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Approved NPC Claudia Aylmer



  • Age: 16
  • Force Sensitivity: Untrained Force Sensitive
  • Species: Sithspawn
  • Appearance: Claudia is a slip of a teenage girl with doll-like features dominated by her large, unusually wide-set blue eyes. Her legs are deformed, rendering her unable to walk, so she gets around in a hover chair.
  • Name: Claudia Aylmer
  • Formerly Known As: Nineveh Aylmer
  • Loyalties: Herself | Kai the Doppelganger | Sithspawn Sanctorium
  • Wealth: Irrelevant
  • Notable Possessions: An alchemized amulet which hides her Dark Side aura from the perceptions of other Force sensitives.
  • Skills: Claudia has a keen interest in the natural world. Her primary role in the Reef is tending to her garden, where she grows food for the residents. She is Force sensitive and has received some training from Kai and the other Sithspawn, learning the basics of telekinesis.
  • Personality: Claudia is smart and tough as nails, but she can be a bit abrasive and harsh. She's the type of girl who will tease the hell out of the people she likes the most, right up until they snap back. She isn't quite sure why she does it. Maybe she's testing the limits of their tolerance of her, or maybe she's measuring their fortitude to judge whether they are worthy of her friendship. When she finds the line that must not be crossed, she reshapes her behavior quickly. Deep down, she's really not as cold and bitter as she might seem - she's just sad and scared for the future.
  • Weapon of Choice: The Force
  • Combat Function: Being bound to a hover chair, Claudia shouldn't be expected to do much in a fight, at least not in terms of physicality. She is Force sensitive, but has received no formal training. As RP progresses, she may learn more and become more capable in combat.
  • Untrained Force Sensitive
  • Stuck in a hover chair
  • Is a Sithspawn with Dark Side corruption
  • Is slowly turning into a plant/tree
Claudia was born Nineveh Aylmer, the daughter of Errol Aylmer and an unidentified woman. Her father was the adopted son of a Sith Lord, Darth Transitus, otherwise known as Messala.

Claudia’s mother was never involved in her life, and her father had only a vague connection to her. Thus her "grandfather" Messala stepped in to fulfill the roles of both parents. Her childhood memories are filled with days spent wandering Messala's estate with other children whom Messala had adopted as his own.

When Claudia was nine years old, the Bryn'adul attacked, forcing Messala and his family to flee. They headed to Dahrtag, where they briefly lived in a testing site meant to shelter alchemists as they conducted experiments with the Force. Then the day came when the testing site was attacked by the Jedi. Messala was captured and imprisoned in amber.

Like most of her brothers and sisters, Claudia was placed in foster care. She appeared to adjust and was healthy up until she hit puberty, at which point her body began changing in unnatural and painful ways. Her legs hardened as if they were made of wood, robbing her of the ability to walk and leaving her in constant pain. After attempts by both doctors and Jedi healers to cure her, she was left with no other options aside from treating her symptoms and managing her pain with medication and therapy.

She was recently introduced to Kai, a fellow Sithspawn, and through him to the Reef, a safe haven for Sithspawn in Sector 943 of Coruscant. Having become a member of the newly christened Sithspawn Sanctorium, she is now an activist and advocate on behalf of her fellow Sithspawn.
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