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Cruisin' Kruskan [TSE Dominion of Hex AM-22]

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Kruskan was a world with the sort of history that swung in small arcs, rather than large and sweeping ones. A quiet world, easily and often overlooked, it had a history with the Sith that made the Empire’s reach toward it a simple one. In truth, the folding it into the Empire was the easy part.

Other things? That was where it got difficult.

Objective 1: The Ruins
Kruskan had an ancient history with the Sith, aligned with its cause for centuries before the arrival of the Gulag Plague. It wouldn't surprise anyone, then, that it was the site of many a mystical ruin. Sunken libraries in decay, caverns that used to be tombs, fortifications slowly melted into mountains.

One of these ruins has recently been flagged as a priority excavation project. Except. The SIHCS reported that they have lost contact with the teams they had sent in to research the ruin.

1A) Investigate the ruins. 1B) Find out what happened to the Historical Society’s excavation team.

OOC: Those who participate in this objective will receive a bonus item.

Objective 2: League of Voss
The League of Voss, a group dedicating themselves to rebel against and annihilate the Sith, had caught wind of plans the Sith Empire's desire to expand towards Kruskan. With the Empire looming closer and closer to Voss, the prior center of Silver Jedi space, the League has become understandably distressed and acted without waiting for full intelligence from the system.

Planning to take the Empire’s forces by surprise, they exitted hyperspace to prepare for an ambush.... Only to find the ambush waiting for them as the Sith-Imperial Armada started firing at will. With the League’s intention shattered, it is up to the Imperial Navy to mop up the remnants, crush any further resistance and send a signal to Voss: The Sith Empire is not cowed by extremists and cowards.

Objective 3: Cult of Regera Girawn
Due to the history of the world, there are certain strangenesses underlying everyday life. One of them is the Cult of Regera Girawn. Faces scarred and holding up Madness as the pinnacle of of enlightenment, the Cult of Regera Girawn is a threat to the careful order of the Empire.

Saaraishash Agents have discovered a meeting of their leaders in an abandoned chapel on the outskirts of the capital. Either kill them or find a way to twist them to the Empire’s (or your own!) use.

Objective 4: Non-Com Extravaganza
Got business interests that you can build up on Kruskan? Have at! Want to discuss things with the local authorities and make friends? Be our guest. Want to purchase real estate and retire in style? Kruskan is your oyster.

Objective 5: BYOO
As always feel free to do something not included above and have fun!
The Two Who Were One
Colundra Sector

The Behemoth chugged along the empyrean emptiness of space, its twenty-eight aft thrusters burning bright with cerulean flames to propel the gargantuan dreadnought forward towards the distant systems of the Colundra Sector. Two Invictus II-class Battlecruisers flanked the Emperor's flagship, their wedge-shaped silhouettes not even half the length of the Behemoth. Around them were patrolling wings of Sith-Imperial TIE Fighters and Interceptors, flying in double helixes around the trio of warships on a perpetual hunt for possible enemy craft.

So far there had been nothing, no proximity alerts and no visible signs of danger.

That all changed as a series of klaxons began to sound all across the fleet, followed shortly by the appearance of seven large enemy battleships emerging out of hyperspace in front of the Emperor's fleet. Long-distance sensors identified the command ship as the Indomitable-class Tactical Command Ship, Triumphant, flanked by six Valor-class Star Defenders. Though initially weaker numerically, the Behemoth and its two escort battlecruisers confidently arrayed themselves for battle and began to launch more fighter squadrons to supplement the patrol wings that now began to converge on the enemy ships. Long-range turbolasers turned and began to open fire, filling the fighter filled space between the two fleets with volleys of blue and green energy as the periphery shields of individual ships began to shimmer with damage from the most accurate of hits.

Little did the League fleet knew of what awaited it. The Emperor had calculated that the Behemoth and a small escort would be too juicy of a target for the rebels to ignore and had placed it in perilous space to lure them out.

Several attack fleets now waited only a hyperspace jump away for the Emperor's signal to pounce and close the noose around the League fleet.

