld still covering it. The nails which held Kaden’s patch in place was something that had needed attention. It had come to a near infection. Broken, Kaden was still broken, but his ears were not.

He heard static on the comm coming from his HUD... Kaden fell onto the ground and pulled himself along the floor to his buy’ce.

<<< “Yash’ika....... Yash’ika....... if you’re getting this find Kad Tor... he’s on Dxun. I’m safe, can’t walk... pirates...” >>>

His voice faded. Kaden fell asleep.

[member="Yasha Mantis"]
The politicians mustering around the room busied about, attempting to speak to the others. To mumble about Clan Vereen and elder days. The more they chittered, ducks in a pond, nestling around a few key toxic figures, the more Yasha’s hands twisted on the marble balustrade.

Hot minded balloons consumed with their own breath, tangled in strings. Onderon... her HUD shone up at the crescent of the moon visible in the midday sun. Dxun.

[member="Kaden Mantis"]’ birthplace. The Infernal hissed in her helmet. Static flowing uninvited across airwaves, signalling only one intimate line. A line assumed dead. The line of her heart’s traitor. Yet, unbeknownst to Yasha, her Riduur wasn’t running as far and fast away from her as she thought. He wasn’t running at all.

He was crawling undignified on the cold ground of an empty house, trying in his way, to reach her.

Yasha Mantis knew none of these things. She was a woman scorned, a Ruler in a perilous position to take Onderon for the Mando’ade and against the bloated politicians and beurocrats no true Mandalorian needed. Her infant daughter lied not in the birikad, but the wet nurse’s arms, safe on Mandalore. The separation made Yasha’s heart ache, it shortened her fuse and brought the idea of another day spent around a round table, conversing in metaphors and thin veils of double entendres round full circle...

... to a young mother and jilted bride crushing a stone balustrade while the gnats of political ambition buzzed round her head.

“.... sh’i... ash’ikkkk.... ....... .... sshhh..... Kad....... ..... .......... qtss...” Yasha shook her head, the wolf atop the helm craning as if to listen. This was not her old buy’ce, but a pinging piece of static brought by an ever searching algorithm of hope that her husband was a better man than all portrayed.

“[member="Teagan Stoirm"], can you run a diagnostic on my HUD? It’s ghosting again.” Yasha muttered, removing her hand from the crumbling masonry. She looked to [member="Skosk Australis"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"]. To [member="Cassiopeia Australis"], her dearest friend. Enough of this.

"What say you, Prime Minister? You speak much and say nothing."

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Cassiopeia stood next to [member="Yasha Mantis"] in the negotiation room. She worried for her close friend, somewhat knowing the rage that went through the woman. Her husband had vanished. Her baby died but was resurrected. It had been a wild few months, but at least they were coming out on top of it. Adara lived, a happy baby who would live a normal life. Kaine, while imprisoned, was still able to see his children and be a father. He would be able to see his grandchildren when they came into the world, too. Yasha was the Mand'alor, strong but also a mother.

Everything was so screwed up, yet they were still coming out on top.

Cassiopeia face was pale, slightly sunken in with dark circles under her eyes from a lack of sleep. The soon to be mother only had a couple more weeks left of her long, complication ridden pregnancy. She was in no mood for political intrigue and games. If it wasn't that the people of Onderon had been through enough, she had half a mind to want a military strike against the current regime. They were oppressive, discriminatory, and a fake democracy. The rich grew fat while the rest starved.

Cassiopeia was not feeling well nor looked the best, but she made her outfit looked great. She wore a maternity suit - a maternity button-up shirt, a blazer, and slacks. A businesswoman. A negotiator. Plus, a small blaster pistol was holstered on her side. Just in case.

Today, there would be no negotiations. The Mandalorian Empire would lay their demands at the feet of the Onderon planetary government. If they did not accept, they would be forced too. There would be no compromise, no autonomy, and no continuation of the current regime. She hoped, like in Contruum, they would lay dead by the end of the negotiations.

