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Dominion Disposable Heroes - NIO Dominion of the Ord Canfre/Garqi Hex

Forsake Not The Dream

Ord Canfre, a former Ordnance Depot of the Old Galactic republic. The many structures and systems that have lay dormant for countless years are still recoverable. Yet another world along the border of our conflict with the Sith-Imperial machine. The old depot planet will make a strong industrial foothold for the New Order, as well as work to further bolster our border strength against our enemies. The world is uninhabited, but is a hotspot for salvagers, spacers and pirates alike. By securing the planet against threats and intrusions, it will make a fin addition to our territory.

Garqi is an agriworld that was once ravaged by the Yuuzhan Vong hundreds of years ago. Slowly, the planet recovered and once again became a lush and rich world filled with natural bounty and beauty. Garqi has been independent since the fall of the Old Imperial Remnant long ago. The small population of eighteen thousand are peaceful folk with the primary and most common profession among them being farmer. Dangerously close to Sith borders, they will likely join our Order of their own volition under the promise of security.

A stroke of misfortune has seen to it that a massive vagrant fleet of pirates found their way to Ord Canfre just as we made our move to take it. They now blockade the planet and seek to ‘ransom’ it to us. We have given them fair warning to disperse, and have been informed that we will not negotiate. Even with threats of full naval retaliation,their defiance remains steadfast. Now, we must act upon those threats and secure Ord Canfre.

The massive flagship known as ‘Lightning Sixx’ is supported by a diverse fleet of commandeered cruisers, frigates, and corvettes. Destroying the ‘Lightning Sixx’ and/or neutralizing the pirate leader, a Rodian named Freedik Vod will see their command structure and morale collapse. End this blockade as quickly and efficiently as you can.

Ascalan, the central farming community on Garqi has been captured by a group of insurgents calling themselves ‘Damage Inc’. They have been labeled terrorists by the Imperial Security Bureau, and as such there will be no negotiations. Their motives are unknown, but its believed they may be retaliating against the local authority of Ascalan for their willingness to join the New-Imperial territories. The insurgents are largely untrained and are poorly equipped, but a direct confrontation will jeopardize the lives of many Ascalan citizens.

Under the cover of a rainstorm, a strike force made up of New-Imperial Troopers and Imperial Knights will descend to the planet and rendezvous with the local militia. Together these three groups will carry out a stealth operation to cripple or eliminate the insurgent hold on Ascalan. The rainstorm will be very short-lived, so to ensure mission success the operation must be carried out swiftly before the clouds clear and the sun returns.

Objective 3: BYOO

Slip past the blockade and salvage materials on Ord Canfre, provide aid to the farmers elsewhere on Ord Canfre, or even steal back a vessel from the pirate fleet. This objective is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Remember to check the New Imperial database for the many holobooks on Ord Canfre and Garqi if you need some additional inspiration.

Credit to Cameron Farwell for the objective drip.


// OBJECTIVE // Spit Out The Bone
// FOCUS // Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | OPEN

The snap of lightning prodding the shuttle threatened to knock it out of the air once more and even worse threatened to ping the craft on the Damage INC sensors should they spot that momentary surge of power running through the vehicle.

Would've been a rough start. As cohesive as the New Imperial Armed Forces had seemed to prove in the first few shots of the war, the talent parceled between obscure specializations and splintered branches were breeding grounds for rivalry.

Didn't matter, shit had to get done. But what did matter was if this Phantom went down from the elements, Berik wouldn't hear the end of it. Certainly not from the 'Wraith' himself, one of the few other operatives occupying the troop bay with him.

Loading a fresh gas cartridge into his particle beam pistol the ship rocked again, the glaring crimson lights flickering down for a few moments before eventually they went alight again.

<"Vandal Actual, copy?"> The ship's pilot patched through the intercom.

<"Uh huh."> Berik responded.

<"We're having a system brown-out. Looks like we're gonna have to set it down here. You're on foot the rest of the way there.">

He said, unstrapping himself from his seat as he heard the hydraulic servos of the landing gear set them down. Flicking his cigarra away unto the rain soaked grasses of Garqi he pulled the balaclava of his bodyglove over his face.

"Un-fuckin'-lucky." Was all he said, peering over to Davis Garrick Davis Garrick before setting out on foot.

"You carry that long gun like you know how to use it, when we hit home lets put you on overwatch and I'll get my hands dirty. Sound good?" He inquired to the Scout Trooper.

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Princess of House Solidor
Objective: 1.
Alies: New Imperial Order.

Her high heels made that infernal clamping sound against the metal floor that she so adored. It was a real nightmare for many others, some said it was worse than the deadly sight of a Sith Lord and once, Calis told her that a servant had cried when he heard the noise and thought she was approaching before he was finished serving the table. Her head was raised high, her nose was tall and her face was bathed in pride, her clothes were new too, a perfect naval uniform more worthy than that fashionable offense that the High Admirals wore in the New Imperial Order. They lacked taste, identity and life, they were nothing like her flamboyant costume handmade for her beautiful figure.

'A new uniform for a new ship', she said to herself almost laughing for having whipped the tailor with words to sew faster the most graceful uniform the galaxy had ever seen, and now that she wore it she couldn't let it feeling a little guilty about actually whipping the poor guy when he took too long to deliver the work, but now that she felt the soft fabric running down her body as she walked, Solidor thought it was worth it.