Lisanne Escher

Born to Ruffle Feathers
Location: Ruins of Kruskan
Objective: [1] Find a place to hide

Lisanne regretted returning to the League of Voss after her 'vacation' Troiken. As she ran directionless, her head on a swivel while looking for a place to hide, she truly could kick herself for not listening to her gut instinct and getting far away from them. Instead she was talked into joining the planned ambush in the space above Kruskan, which had left her in an escape pod crashing down to the planet's surface. With nothing but a blaster she hoped to find somewhere to lay low for a little while until things had calmed down, after which she was truly done fighting. The fight was pointless, that much had been clear for a long time already, and this had been the second time death had stared her in the face. The first chance she got the woman was going to get on a ship and go to the other side of the galaxy.

It was then when Lisanne noticed a ruin. Although it gave her an uneasy feeling it looked like it hadn't been disturbed in decades if not centuries, she also knew the Sith would soon be crawling everywhere looking for surivors of the battle, if one could truly have called it a battle, in space. With slight hesitation she shifted direction and began approaching it. It would give her the hiding place she needed for at least some time and hopefully it would be enough to rest off the fatigue that was slowly creeping into her body and come up with a plan.

Once the woman made her way inside it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the ruin, but even so it was difficult to make anything out. After some time spent looking around while remaining near the way out, she found a small chamber whose entrance was half-blocked by rubble that allowed her to stay mostly out of sight if anyone searched the place, but any careful looking with proper lighting would quite easily reveal it. It was the best she could find however without going in deeper, but if she got lost that was going to be a death sentence itself.
Zahori Denko
Objective 3

The dark side of the Force had hundreds of thousands of ways of manifesting throughout the known galaxy. Whether it be through the Sith, Witches of Dathomir, or one of the many dark side worshipping cults, the dark side was always present. Whether one wanted to admit it or not. On Kruskan, it has chosen the form of a cult of fanatical followers of a scarred noblewoman of centuries past. Her dark side-induced insanity led her to turning all those around her into mind slaves that have no choice but to do her bidding.

Several Imperial dropships descended upon the town where a meeting of the cult was underway. Aboard the dropships were members of the Imperial Mission who accompanied the Imperial Admiral Zahori Denko. As the admiral was coming upon the end of her contracted service to the Armada, she began to extend her knowledge of diplomacy and other aspects of the Sith Empire. It would all help her in the long run to gain an even stronger presence in the Sith Empire.

The dropships touched down just outside of the town. As they did, the citizens vacated the streets, in fear of what was to come. Missionaries began moving through the town to speak with the citizens on behalf of the Empire. Meanwhile, Zahori led some of the more higher ranked members of the Mission towards the Chapel where the cult would be found.


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
Objective I: It belongs in a museum, my museum.
Allies: Fellow Sith and the lovely people of the SIHCS.
Post Number I

Ah, how he adored the SIHCS. Historical enthusiasts, with a nigh-fanatical devotion to the Dark Side and the Sith to sweeten the deal. They hardly even hoarded the relics either, being all too willing to hand them over to the Sith in most cases. Lovely people, the bunch of them. After he had been initiated into their inner circle, a simple enough matter for a Sith with a profound interest in the occult, he had been given access to their impressive network.

It was from that network he had received the most recent tip. A lost excavation team on Kruskan. That was promising. Missing archaeologists was always a good indication that there was something interesting at work, at least when one worked with Sith ruins. Of course, it could simply be an equipment malfunction, but he had a good feeling about this one.

As his yacht slipped out of hyperspace, he languished in a comfortable chair while the Society Acolyte he had brought with him dutifully double-checked her equipment. Well, their equipment. But she would be carrying it. That was one of the advantages of taking one on, he had learned. All too eager to please, especially when they were lucky enough to be assigned to a Sith. Especially when trying to make a good first impression.

As the sleek black hull shot through the air, repulsors blasting away in order to decrease their velocity, they made their way to the exit ramp. Hovering over the treetops, the ramp opened and he jumped out, landing nimbly on the ground below, the force having slowed his descent. He could have just landed the ship, of course, but he wanted to test young woman. A coward in a Sith ruin was a recipe for disaster, after all. To her credit, she didn't hesitate for long, even with the steep drop. Though how much of that was courage and how much was blind faith in the Sith, he didn't know. There was a very real chance he would learn that soon enough though.