"Prime Minister," she said in a slightly mocking tone, "We have it under good authority that the conditions your government has operated show complete and utter disregard of sapient life, is essentially slavery, with no assistance to Onderon's people." Whether they knew this or not, Cassiopeia had a datapad with a holoprojector in a pocket. It had several holorecordings of child slavery, abuse by police/military personnel, and many other atrocities.

"Now, now, please. Have a drink Mand'alor the Infernal and... Her advisors. We have much to discuss, please, have a seat at our table. I hear you like having a roundtable, full of equals." The obese man, with a crown on his head, said as he motioned towards the table. "Let us negotiate, shall we?"

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Objective 2

Beth came with [member="Yasha Mantis"] to Iziz, Onderon. Yasha would be in the negotiations with the 'Prime Minister' of Onderon. Hopefully, it would be an easy negotiation - a quick transfer of power to the Mandalorian Empire. They really had no way to refuse any demands that the Empire made. They had no real military - at least, not one that could defend against the type of navies and armies the Mandalorian Empire could bring in. Beth was confident in Yasha and the others negotiation skills.

Beth, however, would be on the ground - to assist with local rebel operations and to bring aid to the poverty-stricken residents of Iziz and other cities. In the humid, hot jungle world of Onderon Beth wore a light blue dress with a denim jacket, her personal absorption shield wrapped around her with her personal pistol holstered on her right hip. She was on the far western slums of the large, sprawling city of Iziz. The freighters would be dropping in and the supplies would be delivered via hovercraft. For now, though, Beth could only take in what she was seeing and relay it through her datapad to Yasha, Cassiopeia, and the other negotiators. This would be their ticket to seeing live what the people were going through.

It reminded Beth greatly of Umbara's lower castes. There was something worse here, though. Most of the people she talked to could remember those better days - they use to have food on their tables. They use to be able to have medical care. Before the fall of the Free Worlds Coalition, things were okay, good even. They had lost their hope of returning to those good days. Beth sighed, looking over the datapad. It looked like another individual was dropping in with more aid for these people - a person called [member="Stardust Bloodstone"]. She had to meet her! She answered these peoples call for assistance, and for that Beth needed to thank her.

Maybe they could coordinate relief once the Mandalorian relief arrived.


King of Pumpkins

Objective shhhh it's a secret.

Tom was on Dxun. He had told no one where he was or why he was going. It was most likely that his disappearance would not be noticed. He was in a clearing before a rather large structure. Next to him were two young boma beasts. He had been walking through Dxun by himself but his natural affinity for beasts had drawn these to him. His force abilities had calmed them and made them follow him through the forests.

The large structure in front of Tom was supposed to be some kind of tomb. It was filled with the dark side of the force. Tom could feel it surging through the ground and around the area. He would begin walking up to the entrance with the bomas following him. He would then open the doors and see the vision of a dark side user standing in front of him. "Who are you?" "Don't you recognise me son." Tom was be taken aback in horror. "No it can't be I won't allow for it to be you."

The vision laughed "You won't allow it to be me, but it has been coming a lot longer than we have know each other Tom. A lot longer. I mean you haven't even found me yet. What kind of son are you?" Tom would shake his head "No I know this is a place of great evil, I will not listen to you vision." The vision would smile at that "Well you see I am going to remain here in this form because you fear it most and because their is some truth to this form and you know it." It would then disappear laughing.