Almost three fortnights ago, she found herself in a conference with her father, Iedolas presented to her his demands and also his expectations with his daughter and her actions, but made sure to reward her for work so far for the allies on the New Imperial Order. His solemn face spoke without much expression to announce the arrival of a new fleet of ships, at the command of Princess Lunafreya as a reward for her actions and to give aid to the government that she had joined in her goal for order and stability in the galaxy.

“Make good use of those ships. They are crewed, loaded and carrying enough cargo to make you bring havoc on the stars.”, Iedolas said and she only widened her eyes out the window and turned with the sweetest look on her face exclaiming.

Oh daddy, I’m the happiest daughter in all the galaxy.”, And what girl would not be while driving a battlecruiser? Her new ship deserved a proper name to suit herself as the greatest elzeri princess in the history of her House, for never a member of her family held control of such amount of navy ships all by herself in the galaxy. She called her ship, Arrogante.

The heavy doors for the new command central opened and Lunafreya slided inside like a swan danced on water, and as everyone stood up to salute her, she proceeded to claim her seat at the command chair. Around her everyone expected her to make any gesture for them to relax because with her you never knew what could happen, in a moment she could order everyone to relax or keep them there all day, she nodded and dismissed them with a simples gesture done with her hand so that they could continue with their duties, and due to her schedule, meticulously detailed by his steward, she had a lot to do that day. On either side of her command chair were the two pet vornskr and further behind were her shadows,
Zozoped the Barabel and Calis of the Mecrosa Order.

"Captain.", She called in that low rusty tone of voice that she had. From one of the areas of the command bridge came a man of advanced age, dressed in a formidable uniform (nothing like the others in his trade, but gifted by her), whose countenance reminded her more of a doorman than a true military man, Gideon Pellaeon was too useful for her to express that disgust so openly. “I assume the new accommodations are more suitable to your office.”

"My princess."
, He spoke with an appropriate bow, so low that she was almost impressed that her spine didn't hurt. “I must say... The Engaged was a power to behold, but this? This is formidable. The stars will tremble as we pass by them.”

"Yes ..."
, she stated in that condescending tone of someone who had little interest in all that sycophancy that he had from time to time. "A upgrade sure feels better and I must say my most noble person most certainly deserves it.", Lunafreya turned his head to the sides, admiring the impeccable work that his artisans had to alter even the smallest details of that immense ship.

“However... I’m not so sure about the name.”, Gideon said to her and she immediately turned her head to try and understand why he said that. "Belissima would be more suited to your flagship, princess.", And however miraculous it was, those hard lips bathed in Lunafreya's poisons curved in a charming smile.

"Aren’t you the philanderer today?", The elf chuckled, an act without sound or mood and then narrowed her eyes again. "Something of a certain curiosity was brought to my attention by my steward that you a long descendant of that old mythical hero of the days of yore, Gilhad, Gilion, something Pellaeon, is that information correct?"

“Gilad Pellaeon, Your Grace.”
, She knew the name but couldn't help but make the man feel important in knowing this, “A true hero of the stars and my long, long lost cousin.”, He stopped and smiled at she and she nodded at him in agreement, knowing these things from the past were something that his people had great fame for.

“I do believe we have a rendezvous with some pirates today, captain, so let us not keep them waiting.”, he nodded at her direction and explained to her about a situation that she already knew everything about it. The New Imperial Order had many goals, many challenges in front of them and had to bring down many forces in the galaxy to achiever their goal, a path that were to be stoned with destruction and Lunafreya was there just for that, the carnage in this macabre dance in the stars. “Carry on, shall we?”

“We will leave hyperspace momentary, Your Grace.”

Fleet: 1x Dictator class Battlecruiser - Arrogante, 4x Pellaeon III-Class Star Destroyer the Quimera Parca: Tiburón, Anaconda, Cierva, Leona, 10x Compellor-class Heavy Cruiser "The Números".
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Post: 1
Location: Ord Canfre | Orbit
Objective: 1 - Operation Ride the Lightning
Allies: NIO | VK-462 VK-462
Immediate Objective: Meet with partner

This was right up her alley. Sneak in, sabotage and get out. Simply, easy and fun if the enemy plays along. She stood in the hangar of the flagship, staring out of a window at the pirate fleet blockading the planet. A faint smile formed on her lips as she identified the positions and possible entry points of their flagship. If that was taken out of the equation, the rest of them will scatter. These were only pirates, the first sign of a struggle will most likely cause them to scatter. "This is going to be a treat." she muttered to herself before walking away.

Alarms were blaring and people were rushing to their stations. Tess was cool as a cucumber as she walked towards her fighter. Instead of her usual looks, she decided to fall back on her typical smuggler look for this mission. She wanted to get in and get as deep in the ship as she could. Looking the part of a pirate would make things a lot easier. for this operation. All that was left now was to meet her partner in this endeavor and pick a ship that would get them in behind the lines and get them on that flagship.

She drew her pistol and checked it over once more before holstering it. She looked quite out of place now, but she was confident that she would blend in seamlessly on that ship...she just hoped her partner had a similar approach in mind.
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New Imperial Captain

Location | In Orbit of Ord Cafre
Objective | Operation Ride the Lightning
Forces | Wraith Squadron
Focus | Lunafreya Solidor Lunafreya Solidor

Another day , another battle. Already having partaken in half a dozen military engagements and still Marlon Sularen had yet to receive a promotion for his efforts. Perhaps he was being inpatient or perhaps he wasn't demonstrating his capabilities properly on the field. Nevertheless he would change all of that today. Recently a group of Pirates established a Blockade over the planet of Ord Cafre challenging the New Imperial Order by thinking that such a stunt would scare them. Pathetic. The New Imperial Order would soon sweep through their lines though Marlon Sularen wanted to make sure that all attention was drawn to him for he had a new special toy. The Chariot-Class Missile Boat

The Chariot-Class Missile Boat was a new Fighter-Bomber hybrid equipped with 42 Missile Launchers with a single Missile Boat capable of inflicting heavy damage on a single warship if it fired it's entire ordinance at the same time towards one. Marlon had intentions to replace his Tie Maulers along with 10 Tie Drone Squadrons to make place for 20 Squadrons of this new fighters though for now he only had a single Squadron of 16 of these Missile Boats to spare as Marlon Sularen wished to see how effective they would be on the battlefield.