Striding forward towards the ruins, the young woman right at his heels, he made his way up a low incline towards a small hilltop. Ahh, there it was. It lay in shambles. It was partially overgrown. It was beautiful. A testament to the legacy of the Sith, a legacy stretching back to time immemorial. He was glad to see that those League of Voss scoundrels had left it untouched. Their filth had no place in the ancient halls of the Sith.

Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog
[member="Tabigarashu Madara"] [member="Zahori Denko"]

In its way, the cult of Regera Girawn functioned like any other governing committee. It didn't. Five minutes after Sith Empire dropships landed here at the outskirts of the capital, and the scarred cult leaders hadn't even decided whether to fight, run, or negotiate. Their large and hairy guest refrained from taking sides, in part because he found the debate hilarious. He sat in an apse of the abandoned chapel, drinking Whiphid liquor from a Whiphid-sized flask, and flanked by two even larger and hairier Whiphids than himself.

Meeting procedures broke down entirely. Despite calls for decorum, a group of cult leaders stomped out with the intent of escaping farther into the mountains. A second group began praying over knives and blasters. A third and more reasonable group argued with the second group about the feasibility of facing the Sith Empire directly. A small, fourth, and final group came to stand more or less behind Velok and his young cousins. Probably the safest option, all things considered.

Jacen Vadith



The war of Good versus Evil waged inside Jacen's mind. At a first glance everything was so simple, easy to determine that the Sith are in fact 'evil', but the reality of it was difficult to comprehend. Historically, yes, but as of now the Sith Empire may just be what is best for the galaxy- whilst the Jedi tear it apart in a desperate attempt to do what is right. As a former Jedi, Vadith understood this, but it was exactly that which drove him away and into the clutches of the Sith. Now he finds himself unable to conclude as to which is better for him, which side is the side worthy dying for. He just didn't know.

Mystical Ruins held many a secret, and perhaps the key to a certain discovery or sense of enlightenment. Ultimately, it was probable that these ruins were only to sate his lust for knowledge, leading him further down an unredeemable path. Perhaps not as young as he once was, but still malleable enough.

In his typical darker attire he wandered through the ruins, descending into their tense area as a cold chill prodded at his spine. This wasn't a safe area, that much was certain. Cautious eyes shifted about, eyeing any abnormality he may spot. In truth, he didn't come here to search for the workers, but instead himself.

Objective 1

Xevek Nekonis

From The Shadows
Location: Ruins of Kruskan.
Objective: [1] Uncover the Secrets.
Nearby: [member="Jacen Vadith"] | [member="Adrian Vandiir"] | [member="Lisanne Escher"]

Silence was where Xevek was most comfortable, times in which the pressing noise of the world around him died down leaving him to his thoughts and his thoughts alone. In truth, the Iridonian found the would around him foul and repulsive, ugly by its very nature, filled with disquiet and disjointed sights that meshed against one another jarringly than in anyway that could be considered beautiful. Of course, the corruption did not exist within nature itself but within the beings that populated the galaxy also. Hypocrisy, arrogance, pride and numerous other weakening behaviors filled the souls and minds of any who lived, himself included, such was the nature of living. To live, in his mind, was to Lie, to yourself and to reality at large, all to create a world in which the being felt superior to all others whilst blinding themselves to the Truth that existed beyond all Lies - the True Reality that persisted behind the Perceived Realities.

When Xevek was alone with his thoughts, though, all of that drifted away as if it were smoke on the wind. His disgust and hatred of himself (despite how hard he worked to shed the chains that simply living had placed upon him) and the world around him. In those moments of silence, he could relax his ties to his physical self, drift away into the Force and find not peace, for chaos was what drove him at a fundamental level, but quiet solace where he could revel in the not the disquiet of the world but of his own thoughts. Paradise, to him. A paradise in which he could think, plot and plan, review what he had read and seen and lived. It was for that reason that his rage flared within his chest before settling back down to an icy tundra when his meditation was interrupted.