Skosk Fett

Objective: Be the Bad cop

[member="Beth Australis"] [member="Cassiopeia Australis"] [member="Yasha Mantis"]

The Zabrak hated politics , this one reminded him of Zelgetha the Hutt, having greed filled words and a stench ridden breath of corruption. The yellow eyes began boiling with anger at the reminder of his former employee, "Negotiate? Over how your going to kiss the mand'alors rear end ?" . The red armored tank had his Bucye of , his yellow eyes stared with a craze into the crowned individual, much like an emotionless predator. However the mand'alor was a tower , Skosk stood next to the fearsome leader as if he was a mini boss to get to the actual boss. How the pathetic beings kept power was besides the berserker, who was simply waiting to go beastmode on these fools. The snarky official then took a low blow at the formidable hunter, " While we certainly will negotiate with your famed leader, we will not do such a thing. However you can feel free to buy me a wife, is that not what you did for yourself Fett ? Or is it Australis now?" . Onderon's Prime minister felt safe , untouchable, and fully confident that the superior would shut down her loyal warrior.

The fist's of the muscular brute clinched, how dare this scum insult him for saving his beloved from slavery.The teeth began grinding as the glare became more intense, and his skin ton grew from his normal tan color to a pure red on his face. The angered fiance looking at the one in charge , waiting for permission to strike this obese fiend. The angered barbarian not noticing that she was also irritated, and angered at the constant scheming and talking of this pathetic political party in front of them. The heavy repeater switched from stun to kill, and the trigger finger of the trained killer ready to blast the slimy dictator right in between the eyes.

Thoughts began going into the mind of the mountainous being, but one thought that continued to repeat was kill kill kill kill! . Something that repeated over in over, Alkor seemed to get irritated with the overconfident trash talker as well. The room was filled with overconfident ,and corrupt bantha wankers. However , the room was also being filled with angry and pissed off mandalorians that were trying to restrain themselves from wiping out the entire room. A recipe for disaster was waiting ahead, verbal shoots were being fired and poking the monsters in front of them.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Objective I - "Bolshevik Revolution, Iziz Edition," or, "play much, much worse cop"

How many corrupt individuals had Alkor dealt with in his life? As a murderer on Corellia, his life was turned upside by them. He was nothing more than a piece thrown around the underworld, killing whoever they pointed at without question. Faced with a political target, he was cast from his birthplace by their wheeling and dealing. He should have died so many times, but their games never allowed for it.

There had been no honor in that, nor in his work as an assassin for the Dark Jedi, or for the Sith. He watched their machinations as their ripples affected the smallfolk without batting an eye, but time and experience had changed him irrevocably.

For the first time, he stood on the opposite end. As they walked through Iziz, among the commoners, they saw poverty. They smelled plague, felt the pangs of famine, and heard the cries of displaced children. He watched it all through the emotionless mask of his buy'ce.

Beneath however, he was anything but.

Rage cracked the brow of Alkor Centaris, righteous fury for the first time in all his life. His cerulean eyes boiled with hatred for the man who spoke for those who robbed others of their voices. [member="Skosk Australis"] and the other Mandalorians were the only ones who could know this, though. They saw the readouts of his bioscan in their HUDs.

Everyone else saw a cold, calculating Mandalorian standing not far from his Mand'alor. Skosk stepped forward and spoke up at the idea that they should negotiate anything. Politicians were supposed to be public servants. These men served only themselves.

He stopped himself from taking a step forward and spoke to [member="Yasha Mantis"], and no one else.

"I've killed more men than this man will ever give the order," he said flatly, "and I'll keep doing it, because it's all I'm good at, but Mand'alor- this man and his people need to join them."

He took a deep, slow breath and held himself in reserve.

"Say the word, and this planet is yours."


Prudii Kyr'am Alor/Mandalorian Elder

Objective 1
Evil cop


A'den didn't like handing negotiations but he wasn't a people person either so he took the lesser of two evils and figured he'd stay at [member="Yasha Mantis"] side for this one. His thoughts dwelled on how this would go, they were there to convince the leaders of Onderon. He wasn't the greatest at this so he figured he'd let Yash do the talking. As A'den walked he admired the look of onderon and its peaceful surroundings. It was comforting to have such a different scenery than what he's used to. A'den could see the frusteration on yash's face, but he knew what this was about and was ready to help anyway he could. A'den wish there was something he could do, but he didn't think there was so he just decided to be supportive for his long time friend.