As Wraith Squadron jumped out of hyperspace the Fleet was met with the Pirate Blockade along with another Fleet consisting of familiar vessels. 1 Dictator-Class Battlecruiser , 4 Pellaeon-III Star Destroyers and 10 Compellor-Class Cruisers in which the first two were actually vessels that were in Marlon Sularen's Secret Armada. However the presence of a Dictator-Class concerned him. The only other Factions with such a Vessel were the Alliance , the Primeval Resurgence , the Zweihander Union , Locke&Key Mechanics and the Sularen Association and two of these factions were hostile to Marlon Sularen. Both the Primeval Resurgence and Locke&Key Mechanics were off the list considering that they had no interests in the region but the other two that was another story. It could be the "Radience" of the Alliance or the "Valedictorian" of the Credius Nargath.

Then Marlon Sularen remembered that Credius had donated his vessel to the black market and that Princess Lunafreya Solidor had secured the vessel in which relived him as he was about to send a message demanding that the ship identified itself. Then Marlon shifted his attention back to the Pirate Fleet. They wanted a ransom for the planet and the NIO refused to negotiate. They did not deal with Pirates and such forth the reasoning for why Marlon Sularen was here. Eager to test his new toy Marlon sent out an order. "Deploy 3 Tie Drone Squadrons as usual and have them repeat the usual. Have them head towards the enemy Fleet to bait their fighters and then pull back and launch all of our Fighter Squadrons if the enemy deploys theirs and moves forth to pursue our Drones. Understood Lieutenant?" Marlon ordered. "Yes sir." the Lieutenant replied.

Soon the Tie Drones were on their way towards the enemy Fleet marking the beginning of yet another battle as Wraith Squadron awaited a proper response from the enemy fleet ready to strike hard at the enemy and crush these pathetic pirates

// SECOND BROTHER // Imperial Intelligence - Inquisition
// OBJECTIVE // Spit Out The Bone
// FOCUS // Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | Berik Berik | OPEN

There are many times in which the Inquisiors would be best suited on front lines, or even in battle. But for myself, I was best suited for stealth. Hell, my entire body was built for that application. The decision to send me in for Operation Spit Out The Bone, was easy. While the name made my brow furrowed at the idea of an operation being named as such, I didn't speak my thoughts. Instead keeping them to myself as the Phantom class Shuttle touched down. The Storm was easily whipping many around. Wind brewed and kicked up outside.

One could easily hear it trying to tear the panels off of the ship. However, the sturdy frame kept it from doing so. It was when the ship landed, by avocation of one of the men aboard, with the Pilot's discretion. The rest would have to be done on foot. Secondly, being this far back would allow for us an easier chance to close the distance without them discovering the vessel to begin with.

As it was dropped down, the wet muddy ground almost soaked the outside of the shuttle when landing. Told by turning around to look to see it coated when leaving down the bay door of the shuttle.

Two soldiers talked to one another about overwatch, with the other getting his hands dirty. A smirk rose underneath my mask. There was an idea of what was going on here. Having to take out these forces discretely. While I had none of my Cybermen with me at the moment, I for sure was going to take some of the dead bodies home for my own experiments.

"Walk and talk. Rain Storm won't hold for hours more."

Slowly pulling out my forcesaber, I simply held it in my hand throwing it into the air and twirling it end over end to slap back down into my hand. All the while, my body slowly drew on its active camo. Shifting from its standard black, for my skin to turn a darker shade of green, grays, blacks, and even a little blue due to the rain. My own mask did the same. Face shifting as well. I could feel it change due to the heat along my body. Chemical reaction due to my skin being my own armor. A body replaced my technology.

"Most of the places the insurgents are holding up are simple farm houses, or estates. Be prepared for Close quarters, and sweeping measures. We want to avoid killing civilians. So keep a hold of your trigger fingers. I don't want more paper work than this mission already has."
we shall all die willingly

While the rest of Gladius Company remained fully armed on hold, as a backup plan, Hooks, Bingo and I were deployed as part of the covert operation to eliminate 'Damage Inc's hold of Ascalan swiftly and silently. Rain had been pouring for the last three days and the meadows soaked in mud. It felt odd being without the helmet and armor; felt like being stripped naked, that's how much a stormtrooper got used to their gear. Without the heavy weight of equipment to burden me but just a silenced sub machine gun and mags, I was sure that I could fly.

Looking from my vantage point down the rolling steep hill which at its base lied Ascalan, I thought twice of trying.

The nearly silent shuffle of bushes startled me and I almost pulled the trigger before I saw the familiar figures of the two other operatives - An Inquisitor - Second brother, along with Vandal and Wraith.


