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Akaran Goddess
Random question concerning species...

If I were to create a species, but only have one member of said species, would the species sub and the NPC sub pretty much mirror each other?
Kimiko Taiyou Kimiko Taiyou

Some aspects would definitely match.

You can use an NPC Sub to give it more personal flavor and fluff whereas the Species is more the brass tacks. In a general sense I'm fond of "Species 1st" then sub an NPC but you CAN just do an NPC Sub.

NPC's can be made without a Custom Species Submission or a Canon Equivalent, however, a Judge can request it if they deem it necessary.


Gamemaster Extraordinaire
So quick question in regards to a custom planet.
So when making one, say for instance it's primarily filled with a custom species, who are almost exclusively found on said planet.
How would one go about submitting that? Because from how I'm seeing it, no matter which way it is submitted or set up it would leave holes in the submission of the other since they would directly reference one another. Same with adding in a potentially new material to find on said world, would you sub the material first or the world it is meant to be found on?

Long question shorter, how would one order submissions that directly relate to one another without causing issues with submissions having references to potentially other un-approved submissions?

(Example in this case: A planet, A species (Potentially multiple) and an Ore)
Bassilisk Bassilisk

If you would like to have everything ready all all at once you would use the Pre-Codex and Pre-Factory forums and link the submissions there. When you're ready and they're complete to your satisfaction can have the submissions moved to live judging all at the same time. The submissions will still be linked after they get moved.

Conversely, you can submit a planet with what you have available at the time and then choose to do a submission modification to update it. From there you can add in the custom species or material that you've created.

You wouldn't be able to include a custom material though on the Planet until it's subbed.

IMO - If there's no rush I would suggest the Pre-Codex and Pre-Factory forums method because it allows you to work on them all concurrently.
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Zahori Denko
Can you link me please?™.8833/

Go ahead - Just link the originals in the link section if you can.
Well-Known Member
The factory has a rule / guideline listed here, which states that "Generally speaking the more powerful the submission becomes, the less of them there should be." My question relates to this, especially pertaining to species submissions and potentially NPC unit submissions, as well. Are Unique or Semi-Unique species submissions afforded more "leeway" in terms of "power level" than a more populous species? Does the Codex have a similar written or unwritten guideline that is comparable to the aforementioned factory rule?

Thank you in advance.
Mellifluous Magenta Mellifluous Magenta

Anytime you look at the Codex the first rule of thumb to remember is to be reasonable in your submissions for any category. If you come into the Codex with that frame of mind you'll be just dandy. That being said...If for any reason I suspect someone is trying to take advantage of a loophole, unwritten or otherwise, that submission will be denied. Gaming the system shouldn't be the goal over creating vibrant, new, and interesting content.

We don't have a banned species list at this time, so you don't need to worry about that. Your question isn't easily answered though. Often times, species are custom created and have no "base line" to compare it to. Take the Bryn'adûl for example. There were endless of their numbers, but, they were quite strong and powerful. What sold them for the most part was how well individual writers wrote them. Yes, some submissions required a second look but it was overall very well maintained.

We don't have the aforementioned factory rule in place in every area of the Codex because we judge each submission individually unless there are several submissions deliberately designed to become a greater whole. We don't necessarily seek to judge for balance but we will step in if needed. Especially, if the submission doesn't hold to the general idea of Star Wars or runs afoul of one of the rules. You will note that we often warn submitters that a particularly powerful species/npc could be easily reported. If that happens it will be pulled and thoroughly reviewed until it is brought back to standard expectations.

To that end an "overpowered" submission could exist, however, if the writer uses it wisely they won't have any trouble. Hence, why we give the warning but "may" let something pass. It's give and take.

There are actually already restrictions in place for NPC Units when it comes to sizing, force-sensitives, etc... That can be found here and especially in the combat unit template, table, and description.

When it comes to a species? Not so much leeway as you've described, no. We judge each submission individually based on its own merit.

When it comes to NPC Units, yes, and that can be observed in the link I gave above.

(Just one Example: Combat Units containing a majority of Force Users are not allowed to be submitted at Large Size or Common Availability. Please keep in mind that the more powerful a unit is overall, especially in regards to the Force, the smaller and less available it ought to be. Be sensible and reasonable.)

If there is a particular example you can give me I'd be happy to discuss it.

Narran Ando

Gentleman Mobster
Someone raised the idea of having a generic baseline for this character's hotels, that could then be expanded into unique locations as we developed them out in rp. Would this be possible in any form? I thought I'd ask the question for them, a generic interior template or building template to fall back on for reference.
Someone raised the idea of having a generic baseline for this character's hotels, that could then be expanded into unique locations as we developed them out in rp. Would this be possible in any form? I thought I'd ask the question for them, a generic interior template or building template to fall back on for reference.

I'm not sure that I 100% understand what you're intending, however, if you're looking to make one hotel that is essentially identical for a base line and in the submission state it is located at "X" number of locations you can certainly do that.

You can also make more custom submissions for specific hotels later on.

This is doable via the Generic Structure template.