Even the effortlessly gentle [member="Cassiopeia Australis"] was calling for blood. While Yasha realized her best friend was suffering more from her pregnancy than the unpleasant company of Onderon’s newly minted ‘ruling elite’, she was more consumed with the sudden and very explainable urge to destroy the entire sapient contents of the room not draped in Mandalorian colours or ‘gam.

[member="A'den Kyr'am"] looked as if a peaceful turn took his shoulders. It was a pity this peace was given on the backs of an enslaved and hungering populace, of what, even months before, were free and noble folk of Mandalorian descent. The Free Worlds Coalition had been a boon to Onderon, tensions remained, but they acted with poise and grace.

These were not the politicians of the FWC, but a new breed of sick-backed opportunists.

[member="Skosk Australis"]’ snarl was enough to cause Mand’alor the Infernal to finally turn around from her view of Dxun from the balustrade. She’d seen it all in her 360 HUD projection. The technologically advanced helm showed her heart rates, facial records, heck, even that one of the dumkopfts had gonorrhoea.

“This planet was supposed to be a Mandalorian shining star, and you’ve turned it into cesspool of your own bitter virtues.” Yasha snapped, a growl purring out of her Epicanthix throat. She raised her hand, holding it out to the side, as crashes and bangs resounded louder and louder, closer and closer, until her wolf hammer veered into her gaunt-clad palm.

She hefted her war hammer in one hand, though it was built for two. Kicking the Prime Minister square in the chest, Yasha watched his body hit the ground with a squeal and a huff.

It was about to get worse.

Walking past the squealing, shrieking man, Yasha set her war hammer head down on his chest, and, being that his biometric imprint did not match those on Yasha’s ‘safe list’, the hammer’s repulsers began to work against any attempt at removing the hammer from that direct spot angled toward the floor.

“You, and your little leaders are found wanting. You take and take and do no giving. The whole reason behind the need for Leadership is to dictate how best to disseminate resources to all within your community and you have neither acted with respect for your people, nor with restraint in fulfilling your personal desires.” As she spoke, the Mand’alor’s accent shifted to the regal lilt of the Panathan Citizen, an Epicanthix of Noble education.

Yasha was unerringly angry.

Striding even further forward to the first of several guards dotting the room, Yasha grabbed one by the throat, and head butted him so hard his poor excuse for a helmet bent in a macabre angle.

The man slumped down. [member="Alkor Centaris"]

“Leave none of the politicians alive. Not a single one of this new government is worth the atmosphere they consume.”
To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Objective 2
Location: Onderon
Allies: ME
Enemies: Corrupt FWC remnant

"Time to roll! Time to pitch them a new encrypted broadcasting queue management system! And jam the media frequencies!"

"Roger, roger"

Now that the Bes'solegot did, in fact, revert over Onderon, it was time to get to work and, for Petria, to reprise her cover of her running HoldoWare as a twenty-something digital entrepreneur from Oorn Tchis. By now the jamming homed in on the main communications antenna of the media, which disabled radio and holo broadcasting without actually attacking the physical facility. And yet, she was anxiously awaiting the response of the people running the planet's state media on another frequency, to see if they were as gullible as the Ancient Eye counterparts back on Nibelungen. If they bit at the offer of a free trial of the new broadcasting queue management system, while failing to realize that it is, on top of that, a multipartite ransomware (one allowing backdoors, as well as a logic bomb, in this case), then the infection may begin as soon as they began installing the ransomware, and they may also be wanting to purchase a password management system, the very same she sold on Gallinore. But they would think that rebels were, in fact, attempting to slice various government systems and yet they typically had other aims, namely finding evidence of corruption and other malfeasance of the regime in place in Iziz.