I smashed the memories of Muunilinst with an acknowledgment, "Took you a while, boys." I gave them a nod before jerking his head at the sleeping and drowning city of Ascalan lying down. "Got two of my men down there already saying rain got 'em scuttled in their holes, no patrols. A band of 'em has gone carousing in the local cantina so might expect a few to tumble out on the streets looking for a brawl." Shrugging and adding, "best window of opportunity we might get."

Ignis Imura Ignis Imura Berik Berik Davis Garrick Davis Garrick
Legion Commander Scar

// CMDR SCAR // Nova-Class
// OBJECTIVE // Ride the Lightning
// FOCUS // Tess Tess | VK-462 VK-462 | OPEN

Walking away from the bridge of the Cyber Eidolon, Commander Scar could feel the Star Destroyer Exit Hyperspace. As soon as it entered Realspace, men and women of the NIO upon the vessel were scrambling to activate the various stealth systems upon the ship. While the pirates may have been able to spot them in that mere seconds after exiting Hyperspace, Shimmering against the darkened void of space into nothingness.

Moving to the hangar was not that difficult. With so many people headed that way, the Commander simply pressed a button upon his forearm. Notifying the Nova Troopers to gather in the Hangar. All the while, the Commander actually ran into some of his men on the way their. Following him into the hanger as the ships that were preparing to embark on their various missions, the Blue visor looked around to see others moving to and fro. Finally coming to stand next to the
Shuttle they would be using.

<</ Commander, the Shuttle is prepared. />>
<</ Good. How much room do we have for the Troopers? />>
<</ A Company of 60 count. />>
<</ Gather other Troopers we can take with us. Have 30 Novas, and the rest whatever we can field. />>
<</ Sir. />>

The Lieutenant nodded his Sir as he walked away. Preparing to gather other Troopers or men who could join them. Scar looked around himself. Seeing that there was an individual who was dressed in garb not typically use for Storm Corps, or even Soldiers. Imperial Intelligence maybe? As a section of such, the individual clad in black and gold armor just smirked under his helmet. Removing his helmet to show off a head of Dark brown short hair, his green eyes, and a face that had seen battle before.

Walking over to the female "smuggler" that seemed to be alone, the Commander didn't salute as the individual was not in offical dress, and thus should be regarded more as a civilian, not as a military official.

"You waiting for someone? If you are part of the boarding operation we have a stealth shuttle that is going to be sending a Company to do just that."

To his own ears, his voice sounded different without the helmet and vocalizer screwing his voice. However, speaking to the White haired woman was going to be interesting. He was slightly confused on what they were doing here dressed as a pirate, but the only assumption that could be reasonable was the attempt in infiltrating the Pirates. If it came down to it, then the Commander and his company could act as a diversion for this imperial Agent to sneak in during the confusion of a boarding group. However, first, the intentions were needed to be brought to clarity.
The true Nines

EQUIPMENT: In signature +
IL-25X Sniper Rifle
SUPPORTING: Agrippa Agrippa | Berik Berik | Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | Ignis Imura Ignis Imura

In a large grassy field amidst the thunderous rain, a single
Phantom-class shuttle descended.
Finding an area of tall glass flat enough to safely land on, the pilot lowered the shuttle's landing gears and stopped its momentum. From underneath the shuttle, a ramp emerged. Nine stormtroopers walked out, eight in rough a circle around the ninth. While the armor of all nine troopers was clean and unremarkable, the trooper in the middle of the group still stood out. He wore a black lieutenant's pauldron, and stood silently with impeccable posture. In his hands was a loaded sniper rifle, and a riot baton that had been used by the trooper in combat for nearly twenty years lay attached to the back plates of his armor. The nine troopers entered a brisk jog as they exited the shuttle, heading towards the designated rendezvous point. The shuttle's pilot then lowered the shuttle's ramp and landing gear. Seconds later, it vanished into the ominous storm clouds hanging overhead.

The rain pounded overhead, the muddy ground forcing the troopers to put extra force into each step. The tall grass concealed their presence, and the rain drowned out any other noise. So far, they remained undetected. As the lead trooper scaled a small grassy hill, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. The entire task force immediately tensed up, rifles raised. However, the lead trooper soon eased their concern.

"I believe we've found the other chunk of the squad." stated the trooper, pointing to another Phantom shuttle that had just finished unpacking its troopers. The task force decided to descend down the hill to meet up with their comrades.

Despite the muddy ground slowing the troopers down, they were within eyeshot of their comrades within under a minute.

Before the other troopers mistook them for an enemy and opened fire, the task force lieutenant spoke up.

"It's me, Nines." stated FN-999, raising his voice to be heard over the pounding of the rain. "My task force landed safely, and we're here to link up to you for our mutual objective."


// Wraith //
Objective // Spit Out the Bone //
Location // Ascalan // Landing Site //
Focus // Berik Berik // Ignis Imura Ignis Imura // Agrippa Agrippa // FN-999 FN-999

Wraith remained silent, running the stained rag up and down the length of his long-barrelled sniper rifle. It quickly became a pre-mission tradition for the scout trooper, as it provided some sense of calm before a coming battle. It also never hurt to ensure one's weapons was up to snuff and ready for use. For the soldiers used to working beside Wraith, they'd come to expect this behavior, but none could deny Harnaidan had changed the soldier. Rather than engage his allies in friendly banter, cracking jokes, Wraith sat away from the others. His eyes hadn't left the weapon on his lap, or, more specifically, the set of dog-tags woven around the attached scope. Scratches and dents decorated the tags individually, though it appeared a new durasteel chain connected them to the rifle.