Amber gaze snapping open at the sound of a ship passing over head, Xevek opened his eye to the sight of first a man and then a woman, the latter laden down with equipment, leaping from the craft. Growling in annoyance, Xevek leveraged himself up to his feet, hissing beneath his mask as a would along his back, the remnants of training that he refused to heal through bacta so as to teach himself a lesson, protested to the movement. His focus had been disrupted and, since many people seemed to be gathering towards the ruins now, he saw no advantage in fighting to regain his peace. Not now that his silence had been broken by the pair - at least the first Sith to arrive and proceed into the ruins had been silent and considerate enough to not disturb him. As such, he headed forth towards the ruins, his thoughts naturally turned to the ancient tomb as he did so. Though others might've come to Kruskan to investigate the team lost within the depths of the ruins, Xevek had personally come in so as to satiate a hunger for knowledge, to learn of secrets buried beneath the ground. For him, the lost team was nothing more than an excuse, a reason, for him to legitimately investigate the tomb under the Empire's watch.

Clad in black robes and his nearly ever-present bone mask shaped into the visage of a leering skull, Xevek passed by the Sith stood on the hill with little more than a glare out of the corner of his one eye, before descending down towards the entrance to the tombs. Even as he simply approached the ruins, Xevek could smell the stale air, a scent that served to spark a sense of excitement as it served as evidence to how undisturbed the tomb had gone over the years.
Eyes the color of luminescent bog moss watched the scanners for the signal. The League of Voss fleet dropped out of hyperspace right into the trap of the Sith armada just as he had warned them that they would. He did not approve of their methods, neither did he approve of the cancerous spread of the Sith's power. He knew them both too well, one group was little more than angst ridden children who ran off to make their own rules when their parents told them no, the other was a power hungry soulless construct driven by a heart of self serving individuals that would eventually show their depravity to more than the mirror. While, he, himself, was little more than a relic of a time that may well be better off forgotten.

He had been free of this, happy and free in the Netherworld. His life lived for others he had finally found peace in his afterlife, until balance was broken on Kashyyyk and he felt himself plunged back into the universe screaming and alone like being born for a second time.

He had bartered travel here with a small Voss advanced party that had been hiding on Kashyyyk and he felt he had a small debt to pay them as they planned to do whatever it was they did on the planet. He tossed his cloak off and walked from a small tap caff with his lightsabers dangling from his belt in plane sight.

He was the distraction. Luckily he was always good at getting into trouble.

People of Kruskan, hear me please." He said and groaned inwardly at how absolutely ridiculous he sounded, "There is no emotion, there is peace!"
flesh is temporary
Objective: Ruins investigation

Thankful that he hadn't experienced any significant injuries during the recent rebellion, Tsisaar was equally glad to find himself back in a position he felt far more suited for: investigation, exploration, and study. Perhaps, also, search and rescue, although he was far less concerned about that than he had made himself sound when he volunteered to search the ruins. While many of those on worlds such as Dromund Kaas or Korriban had long since been combed through extremely completely, leaving nothing to be found other than appreciation for what had come before, Kruskan was different. The ruins here felt untouched, something in the area buzzing with the Force.

The exact sort of thing that might deter others, but which would pull on Tsisaar and those of a like mind to go deeper still. Nearly-untouched ruins were hard to come by in this day and age, and there were all sorts of things to learn in them.

Unfortunately, his attention for things such as other people or potential threats was thrust to the wayside as he contemplated all of this, taking in every sensation he could, physical or metaphysical, of the area. As well, he'd been poring through a book about the planet at the same time as he was walking through, leaving him further unwary of the presence of other beings. His attention was divering rather greatly from where it normally would go, but in the relative silence of the ruins - as well as the large size of the one currently being explored - Tsisaar found it rather easy to let his normal paranoia slip and just enjoy himself.

As such, it was no surprise when he rounded a corner and managed to run directly into [member="Jacen Vadith"].

"Do you think you could learn to wa--" he started annoyedly, deftly handling the book to keep it from falling, before noticing just who it was he was speaking to. "Ah. Knight Vadith. A pleasure to see you so soon after Jaminere." Withholding his grumblings, he raised a free hand, stroking one of his huleppi that had been lightly bruised in the collision. "Searching for the archaeological team, I presume?"

Jacen Vadith



Jacen was certainly startled to an extent when Taral collided with him, even if he should've seen it coming since his gaze was at the very least roughly facing the Khil's direction. A brief expression of shock became clear across his face, even if it was calmed a second later with a deep exhale. In truth, he wasn't sure what to expect here, and maybe this was a sign that his misplaced confidence within himself may prove to create issues further down the line- even in this venture.