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
Objective 2
Location entering atmosphere
Allies- mandoalorians
Enemies- corrupt FWC forces

The dropship shook, they had just begun entering the atmospheres top level. Stardust opened a holo map watching as her ships began spreading out as she nodded with a smile

so far so good folks, remember to check in minute you hit dirt

Mid atmosphere now, she felt the ship rocking even more, then a loud explosion was heard as she rocked a bit. Down below it seemed anti air was targeting them. She quickly got up I to the pilot area looking out as she could see those black clouds peppering the air around them

evasive maneuvers! Someone get a bead on their locations and get them marked!

The air was being peppered around them as the ships dodged and weaved between the shots. Stardust moved back into the cargo area as she held on....suddenly the room ringed and she covered her eyes as a shot scored her shuttle and sent it careening down. Stardust held on best she could but other weren't so lucky being pulled out of the ship along side the supplies stardust fekt herself being pulled out and drew her sword slamming it down to get a hold

The landing wasnt neat or pretty, the drop ship hit the ground violently metal twisting and screeching bending as starfust was thrown from her hold and slammed right into a wall. Once it had all rested, it was just flames and smoke. Stardust slowly sat up groaning as she took her helmet off


She had at least a few ribs broken...her legs were sore but she stood and walked forward peeking out from behind a crate as she saw remnant forces approaching. She sat back down and cursed as she brought her comms up and went for a emergency call

this is stardust Australis calling a emgernecy, my drop ship has been shot down and enemy forces are converging on me. My beacon will be activated to follow send help asap

She wasnt even sure if it would get out. She looked down and picked up her westars as she checked them for damage and then prepared to hold out...


King of Pumpkins

Objective shhhh it's a secret.

The vision disappeared laughing. "Damn force ghost and vision. Wish I had some ysilimairi here, clean up this place real nice." Tom would touch one of the young boma that would raise it's head to his hand. He felt safe touching it he placed the other hand out to the other boma. They may be vicious creatures but even they knew how to look after there own and Tom was basically one of them. He used the Taff necklace to clear his mind while also calming the beasts. He would sigh. Onward and forwards.

Tom had come up against a locked door and two paths. He had taken the one on the right. He found before him a few ancient corpses and a terminal that was very, very old. As he went to touch it the vision returned. "You chose the right path over the left. How curious, any reasoning behind it?" Tom would look at it. "You just can't leave well enough alone can you. I didn't chose anything. The boma did." He pointed to the beasts on either side of him. The vision chuckled. "How curious, it has been a long time since I have seen a beast tamer of any kind."

The vision would not leave though staying there. Tom sighed "You going to tell me the riddle for this machine or do I have to guess it?" The spirit looked back at Tom "Do I or perhaps your not looking hard enough. I am going to enjoy watching you. So much better than those dark too much death Sith and those I won't talk to dark side spirits Jedi. I mean I was Sith once but I am over the whole killing everyone deal. Just rule a planet then stop so much simpler."

Tom didn't even bother to listen to the spirit anymore who was clearly on a rant about the good old days. He eventually found the riddle he was looking for. It read as such:

What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees,
Up, up it goes,
And yet never grows?

Tom stared at it a while. The spirit just kept going on about it's dreary life and how much fun it had been to be a Sith and none of these new people knew how to do it properly. How some Darth named Bane had done something very interesting and unique only for the newer orders to be some times worse than the Jedi. As they did so Tom mulled it over finally answering it. "The answer is mountain isn't it?" The spirit stop for a brief second "yes." Before continuing. Tom place the command into the console which opened an empty lock box and the door further in.

The spirit then disappeared as Tom was surrounded by ancient war droids.


Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
"While we certainly will negotiate with your famed leader, we will not do such a thing. However, you can feel free to buy me a wife, is that not what you did for yourself Fett? Or is it Australis now?"