"Hmm," Wraith looked up from his task, his silent contemplation interrupted by the ISB operative at his side. Garrick looked up to the lowering ramp and stood, scooping his helmet up from the bench to slide over his head in the same fluid motion. "Copy that, Vandal," he stated, falling in step behind his appointed partner. "The storm will be a bit of a bitch to deal with, but I'll make do," his voice remained low as he spoke, only heard due to the commlink connecting both soldiers. "We should be linking up with an Inquisitor and Captain Agrippa shortly," the scout reported, the helmet aiding in his vision and protection from the rain. "Joint ops always see an odd mix of lads. Between white-cloaks and glowsticks joining the mix, you never know what to expect."

The sudden interruption by Ignis from behind caught Garrick by surprise. Had the inquisitor shadowed their unit the entire time? The Executor's chosen were notorious for what skills they could employ both on and off the field. He still found it difficult to find a sense of comfort knowing the lot of them slunk about in the shadows at any hour of the day.

"I didn't think you glowsticks had paperwork," Davis joked, looking over his shoulder to Ignis behind him. "Don't worry too much, mate. They probably deployed us for the same reason they sent you. We know what we're doing," he slung his sniper over his shoulder before pulling a pair of binocs from his side. He offered a nod to Agrippa, dropping to a knee beside him. "Roger that, Captain, lemme take a quick looksie," the scout lifted the electrobinoculars to his visor and peered through. "Hmm, looks like a militia force at best, intel's right on this one. They've got this place on lockdown, no outer patrols. They've set up checkpoints throughout the village, nothing crazy, but they become a bit more commonplace the closer you get to the center."

Garrick lowered the binocs back to his side and pulled the sniper off of his shoulder once more. He engaged its mount and propped it up in the mud before him.

"I've marked who I saw on your H-" Garrick stopped, interrupted by the arrival of Nines and his task force. "They sent more of you, huh? Works for me," he dropped to his stomach, lying prone before fitting the scope to his visor. "Tangos on your HUDs, outlined in red. Comm me if you need someone dropped, otherwise I'm on overwatch."
Visions of Empire

// Moff Predor //
Objective // 3 - BYOO //
Focus // Berik Berik // Agrippa Agrippa // Ignis Imura Ignis Imura // FN-999 FN-999 // Davis Garrick Davis Garrick



It was less than appealing to Moff Predor when the orders came through that there were to be no negotiating with the terrorists came through, the blunt expansionism of the New Imperial Order bureaucracy leaving the good Moff without an avenue of defeating their enemies with tact. He was left without any area to position himself to defeat the terrorist tactfully.

Of course, that was only in an official standard.

In less than official ways, the Moff was more than glad to ensure that the destruction of pirate forces on Garqi would be ensured. After all, if there was one certainty about pirates it was their greed. For a much less significant sum than an entire planet, a few of the terrorists down planetwide were more than glad to provide an unlocked door here or there for the guarantee of their survival.

A guarantee that Moff Predor happened to not provide to any of the boots on the ground. After all, negotiating with terrorists would be unbecoming of someone in Boram's position.

The Moff was hardly a neat freak by any standard, but he did enjoy his hands being washed clean of any wrongdoing.

"More tea, dear."
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Where do the lekku go?
// VK-117 VK-117 Tess Tess OPEN //

Yieda strode through the hanger, scanning around for the ISB agent she'd been assigned to work with. She was without the usual Nova Corps standard armor in favor of a rather basic looking getup put together to blend in with the pirates manning the blockade. She'd almost look unassuming were it not for the two fully exposed shoulder-down prosthetic arms. Seeing the only other person in the hangar not wearing some kind of uniform, armor, or flight suit was the sign Yieda needed to approach.

"Agent Tess, I'm assuming," she accosted the woman in a rather unenthused tone. She eyed the individual up and down, brow in a half-puzzled contortion. She'd thought the idea was to be unassuming, but the agent's disguise was bit more stand out than Yieda had expected. Her eyes shifted towards the Nova Trooper beside Tessa. Right lekku sent into a subtle surprised flutter once she recognized the commander.

"Commander Scar? Wow, you really didn't-" she paused for a second, trying to at least put some caution in her wording when addressing her direct superior. "I thought this was more of a covert operation, or are you assigned elsewhere?" Without the distortion usually caused from the helmet vocoder and mandible, the flowery quality of her voice and the thick Ryl accent was much more apparent. The constantly vexed diction wasn't lost in the slightest, however.

Post: 2
Location: Ord Canfre | Orbit
Objective: 1 - Operation Ride the Lightning
Allies: NIO | VK-462 VK-462 | VK-117 VK-117
Immediate Objective: Get ready

A soldier approached her and asked about her mission. She flashed a smile and gave a nod. "Yes sir. I'd appreciate the lift." she quipped as she grabbed her rifle from her cockpit and fell in beside him. "I was told that my partner and I will be going in quietly, though they weren't as enthusiastic in their explanation of which ship we'll be using. Wouldn't mind a few Novas to tag along, though." she explained casually as she worked on deconstructing her rifle into its pistol configuration. They were soon joined by her partner who seemed to recognise the soldier. "The one and only." she answered the Twi'lek as she turned to look at her. She raised an eyebrow as Yieda eyed her up and down. "You stare any longer, sis, and I might have to charge ya." she remarked with a light Corellian accent.

She glanced between the two of them and scoffed. "Well given the two of you know each other, mind giving me your name, Commander?" she asked, extending her right hand to him. "I'm Tess, by the way." she introduced herself. She did catch his nickname, but a formal introduction simply sat better with her.