"Uh." Vadith's mind wandered before he could conclude, "Yes." An affirmative tone, accompanied with a singular nod of the head for extra confirmation. "Figured I'd wander. Something's bound to turn up eventually." He continued on his stride, potentially leaving Tsisaar behind until turning his head of his shoulder, "Can always use an extra hand?" An invitation.

The Sith was certain he could still accomplish his goal of this 'enlightenment' the force. Maybe a physical presence it was something he needed more than anything else, plus, Taral appeared rather educated. Even if it was something deduced by a simple book.

[member="Tsisaar Taral"]

Objective 1


Citrus Dreams


Kruskan was to be another routine job. The Sith Empire had his contract after all, and whenever they needed an insurrection crushed beneath a Mandalorian's boot, or a troublesome individual shot through the skull, they called Fett. His reputation was well-earned - he climbed the hunter hierarchy until he reached the top, and he dare not come down. This industry was his, and his alone. Nobody got in his way, for when they did they wound up like everyone else: dead. There wasn't much difference between himself and those that came before him. They shared the same face, the same name, the same armour, and the same title. Their plights were all that varied, and who truly cared for the plight of a Bounty Hunter?

The Spear II in it's mimicking fashion, another hint of unoriginality, glided across the stars. Lazily in it's manner, just as it's pilot lounged within the seat. Finding itself inside the shadow of the aptly named Behemoth. A true monster of a vessel, and a stark reminder that his employers had every credit they owed him. There was nothing just yet, it was all quiet- just the occasional beep, a boop, cockpit noises. Nothing more. It took Fett out of the moment as he stared outwards from beneath his T-Shaped Visor, coming across a time long gone.

It was then that a loud and obnoxious ring took him out of whatever nightmare he was to play over, and over, and over again in his mind. Some things just never left, one could suppose. Fett almost jolted in his seat, reaching for the device before holding it out before him; projecting a smaller figure, draped in dark robes, speaking with a raspy tone that reminded the Bounty Hunter of an aged man, or a damaged one. He didn't particularly care. All Koda saw was rain, mud, and corpses coated in once pristine plastoid. Things were simpler then.


"Fett... The League of Voss is predicted to arrive shortly. It is Nomi Davout you are to capture." The projection shifted to that of a slim-figured Twi'Lek, accompanied by a side-panel of her record. Apparently a traitor to the Sith, and in possession of dangerous information. "She is a Captain, now, and aboard a soon-to-be marked vessel. All information will be uploaded to the Spear II once they arrive in system." The holographic image that occasionally fizzled with an individual, horizontal line flowing through it vertically, reverted back to that of the older gentleman. "Remember, we want her alive, Bounty Hunter." Without a moment to spare, the League arrived in system.

Jairus Starvald

[member="Tabigarashu Madara"] [member="Zahori Denko"] [member="Velok the Younger"]

Tick, tick... tick.

The wing went as it knocked politely against the doors of the chapel.

If anyone cared enough (or uninvolved enough) to hear the knocking they would notice a smol peacock standing in front of the door. On top of the peacock's shoulder was a mouse as well. "It is polite to at least try and talk to those that are misguided, Hirou." He did not really think it would be possible to convince them... but an honest effort had to be made for the betterment of the Empire.

It was better when the Darksiders of this Galaxy weren't murdering one another.

There were plenty of others who were trying to do that for them as is. "Hm. I think they are quite busy." They could practically hear the shouting and arguing coming from behind the doors. A push- it didn't budge... locked. A stronger push followed and once the Darkside was tapped, letting its strength flow through him? The locks snapped and the ticking of talons sounded through the chapel.

"Hello." His head swiveled to and fro. "I assume this is the meeting of independent darksiders, who are currently arguing about fighting the Empire or not?"

Then his attention went to the presence that was more familiar to him. It took him a moment to place Velok, memories of the early days of the Sith Order and how they had kicked out the Silver Jedi Order out of the Sith Worlds.

Those were the days.

But Lord Fa did not make it known for now that they knew each other- why Velok was here was beyond him, he surely had his reasons.
The Admiralty
Objective 4: Non-Com Extravaganza

Kruskan was a hotbed of Imperial activity today and that brought opportunity.

