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Invasion Cleansing Fire | BotM Invasion of GA held Jedha and Jakku

The Sith’ari




Site Administrator: Valiens Nantaris

The Second Great Hyperspace War Continues..

On October 13th the Brotherhood of the Maw will break past the defensive lines at Jakku and invade GALACTIC ALLIANCE held Jedha.

The Desecration of Jedha..

The pilgrims and devout citizens of New Jedha City thought they had seen the last of the Sith.
They were wrong.

Following up from the destruction of the Jakku Hidden Enclave and the Devastation of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW and the NEW SITH ORDER embark on a campaign to wipe clean the image of the Jedi Order from the face of the galaxy.
Imagery, holy sites, any and all iconography is to be cast aside in the cleansing flame and destroyed. Statues must be erased, the people broken and enslaved to fuel the MAW WAR MACHINE, the KYBER taken for the projects of the FINAL DAWN.

The GALACTIC ALLIANCE answers the call to defend their people, the NEW JEDI ORDER rise to face their most deadly enemy over the fate of the Holy World of Jedha.

Look for more information to come soon!
Get hyped.

The devout pilgrims and at home natives of New Jedha City find their city under siege. The Brotherhood of the Maw make landfall and target the great city to pillage the holy sites around the city and claim more slaves to help fuel their rapidly developing war machine.

As chaos unfolds within the city, the Brotherhood and the defense forces of the Galactic Alliance engage in a battle for the soul of Jedha. Inside the scarred Temple of the Kyber, the Dark Masters of the Brotherhood gather as the New Jedi Order and their allies rise to face them for their crimes on Coruscant and Jakku.

Protect the Temple! Protect the people!


Tear it all down and let it burn in righteousness flame. Kill and enslave indiscriminately, take away their hope and strike a devastating blow to the Jedi!


The Brotherhood of the Maw are on the war path, their aim is to scrub out all iconography of the Jedi Order and wipe their name from the galaxy proper.

To accomplish this task, the Brotherhood unleash their dreaded mechanized weapons of war, the mobile factories of ravenous hunger, the World Devastators! Take flight as the MAW, grind the Jedi Statues, abandoned monasteries, and would-be archeological sites into dust. Recover the Kyber from the caves and bring them to the MAW armada


Take flight as a member of Starfighter Command or one of the many fine members of the GADF and bring down the Brotherhood's behemoth war machines. Save the image of the Jedi! Save Jedha!


The Final Dawn makes their move. Led by information gleaned from the insidious Letifer during his deep cover in the SIA, the Brotherhood send in elite teams of PURGE TROOPERS and Final Dawn Operatives to ransack the SIA Black Site and retrieve any information on the chemical or physical vial itself that had spread throughout Jedha years ago.

Fight the Brotherhood and stop them from gaining access to SIA secrets, fight in the bowels of the secret Black Site as a member of the elite SIA.


Pillage the area and take what is owed. The Dawn is coming, make sure they don't survive to see it. Make claim to their 'intelligence' and 'secret project'. It is yours for the taking.

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