She flanked the commander beside her partner as she followed them to the stealth ship. "I'm with my partner on this one, Commander. What's your mission? I wouldn't mind a little distraction to keep those pirates busy with this trip." she asked him as she glanced up at him. "I also have to admit, Yieda, that you might look the part better than me. I was tempted to try out a Weequay disguise I'm working on." she admitted, making some small talk as they approached the stealth shuttle. Once there, she strapped in and relaxed beside the platoon of soldiers accompanying them.

She glanced at the Twi'lek and then again at the commander. "So how do you know each other? You also Nova?" she asked her calmly, deciding to stick to her fake accent. It was rusty, but she was getting there...
Legion Commander Scar

// CMDR SCAR // Nova-Class
// OBJECTIVE // Ride the Lightning
// FOCUS // Tess Tess | VK-462 VK-462 | OPEN

It was a little bit of a surprise to see that this woman, Tess as she was proclaimed to be, would be working with one of the Nova Troopers under the Command of Scar. A raised eyebrow was thrown in the direction of the Twi'lek Trooper who was more dressed for a time on Nar Shaddaa with some pirates and spice runners, than being part of a military unit. Clearly, they were going to be a two person Hunter Team in which would attempt to get past the larger forces due to the advantage of stealth, or deception.

While Tess was rather... talkative, to say the least, The Commander simply stood there with helmet in hand and kept an eye on the Nova Trooper.

"Yes, she is a Nova Trooper under my Command."

Following after the woman who walked towards the shuttle preparing to take them against the Pirates, as other ships were already being given the go ahead to launch an assault. Acting as the main force that would draw the Pirates eyes and ears away from the Troopers.

Reaching the helmet up, his voice once more was underneath the almost metallic scrape that the trooper had grown used too.

<</ Nova Troopers are trained in Boarding Operations, Ma'am. Its likely why Warlock was assigned to work with you. />>

The commander had pretty much indirectly answered her questions of their mission, while also answering how Warlock and the Commander knew one another. Given the Twi'lek was a Master Sergeant, She was one of the NCO's that he could depend upon. More over, it was strange to him to be seeing the Twilek not all geared up in the black and golds. Speaking to both of them as he took steps up into the shuttle, he stopped and turned around after grabbing onto the very first hand rung that would allow him to hold himself up, prepared to be the first one off of the ramp. Likely, would be having these two near the middle if he had any say about it.

<</ Since you two are going to be precious cargo for this Operation, The Nova Troopers will do their boarding procedures to provide cover fire, and a distraction for you two to work. />>

Turning back to the ship, The commander reached over to the wall and pulled off one of the charric rifles. Holding it in his right hand as he prepared to take off.

<</ Sounds good Ladies? />>
New Imperial Captain

Location | Orbit of Ord Cafre [On board of
the Predator]
Objective | Operation Ride the Lightning
Forces | Wraith Squadron
Focus | Lunafreya Solidor Lunafreya Solidor

As the Tie Outlanders made their approach towards the enemy fleet , as expected the enemy fell for the classic trap set by Captain Sularen. Within Seconds the Pirates being as dumb as they are , deployed their starfighters all of whom were uglies such as the
Clutch Tri-Fighter , Y-TIEs , Corellian/B-Wing Uglies and the X-TIEs as all of those uglies raced towards Marlon's 3 Tie Outlander Squadrons who began immediately falling back towards Wraith Squadron. On board the Predator Marlon Sularen watched as the Tie Outlanders who were retreated towards his fleet and the Enemy Uglies followed them. "Wait until the enemy uglies get in range of our point-defense weapons. Once they get close enough open fire and have the Relentless deploy the Missile Boats in order to get rid of those uglies. Once those uglies are dealt with we will counter-attack with the full might of Wraith Squadron's " Marlon ordered intending to secure Starfighter Superiority early in the Battle.

Soon , the Tie Outlanders would reach Wraith Squadron with the Uglies falling for the trap as they attempted to strike against the Predator and it's escort vessels. As they moved forth to attack , the Predator and the Triumph unleashed their Point Defense Weapons , Missile Launchers and Flak Guns against the Uglies who stood no chance. However it is at that point when the Relentless deployed a Single Squadron of Chariot-Class Missile Boats just as a Squadron of Clutch Tri-Fighters moved to attack the Relentless. As the Tri-Fighters prepared to launch their attack , the Missile Boats intervened and unleashed volleys of advanced Concussion Missiles at them decimating the entire squadron.

Then single handily , the Missile Boats proceeded to wipe out several other Squadrons of Uglies with the Missile Boats taking no casualties as they took out the enemy uglies one by one. Each time a Ugly would have it's sights on a Missile Boat another one would move forth to intercept. Even if a full Squadron of Uglies were attacking a single Missile Boat the sheer intervention of a single other Missile Boat would decimate them through the use of it's large amount of Missile Launchers contributing to their success.

Soon a large amount of the enemy's starfighters would be decimated in their suicidal attack against Wraith Squadron. With the Help of the already deployed Tie Outlanders and the Point-Defense Weapons along with the Missile Launchers of the Ships of Wraith Squadron , the Chariot-Class Missile Boats were able to force the enemy to pull out it's Uglies now allowing Marlon Sularen to press forward and launch a counter offensive.
"Deploy all fighters and move the Fleet into firing range of their Blockade. We'll punch a hole through that blockade. However remember avoid the enemy Flagship at all costs we might have friendlies boarding it as we speak" Marlon ordered.