It was the reason why Verse Taggart was here herself today in her role as CEO of Meridian Dynamics. The Sith-Imperial Historic Conservation Society had been impressed by some of the work done by MD in the past. They had commissioned a station to be designed and created by the Zygerrian company, an outpost of sort that could survey the landscape from above and map out the various ruins littering the planet.

After all, it was easier sometimes to catch hints of it from above, rather than try and scout everything out from below.

Rather than be forced to tug it in from their shipyards over Zygerria, they had decided to drop an impromptu drydock over Kruskan itself. It wouldn't be worth much for construction of capital ships, but sub-capital?

That wouldn't be a problem.

All the local permits had been approved, so in truth the Admiral was just here to inspect the proceedings. They'd have a test case in a few days. Everything would have to be ready prior to that if they wanted to keep getting contracts from the society.... and if it was content? That might open the doors towards larger contracts in the future from the Sith Empire itself.

Now that prospect almost made Verse purr.


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge
Objective I: It belongs in a museum, my museum.
Nearby: [member="Xevek Rakama"] | [member="Lisanne Escher"] | [member="Jacen Vadith"] | [member="Tsisaar Taral"]
Post Number II

Ruins, in all their untouched splendour. What would he find within, he mused. Secrets of the dark side? Experiments long since abandoned? Relics of great Sith of ages past? So many possibilities. So much latent potential. Stepping foot inside a new ruin was always immensely enjoyable. The feeling of feet treading on the cold stone, the sound echoing backwards through vacant halls. Interrupting his musings, he sensed a presence approaching. A fellow Sith, by the feel of it. He had expected a greeting, perhaps a pleasant conversation. Not a pair of glaring eyes, then a silent departure. So much for being first to the ruins.

Glancing sideways at his companion, he silently gave her an "I told you so." look in reference to her earlier suggestion of finding a proper parking spot. New ruins, especially ones where people went missing, was like a fire to which the Sith were fireflies. Well, this firefly had no intention of making do with whatever the rest decided to leave behind.

Striding after the cloaked figure, he still took the time to briefly examine the overgrown rubble of a fallen pillar. Unfortunately, the writing that had once graced its form had not fared well against the test of time. Fortunately, the ruins themselves would likely be in a much better state, Sith architecture was built to last for a reason, what with the Sith tending to disappear for a few centuries every once in a while.

Hurrying after the figure, he followed him down towards the entrance, admiring the weathered carvings that still persisted, even after all this time. "Why hello there, my grumpy friend. Not trying to keep all the good stuff to yourself, I hope?."

Tabigarashu Madara

Good things come in smol packages
Objective 3:
[member="Darth Saarai"] [member="Velok the Younger"] [member="Zahori Denko"]

Hirou nodded, but Tai Fa would see the worry on their face. Hirou was one of the agents that had originally pinpointed this location, and some of what they had seen disturbed them.

"As long as I don't have to burn my face too," Hirou said, tone concerned. The fact that they were toying absently with their tail told that story more than anything else could. It was an old habit- one Hirou was trying to break. But when they weren't paying attention to it specifically, well-

They just couldn't help it.

The last time Hirou had encountered cultists on behalf of the empire, it had been a death cult on Mirial.... and they had almost been eaten by a Skraal that time. It was understandable if the little Nezumi was, well, a little nervous.

Hirou held on as Tai Fa handled the door. Honestly, the agent wasn't sure why they were here entirely. But Tai Fa had asked if they would and of course they had said yes.

All eyes went to them and it was all Hirou could do not to slink down into the Sith Lord's pocket. Many of the faces were heavily scarred and burned, and even those that looked at them with interest had a hint of something malevolent about them. You would think that working with the Sith now for so long, Hirou would be accustomed to such things. But in truth? Most people were very polite to the smol Saaraishash agent. This was a different situation entirely.

"And we assume you are part of that Empire, here to bury us," one particularly deformed face (Hirou had a hard enough time with gender in the too bigs to even begin to figure out if this one was male or female) snarled.

"We're here to talk, if you are willing," came the small voice from Tai Fa's shoulder. "And see if accords can be reached."

Fiolette Fortan

En Route to Toola

Task Force 648; the Nightbloods
VSS Vindicator-type, Prototype Vindicator II

"Commander Kasai." Fiolette called as she walked along the path above the trench, "status?"

