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Donalia Wren of the Clan of wren/ Darth nekromia of the sith

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NAME: Donalia Elizabeth (birth), Darth Nekromia (sith), Donalia Wren (clan)

RANK: Sith Lord,

SPECIES: human

AGE: 20

SEX: female

HEIGHT: 5ft 5in

WEIGHT: 123lbs

EYES: red

HAIR: black

SKIN: pale

FORCE SENSITIVE: strong in it


Strong with the force, charismatic

Her rancor is very important to her and she is very emotional about its health which she constantly tries to heal with the force
She has a hatred for slavery and kidnapping due to her past

A crimson lightsaber and her pet rancor cuddles
Her new second saber recovered from the rakattan home world with a ghostfire crystal
After joining the clan of wren she also obtained: a beskad and a kal

Donalia was born in 869aby on the planet of mandalore to unknowingly force sensitive parents. She was kidnapped only a month later by a bounty hunter and delivered to Dathomir to become the perfect nightsister. She throughout her childhood was trained by the nightsisters in the ways of the force and at age eleven she tamed her rancor. She named it cuddles after the rancor of a legendary at age and at age fourteen she and her rancor were kidnapped and enslaved by Hutts. She was a hutt slave for a year when she broke herself and cuddles out and stole an upgraded sith ship from the old republic that had a large cargo hold attached to it. She ventured to the sith empire where she met a former nightsister from her clan . She became her apprentice taking the name Darth Nekromia and five years later she killed her master in a duel for her position as a true Sith Lord. After dueling with a Tristan Vizsla she was invited into the clan of wren which she accepted. Currently she awaits her soon to be apprentice on dathomir.

A custom fury class interceptor
Ragnus class star destroyer

None yet

The Reaper of Won Shasot
Also just a heads up for the sake of continuity, Chaos take place roughly 850+ ABY, so while you current birthdate at 169 ABY is conceivable, given something or another happens to preserve her till current Chaos timeline, at the moment it doesn't make sense. Just thought I'd let you know, have fun on the board :D

[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]
The Reaper of Won Shasot
[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]
869 ABY would still mean your character is either unborn or an infant?you might just be safer going with ~835 ABY, or just nixing that from the bio, just a suggestion
Former Space Anime Protagonist
[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]

I don't just ask about your use of the Force, as I do understand that point well enough. It's more the combination of the darkside being used AND the Darth title being fully kept. I'm simply curious here.
The Reaper of Won Shasot
[member="Donalia Elizabeth"]
No one is saying you're not a free-being, we're all just very confused as to why you choose the title of Darth, one that is canonically and on-site reserved for members of the Sith who have actually earned it. The way I see it its not any different from a non-Force User going around and saying they're a Forcer. Its incorrect and doesn't make sense.