As Wraith Squadron began his Advance , Marlon sent a transmission to the Enemy Fleet. "Attention to those who receive this message. I suggest you surrender immediately to the New Imperial Order if you do so , then we shall spare you. Shall you refuse there shall be no mercy and we will descend on you like a tsunami" Marlon said. As the Wraith Squadron prepared for it's counter Attack Marlon Sularen smirked. This is where the real fun began he thought. Soon the enemy Fleet would be reduced to wreckage and soon victory would be his.
Princess of House Solidor
Objective: 1.
Focus: New Imperial Order. Marlon Sularen Marlon Sularen

Sitting in her command chair, Lunafreya watched the way Pellaeon took the lead in giving orders inside the ship, moving Lunafreya's forces against the enemies in front of him. The battlefield was formidable if you considered them to be nothing more than filthy pirates, she hated criminals, she felt nothing for them but pure and total contempt, a feeling she had inherited since her tutelage in Kaikielius. In the days of yore, before the elzeri occupied the planet, their land was devastated by criminals from the Hutt Cartel, they took a lot of time and effort to recover the planet, only to lose it again to the elzeri.
“Order the Números to spread around our position to ensure full coverage. What are your order, princess Lunafreya? ”

When he turned to look at her, she tried to remove her right boot using only her other foot for that. Leaving the delicate white, soft-skinned foot in the air as she studied him with curious eyes, taking a short time to pout and suddenly lift her right hand from the relaxed arm of the command chair, snapping her fingers several times to someone behind her.

“Calis, come! My feet are killing me… that damn tailor must have been wrong with the measurement on my shoes.”, The princess's armed shadow did not even hesitate and went forward with resolute determination to kneel before Lunafreya, removing her gloves and touching her icy feet with the warm fingers of her deadly hands. “No, yes, no… in the center, right… there, yes… oh yes.”

, Pellaeon called once again, “I need your orders, princess, our reports show Captain Sularen is prepared to engage the enemy as they approach.”, Lunafreya was there sitting enjoying the pleasurable pain as Calis continued to massage his foot barefoot, she even closed her eyes while the maid did what she asked.

"Sularen?", She began to smile for a moment, a long moment. “Can you believe he goes around suggesting he was the center of the major strategic victory at the Bloody Aurora? The man is a craven. Now there he is again, allowing the enemy to attack as he plays a fool waiting for them.”

“Some say there is strategy in his actions. Staying on defense as the enemy comes to you, may yet show strength and wisdom.”,
Pellaeon immediately responded, forcing Lunafreya to open her eyes and keep a sarcastic smile on her lips.

"Humans... they often mistake wisdom for old age.", That removed the smile from Gideon and Lunafreya's lips then noticed Sularen's actions on the panel, when he appeared deployed a large number of ships and prepared to move against the fleet. “Fancy that, the human has courage after all… Interesting, oh well… This is Princess Lunafreya von Solidor to all the fleet, I order you all to follow my lead and prepare to move against the blockade. Our goal is the flagship… we are blazing that thing like a torch among the stars. To the Numbers, I order you to keep the former instructions all around us and follow my lead so we can begin the purging.”, She snapped her fingers at Calis again and gestured for her to squeeze the skin of her foot tighter.

“Tiburón, Anaconda, Leona and Cierva… open the way through the enemy lines. We have little speed compared to them, but we have power and strength, so let us use it to our advantage, understood? ”

The holographic images of the four females immediately salute her with all their pride. The battle had already started as dozens of fighters were crushed against their laser cannons and their bombers, the elf princess relaxed in her chair, smiling as her index finger smoothed her lower lip, looking with interest through the window and the armada that approached before the your. She waved an empty hand in the direction of Pellaeon standing beside her.

“Go do some damage somewhere, Captain and… ah… leave me.”,
She moaned as Calis hit the right spot while massaging her foot, closing her eyes once again from the battlefield and relaxing in her command chair.

// SECOND BROTHER // Imperial Intelligence - Inquisition
// OBJECTIVE // Spit Out The Bone
// FOCUS // Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | Berik Berik | Agrippa Agrippa | FN-999 FN-999 | Boram Predor Boram Predor

More units joined us. Namely the secondary group that had been tagging along with us in the form of Gladius Company, and "Nine of Nines" as they were so called. Easy to tell with the designations they had upon their armor. Which was nice. About the only way they could tell that I was an Inquisitor was the fact of the "glowstick" I carried with me, and the Mask that hid most of my face. Well known for Inquisitors to wear so that their past life was left behind them.

Looking at the Sniper Scout known as Wraith, as he proceeded to give a description of what would be going down, I nodded. As well as others that came to the same conclusion. It was making sense. However, A group this big would not be best suited to do a stealth operation. Having too many people in one area draws attention. Even more so the stark whites, silvers and blacks of the military armors, and uniforms they donned. For this, I stepped forward to take point.

"Keep overwatch and notify us of movement should you see it. Captain Aggripa, Leave two men behind with Wraith as backup to prevent someone from finding him up here. Otherwise, Your company should easily be able to come in from the north. Lieutenant Nines, I will be joining you with your Squad. Avoid conflict as much as possible. If it comes down to it, make distraction for the other team to close in."

Turning to the individual who seemed more along the lines of Imperial intelligence instead of a Trooper, My brows furrowed a moment before throwing out an idea for him.

"You pick who you want to go with. Or, if you want to solo run down the middle if you feel up to the task."

