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Character Darth Avernus

Eccentric Lord Of Opulence
  • NAME: Darth Avernus (formerly Aiuriss Srâdtsa)
    SPECIES: Sith Pureblood
    AGE: 82 (Visually: Early 30s)
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6’2” (188 cm)
    WEIGHT: 200 lbs (91 kg)
    PHYSIQUE: Muscular
    BODY TYPE: Mesomorph
    EYES: Yellow due to dark side corruption.
    HAIR: Black
    SKIN: Red
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes; High Midichlorian Count (approx. 14,000 per cell)
    Faction Allegiance: The Sith Empire
    Formal Titles and Ranks: Sith Lord
    Homeworld: Athiss
    New Kaas City, Dromund Kaas (Primary)
    Darth Avernus’ Sky Palace, Nar Shaddaa
    Xera’ul, Athiss
    Marital Status: Single
    Children: None (As far as he knows.)
    Parents: Exani Srâdtsa (Mother, deceased), Father unknown


  • Fluent
    ur-Kittât (Native)
    Galactic Basic
    High Galactic
    Minimal Understanding
    Kel Dor

    Darth Avernus has always been fascinated by the arts and has made an effort since a young age to become educated and trained in them. He is trained in traditional High Sith and ur-Kittât calligraphy. Avernus is also an exceptionally talented painter and musician, capable of playing several cultural instruments of his people as well as a few common instruments such as the slitherhorn and omnibox.

    Business and Economics
    Darth Avernus possesses an intimate understanding of nearly every aspect of business, as well as a very educated understanding of economics and the nuances thereof. Unlike perhaps many other Sith, he prefers to do most of his business personally and to be the sole individual managing his monetary affairs. The exception to this would be when the business is significantly sensitive or incriminating.

    Tech, Tinkering, and Repairs
    Darth Avernus has dabbled in the tinkering of technological devices for the purposes of sabotage and general curiosity. His knowledge of general repairs, basic tinkering, and the overall mechanical workings of most modern technology is on a level one would consider respectable, but he is far from an expert.

    Piloting and Starships
    While it is rare for Avernus to fly himself anywhere and though he is far from an ace pilot, he is more than capable of piloting a majority of ships and is adept at aerial combat. He possesses adequate knowledge of starship mechanics and how to fix common mechanical issues.

  • Darth Avernus is highly skilled in all forms of lightsaber combat and favors Form II: Makashi, and implements many elements of Form VII: Juyo in his style. He is an exceptional duelist, treating it as an art form comparable to that of dance or similar performances. He maintains a very lax attitude during duels, becoming disappointed if the 'showmanship' of his opponent is dull or in most cases, non-existent. He is, however, never hasty to engage every enemy in direct combat, preferring instead to use underlings or mind-games, or in many cases a combination of both.
    Darth Avernus has had extensive training in the dark side of the force and is extremely talented in his command over it. Even from a young age, he has been a capable user of the force, even for a Sith Pureblood. While his repertoire of force-techniques may not be as extensive as some other notable Sith, he tends to be very skilled and precise with the techniques he is capable of using.

    The force abilities that Darth Avernus is capable of are as follows:

    Force Speed (Adept)
    Farsight (Adept)
    Force Sight (Adept)
    Force Empathy (Expert)
    Telepathy (Proficient)
    Telekinesis (Proficient)
    Force Jump (Adept)
    Force Pull/Push (Adept)
    Force Barrier (Proficient)
    Precognition (Novice)
    Psychometry (Proficient)
    Force Lightning (Proficient)
    Force Choke (Expert)
    Force Body (Adept)
    Force Fear (Adept)
    Force Kill (Novice)
    Force Projection (Adept)
    Force Drain (Adept)

    Darth Avernus’ Lightsaber
    Darth Avernus, having intimate knowledge of lightsabers as well as a good handle on tinkering, has tweaked and tuned every aspect of his saber obsessively to his own personal liking.

    His saber is outfitted with an oscillating dual-crystal mount that is hardwired into an overclocked diatium power cell. It is fitted with a custom vibration focusing lens and a modified stabilizing ring in order to cause intentional instability, which adds to the lethality of the blade but also increases the risk of injury for the user. To mitigate this, it has been fitted with an emitter shroud, two blade-shaped teeth on the outer side of the blade, and a long, blade-like guard on the inner side of the blade. The lens is calibrated alongside the emitter to produce a non-adjustable blade 59 inches (150 cm) in length, and 1.5 inches (4 cm) in diameter. The hilt was custom manufactured ergonomically to Darth Avernus' hand. It is 11 inches (28 cm) long, with a slight curve and finger notches, all to improve the maneuverability in his favored lightsaber form, Makashi.

  • +Incredible Duelist
    Darth Avernus is incredibly versed in the seven major forms of lightsaber combat, with knowledge and experience in other more esoteric lightsaber forms such as Tràkata and Jar'kai. Form II: Makashi is his favored and most practiced form. Being versed in all seven forms, he takes from all of them to improve his personal style, which is heavily based around Makashi and to a lesser extent Form VII: Juyo. His fluid saber movements and expert footwork come together almost like a dance, contrasted by the aggressive and vicious counterattacks of Juyo which he occasionally implements when an opening is found. The curve of his hilt makes the wild overhead strikes he favors in counterattacks far more powerful and deadly.

    While 'genius' would be an overstatement, the lack of such a title shouldn't detract much from his perceived intelligence. He is incredibly calculated in every word and action. He learns incredibly quickly, which has made him decently talented in several different avenues such as art, technology, and piloting. He spends a lot of his time going through not only Sith philosophy, but the different ideas and philosophies from around the galaxy.