"Nearing Toola now, madame." Kasai reported with his arms behind his back as he faced outward. "We've alerted the authorities within the Sith Empire of our presence."

She nodded in acknowledgement but stood silent, as they trekked their way through the galaxy heading for Toola. It may have seemed to be an odd choice for expansion for the retired Grand Admiral, but it presented two things, a starport with plenty of trade routes and connections to Bonadan where one of her trade stations was anchored. "Have our weather corvettes prepare themselves."

"Right away," he confirmed, and then turned to head down the path to give a few of the weather corvettes within their task force notification. The VSS Vindicator was in the lead of the Nightbloods task force, followed by the VSS Cirrus, Convergence, Cloudburst and Cyclone. Other typical escorts of the 648 were left in Mandalorian space, "weather corvettes alerted."

She replied, "excellent, our goal here is to establish our own research facility and nothing more."
Zahori Denko
Objective 3
[member="TAI"] Fa | [member="Velok the Younger"] | [member="Tabigarashu Madara"]

As Zahori approached the chapel, the avian form of Lord Tai Fa caused her to stop in her tracks and assess the situation.

"He must be here to speak with the cultists, as well. Thought I'd be alone in this venture. Glad I'm not. Fall in behind Lord Fa. Should he require our aid, he shall have it."

Zahori continued on with the members of the Imperial Mission, eventually catching up to Tai fa and his little shoulder companion. He knew Lord Fa had better experience with the ways of persuasion than Zahori did. That's why she collected her most recent treasure. For when just her word wasn't enough, she would use her talisman to force people into seeing her reasoning and accepting it. But, perhaps she wouldn't need this at this time.

Zahori stood in the background and allowed Lord Fa to speak.

Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog
[member="Tabigarashu Madara"] [member="Darth Saarai"]
[member="Zahori Denko"]

"Be our intermediary," said a quiet voice.

Velok tore his attention from the Thirriken at the door - and many good old memories - and turned around. Of the small group of cultists who'd effectively taken shelter behind the Whiphids, most seemed to have minimal scarring. A degree of common sense, perhaps. "In what capacity?"

"Advocate for us or mediate between us. You're a known quantity, Lord Velok. They may take us more seriously with you involved. If it's a question of payment-"

"A misstep," Velok rumbled, "but not an irrevocable one. Don't insult me. You've already shared your sacred books with me and that is more than sufficient." He patted one voluminous pocket and stood. "As it happens, I was only waiting for you to ask."

He turned and waded through the puny human cultists. His stomach rumbled at the occasional whiff of old burned meat. "My name is Velok of Toola," he said at Whiphid volumes. "I've been asked to serve as a neutral mediator and a guarantor of good faith."

A younger, larger Whiphid growled and weapons started disappearing. Velok gestured to the governing council's table.

"Shall we?"

Jairus Starvald

[member="Velok the Younger"] [member="Tabigarashu Madara"] [member="Zahori Denko"]

Coincidentally a Whiphid volume was a rather loud volume indeed.

Lord Fa cocked his head an inch, before nodding his assent. "Your meditation is welcome and accepted, Velok of Toola." Something told him that even the most careful of cultist would have thought twice about wishing for Velok's assistance here, had they known about their shared past. Not that Tai assumed that this would somehow make Velok inclined to choose a side.

Far from it.

But optics were a thing and that is why Tai said nothing else to indicate the shared recognition that had flowed just a moment ago. They settled down in quick fashion- Zahori and hers settling down behind Tai.

The Thirriken flopped gracefully on top of one chair's edge, the wings letting him glide easily. "My name is Darth Saarai, Lord Inquisitor of the Saaraishash." He perched there easily as he oversaw those that had gathered here. Some of them grumbled, some shot dark glances, others seemed hopeful... all of them had decided to put their rabble-rousing aside for the moment.

Hope was a fine thing sometimes.

"This is Tabigarashu Madara. Knight of the Sith. High Admiral of the Saaraishash." Brows furrowed in thought. "They prefer to be called Hirou though." A curious glance to the Nezumi for confirmation.

"Darth Athora with the Imperial Mission. An Admiral of the Sith Empire." Oh, yes, Tai Fa knew who Zahori was, indeed.