I looked back down towards the village. Seeing a couple checkpoints just by the naked eye, but any extra detail was difficult to make out. I would have to get closer. For me, it would be fairly easy, which is why I wanted to Join Nines. I can act as overwatch for him from rooftops, or use the force to cloak myself completely and act as another set of ears, and eyes for him. While Wraith could easily do the same for the Captain and his company from a distance. Hell, the Imperial Agent could do the same with the Captain as I was given he likely had tools to do the same.

// OBJECTIVE // Spit Out The Bone
// FOCUS // Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | Ignis Imura Ignis Imura | Agrippa Agrippa | FN-999 FN-999 | Boram Predor Boram Predor

Here Berik thought he was destined for go-in-alone-and-sneak-around-or-else-300-people-will-descend-on-you missions, now it almost seemed like the New Imperial element outnumbered the mercenaries. A welcome change of pace, mean't he wouldn't have to squarely shoulder the work load as these sort've infiltration missions usually detailed. However, in the company of everyone else, a pistol, a charric rifle, a bodyglove and a couple vibroknifes seemed under-dressed. Well shit, that's ISB for you.

The Dark Jedi seemed to take control of the situation. Made sense, Inquisition liked to run the show. Being that Berik was never really the commander sort, this worked out to an ideal circumstance.

<"Wraith - put lifeform scanners through the compound. Get us numbers. I'll head in solo. Clear all non-essential comms here on out."> Berik said, scaling into the compound he settled into a low crouch, swiftly taking cover behind a stray storage crate before he peeked his gaze above it, eyeing an idle sentry. Using the rain trickle as noise cover he assailed him from behind, wrapping his left arm around his neck and pressing his bicep tightly against his throat as he pressed his forehead against the back of his skull, forcing pressure from both sides to knock him clean out of consciousness.

<"Got one down, northwest corner.">Vandal relays.

The true Nines

EQUIPMENT: In signature + IL-25X Sniper Rifle
SUPPORTING: Agrippa Agrippa | Berik Berik | Boram Predor Boram Predor | Davis Garrick Davis Garrick | Ignis Imura Ignis Imura

After meeting with the main force, the ten troopers rapidly vanished into the tall grass.

"Tangos on your HUDs, outlined in red. Comm me if you need someone dropped, otherwise I'm on overwatch."
Multiple red dots showed up on the HUDs of the troopers, too far away to determine a species but less than a minute away from the range of their rifles.

"Lieutenant Nines, I will be joining you with your Squad. Avoid conflict as much as possible. If it comes down to it, make distraction for the other team to close in."
An Inquisitor now joined their task force, his position marked by his unique uniform and the blade he undoutably had hidden somewhere on his body. Further proving the man's position was that his physical form seemed very similar to those of the First Order's Knights of Ren. But as he had felt about the Knights, the presence of such a powerful individual so close to FN-999 made him uneasy. He took in the Inquisitor's orders, and then nodded before continuing their silent approach.

As they closed in on their targets, FN-999 took a glance at the Inquisitor who now seemed to be presiding over his operation. Most of his physical features were concealed by his armor, but he could tell that the being was a humanoid with a lean build. Truthfully, he reminded FN-999 of a certain Knight of Ren.
A lifetime ago, he had been sent to Skor II to rid the planet of sympathizers of the Galactic Alliance. There, he had been sent in as part of a squadron supporting a Ren whose name he only vaguely remembered. Castor. The squadron had succeeded in its task, and the planet would fall under First Order control mere hours after the battle. But the trooper had made a diplomatic misstep as the king of the planet surrendered to Castor, and Castor had publicly brutalized him as a result.

At first, FN-999 had thought it was pure sadism. But now he was realizing that the Ren's actions, however cruel, might have been justified. After all, he was simply cleaning up a mistake one of his subordinates had made. It was somewhat thanks to Castor's punishment that he was able to remain as loyal and hardheaded as he was today. Nowadays, Skor II was long abandoned and both the first iteration of the Galactic Alliance and the First Order had blasted each other into oblivion. But for the first time in years, FN-999 thought back to that day on Skor.

As he dropped onto a kneeling position and zoomed in his scope, FN-999 concluded his thoughts.

"Were you ever familiar with the Knights of Ren?"

Bantha droppings. FN-999 had accidentally expressed his thought out loud, and he had no right to ask such a personal question from his superior. It was too late to take back his words, so he simply angled his rifle towards one of the dots on his HUD and waited for his question to be ignored or shot down.

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we shall all die willingly

I scowled when a dozen more men showed up. This didn't seem like a good idea.

"I will stay as a spotter here with Wraith." I addressed the Inquisitor but then jerked my head at LT. Nines. "Lieutenant, you bringin' the whole damn convention out there? Ain't much stealth in these numbers, rain storm or not." we were really risking what we wanted to mitigate - civi casualties. "You wanna be hit 'em goons, go by yourself, leave the men back as reinforcements somewhere along the thicket. Out of sight, out of mind."

Vandal had already gone down by the time I had finished talking, no wonder - ISB spooks rarely listened to a stormie. Business as usual, I guess. Whatever they decided, arguing wasn't going to solve anything so I dropped down crouching besides Wraith, pulled my electrobinoculars and observed the rain struck town down the hill. I saw Berik disposing of a body, then I looked up and caught one armed man on a balcony sipping drinks and smoking cigars. True revolutionary.

<"Overwatch, first building on the left. Don't move till Wraith clears."> I indicated over the comms and then pinpointed the target for Garrick, "...second floor, five hundred yards, think you can pull it, pal?"

Davis Garrick Davis Garrick Berik Berik Ignis Imura Ignis Imura FN-999 FN-999 Boram Predor Boram Predor