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Deciding your fate!


Ba'slan shev'la
So we see it all the time. That no chance to miss attack...misses or we are faced with obscure techniques and powers that affect the mind and cause people fear, frustration, (insert feeling here.)

How do you decide if your character takes the hit or avoids these things?

I'll start. First if it makes sense I usually just take the hit but because I'm old school, I will also break out the old dice (remember those?) And roll a 2d10 for a percentage and based on whats going on in the thread I determine a hit % range. If the bones (dice) drop in that range I'm hit if not ping and I skip away to kick an NPC.

How do you handle it?
I just think logically. Depending on what's going on, how is my character feeling, how is the other character feeling, how both of them are acting, in which positions they are, what kind of terrain or something they are on, etc, I normally manage to find a logical answer to the question: get hit or not?

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
Normally I like to play it fair, I have been accused of god moding posts in the past so during duels, and battles I tend to like to take as many hits as possible in a thread to make it more interesting and fair for both people(I.E Myself and My Opponent). Possibly why I lose so many fights with my alts.

I don't do dice since I could never understand how to determine the ratio with them, it's over my head... but I do weigh each decision I make in a thread heavily with how I feel about the situation, at times it might be harder than usual to get a hit on me but with enough work and dedication you will be able to make me/force me to take hits and when that happens I feel it makes things more interesting.

Although at other times I have been known to take hits more easily than usual, and this is when I really start losing battles. but it also depends on my mood. if I have a "don't give a shite" attitude then I will take as many hits as fast as I can, or if I am having a "bad day" I will take hits but try and avoid more, and then there is the "elusive" attitude of mine that make me wanna drag it out and take time and hard work to be wounded, or take any type of hit at all.

The last part I weigh is the fact whenever someone does something to any of my alts I often will think it over and ask myself "would she/he really be wounded, or hit by that at all?" and think it over, due to the experience of some of them there are things that would never work, or take longer to work and that is where the real issues come in due to some of my opponents thinking they can get a quick defeat with things that have been used against them in the past, and the fact some of my alts can take more pain/damage than others.

But that is just my attitude, and outlook on the "fate" damage counters. Hope it helps. :)


Valde of the Vitae
My decision is made through my normal rp fighting style. I see it less like percents and dice, and more like a chess game. Each hit is a check, and the loss is check mate. Since Vulpesen is based off myself both physically and mentally(though he does hold the better aspects), It's easy to figure out what he can and can't do in a fight. Seeing as to how I can't punch through a solid wall with my wiry frame, Vulpesen would find such a feat only slightly more possible with training and the force. The same goes for hits. If I can't(in a split second) find a way to dodge it logically, the chances are, neither can he. Either that, or I like to make him take hits which then turn into his own attacks. Its a win on both sides, Vulpesen gets hurt for the enemy, but then I get the satisfaction of seeing him make an unorthodox but (often times) effective counter attack.