The Prime Minister coughed, slightly nervous as the large, terrifying Zabrak reaction. How dare he speak to him in such a way, anyway! That was the rudest anyone had talked to him since the Coalition fell! They wouldn't speak to him like this! He motioned for a few of his advisors, whispering in their ear. "Remove them, we will not be treated this way." The fat 'Prime Minister' smiled towards the Mand'alor and her entourage as he slowly began to step back with his advisors.

"Every single," he took a handkerchief out of his pocket, blowing his nose, "one of you will pay for speaking and reaction to me in such a way." The minister stared back at the Mand'alor, "We turned it into a free Nation!"

The man squealed as he was kicked back in the chest by Yasha, bones cracking inside his chest, gasping in pain.

Cassiopeia was in no mood for denials. Her datapad had the continuous feeds that Mandalorian agents, including Beth, were feeding through the HoloNet to them. She took the datapad out and sat it on the table, playing the holorecording which showed several children, younger than 10, being forced to work in factories and being refused basic necessities such as a food, water, and medicine. She left it on repeat. She wanted them to know why they were sentenced to death by the Mandalorian Empire.

She heard Mand'alor's call for their deaths. But, before any of the others began to attack, she spoke quickly, "You will all die watching what you've done to the innocent of this planet, the children, the poor, the sick, and so forth. Shame on you." She spat on the ground as she pulled her blaster out of its holster, aiming for one of the advisors and shooting, the laser shooting through the middle of the man's forehead. She ducked behind the conference table as several guards began to pull their blasters out.

She was way too pregnant to be involved in a shootout. She held back her breakfast as she began to shoot her blaster towards some of the guards filing into the room.

"There is more down the hall. Most of the other government officials are within these halls," she yelled out to her group of heroes and heroines. They wouldn't have to go far to end the menace that plagued these peoples lives. The Mandalorian Empire would bring liberation to the people, to bring peace, health, and wages. They would turn this world into a shining beacon of Mandalore.

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Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Objective 2

Many things began to happen in very quick sequence. Firstly, her father, [member="Kaine Australis"] messaged her through her comm systems informing her that the personalized armor & weapon he created for her would be delivered to her within a couple minutes. She knew it had been ready for pick up, but no one seemed to have the time to go get it. Almost as soon as she was done reading the message, a courier driving a hovercraft handed the armor and gun to her. Beth found an alley and quickly changed into her beskar'gam and holstered her personalized blaster on her right hip, the other on her left. Beth was relieved and comforted, especially in an area like this, to be formally in armor that would make it hard for an enemy to hurt her.

With a big grin, she reminded herself to thank her buir for creating the armor and weapon for her. They fit perfectly. But the next event was horrifying. She saw lights flash through the sky, hitting a freighter that was landing. That had to be a supply ship. Beth bit her lip, unsure of what to do besides running in the general direction. The ship crashing created a loud, long noise and vibration through the city. Luckily, it was still within the walls of Iziz which made it much easier to get too.

A request for help rang through the comm systems inside her buy'ce. [member="Stardust Bloodstone"]? The planetary officials were converging on her? Oh no... "Stardust, this is Beth Australis-Mantis. I'm on my way to your location. I'm on my way, please be careful until I can get there."

Beth ran as quickly as she possibly could towards the distress coordinates. Once she was close behind, she crouched behind some debris that had fallen off. She peered through, watching a few of the soldiers that were carefully approaching the dropship. There was about 10 of them. She didn't want to use her Force too much, as there might be injured aboard that she could heal. For now, she pulled her personal blaster out and began to aim for the head of what looked like the leader. She missed on the first shot, but the second shot went straight through his side. She resisted a 'feck yeah' scream that would have given her location. Gosh, she hoped Stardust was okay...

Nine more guards, who were scattering. They had no form, at least, and barely knew what they were doing. That was good. She began to aim at some of the others and began to shoot, keeping the Force close in her mind in case she needed to use it quickly for her electric judgement or shielding.