    +Silver Tounge
    One could say he has a way with words. It likely comes from being so well-read on top of being able to read people, not only in the traditional sense but with the force as well. This skill has proven invaluable in business dealings as well as the expected shady Sith interactions. This skill has also served to avoid many confrontations that wouldn't have been favorable. This is something he's cultivated from an early age at first unintentionally but now very deliberately.

    Darth Avernus has a compulsive need to be flashy and impressive. Everything from his clothing, his fighting, his dealings, his ship, his home, all of it. This undoubtedly comes with issues. Firstly, it creates a lot of attention and isn't always the most practical approach which can create more disadvantages. Secondly, it means he gets irritated when someone is able to outdo him and will seek to top them even disregarding the problems it could cause.

    Approaching serious situations with humor and a dangerously lax attitude isn't very unusual for this Sith. This can often lead to agitating the situation or otherwise being caught with his guard down, and unfortunately, it's a core feature of his personality.

    Call it being greedy or protective, Avernus has a very strong sense of what is his. The quickest way to raise his temper and/or get on his bad side is to infringe one what's his, even if he only perceives it to be his regardless of the truth. This has obviously lead to situations and conflicts that could have been easily avoided. This extends not only to wealth and objects but to people as well, and these people aren't limited to servants and employees. It isn't hard to bait rash decisions from Avernus by taking advantage of this flaw.

  • Aiuriss Srâdtsa was born on Athiss in the city of Xera'ul. His mother, Exani, was a servant and the identity of his father was uncertain. Growing up as the bastard child of some unnamed official in the capital while also being raised by a single parent with demanding obligations as a servant didn't exactly make for a happy childhood. This discontent bred defiance and belligerence in the young sith. These are traits that obviously caused issues for someone born into a servant caste, and especially for his mother who would take a majority of the punishment for his behavior. Ultimately this behavior led to relocation out of Xera'ul and to a far less prosperous city on Athiss. Living in what was now practically a slum, Aiuriss spent a lot of time on the street with numerous other street children.
    This hardship conditioned his mind and body to be strong and helped him discover his connection to the dark side. It was not uncommon for a sith to be sensitive to the dark side, but even without training Aiuriss showed exceptional potential. From the near-effortless mastery of small-scale telekinesis to the near precognition he would experience when in scraps with other young street dwellers. He could feel their moves before they were even made, giving him an advantage that made him feared. This pleased him greatly.
    It wasn't long before he was discovered by those with the means to further his abilities. By the age of fourteen, he was made an acolyte in the ways of the dark side, going through the trials and training that had been preserved in his culture since they lived on Korriban so many years ago. He excelled, and once again commanded fear among his peers. Before anyone knew it. he was an apprentice in the ancient ways of his people before he had even reached full adulthood. The freedom this success gave him was intoxicating, he was no longer limited by caste or a life on the street. His ambition to become a lord and surpass his master burned intensely as he hungered for even greater freedom, and even greater power.
    It was only a matter of time before he would finally ascend past his master, as had many before him had done. He reveled in the kill. The thrill, the remorse, the pain, he let it all flow through him. It all washed over him, and he felt as if his connection to the dark had deepened. He was now a lord, he had now achieved what he desired for so long and it was exquisite. He would proceed to further many of his personal endeavors over the years, eventually making him extremely wealthy. This wealth would stain his personality in a way, making him far more pretentious and lavish than he would have ever imagined himself being before. While not overly decadent, it could be said that he is too ostentatious for his own good.

    The last ten years have been very good for Darth Avernus. The Sith Empire, as well as the renaissance of his people's culture, has been something he has been very pleased to see and experience. As Darth Avernus, he hopes to in time further his ambitions beyond what he had previously thought possible while now that he is not limited only to Athiss.

  • Businesses and Real Estate
    Dromund Kaas

    Aiuriss Holdings and Investments Inc.
    A single skyscraper in the commercial district of New Kaas City filled.
    A diverse assortment of businesses in the previously listed skyscraper.
    A luxury penthouse.

    Nar Shaddaa
    Two casinos operated by criminal cartels and secretly owned by Darth Avernus.
    A luxury Sky Palace.
    Several smaller businesses and illegitimate operations at street level.

    A sizeable estate kept in disrepair solely to spite the neighbors.

    Ships and Vehicles
    A modernized Upsilon-class shuttle that has been modified with needlessly bright paint on the wings and a golden trim on the chassis.
    A luxury sail barge with brightly colored sails and paints, along with flashing lights and other ridiculous modifications. Used on Nar Shaddaa for parties.
    P270 Wraith LS

    An obsessively fine-tuned lightsaber.
    An armory of exotic weapons kept as a collection.

    Wealth and Luxury Items
    Hundreds of art pieces of sith origin spread out among two galleries.
    A ridiculously large wardrobe of the flashiest clothes the galaxy has to offer.
    Hunks of gold. No, really, just raw slabs of gold. They're fun to look at.
    Hundreds of art pieces of non-sith origin spread out among two separate galleries for non-sith art.
    A stupidly vast amount of credits.
    A stupidly vast amount of gemstones, most of which aren't actually worth anything they just make him look richer.

    Slaves and Servants
    A large number of enslaved exotic dancers.
    A small army of security and assassination droids.
    A full staff of kitchen and culinary droids.
    A small army of maintenance and cleaning slaves.

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